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Overbooked Hotel


Bob and Betty had been married for 25 yrs. They married young so were only in their mid 40's. Their kids were out of the house, for the most part, the oldest having just graduated college had an apartment across town and the youngest lived in a dorm at the university.

The sex had always been excellent, they had the usual collection of toys and loved to talk through several fantasies while making love. The most popular was having a third person in bed with them, a male sometimes for her, a female for him. They also "brought" in people they knew and had scenarios that involved a random stranger met while on vacation. For as much fun as it brought to their sex life, the stories were all still fantasies.

They were the "average" couple in just about every aspect you could think of, good jobs, a house in the "burbs" and friends throughout the neighborhood. Both had belonged to the local gym for a number of years so were fit but not fanatics. Bob was 5' 10" 180 lbs, he didn't have a 6 pack but didn't really have any fat hanging around either. Betty was petite, 5' 5" 120lbs and had just the right amount of everything in just the right places. Tone legs, just enough in the butt and 34 B's that were still firm and could stand on their own. She had a few stretch marks that had bothered her for years but Bob finally got her to realize that she was a very sexy lady and that men don't focus on stretch marks nearly as much as women think they do. Last summer was the first she had the courage to wear a bikini and on their vacation to Cabo San Lucas she actually wore a thong! (You guessed it, the kids weren't with them.)

Since the youngest went off to college two years ago, the "empty nest" had ramped up their sex life. No room in the house was off limits, no time of the day was out of the question and they started having more fun when going out. Bob wore flashier clothes and Betty was often close to flashing, wearing practically see through blouses with no bra or an extra button or two left undone so a waiter or waitress could see her pert breasts. This usually made her nipples very hard and caused more people to check her out.

The possibility of being caught by someone they knew also increased the excitement and sexual tension. When Bob would see other men checking out Betty he would start doing things like running his hands up over her breasts as they danced or when sitting at the bar his hand would disappear under her skirt reaching up far enough that the short gasp or closed eyes let the observer know exactly where his fingers were.

They were getting closer and closer to making a fantasy or two come true, all it was going to take was that one moment where things were just right and something more than talk was going to happen. And it was about to happen soon, they just didn't know it was this week.

It was Monday morning and as Bob was headed off to work he reminded Betty that his office was hosting the company's seminar and that it would be 4 full days with some evenings being a bit late to accommodate dinners and networking. She was a little disappointed knowing that the hot sex filled weekend they just had was probably going to have hold her over until at least Friday.

The day was uneventful until Bob called around 6pm to say he was going to be with a few of his co-workers that were in from out of town and for her not to wait up.

Disappointed, she hung up, she had been hoping to catch Bob for a quickie before bed but now would be left to her toy bag.

Bob caught up with Dave, a colleague he had known for years, both had started with the company about the same time. They occasionally worked on projects together and met up with each other at company meetings. They had hit it off from the very first meeting and enjoyed catching up with each other the two or three times each year the company had its meetings or trainings.

After dinner they were talking over drinks back at the hotel bar when a young lady from the hotel came up and politely interrupted, she informed Dave that due to an error the hotel had made, they did not have a room available. The hotel would make arrangements for him at a near by hotel and compensate him for the travel back and forth or if he knew of some one in the hotel he could share a room with they would arrange it as well. She excused herself saying she would return shortly to see what he had decided.

Bob gave it a quick thought and decided to offer one of the kids rooms to Dave, after all they weren't being used and they could ride back and forth to the seminar together. Plus Betty had met Dave on several occasions in the past and the two always seemed to enjoy each others company.

Dave didn't take long to accept the offer. He definitely didn't want to share a room and the hassle of getting a cab to go back and forth from another hotel wasn't very inviting either. That settled, they went back to socializing with others and catching up in general.

The group started to break up and people were heading off to their rooms. Bob noticed that it was closing in on 11pm and suggested they get going as well.

Betty had been lying in bed, close to falling asleep but determined to be awake enough to hear her husband come home. Her toy bag in all its splendor and variety had only helped satisfy part of her need so she was bound and determined to have Bob's hard cock in her even if it was a quickie! She was lying in bed totally naked when the sound of the garage door made her nipples harden and pussy start to moisten.

Bob and Dave entered the house from the garage and Bob showed Dave the bbedroom right off the kitchen for him to place his things. There was a bathroom attached to the bedroom as well so Dave would have a bit of privacy. Bob suggested Dave put his things away and they could then have a nightcap. He was going to take off his tie and jacket as well and the two agreed to meet in the kitchen in about 10 minutes.

Betty had been expecting Bob to have been in the room by now, her anticipation had gotten her to the point of shallow breathing and a very moist pussy, she had started gliding her middle finger through her pussy lips and over her clit, she knew she would cum the instant Bob stuck his cock in her. And it had to be sooner than later so, completely naked, she headed down stairs to find her errant husband.

As Bob came out of the kitchen, he passed through the shadows of the family room and gasped as he ran right into the arms of his naked and very horny wife. He didn't gasp from her lack of clothing but from her hand that was squeezing his cock through his pants and her tongue that had found his mouth. When he managed to break the kiss, he looked into Betty's eyes and said, "You know you shouldn't be running around like this, I brought home a colleague because the hotel ran out of rooms."

"Honey, trust me, I don't need a fantasy tonight, I just need you to pay lots of attention to my pussy."

The word "fantasy" got Bob thinking quickly, he was going to turn their MFM threesome fantasy into reality. Dave was single (divorced), had been drinking and obviously his wife was very horny, the situation couldn't be better. It was probably now or never. His cock, already starting to react just from his wife grabbing it, became instantly rock hard.

One of the "games" they often played was to tie Betty down with a blindfold and pretend there were two men having their way with her. Bob pulled Betty in close, spun her around and laid her across the ottoman. She let out a gasp and a giggle, thrilled that Bob seemed to have enough energy left even after a night of drinking and socializing. He stood over her and smiled, undid his belt and pulled it from his waist. He bent over and kissed his wife full and hard, grabbing her left breast, squeezing it, then breaking away and grabbing her arms at the wrists and pulling them over her head. Using his belt he strapped them around the leg of the coffee table. Grabbing her breasts at the base and squeezing them, forcing the nipples to "pop" up even higher, to which he hungrily switched back and forth between them, nibbling and licking them fiercely. As quickly as he started, he stopped, pulled his tie from around his neck and used it to blindfold Betty. She was wiggling on the ottoman, from her masturbation earlier and the hot scene her husband was putting together her pussy was dripping wet.

Bob leaned over to whisper in her ear, "I'll be right back, don't go anywhere." Then he slipped his hand between her legs, rubbing over her clit as he pushed two fingers into her pussy, she gasped at the feeling and almost came. He pushed them in and out a few times and then walked to the kitchen.

Dave was already sitting at the dinette table looking at a magazine, Bob came in, obviously flushed and unable to hide the bulge in his slacks. He looked Dave in the eye and just blurted it out,

"Dave, Betty is in the family room, naked and tied to the coffee table. She doesn't know you are here, well I tried to tell her but she thought I was creating one of our stories. So I went along with that premise and decided to make it come true, if you are willing?"

Dave was trying to comprehend what his friend was saying but felt his cock stiffen before his mind could catch up. It had been several months since he had been with a woman. And there had been more than once the thought of Betty naked had crossed his mind.

Bob continued, "I know this is a bit spontaneous and completely unplanned but like many couples we have fantasized about having a man or woman join us. Until now the opportunity hadn't presented itself, I would love to share Betty with you right now."

Dave couldn't speak, so he let his cock speak for him, he looked down at his crotch and Bob's eyes followed. The bulge in Dave's pants gave Bob the answer he was looking for.

"Okay, I am going to be talking her through a threesome scenario, you'll know when to join in. I think both of us should strip in here so there is no extra noise when we go in the family room so she doesn't know you are here until you touch her."

Dave had a quick uneasiness about just stripping in his friends kitchen but Bob was already half naked. Bob's cock sprang free from his briefs which brought Dave back to reality. He wasn't going to be able to fuck Betty with his clothes on. He quickly stripped, allowing his own cock to stand erect and unconfined.

Both men quietly entered the family room. Dave's breath went shallow looking at Betty laid out and blind folded. Her breast looked swollen and full, firmly standing out. The nipples pointed toward the ceiling, hard and taut. There was moisture glistening between her engorged pussy lips.

Dave could have swore his cock stretched another half inch.

Bob knelt down by Betty, spreading her legs wide and pulling her down until her pussy and ass were right on the edge of the ottoman, then he spread her swollen pussy lips and ran his tongue up and across her clit, she arched her back up and pushed into his face. Dave had quietly moved around to the side and sat on the arm of the couch, his almost steel hard cock in his hand, gazing at the woman laid out in front of him, balls tight, anticipation of having his cock in this woman, even orally would be an immense improvement over months of self satisfaction.

After assaulting her pussy for a few minutes Bob stood and moved to her head, presenting his hard cock to his wife's waiting mouth, she wasn't giving him a blow job, he was fucking her mouth, slowly guiding in and out. Then he started to set the scene.

"You seem awfully horny tonight dear, have you been thinking of having sex with a couple of guys again?" He knew full well his wife couldn't answer as long as he was filling her mouth with his cock but her moans were enough. Bob's next question caught Dave by surprise.

"Honey, you know Dave is in town again, do you remember the threesome fantasy we have that involves him?"

A loud moan escaped her and she tried to nod her head. Bob pulled his cock out and reached down to squeeze her tits, pinching the nipples

"If he were here, would you let him fuck you?"

In between her heavy breathing she stuttered "Yes, as much as he wanted"

Moving his hand down between her legs Bob shoved a couple fingers into her dripping pussy, then he stuck his cock back in her mouth, telling her to imagine his fingers were actually Dave's cock, with his free hand he signaled Dave to come around and get in position between her legs.

Dave moved to the end of the ottoman, being careful not to touch her yet so she wouldn't know he was there. As he knelt down, his cock was just inches from Bob's hand and Betty's hot pussy, the sight of her swollen pussy lips and the moisture almost dripping from it made it hard for Dave to wait for Bob's signal to shove his cock in.

Bob abruptly pulled his hand out, to which Betty's cock filled mouth could only mumble a plea for its return.

"So you really like the idea of Dave fucking you while you suck my cock?"

In her sex crazed state all Betty could do was try and nod her head yes. Suddenly Betty thought she felt the heat of Dave's body between her legs, passing it off as just her being caught up in Bob's story.

Then Bob's earlier words came rushing into her head, "You know you shouldn't be running around like this, I brought home a colleague because the hotel ran out of rooms."

Was there really someone else there?

Bob jolted her back to the moment by pinching her nipple and telling her he was going to put "Dave" back in her pussy and fuck her hard and she was to keep sucking him while "Dave" fucked her.

With that Bob said "Go ahead Dave, fuck her and fuck her hard."

As the head of Dave's cock pushed in, Betty still hadn't realized it wasn't Bob's fingers but as soon as Dave grabbed her thighs and thrust the rest of the way in, her head went into a spin. She really did have two cocks in her, someone other than her husband was fucking her and she couldn't see him. His cock was pounding her pussy, she was sucking her husbands cock, her tits were being squeezed and pinched, it was too much, she exploded into a powerful orgasm.

Her little body was thrashing and bouncing up and down on the ottoman, her pussy was trying to grip the cock inside it and pull it in further. Dave had to slow down his pace or he was going to cum and he wanted more than just the few minutes he had received. The sucking on Bob's cock and the heat of the moment sent Bob over the edge, spurts of cum flooding his wife's mouth, some escaping out the corner of her mouth and runnind down her cheek. Dave was so close he had to pull out, pre cum was dripping out the tip, his cock was dancing in mid air, another thrust or two and he would have cum as well.

Bob gained his composure and reached down to untie his wife and take her blindfold off, as her eyes blinked and adjusted to the light she looked up at Dave.

"I am so glad it really was you, we have used you in many of our fantasies!"

Then she noticed his cock still standing tall, covered in her juices. "You didn't cum did you? You know I still have one hole that hasn't received any attention. Would you mind?"

Dave said, "It's going to have to be fast and hard because I think I am going to cum just as soon as I am inside."

Betty replied with a smile, "Push it in slowly until your head "Pops" in and then just fuck me for as long as you can!"

Dave put her legs up against his chest, reached down to line up his cock and slowly started to push in, Betty held her breath a bit as the swollen cock head invaded her ass, then she gasped as it made it in.

Looking up at Dave she cried "Now! Do it now! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

Dave bottomed out in a single motion and jumped to full speed, pounding her tight ass for all he was worth. Betty was in heaven, Bob had joined in, twirling one nipple in between his fingers as he sucked the other into his mouth. His free hand stroking his cock, which was again hard.

Dave's cock had swollen as big and as hard as it ever had, it hadn't even been a minute and he was about to cum.

Betty could feel it and shouted "Cum in me! I want to feel you cum inside my ass!"

That was all it took, he was cumming so hard he thought the head of his cock was going to explode. Betty's body was shaking through another intense orgasm adding to the grip on Dave's cock.

Bob felt his wife shake in orgasm and knew Dave was filling her with cum. He stroked his cock hard and fast, cumming for the second time, shooting his cum across his wifes tits.

Dave was holding onto Betty's legs to keep himself from falling over. That had just been the most powerful orgasm he had experienced in quite some time.

Betty looked like a damp rag on the ottoman. She was still twitching from the assault by the two men.

Having cum twice in a short period, Bob too, needed a few minutes to regroup.

When they could finally talk, Betty looked at the guys with a big smile and said "This is going to be a very interesting week!"

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