He covered my eyes with the red velvet blindfold, His hands lingering in my hair, caressing the back of my neck before moving to the corset style ties of my gown.

With deft fingers, He loosened the gold laces and the velvet and chiffon gown slid down my body to pool on the floor. I stood naked, bare of all, save for stockings and heels.

In my mind I could see the room around me. Candles were lit in all four corners. There was a fire crackling in the fireplace. A large dining table was only a few inches in front of me, the chairs empty.

His voice broke through my musings.

"I was jealous tonight, Mine."

I knew He had been. Others knew it too.

"I have never been completely comfortable with the possession you stir in Me."

Unlike myself who had always relished those primitive emotions in Him.

His hands wrapped hard around my hips, and held my body tight against His own. His voice all but growled in my ear.

"But I was also aroused. So very aroused."

He walked me towards the table, pressed against my back. He turned me suddenly and His mouth came down on mine, His tongue between my lips before my startled gasp ever took flight.

There was hunger in His kiss, in His touch. There was obsession in the moans that I swallowed from His throat. He pressed me back onto the table, spreading my thighs wide.

"Do you know why I am so aroused by My jealousy tonight, My own?"

"N...no, Sir." My voice was barely more than a whisper and His laughed warmed me.

"Because you are Mine. You pledged yourself to Me forever tonight and no one can take that away. You gave yourself into My keeping and Mine alone…and still others wanted you."

I smiled, full and beautiful at the memories that took shape. I had pledged my heart and soul, my body and mind to this Man. The ritual ceremony of the roses, steeped in tradition and ancient lore bound us beyond all mortal comprehension. Our blood had mingled on the petals of a perfect white rose forever entwining our lives. It had been more than a marriage ceremony, but upheld only by the law in our souls.

Heat curled in my belly as I remembered the fire of His eyes, the certainty of our union reflecting in the darkness, shining out at me in candlelight.

His fingers slipped between my legs and stroked the slick wet flesh of my puss. Juices flowed freely, coating my lips and sliding down between my bottom cheeks.

“So wet tonight, My sweet whore.”

I nodded at His statement of fact and groaned low in my chest.

He pulled the blindfold from my eyes and I blinked rapidly, adjusting to the muted light of the room, focusing on the shadow of Him.

“I should go slow tonight. I should make love to you with all the adoration in My heart,” He said softly while unlacing the ties on His period attire. His cock sprang free, fully hard and erect, a crystal drop glistening on the tip. “But I cannot. All I want is to be inside of you. All I want is to fuck you until you are red and raw. All I want is to claim you, plant My seed inside you over and over again.”

With His hand wrapped tightly around His shaft, He pressed it against my sex. He leaned over my body, lifting my arms above my head, gripping my wrists and holding me down beneath Him.

“Look at Me.”

I slowly lifted my eyes to His face.

“You are so beautiful like this. So vulnerable. So curious a mix of innocence and sultry woman. So submissive and so giving.”

I blushed deeply and He pushed the head of His cock inside my body.

“Don’t take your eyes from Mine.”

It wasn’t a request.

He let go of my wrists and slid His arms under my thighs, gripping my hips in His hands.

“Don’t move.”

He pushed my thighs wide and raised my knees towards my chest. He dropped His eyes between our bodies.

“Oh my God,” He growled. “ I have never seen anything so erotic, so hot, so completely and totally Mine.”

With that last, He slammed inside of me, pressing deeply. He withdrew, and then slammed home again with a groan.

His fingers dug into my hips and my eyes never left Him.

“No other man can ever touch you. No other man can ever slide his cock inside of you. No other man can ever take you, and fuck you until you can’t walk. No other man. Ever.”

His hips never stopped. He pounded into me until I slid up further on the table then He’d pull me back and grind His pelvis against my clit causing me to shudder slightly. His eyes never left the place where we were joined, where His body and mine became one.

“Touch yourself, baby. Rub your clit with the finger that bled tonight for me.”

His voice was rough with lust and need and I brought one hand down between my thighs and began to rotate my wounded finger against the sensitive fold of skin. I could feel the tiny mark where the thorn had pierced my flesh. It was symbolic. It was hedonistic. It was all for Him. The way He held my legs and hips made it impossible for me to move against Him, but the angle of His cock inside of me more than made up for it.

For a few more moments He watched my finger, watched His cock move in and out of me, then His sapphire eyes lifted to mine causing my breath to catch. There was such love in the depths, such pride, and such power. I shuddered uncontrollably when He formed the words ‘I love you, Mine’ with His sensual mouth.

I had never been more in touch with myself than with Him. In the dining room, on the table, naked to His partially clothed form, on a night that had brought my deepest dreams to life, I gave to Him more deeply than I knew was possible. I thought that I had given all that I possessed within me to give. But I had been wrong. There was more, something deep and undefined, and in that moment, it was my gift to Him.

My reward was His smile, beautiful and all knowing, accepting and honoring. Tears slid from my eyes.

His cock deeply nestled inside, the head pressing against my womb, He leaned down and kissed my lips with tenderness and licked softly at the wetness streaking down my cheeks.

“No other man, Mine. You belong to Me.”

I nodded, aching to wrap my arms around Him, to hold Him close, but He pulled back and began moving His hips again, long drawn out strokes, slow and hard. His eyes locked on mine.

“Say it. Let Me hear it from your sweet mouth in that honeyed voice. Say My name.”

I licked my lips and whispered. “Master.”


“Master,” I said aloud, as normal a volume as I could muster.

“Louder. I want you to scream it. I want it to come from your soul, from deep within.”


“Good girl. I am pleased. Now I want you to cum.”

He pressed up high inside and rotated His hips down onto my clit. He let go of my legs and pulled them around His waist. I crossed my ankles at His lower back and fucked up into His body, my hand caught between us causing friction.

My breath was ragged. My heart threatening to beat straight out of my chest.

“Now, precious. Let me feel it. Claim Me as your own,” He whispered with a wicked smile, with love, with forever after promises in His eyes.

“Master,” I whispered as my body shivered around His, ripples of flame coursing up from my toes and spreading throughout every corner of my being. I saw lights twinkling in my mind, flashes and sparks igniting me into one with Him.

My whimpers filled the empty room and His love filled my heart.

He moved His hips right at the peak of my orgasm, causing me to shudder continuously. I felt Him swell inside of me just moments before He exploded. He pressed deeper and harder and I tightened my legs, moving my hips up against His body, milking His cock of all life.

His teeth scraped my neck and bit down into the lobe of my ear before He began whispering into my very soul. “You are Mine. You are My life, My everything. You are My love, My slut, My friend, My future, My all. You are My obsession. You are My heaven and you are My hell.”

My tears flowed in earnest at His words and once again He licked them from my face. “And I, am yours, My one.”

He slipped His arms under my body, supporting my back and shoulders.

“Wrap your arms tightly around my neck and keep your legs around my waist. Hold tight and don’t let go.”

Wiggling my hand from between our bodies and wrapping it around His shoulders, it joined my other arm and I buried my face in His neck. He gripped me with His fingers and tightened His arms, lifting me off the table, His cock still lodged within me. He turned slowly and began walking carefully towards the staircase.

And it was then that I realized we hadn’t been alone. Our guests had remained and witnessed the consummation of this new phase of our lives. My cheeks burned crimson and I hid my eyes amid the applause and His devil’s laugh.

How like Him to do such a thing, to test and push limits without my even knowing.

How well He knew the desires of His chosen one.

And oh, how I loved Him.

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