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Overstay My Welcome


Today was one of the most exciting days for Nicole at work. She was going to lead her own auditing project! There were a few things she needed to get done before her meeting at 10:00. She walks into the building and said her hellos on her way to the office. There was a silence that creeped her out. She looked at Terri, the receptionist, who waves her over.

"Why is it so quiet?" Nicole asks.

"The team is here, including the plant manager. He. Is. Hot." Terri says. Terri is always scoping who comes through this office.

"Ok, calm down." Nicole says.

"Ok. You'll see him today. He's your 10:00." Terri says, grinning, handing her an itinerary.

"Alright, I have to get some other things done. Anything else come up?"


"Well, hold all my calls. Let them know I'll talk to them in the afternoon."

Nicole walks to her office and gets settled. The time seems flies by as she gets things squared away.

Suddenly it's 9:15, a lot earlier than she anticipated. As she threw out her to-do list, glancing at the itinerary, she had just enough time for her to run and get a cup of coffee.

As she sits down to drink her coffee, she thinks about the presentation that she went over several times with her colleagues (and thousands of times in her head). She is ready.

Once the elevator stopped, she breezes through the hallway as quickly as she can.

"...and here is your first meeting. Hey Nicole..."

She stops in her tracks. Her boss Mike calls her over to meet the new clients. She walks over feeling strange.

"Nicole, these are our new clients from Welderworks. Your first meeting is going to be with Rick. Rick, this is Nicole."

She looked up into the bluish green eyes that she had seen only once before. Her heart raced and her eyes widened. The last time she saw Rick, he slid into the bed. He didn't touch her. He looked at her briefly. She was still recovering from the incredible sex they had. The thought made her happy and sad. She wanted more but she was afraid to ask for it. So, she got dressed and left. She finally managed to stick out her right hand. "Hi."

"Hi Nicole, I'm Rick. I look forward to working with you."

"I'll see you in 10 minutes?"


She walked quickly back to her office hoping not to run. She closed the door and pressed her head against its cold wood. It felt like the best relief.

Two years later here he was. He was impressively and intimidatingly tall. He was still attractive, but he had clearly come into his own. His face had cleared up, and his demeanor was more powerful than she remembered.

He looked down into dark eyes that recognized his, but quickly held anxiety. He can remember her eyes intriguing him, observing him and dancing with humor. She was still a short voluptuous thing although she lost weight. Her ass was still as amazing as it was when she was in his bed that night. She left, and he wondered if she was disappointed in his performance. That thought was brief—he probably shouldn't have brought her to his room. He was married. Not happily, but still. Yet, he wanted something he was not getting at home. Now he was divorced and he realized that need again. She's bringing it out of him.

"Nic, get your shit together" she says to herself. She pushes off the door and walks to the desk to get ready. No matter how hot he looked, this is just a snag. It is a part of life. Anytime she wanted something badly a huge obstacle came along. It's just this one had seen her naked.

She was barely ready in time for her presentation when her boss Mike brought Rick into the office.

"Nicole, your 10 o'clock is here!"

"Thanks Mike!" Then her eyes met his.

"Would you like something to dri—I see you have coffee."

"Yes, I do." He lifts his cup.

"Ok," Mike interjects, "Do you need anything Nicole?"

She pulls out her water. "Nope."

"Alright, I'll leave you to it. I'll be back in an hour."

"Alright Rick, you ready?"

She considers his eyes and catches them laughing. She notes it and starts her talk.

He always sensed that she was smart and capable, but the presentation is also very passionate...just like when she was under him...and it gives him some perspective he didn't consider. He couldn't help looking at her full lips as she spoke. The lusciousness of her forming words was amazing. He catches a hint of dark bronze skin through her polka dot blouse. With her that skin, soft eyes, and curly hair, she came into her own beauty. He was convinced that she would be an asset on this team. He already knew what she could do in bed. That last thought makes the blood rush to his cock, almost making him lose focus.

"Do you have any questions?" Nicole asks.

"Not now." Rick responds.

"Well, ok. How long have you been a plant manager?"

"You don't remember?"


"I've been a manager for about three-and-a-half years now." She nods. The feeling in the room changes.

"Are we going to address the elephant in the room?" Rick asks.

Was he always so to the point? For the first time in forty minutes her heart started to race and her nerves started taking over. She hoped he wouldn't bring it up.

"W-w-well, the elephant hasn't seen me naked."

He responds with the biggest laugh. A laugh that alleviates her nerves and reminds her of the night they met. She laughs, too.

"Do you think of that night, Nicole?"

"Yes. Not all the time, because I don't want to dwell on an affair—"

"I'm divorced now."

"I'm sorry."

"I think about that night, too. It was one of the hottest nights of my life."

"Really?" Her face scrunches up. There was that sweetness mixed with self-awareness. That is the moment that he realizes he wants her in AND out of his bed.

"Yes. Why are you so surprised?"

"It was a while ago."

He stands up, closes his jacket, and walks toward her. As much as she tries not to make it audible, he hears her gasp. She takes a step back, then another, then two more until she backs into her desk. He moves close enough to her but doesn't touch her.

"I don't know why you are surprised that I remember. You were a pretty woman then. You're a beautiful woman now. It's taking all I have not to touch you, and I want to touch you again."

She looks into his eyes not knowing what to say. He looks at her the same way he did when they were in the heat of passion. Her breathing is rapid. All the air she breathes is filled with his woody yet clean scent. It seemed he was not going to let her go.

There was a voice approaching, becoming loud enough that it began to break his focus. He looks at his watch and walked away from her.

"That was a great presentation. I like some of your ideas. Maybe we can implement them is the project."

She looks at him bewildered. Didn't he just make her melt with lust thirty seconds ago? She then heard the same loud voice coming closer to her. She shook her head and walked behind her desk to gain her composure.

"Th-thank you. I hope we can...on this project." She felt herself looking for an escape; then eyeing her watch said, "It looks like it's almost time for Mike to come pick you up for the next meeting. If you have any questions—"

He quirked a brow.

"—that are work-related, please do not hesitate to give me a call or send an email." She handed him a packet with a business card on top. She realized how hot she was then she realized how wet she was. He was still staring at her.

A soft knock broke her thoughts.

"Hey guys, how did it go?" Mike asked.

"It was a great presentation.," Rick smiled. "If this is the start, I look forward to what's next."

He winked at her. She glared at him.

"Well, there's more," Mike said. "Thanks, Nicole."

She smiled as they left her office. She collapsed in her chair and exhaled. A break, until Terri comes sweeping in.

"See, I told you he was hot. I bet you couldn't keep your eyes off him."

Nicole raised her hand. "It was a good meeting. He didn't have many questions but he liked my ideas."

"Well, here are your messages some coffee and water. Mr. Hengel sounded anxious when he called. Oh, and Linda Matson said she'd follow up with you later."

"Thank you, Terri."

"You're welcome. You should go and have some fun. If I were you, I would take Rick the Hottie with me."

Nicole rolls her eyes and smiles. "I'll consider it."

Nicole, pretending to wade through her messages, while her thoughts drifted to Rick. He looked damn good. Management has done him quite well. He smelled incredible and the heat that radiated from him felt like it was going to burn her. He wanted to touch her. She had to be honest with herself—she wanted that, too. She squeezed her thighs together at the thought of his fingers pressing her g-spot. She bit her lip at the thought of him kissing her neck. She sighed at the hard fuck he gave her. She lost almost complete control to him.

She realizes that she hadn't done much except paper shuffling. "Will you fucking focus?" she said to herself. She throws herself into her work. It wasn't until her tummy lurched at the coffee that she realizes it was getting late. She hadn't eaten. She takes her purse and heads out. She notices that Terri isn't there. She scribbles a note then walks to the elevator. Then she sees Terri. She was managing the guys from Rick's plant. Nicole smiles at the idea of Terri handling a group of men who tower over her. They were taking turns trying to aggravate her. Terri is having none of it.

"Alright fellas" Nicole and Rick said in unison.

A chill travels up her spine as he approached. He looks at her briefly, then he turns to his guys.

"Make the orders, guys. We're guests here." She nods at him and then Terri as she catches the elevator. When she looks up, her eyes catch his as the doors close.

"How did I let Terri convince me to come out tonight?" Nicole mumbles to herself as she heads into the restaurant and pub. She tried to avoid this celebration of the new project being launched—she had work to do.

Rick was making his rounds speaking with everyone on the visit. What he wanted was to see Nicole. He managed to keep her out of his mind during the day. However, in the night, his mind would drift to her and how her new body would feel. He imagined making her laugh, scream. He finally catches a look at her. She was at the bar ordering a beer. The jeans she was wearing just fitted to where he could see the outline of her hips and booty. Goddamn, what a booty it was!

Nicole turns around to notice Rick checking her out. In a room full of people, he stands out so clearly. She can see his eyes turning an intense blue even with the distance between them. His hand holding his drink makes her think of him touching her all over. She raises her glass and nods to him. She then glances at the tables put together. She then sees Terri who waves her over.

"Hey girl, nice outfit! I take it you got my messages."

"Thank you, and yes, I got all three."

Terri giggles. Nicole was amused and annoyed at the same time. Terri has that tone in her voice when she was up to something. She probably set this shit—

"Hello, Nicole."

"Hello, Rick," she smiles.

"I know I told you this already, but I was quite impressed with your presentation. I'm in awe of the preparation you all did for our visit. I mean, I am now considering angles I never even thought about, quite a few of them came from you. I'd like for you to come up to the plant sometime."

Her jaw dropped. "Well, I figured that was going to happen at some point, so yes."


She takes a sip of her beer and he takes a sip of his. She feels his eyes roaming her body. The tension grows too much for her, so she decides to mingle. He goes back to talking to other people. On occasion, they steal glances at each other while keeping their distance. Terri notices this, too. Hopefully her plan would work.

Minutes later, Terri's husband texts her that he made it to the other bar. She makes her rounds to the other guys to see if they wanted to go down there with her.

"Hey boss we're gonna go to this other bar. Wanna head out with us?"

Rick considers going with them but he sees Nicole. He also sees Terri with a group of his guys. It hit him...maybe there was a helping hand, maybe it was a coincidence. Either way this was his shot.

"No, I'm going to stay here for a while and then head back to the hotel."

Nicole had finished making her rounds when she notices everyone standing. She walks up to Terri to ask what is happening.

"I'm going to head out with the guys to the bar down the street. My spankin' new husband is there", Terri says with a wink.

Nicole smiles at her. Terri reaches to hug her.

"Do everything I would do if I were single. Have some fun tonight."

"Terri, I— "

Terri breaks the hug to look Nicole dead in the face. "Do it," she mouths.

Then Terri and the guys walk away and out of the bar. Nicole found herself alone and relieved. She sits down to finish the remainder of her beer when another is placed in front of her. She looks up to see Rick's handsome face. He walks behind her and sits in his chair next to hers. His eyes were focused on her. Her focus was on her racing heart. It had been a long time since someone made her feel like this.

"How was the rest of your week?" he asks. He still has that look in his eye, but she decides to relax and go along. The conversation was casual. They laugh and talk as buddies. Then they get quiet. They stare at each other.

"Are we adults, Nicole?" he said, his eyes roaming her body.


"So, let me ask you an honest question. Was I a bad lover that night?"

"What?! No!"

"I'm just wondering what happened. Why did you leave?"

"You didn't—I didn't feel—you were—you didn't—oh I said that already-I didn't want to overstay my welcome." She realizes how much she was stammering. She takes a deep breath. "You were wonderful. That night was so amazing. I wanted to do it with you again. You were just so..." she says. She starts rotating her hand.


"...distant after. I wanted a second round. I just didn't think you wanted me after that."

For the first time, Rick was speechless. She was spot on. He was distant after. He was satisfied but he felt some guilt at having fucked another woman while he was married. He didn't realize that she picked up on his ambivalence. Maybe he should have said something. He regretted his behavior.

"I wanted to have sex with you again, too. I guess I expected you to initiate," Rick said.

"I'm not sexually aggressive, remember? I told you that when we started."

"Now I do. Would you like to try again?"


"Would you like to go to bed with me again, Nicole?"


He quirked a brow. "Yes?"

"Am I drunk?"

He held her hand and laughed. "Not as drunk as I would like."

"Are you drunk?"

"I'm not. Would you like to go back to my place and pick up where we left off?"

His eyes grew deeper in color. He looked confident but she could detect a plea. She wanted him. She wanted him so badly. She wanted him to do wonderful things to her and leave her a quivering mess in his bed. Hell, she needed it.

"Yes. I assume you paid the bill."

"Not yet."

He indicates to the server that he was ready to pay the check. While waiting, he studies her face, then he whispers in her ear.

"I want to fuck you senseless."

She turns to him, swallows all her fears, and kisses him. She breaks the kiss at the sound of the server's voice. She holds one of his upper arms as he paid the check.

"I don't think you'd want me really drunk. I like being present," she says.

They hold each other close as they walk to his hotel. When they get on the elevator, he presses his body against hers. He runs his hand up the side of her body. She felt so soft and firm at the same time. As the elevator stopped he gently kissed her lips.

"Ready?" He extends his hand out to her. She grabs it and let him lead her to his room. She walks over to the far side of the room to put her things away. She turns around to find him standing in the middle of the room waiting for her. She walks into his arms. As she turns her face up to his, they kiss, softly at first, then deeper. He runs his hands up and down her body, reaching under her blouse and lifts it to touch her. She slips her hands under his shirt to feel his hot skin. They battle with their tongues as their hands explore each other. He breaks the kiss to pull off her top, revealing a purple and black lace bra. He runs his hands up and down her breasts a few times before raising his arms. She pulls his shirt over his head; they join to kiss again. He reaches back to unsnap her bra, freeing her large breasts. Her nipples were already erect. She reaches down to unbutton her pants before pulling them—and her panties—down. She pulls closer to him and her body seemed to relax. He wraps his arms around her and tosses her on the bed. Her face is a mix of shock and anticipation as he pulls off his jeans. She observes how careful and neat he is as he folds his pants and places them on the dresser. He turns to her to reveal his long, thick dick. It was as beautiful as she remembered. He slides into the bed next to her and strokes her soft skin. She flutters her eyes open and caresses his chest. His sharp intake of breath let her know she affected him. This emboldens her to touch him more.

"Oh, please don't be shy, Nicole. I want you so much."

She kisses him as deeply and passionately as she can as her hand touches his body lower and lower until she grabs his cock. He wraps his hand around her wrist to encourage her. She takes the hint and strokes him. She wiggles her body down as she kissed all over his body. When she gets to his cock, she looks up at him and sees the hunger in his eyes. She then lowers her head and licks his shaft as she released her hand. She heard the soft groan coming from him.

He feels electricity all over his body as she licks and sucks his dick. Her mouth felt warm, wet, and comforting. He goes limp and lets her take over. She brings him close to the edge and takes it from him so easily.

"Oh fuck."

He grabs a fistful of hair and stops her. If she kept going, he would have come right then. He pulls her body up so her face meets his and kisses her. He kneads her nipple in between his large nimble fingers. She moans into his mouth and grinds her body against his. He moves his hand down her body to her wet pussy. He slides his finger in between the slick lips and feels her juices flowing from her body. He wiggles his finger inside her and slides it back out repeatedly. Her moans turn into louder moans. He turns her over onto her back.


"Just relax."

"Rick, I want you."

He strokes her face with one hand while reaming her with the fingers of his other hand. He takes a finger to find that spot. Once he finds it, her body tenses up and goes limp. As he plays with her spot, she moans, begging him to not stop.

He didn't. Before she knew it, she was screaming for this man to stroke her, fuck her. She feels the release deep inside. Her body started to convulse as her release came close and closer. She screams in absolute pleasure...how could he do this to her so easily?

"Oh Rick. That was wonderful."

"Mm hmmm," he said as he strokes his cock. She was so beautiful. Her dark bronze skin glistened, her lips were swollen, and her curvy body was shivering. He lays on top of her to kiss her again. She curls into him, pulling him close. She feels his hard cock near her entrance. She calls his name again as he teases her with his cock. He strokes her clit and in between her folds.

"How do you want me?" he asks huskily.

"Now. Like this."

He strokes her with his dick one last time. Then he finds her love hole and thrusts inside her. She cries out and grabs onto his shoulders. He stills himself. She felt so warm, so wet, and so tight. He mumbles into her mouth before kissing her again. He pulls out of her almost completely before driving himself into her again.

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