tagInterracial LoveOwned by a Black Midget Pt. 04

Owned by a Black Midget Pt. 04


Weekend is family and church time for Xenia. She spent her Saturday morning to catch up on her sleep and spent time with her family. Gab and Xenia decided to take Kelly to the beach. Xenia wore a white bikini that has gold rings on both her hips connecting the front piece and back piece together. The panties curves in steeply showing off her butt cheeks. Her bikini top couldn't cover her breast completely and when she thinks about Shorty, her nipples hardened which then can be seen pops up from her bikini top. She has this glow about her and she knew it. She attributes this to her much enhanced sex life as of late. Lets say her sex life has been put on steroids and overdrive the past week, she giggled to herself. She looked absolutely stunning for her age she told herself. Gab chose to wear this oversize bathers, his belly is overhanging with love handles and he has man-boobs. The sight turns her off to be completely honest she thought to herself.

Once they got to the beach, they laid down their towel on the beach and Xenia started to apply sun lotion on Kelly to prevent her from getting sunburn.

"Do you want me to help you put some on babe?" He asked.

"No, I'm good" Xenia replied.

"Awww... come on babe... you look smoking hot in those bikini! Please?... pretty please?" He begged her.

He gave her the look of a child begging for candy to her mommy. Just the sight of him begging to put his hands on her body makes him look weak, so inferior. She hated to hear grown men begs. Whilst Shorty never begs, he told her what to do and what he wants. He demanded her to obey him. This is the sort of real man she wanted in her life, to take charge of her life. Not some momma's boy that begs his wife if he can put sun lotion on her body.

"Ok, be quick" Xenia replied and gave in just to shut him up.

Gab then helped Xenia apply the lotion on hers. Gab smiled admiring how gorgeous her wife looks. He offered to take Kelly into the water so she can have her 'me' time. She thanked him for this. She lied down enjoying the sun and as she looks around, she sees many young guys with great body, mostly white men, handsome looking are stealing a stare at her body, but to her surprise, she couldn't appreciate the half naked hot white men around her. Their white skins are so pale and so domesticated, she thought to herself. Her mind went back thinking about Shorty again and his thick fat hard black meat between his legs. His smell, his rugged skin, his dark skin, the veins in his hard throbbing cock, his dirty degrading talks and how he brutally slams and pound her pussy make her pussy itching, moist and flowing. That's what real men should look like. Like a wild animal, not domesticated by some rules, norms or society. By now, she feels uncomfortable and feels the urge to finger herself but she knows she couldn't do it, not right now anyway with Gab and Kelly by the beach. She decides to force herself to take a quick nap.

An hour passed by and she got woken up by Kelly's giggle and Gab's voice. Kelly really enjoyed her time so far. She felt happy to see that. She offered to take her to build sand castle to take her mind off Shorty's cock.

After building a nice sand castle with Kelly, Kelly was feeling hungry and asked if she can go to McDonald's. She said yes trying to make today to be Kelly's day. She cleaned Kelly up before heading down to McDonald's. Once they sat down, Kelly quickly finished up her kids meal and begged them if she can play at the playground. Gab and her gave her the nod. Gab thought this is time for him to have a chat with Kelly with what's going on between him and her.

"Hey babe, are you okay? I feel you have been quite distant with me lately" Gab asked.

"Yeah... I'm fine, why? anything specific why you said I am being distant?" She replied pretended nothing happened.

"Well... I mean... yes... sort of... you haven't been allowing me to... you know... touch you... " He said carefully tip toeing.

"Look Gab, work has been crazy for me lately. I am just tired that's all. Don't worry so much. We're fine. And I would appreciate it if you can be more supportive and give me some space about sex." she tried to brush it off.

She felt telling him that she has been fucking a black midget with abnormally large cock is not gonna go down whilst she was on a family weekend out.

"Ok... well if you say so, I guess... but you will tell me if there is something right?" he asked again.

"Yes babe... I will... now lets not ruin our family day over this ok? I want Kelly to really have a good time today. Lets start making our way to the zoo, it is a bit of a drive, I don't want to come home too late, we have church early in the morning" She answered trying to change topic.

"You're right babe, lets get going" He agreed.

The rest of the day, they visited the zoo and Kelly had a great time seeing the different animals. Kelly had a great time at the zoo, she falls asleep on the way back home. Once they got home, they decide to have early dinner and then headed to bed as Sunday is church day and that meant getting up very early in the morning.

The next day they all woke up at 7am, have a quick family breakfast and get dress for church. Xenia wears a tight green silk tank top, the curve of her breast is visible over the tank top. She decides to go with a black tight leather pants and a pair of high heels. She knows she gets attention from the men at church, she admits, the feeling motivates her to continue to take care of her looks.

She couldn't concentrate at all during service, her mind wonders thinking about lying down on Shorty's bed with him on top of her or on all fours looking over her shoulder seeing Shorty. After the service finishes, she catch up with some of her friends before picking Kelly up from Sunday school.

After church they decide to go for lunch with some close friends that also have kids around the same age as Kelly. Just the usual chit chat talking about everything and nothing. It's a good time killing exercise to get her mind off Shorty. They go straight home after lunch and decide to just chill at home for the rest of the afternoon.

When Xenia is putting Kelly to bed, Gab goes to the bathroom to wash up. After brushing his teeth, he thought he empty the bin to save Xenia from doing it. Especially after she said to him how she has been overly tired from the overwhelming work at the office. He takes the lid to the side trying to take the full rubbish bag inside. He is quite shocked to see the empty packaging of Xenia's birth control pills. His mind wonders, he hasn't had sex with Xenia for over a week and the last time he opens the drawer for his shaver he remembers the pills were at least half full. So either she has been taking them, but for what? They haven't had sex for over a week, so what's the point of taking them. And if she in fact ditch all her pills, then why? She clearly indicates she has no intention of having sex with him in near foreseeable future as she so delicately put yesterday at the diner. Is she trying to get pregnant? Well, if she just told him she won't be having sex with him, then who is she trying to get pregnant with? His mind is going places trying to figure out all possible scenarios. Is this the reason she has been refusing sex with him? Is she having an affair? Very possible he thought to himself. His heart filled with jealousy and anger mixed together. Would Xenia has the heart to do this to him and Kelly? His stomach feels like being punched over and over again. He feels sick and want to throw up. He couldn't bear the feeling of Xenia cheating on him, he fell down on his knees and starts crying. When Xenia finally puts Kelly to bed she walks back to the bedroom. Gab hears her walking back and quickly turn the shower on so he can hide the tears and finish crying. When Xenia hears the water running, she decides to wait until Gab finish with his shower. In the shower, his mind tries to visualise and imagine Xenia's infidelity with her lover. Does he have a bigger penis? If it is bigger, how much bigger? Did she give him a blow job? Did he put his penis in her mouth? Did she allow him to cum in her mouth? Did she let him cum inside her? Did he make passionate love to her or was it a hardcore sexual escapade? Was he gentle with her or was he being rough with her? Did she love him or it was just physical with him? Is he good looking or it was emotional for Xenia? Was it someone at the office or church? All these questions race against each other in his head.

But a few things he knows about his wife is that she always had a thing for bad ass guys. Gab knows that was part of her attraction to her when he was much younger. But his kind of 'bad' was just skipping schools, getting drunk and occasion smoking the joint. Nothing too crazy. He did admit, upon knowing Xenia's attraction to certain bad boy reputation, he used to make up stories just to impress Xenia, although he knows deep down inside he isn't that bad ass. He is just a teddy bear. Secondly, she always has a thing for hardcore sex, borderline rough, in his opinion. Gab has no issue with this but the problem is as soon as Xenia tries to talk dirty to him, he cannot keep his load together. He will come instantly due to the excitement. Hence, most of the times he tries to take things slow because he doesn't want it to end too quick. Thirdly, she always make sex jokes about big dicks. So he always had this suspicion that she may wonder how it feels to have sex with someone with a bigger dick than him. He knows he is way under in the penis department. That's why he is more than happy to offer to eat her pussy for as long as she wants.

All of a sudden something very strange happens, he begins to actually imagine Xenia with her naked body being taken by her lover on his bed. With his limited knowledge of her lover, he tries to profile her lover based on what he knows about her kink. He imagines her lover must be manly and masculine, rugged in appearance, tattooed, very fit and quite possibly muscular. He also must have big dick. He imagines how his lover spread his wife's legs wide eagle and giving her the sex she's been craving for. He imagines Xenia getting flipped over on all fours and getting penetrated from behind, while letting her lover aggressively pulls her hair. She screams in pleasure asking for more and more. His stomach churns with mix of feelings. He feels butterflies in his stomach for some reason and he suddenly realise that his dick is as hard as it has ever been. Is he getting turned on fantasising about his own wife being taken by her lover? But why? Is there something wrong with him he thought? He feels disgusted towards himself. His heart beats goes a million beat an hour and he still has a raging hard on. His lustful mind takes him back to his imagination of Xenia in bed with her lover again. He finally gives in to it and starts masturbating. He imagines his wife begs her lover to fuck her hard. It only takes 2 minutes and he came immediately. He suddenly heard a loud knock.

"Hey Gab... are you done? what takes you so long?" Xenia was getting impatient.

"Oh... oh... okay honey, just a minute... I'm almost done." Gab turned the tap off and started to dry up. His dick has now shrunk to a thumb size. He got into his pyjamas and opened the door to see Xenia looked so annoyed for waiting for him.

"Ssss... so... soryyy hon... bathroom is all yours" Gab let her in.

"Thanks, took you a while" Xenia snapped.

When Xenia is in the bathroom, Gab lie down and check on Xenia's phone. Maybe he can find more clues about her lover. After he gets into her phone, he couldn't find anything, no secret messages, no pictures, no suspicious contacts, no funny emails. He then hears the tap turned off. Xenia has finished taking shower. He quickly jumps onto his side of the bed and pretend to read a book. Once Xenia finish her shower, she jumps into bed and trying to make herself comfortable to sleep.

"Night babe" Gab said.

"Night" Xenia replied.

Gab couldn't sleep well that night. His mind still wonders about. But after cumming so hard in the shower, he finally falls asleep. Xenia on the other hand, couldn't sleep thinking about tomorrow. As this marks her pledge to her new lifestyle. She will begin an intense breeding process. She will soon bear black midget babies for her man, Shorty. Her pussy is moist thinking about it. She too finally falls asleep.

The next day, as always, she hit the shower, pick a lingerie set and get dressed. She picks a black see thru nighties that has an upside down V-opening from her breast down to her belly, a black mini g-string with no bra this time. After saying her byes to Kelly and Gab she heads off to her office.

Meanwhile, after Gab drops Kelly off to school, his mind starts to wonder again. Is Xenia gonna be seeing her lover today? Is she really going to her office? Is her lover fucking her right now? His dick starts to get a hard-on again but he knows today he has so many important meetings. He is kinda glad because at least these meetings will take his mind off her. He then drove off to his office.

She started thinking about how she is about to give birth to many black midget babies. These babies will be the true symbol of her submission of her life towards Shorty. She believes Shorty is the way he is because of what sort of life he has to go through. Well look at his appearance, his stature, his face, who would hire someone like him? He must be enough bullied across his life as a kid by the white people. Deep down inside, she felt by letting him using her body as a piece of meat, it allows him to vent out his anger in a more positive way. She embraced him based on this.

Once Xenia got to her office, she told her boss that she will be out for the rest of the day because she wanted to visit a couple of tenants. What she really meant was to spend the rest of her day being fucked by a majestic beast.

"Boss, I'll be out for most of the day, need to see a couple of properties. And I am keeping a close eye on that Shorty... I... I mean that Tyrone dude" Xenia told her boss.

She realised she just called Tyrone, Shorty by accident forgetting her boss knows him by Tyrone not Shorty.

"Ok... good stuff, also while you mentioned about Tyrone, the owner rung me up this morning and has said that they want to sell the place. They can't handle the stress any longer. I tried to convinced them that now we have you, our best agent handling the tenant, but they seem pretty set with their decision." Her boss said.

"Ahh... okay... so how long does he have?" Xenia asked.

"24 hours." her boss replied.

"24 hours? what?!? are they serious? that's so unreasonable!" Xenia exclaimed.

"Errrrr... where is this compassion coming from?" Her boss noticed how strange Xenia sounded feeling so concerned about this troubled tenant.

"Umm... well... umm... I mean... well... I don't really care actually... umm... I will sort this out... leave it with me" Xenia replied trying to bury her motives.

She headed down to his place in a hurry to break the bad news to him. She was a bit scared of how he might react. Once she got to his apartment, Shorty let her in but not before Xenia lower her body to give him passionate kiss and him using the opportunity to squeeze her ass.

"Babe... I have bad news for you" Xenia said.

"What?!" Shorty replied.

"My boss just told me, you have 24 hours to vacate the apartment, he wants you out of here by tomorrow. I did try to buy you more time, but the owner just didn't barge, sorry hon" Xenia explained to him.

"Well fuck these motherfuckers, rich cunts, low balling low class people like me... I'm gonna need to make some calls." He said. Shorty dials some numbers on his cell and she can her the ringing connecting tone.

"Heyyy... yo... whats up D-man! It's Shorty ma man! What's been happening?" Shorty said. Xenia couldn't hear what Shorty's buddy said.

"Ma mann!!... that's it my nigger!... good to hear from ya. When will you be back?... awesome gangstaaa... hahahahah... hope to catch up soon bro! sure... sure... hey listen D, I have myself a little situation here... I'm gonna need a place to crash for a while. And since you won't be back until a couple of weeks, you mind if I crash at your crib?" Shorty asked.

"You sure?... well daymmmm... thanks ma mannnn... ok... so key is under the mat? owe you one broo! well lets catch up when you get back! thanks again homie! ok see ya!" he hung up the phone.

"Well?" she asked.

"Don't worry babe, I got myself a place to crash for now. Dredd is my homie, we used to do time together up in the Downstate Correctional Facility for seven years." Shorty said.

"Is that how you get the scars from?" Xenia asked.

"Yep, some of them, not all, got stabbed five times and four gunshot wounds prior, six times stabbed at Downstate, I've done my shares in pain and stitches babe" he shows off all his scars.

She doesn't know what it is that turns her on, listening to her bad ass stories. As if all his scars were trophies for his masculinity to her. She bites her lips looking at his muscular inked body.

"I never ask you why you had to do time... mind if I know why?" she asked him.

"Lets just say, robbery gone bad for once, and followed by my partner in crime, which was a white skinny ass dude ratted me out to spanish gangsters which then lead to me killing two of them spanish boys." he explained.

"But at the end, I was found on the dumpster by some homeless that grabbed the po-po. I was pretty bad, I got cut and stabbed, here and here, I almost bleed to death" he told Xenia.

Xenia's pussy was so wet listening to his story, how violent his life has been. She couldn't resist anymore. She finally walked towards him.

"Baby... all this gangsta stuff of stabbing, shooting, all the scars is really turning me on... " She said.

Xenia unbuttoned her dress and showed Shorty her little naughty surprise under her office attire. A black see thru nighties, braless and black see thru g-string. Her diamond cross pendant is in between her exposed breasts. Perfect mix of evil and angel look, a naughty angel to be precise. She kneels down to connect a passionate kiss, swapping tongue with Shorty whilst her left hand reach inside his pants to stroke his 13" cock.

"Do you know what day it is?" She asked still stroking his cock.

"Monday?" He looked confused.

"No baby... today is the day I choose you... I choose you over my beautiful family... over my loving and loyal husband... over my daughter's future... this is the day you start my breeding... I threw away my pills on the weekend baby... just for you... I have also bought a fertility pill this morning... I want to make sure, leaving no chances, I really want you to knock me up babe" Xenia told him.

"Awwwwww shhieeettt... I almost forgot... yes that's right... you were gonna come here to get knocked by by this ugly little black guy... hahahahha... well well well... get over here babe, come help me up on my fuck stool" he asked.

She helped him up the stool. The stool is to position himself so when Xenia bends over in front of him, his cock would be the same level as her exposed pussy. She finds it very erotic to hold this black midget hand, helping him up the stool so this creature can fuck the shout of her married pussy. Once Shorty stabilises himself on the stool, Xenia offers her breasts to him so he can suck on. He sucks, nibble, bite and chew her hard nipples. His other hand mauls her other breast that he isn't sucking. The more he nibbles and chew her nipples, the more excited she gets. She hold Shorty even closer towards her bosom. She just like last time, brush his cornrow hair with her soft hand like a mother brush her baby boy while breast feeding. As his sucking and chewing becomes more aggressive, this makes her pussy twitch, gushing wet and boiling. Her body is on fire, her vaginal tunnel is tingling and the itch is so unbearable, she can't decide whether it makes her angry or horny. Her panties are literally drenched with her juice. One thing she knows, she needs that itch treated and gone. And there is only one way to treat her itch. For the past week, she has learned to be more open to show Shorty how her addiction to his 13" black cock becomes less lets say, manageable. The more she shows him how fragile she is without his cock, Shorty becomes more crazy about her. And she likes this. She wants Shorty's approval.

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