Overstay My Welcome


Her moans become louder and louder as he drives himself inside her.

"Oh, don't stop."

She wraps her legs tighter around him. He felt so good just like last time. His skin was hot and his dick was hard. He knows how to hit her hot spots. She feels so full, yet she still wants more.

This was all that she wanted. Nicole wishes he could do this to her forever.

He nuzzles her mouth with his, then he gently sucked on her pouty lower lip. He then pulled away and held her hips still, thrusting. She felt her pussy near orgasm as he kept going. It was going to happen.

"Oh Rick!"

She was going to come.

"Oh, fuck yes! Yes! Yes, Rick!"

She was going to come all over his dick.


He watched her. Her body convulsed as she was besieged by her climax. Her face was a mix of agony and pleasure. It took all his resolve not to come so soon. Her coming was his reward for hanging on after slipping into her hot, wet pussy. He was going to enjoy it.

She noticed him fucking her slowly. Her skin was extra sensitive. She was there and not there at the same time. She heard his soft moans turn into heavy breathing and grunting. She wanted to see him lose control.

He was going to come.


He rested his body on top of hers. Her breathing had slowed somewhat. She smelled sweet...like a cupcake. He slipped his hand under her back and turned over with her. He stroked her back as she stroked his chest. He felt her drift off to sleep.

She opened her eyes to a pale neck. He fell asleep after she did. As wonderful as tonight was, as much as she wanted to be with him in the morning, she didn't need to know whether he did. She tried to get up, but his arm was wrapped around her waist. She tried to move his fingers. He put them back. She wiggled her body. He held her tighter. She was stuck. She had no other choice.

"Rick. Rick."


"Could you let me go?"

"Do you plan on coming back?"


"Well, what?"

"Can we talk about it when I get out of the bathroom?"

After she got out, she sat in the bed next to him. He looked at him. He was a beautiful man.

"Ok. Let's talk."

"Come back to bed, Nicole."

"I am in bed."

"That's not what I meant."

She smiled. "Do you mean you would like me to stay the night?"


"Does this mean I get to overstay my welcome?"

He pulled her close to him. "Absolutely."

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