Over My Knee


"Now lick it off," she said.

Again I eagerly got down on my hands and knees to lick her thighs. As before I stole a few kisses on the tender flesh of her inner thighs. I could smell the scent of her sex as I got closer ... She slid her hand into her bikini and stroked her pussy. She was as excited as I was.

"Now we're going to talk about your punishments to come. As I said before, when you disobey me you'll be spanked and switched thoroughly. When you whine and cry, I'll dress you in my panties and warm your bottom with my hairbrush! ... then after I've blistered your panty-clad bottom a while I'll peel down those cute little panties and spank your bare bottom! For more serious misbehavior you'll get the switch on your bare bottom and thighs. Now, when you want me to discipline you for fun we'll have to think of a way for you to let me know when you want it. How are you going to ask for your spankings?"

It didn't take me long to come up with an idea. I said, "When I want you to spank me I'll come up behind you and fondle your bottom. If I want the switch I'll slide my hand into your bikini and squeeze your bottom. I'll say that I've been a bad boy and I need to be punished. When I want it really hard I'll come up behind you and rub my cock against your bottom. When I do this I want you to scold me for my lewd behavior and take me over your knee on the spot. If you're in the kitchen, swat my behind with that wooden mixing spoon. That really stings! Then march me into the bedroom for more punishment. When I want you to play Mistress, I'll get down on my knees, put my hands on your thighs and kiss your bottom. If you're wearing your bikini I'll pull it down and kiss your bare bottom, saying 'I've been a naughty slave, Mistress. I need to be disciplined. Please take me over your knee and spank my bare bottom hard.' I love seeing you in your bikini. Will you wear it when you punish me? I love to lie across your bare thighs. Your silky, smooth skin feels good against my cock. Will you punish me naked? I'd really like to see you naked when you spank me."

"If you please me and obey me I'll undress for you."

"Thank you, Ma'am."

My Aunt has two very attractive sisters who come over quite often. I've also fantasized about being spanked by two women. Her sister Karen is a buxom beauty, slightly overweight, but perfect for a maternal spanking. I'd love to go over her meaty thighs for a spanking! And her sister Annette is a knockout. She looks like a centerfold when she's in her bikini. I'd love to lie across her soft, well-tanned thighs for a bare-bottomed spanking.

Without thinking I asked, "would you spank me in front of Karen and Annette?"

"Maybe," she replied. "If you talk back to me when they're here I'll take you over my knee."

"Will you spank me on my bare bottom? Please?"

"Sure! They'd love to see me turn your cheeks red."

"Will you let them spank me too? I'd love to be punished by two women."

"We'll see. After I've blistered your bottom I'll ask them if they'd like to spank you some."

"Will you let them switch me too? I could prop my ass up on the bed again and you could both switch me at the same time, one on each side."

"Maybe. If you rub your cock in their lap or come on their thighs I'm sure they will want to whip your ass good!"

"Thank you, Ma'am."

"Now go stand in the corner where I can admire my handiwork. I'm going to take a shower. You'd better not move or even rub your bottom. If you do you'll get another wet-bottom spanking with the hairbrush."

"Yes, Ma'am."

And thus ended my first sexually satisfying corporal punishment experience at the hands of my strict Aunt. She was a strict and cruel disciplinarian and could give my bottom a savage beating, but I loved her all the more for it.

I got spanked by my Aunt on a regular basis after that, mostly at my "request." I couldn't resist fondling and caressing her gorgeous bottom. She enjoyed it too. She would let me get carried away with my "invitation" -- allowing me to squeeze her bottom, then slide my hand into her bikini for a better feel. When I would rub my cock against her bikini-clad bottom she would stick her ass out and press against me. Sometimes I would even pull down her bikini so I could rub my cock against the bare skin of her bottom and press my cock into the cleft of her buttocks. This was as far as she'd let me go ... At this point I was sure to have my bare bottom blistered by her hairbrush and my bottom and thighs whipped raw with her switch!

Another way to ensure a good spanking was to talk back to her or call her a "bitch" --- the latter always earned me a thorough switching! She wouldn't even bother taking me over her knee for a spanking. She would just bend me over or lay me across the bed and whip my bottom and thighs with the switch. My thighs always got plenty of attention as she reminded me of the dire consequences of calling her a bitch.

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