tagBDSMOverseer of the Harem Ch. 11

Overseer of the Harem Ch. 11



A Visit to The Sultan's Harem

Bagoas reclined on the silken cushions as the decorated cart jounced along on its journey. He was a personage of power in his world, but his world was about to change drastically. The first ten chapters of this story tell of the power of Bagoas, Overseer of the Harem of Governor Glaouri in the desert oasis of Ouarazate. His life was good and his position enviable. In his domain, what he ordered got done immediately. He had the respect of the servants and also of his master. All that he did, he did well, and that pleased the Governor.

With Bagoas in the cart was Hamid, his eighteen year old assistant and protege. Of course, since both of them had access to the Governor's inner Harem chambers, they were both eunuchs. Bagoas had lost his manhood so long ago that it was only a hazy recollection to him now. His life was that of an eunuch, and rising to his high position was, in the way of his kind, some compensation for what he had never experienced. For Hamid too, although the pain was sharper in his mind, the present and the reality were more important, and he rejoiced in the favor of this important eunuch and his future prospects if he performed his duties well. Both of them, then, accepted their lot, and sought only to preserve and improve it.

Bagoas thoughts now turned on how best to do so in the new situation which presented itself. The Harem at Ouarazate was not large. It consisted only of three slave girls, all of them well trained and of great renown among the rulers of all the oases in the desert, for Governor Glaouri was hospitable and often entertained his peers. Sharing of the harem slaves was the fitting end to his entertainment. The girls were accepting of their position and the good treatment they received, and peace normally reigned in Ouarazate's harem. That was the way Bagoas liked it.

But now in the matter of the other room of the harem, the room of the Governor's wife, there had been no such peace. As told in Chapter 8 of this story, the Governor had stunned everyone in the Southern desert, including Bagoas, when he summarily divorced his wife, Durrah the Pearl, and packed her off back to her father. Even more stunning was the news that Governor Glaouri had been honored by the Sultan with one of that royal majesty's own daughters in marriage. Before he really had time to grasp all the implications, Bagoas found himself in the harem wagon, on his way to Rabat to pick up this eighteen year old virgin.

It had been years since Durrah came to the harem. Bagoas flinched as he remembered the task of preparing her for her duties as the Governor's wife. While he was well used to training slave girls, a virgin bride was a whole different matter. Bagoas knew that some aged crone from the royal harem would be chosen as the virgin's chaperone, and that everything would pass through her. He was determined to hit the right note with that woman, enlisting her help instead of her opposition.

To this end, he had departed for the capital some days before the day appointed for the virgin to be received. Bagoas planned to strike up a friendship with the Grand Overseer of the Royal Harem, and learn from him what palace politics he needed to know. He was well aware that life in a harem of over 200 women was far different from the small harem rooms at Ouarazate.

Soon enough they were at the palace at Rabat. Bagoas presented his letters of authority and was directed to the harem. They walked through many chambers. Bagoas maintained his dignity, but Hamid could not control his amazement as he saw the variety of women and girls lounging about. Of course all the women ignored a couple more eunuchs. Most of them were nude, many were bathing in the numerous fountains, others were anointing their breasts or bellies or nether flowers with scents. Hamid was amazed to see several chained to the wall, completely nude and with their arms outspread. He wondered what they had done to be punished thus.

Bagoas sought the chambers of the Grand Overseer, but that official was far to busy to deal with a mere provincial eunuch. However, recognizing the prestige of a virgin daughter of the Sultan, even one of the many, Bagoas was placed in the care of the Second Overseer, an eunuch of great presence and great ego. Bagoas promptly offered a gift, myrhh of the finest the desert could produce. He also offered to buy a flask of exotic fruit juices and expensive ice brought down from the mountains. Enjoying this treat, Mahmed the Second Overseer warmed to Bagoas and soon they were rolling dice like old friends.

"Bagoas, my friend," said Mahmad, "I have heard you are a Harem Master of great abilities. Reports from his majesty's agents say that although small, your harem contains slave girls of the greatest talent, whether it be in belly dancing naked, showing off their flowers to best advantage, rubbing their glorious breasts on a man's lips, in practicing the art of Firsheah, mouth congress, or in riding hard on the upright shaft of a man. It is said you have trained them well. It is also said that peace reigns in your harem and you seldom need to punish your slaves. Alas, here it is not so. Among my duties are maintaining discipline in the harem. Would you like to see the difficulties I face?"

Bagoas murmured his assent. Hamid, sitting quiet as a mouse on the floor, was very interested in this new area of harem management. In Ouarzate, he had never seen slaves disciplined except on the one notable occasion that Durrah's temper burst out. Since Bagoas had quickly sent him from the room, this area of his training he felt was neglected. If he was to become a harem master some day, he was full of curiosity about punishing unruly slaves. He had heard of restraints,whipping and worse. Would he now be permitted to observe it?

"Come, Bagoas, and I will show you what must be done to keep order in a large harem," said Mahmed. They went to a side room, long and narrow. Bagoas observed several girls chained to the wall, all of them naked. One was a fine Abyssinian who reminded him of Saiesha from his own harem. Her arms were tied to a hook high over her head, thrusting her large black boobs forward. Her rounded belly and high shaved pubic mound rolled down to the dark lips of her pussy. She looked at him pleadingly. Mahmed regarded her with disdain. "She is slow to obey the orders of the junior eunuchs," he said. "Stretched like this from dawn to dusk with no food nor water gives her time to think better of her haughty ways." Bagoas said nothing. This was not the way he ran his harem.

The next girl was an Arab beauty. Her hands were bound with rope and she hung so that her feet were several inches off the floor. Her long black hair flowed down over her shoulders, and her dark pointed tits with large nipples were pulled upward by her position. She was straining, trying to get her feet to touch the floor to relieve her agony, and as she did her pussy lips were pulled open showing dark pink inside. Try as she could, she could not touch the floor. Mahmed merely said, "She will learn not to talk sharply to a senior eunuch after she has hung this way while the water bowl fills." Bagoas knew that the pierced bowl which floated in a basin of water would take the time between two prayer calls to fill, almost half the morning.

Next there was another Arab girl, with her arms stretched out in crucifixion. Her agonized face would have been beautiful if she were not in such pain. She had small but well formed boobs which were stretched almost flat by her position. Bagoas studied the arrangement of the wall for this punishment. He saw that there was a platform of wood just below her feet. By stretching her toes downward she could touch it and relieve the pressure on her arms. But it had a sharp upper edge which made it painful for her to do this. When the pain and strain on her feet made her relax them, her body would fall lower. Bagoas saw that between her legs was a rod which seemed to be carved from cows horn, pointed up. If she could not continue to raise herself with her feet or her arms, she was forced to let this horn penetrate her body, either her pussy or her anus. He stood watching as she moved up, then down, in agony whichever way she did it. The horn slid in out of her pussy and Bagoas saw that despite her pain, the pussy was wet and its lips engorged. Impassively, Mahmed said, "She is a new slave. She refused to let an eunuch insert his fingers to check the wetness of her nether flowers. She will learn there are worse things that can go in there."

The Second Overseer was obviously well accustomed to this hall of punishment. Bagoas, however, had rarely seen slaves treated this way. Some of his compatriots in the desert oases punished their slaves often, he knew, but not so horribly as this. Bagoas himself believed in managing his harem in a different way and had never treated Saiesha, Maria or Brigette thus.

"These are trifling punishments, my brother. Today I have some more serious things to deal with. Will you watch as I judge the slaves?" said Mahmed. Bagoas nodded in assent. He glanced at Hamid and saw his apprentice was gaping in amazement. Bagoas made a small motion of his hand, and Hamid understood he needed to be silent and follow his master softly.

Mahmed moved into the next room. Bagoas saw around the sides of the room a number of instruments, some of which he recognized, some of which he did not. He waited quietly to see what his fellow Harem Master did here.

Mahmed seated himself in a chair, and had a stool brought for Bagoas. Hamid sat on the floor silently, hoping not to be noticed. Mahmed nodded, and a eunuch brought in a slave girl, leading her by a rope around her neck. She was a Nubian beauty, not so dark as an Abyssinian but of a deep dusky color. Her coarse black hair was braided tight to her head. She struggled against the rope, but was jerked into the room. Her boobs hung pendulously down, with large areolae and nipples of deep maroon color. She had a large round ass and strong thick legs. Her pubic mound was bare and dark cunt lips showed below it.

The eunuch leading her bowed to Mahmed and said, "Overseer, this one dislikes having her lower hair plucked. She says it becomes inflamed." Mahmed frowned. Then he turned to Bagoas and said, "Master Bagoas, that stripling who is your apprentice, does he know how a eunuch tests the softness of the lower mound?" Bagoas nodded gently. Mahmed gestured to Hamid, who jumped to his feet in confusion. Mahmed pointed the boy to the slave girl with a grin. Hamid, gulping hard, stepped forward. The eunuch guard roughly pulled the slave's legs apart. Hamid, as he had been taught, knelt in front of her and applied his eunuch's hairless cheek to her pussy mound.

Then he stood up and approached Mahmed and Bagoas with downcast eyes. "Well?" snorted the Second Overseer.

"My, My Lord," stammered Hamid, "I feel rough stubble growing there, unplucked, My Lord. It rasps on my cheek."

"Aha!" exclaimed Mahmed. "And tell me,little one, how would you deal with a slave with a disgusting mound such as this?" Sensing the apprentice's confusion, Mahmed went on, "You shall learn, beginner, you shall learn." Mahmed gestured to the eunuch guard, who was joined by another. The slave cried out in fear but they ignored her.

Leading her to the wall, they swiftly bound her hands behind her back. Then one grabbed her feet and the other caught her as she started to fall backwards. They harshly turned her head downwards, spread her legs, and clamped each ankle into a ring which stood there ready. In this position, no matter how she struggled, her pussy gaped wide open and she could not pull her legs together to protect it.

"Now, observe, the punishment that fits the offense," said Mahmed. He nodded at the guards.

One of them lit a candle. He carefully moved it between the slave's legs, and let it burn a bit to accumulate hot wax. Then he tipped it so the hot wax dripped down, directly onto the girl's sensitive pussy. She screamed and writhed as it did. The eunuch continued to let it fall, drop by hot drop, moving the candle closer so the wax was hotter as it struck her pussy lips.

"So this is how to remove that disgusting hair if she will not pluck it," commented Mahmed. The eunuch began to let the flame touch her pubic mound, scalding it as a chicken is scalded to remove the pinfeathers. The hapless slave screamed with each lick of the flame. Then the eunuch turned to Hamid, and held the candle out to him. The confused boy did not know what to do except to accept it. He glanced at Bagoas, but his master's face was impassive. The eunuch held his hand and brought it to the crying girl's mound, and moved Hamid's hand around to scorch the remaining short hairs. The pussy mound was now clean, and reddened by the flame, but not seriously burnt. Only the fine lips still showed a slight shadow of hair.

Not trusting a beginner with this delicate task, the eunuch guard took back the candle and carefully applied it directly to the most sensitive part of the slave's pussy. Now she screamed and shook in her bonds, but finding that this forced the flame against her even harder she soon stopped, and simply quivered as the eunuch carefully finished his task. Roughly her legs were freed and she fell to the floor, lying there with her legs spread to prevent more pain to her cunt and sobbing. Mahmed gestured and she was pulled to her feet and led out.

Hamid was shaken by this punishment, and stood there white-faced and gaping. Mahmed gave a little chuckle and said, "The youngster has much to learn about punishment, does he not, Harem Master?" Bagoas, struggling to hide his own disgust and shock, gave a curt nod as his only reply.

Another girl was led in by two eunuchs. She was light of skin, and Hamid recognized her as an Egyptian girl from the upper delta. So many foreign soldiers had ravished this area that they left their light skin behind them, and the light colored girls were deemed particularly beautiful by the dark Moors. This girl was very small, not even as tall as Hamid's shoulders. Her tits were small, round,and tipped with little flowers of pink nipples. Hamid saw her pink pussy lips, tightly closed, below her shaved pubic mound. She had a look of great fear on her face and her arms were bound behind her back.

"This girl dared to try to sneak out of the harem one night," said the eunuch guard.

"Ah, since she wants to travel, we will let her try the horse," said Mahmed.

He gestured to the eunuchs. They led the girl to a peculiar structure, two upright posts with a beam between them They stood the girl next to the beam and made a few calculations. The adjusted the central beam to a height just above the girl's waist level. She looked at it wide eyed. Then one of them grabbed her arm and leg on each side and roughly they raised her up until the beam was between her legs, and let her drop onto it. Hamid saw that the top edge of the beam was planed into a sharp edge, and the slave screamed as her pussy was split by this sharpmess. She strained downward with her toes, but could not touch the ground to raise herself and relieve the pain. She was indeed riding the horse in a very terrible way.

Mahmed made a slight gesture. Horrified, Hamid saw each eunuch pick up a lump of lead with a rope around it. The loop in the end of the rope was passed over the girls feet. At a nod from Mahmed, each of the heavy weights was dropped at the same time. Hamid saw that they jarred the girl's pussy lips hard down onto the beam. She screamed in pain as the weights fell, then dangled from her ankles forcing the sharp edge of the beam deep into her cunt.

"Let her stay there until the muzzein calls again," said Mahmed. Hamid knew that would be some time as it was only about half way from the third prayer of the day. The girl writhed in pain and cried out for mercy, but she was ignored.

Now the eunuchs led forward two girls at once. Both were naked, and both hung their heads. Mahmed looked at the two. One, the taller, was a black Abyssinian. She had large soft melons with dark maroon nipples. Her belly was round and her shaven pussy mound was large and rounded. Dark pussy lips protruded from her slit. She was a beauty of her race. The other was Berber from the desert tribes, with wild black hair, pointed tits with large brown nipples sticking forward, and under her shaven pubis were the brown lips of a large slit.

"Bagoas," said Mahmed, "these two were reported by other girls, who have seen them alone in a side chamber in the act of pleasuring each other, as they should only pleasure their master. Do you have a problem with girls in your harem who would become lovers themselves, rather than objects for their master?"

Now Bagoas was one of those harem masters who believed that what the girls did to each other in private could only teach them to better stimulate the men they serviced. His girls were not punished, but actually encouraged to practice the act of sex between themselves. He knew, however, that he was a rare exception to harem rules. Therefore he only gave a soft nod to Mahmed.

"Here," continued Mahmed, "with this many girls, who may see the Sultan only once or twice in a year, the problem seems to multiply. I have a way to deal with it that is effective. The black girl is called Keesha. Her Berber lover is Dunera. Observe how we shall teach them."

His eunuchs knew what to do. The two naked lovers were turned to face each other. Fearing what they knew was coming, they tenderly hugged each other in a final gesture. The eunuchs then pressed them together, face to face, tightly, their arms down to their sides. A rope of hemp bound their waists together, holding their arms down, and was pulled tight. It pressed their bellies into each other. Another rope went around their necks, pulling their faces cheek to cheek. Bagoas could see their boobs crushing each others. Then a rope went just below the rounded cheeks of their ass, pulling their pussy mounds together. Now Bagoas saw the eunuchs apply a complex maneuver. They pulled each girls legs apart, so they were straddling each others thighs. They interwove the girls' feet with a rope in a figure eight, having the effect of pushing each girls pussy lips against the others thigh. Thus bound neither girl could move without moving the other also. Bagoas wondered what the point of all this was.

A curtain was pulled away from the wall,and Bagoas saw in amazement that an array of sharp steel points projected from the wall, starting a few inches above the floor and continuing to about the girls' shoulder height. The two girls were forced toward this torture instrument until Dunera was backed up against it, the points barely touching her back. Keesha stared in horror at the cruel spikes threatening her lover. A chain from the wall was hooked around Dunera's neck, and around her ankles, holding her close to the spikes. She tried to move away from them but could only move her ass out slightly. Keesha pulled her even tighter against herself to try to comfort her.

But then one of the eunuchs stepped forward, and whirled a whip through the air behind Keesha. Dunera could see it, Keesha could only hear it. Both shuddered in fear.

"Now," said the whip man, "I can control this whip to the inch. When you hear it whistle you shall see." He swung the whip toward Keesha's back. As it struck she flinched away from it. Since the slaves were tightly bound, her sudden movement had the effect of forcing Dunera back, against the cruel spikes. Each girl cried out in pain.

"You see," said the whipper, "if you move away from my whip you lessen its impact. But if you do that, you force your lover against the spikes. If she moves away from the spikes, she forces you to receive the full slash of the whip. What will you choose?" The girls faces reflected the horrible dilemma they had been forced into. Neither wished to hurt the other, but each had already faced their own pain.

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