tagBDSMOwned by my Mother-in-Law Ch. 17

Owned by my Mother-in-Law Ch. 17


My humiliation was sublime as the jeering women clapped my approach to the caning bench, my cock rigid as I was led like a lamb to the slaughter by Myrna, her elegant mature form shimmering in the full-length black silk cloak; the erotic shape of her womanly buttocks teasing my eyes in the silk as she strode with magnificent deliberation. I was ordered to the bench and strapped down by wrists and ankles, allowing enough movement to ensure my squirming under the punishment would result in my inevitable disgrace. My head was fixed in the u shaped collar and Blanche approached my eager nostrils to further applause from the women.

"I would like everyone to welcome Myrna to our ever-growing circle of friends. As confirmation of her acceptance, she will now have my worthless son-in-law give up his feeble offering of masculinity in her honour. His disgrace will herald her union with us." The women cheered and clapped hysterically as Blanche softly made a union between my nose and her richly excited womanhood. I sniffed and panted at her wondrous and intoxicating scent, the day's dosage of Viagra ensuring my cock jutted rock hard between my belly and the leather. The crowd of women hushed as Myrna lifted her cane and commenced its sweet song. I bucked and thrust as the cane bit home again and again; the women laughing and sneering at my obvious pleasure at being punished before them; my time with the women had truly broken me and the pain was now exquisite, and welcomed by me as I sniffed Blanche's pussy through the tears.

I had become a cur and fully knew my place without question. I yearned to be the gimp and thought of the bowl as I was thrashed with gusto by the wicked Myrna, whose pussy was dribbling with supreme erotic pleasure as she applied each stroke with no mercy. The women started to clap in time once more, as I humped and squirmed in my lubrication as the cane was brought home, bringing me closer to orgasm. The pain became divine as my balls tensed and the heavenly rush of absolute ecstasy flooded through my tortured body, announcing my complete and utter worship of supreme womanhood.

They cheered and jeered with contented and spiteful delight as I let out a despairing moan of total defeat, and then messed in honour of the totally dominant Myrna, and the scent of my mature mistress. Myrna made sure I experienced the full pleasure of my orgasm; she did not relent with the wicked cane until she was sure I could spend no more.

I was released, my face soaked with tears and the juice from the woman I hoped would either keep me, or dispose of me before the day was out. Myrna sat centre-stage in a huge throne like chair, her legs splayed. She lifted her silk gown and I was allowed under it. She clasped my head and held me fast as I sniffed and lapped at her fully aroused and sweet smelling flower; she clasped her legs about me as she moaned with abject and wanton pleasure, as she was immersed in a victorious orgasm. The women cheered as she shuddered and gasped in ecstasy; her eyes closed and mouth wide open as she basked in her dominance over me. I was led away to the window once more as the women toasted Myrna's triumphal membership.

Though they appeared to now relax and enjoy a few drinks, I knew my humiliation was far from over.

I knelt at the window for an hour or so, and my heart sank when a car I recognised rolled into the drive. Cherie and Chuck had arrived. Cherie burst out laughing and Chuck joined in too when she pointed to me, naked at the window. Blanche took my Leash and positioned me toward the rear of the lounge, about seven feet from partition doors. The women clapped and shook Cherie and Chuck's hands as they entered; some remarking on how they had enjoyed the show from last week. Cherie strutted over to me and slapped my face hard.

"Kiss my feet you useless creep. I hope you have behaved well. Did you enjoy the show too? I hope so, because we have another treat for you!" Blanche and the other women laughed with glee, as the partition doors were opened and a King-size bed was wheeled out. The women whistled and clapped deliriously as Chuck and Cherie stripped off. Blanche pulled my leash taut as I was made to watch my own wife climb onto the bed with her boyfriend; the women licked their lips as they witnessed his huge cock in the flesh. I looked at the sweet pussy and arsehole of my petit wife, to which my tongue had been no stranger, as she lay back unashamedly in front of me and the crowd of women. The women there took great pleasure in stating the obvious to me, telling me how my wife was going to be fucked by a proper man.

Myrna teased my cock with the cane which had pleased me earlier. I basked in the humiliation as she pointed to my cock rising in honour of the show. How those women laughed at my pathetic erection, and the fact that I was excited at seeing my own wife fucked before a crowd who knew I was the husband.

Cherie looked me full in the face as Chuck eased his massive cock into her tight pussy. Her own mother stood proudly as she witnessed her daughter's sublime pleasure at being fucked by a real man, whilst her puny-cocked and submissive husband was held in complete control by a 62 year old woman. Cherie moaned with deep satisfaction as Chuck's huge member slid glistening, in and out of her moist pussy, nursing her clitoris toward a beautiful orgasm. The women watched intently, many nursing their own pussies as Chuck also began to moan. He pumped his huge cock with more urgency now as Cherie stared with an open-mouthed smile at her wimp of a husband watching her fucked as he never could, and never would.

My cock dribbled as the women laughed at me; my humiliation divine, I wanted to hear my wife brought to orgasm by another man. Neither I nor the women were to be disappointed; Blanche toyed with my taught leash as she switched her view from ecstatic daughter to shamed and humiliated son-in-law, her smile more triumphant than I had ever seen. Myrna continued to nurse my cock and I was close to coming myself.

Cherie wailed in complete ecstasy as she fought to focus on my face as she reached the point of no return. The women did the same and sneered in satisfaction. As Chuck moaned long and deep, Blanche ensured my humiliation was brought home completely.

"There, Cuckolded before a crowd of women, including your very own wife's mother. Doesn't that feel good? I want you to thank me for allowing you to watch" I gasped as my stiff cock dribbled and the women laughed as they waited for my reply. Cherie and Chuck writhed and moaned as his huge cock delivered its cream deep into my wife.

"Thank you Mistress Blanche, thank you for allowing me to watch my wife being fucked." The women roared with laughter and applauded the show from all three participants. Chuck slowly withdrew his cock, shiny and cream covered. He gave me a broad and satisfied smile as he left the bed. Agnes nodded approval at her sissy, who eagerly took Chuck's still erect cock and lovingly sucked it clean.

Cherie looked up at me as she recovered, and wagged her finger in my direction. My cock pulsed close to orgasm as Blanche laughed and pulled my leash in the direction of the bed. The women burst into loud applause as I was led to my wife. I would now do my duty and clean her.

Cherie lifted her legs and pointed to her well-used pussy, bright pink and oozing warm jizz.

"What are you waiting for, clean me up now!" I wasted no time and sniffed at the fragrance I had come to know so well, which was now blended with tangs of ammonia and the unmistakable whiff of fresh spunk. The women cheered at my complete humiliation as I licked the salty mess from my wife's pussy; spunk which had just been deposited by her black boyfriend. Blanche held my head and ensured I serviced her daughter efficiently, my cock buzzed as the women jeered while I swallowed every last drop, savouring the sweet tang of the cream which had dribbled around her delectable arsehole.

Cherie slapped my face for good measure when I'd done; the face which was then displayed to the surrounding women by Blanche, shiny and sticky with the cream of another man's balls, licked from my own wife's expertly fucked pussy. My cock stiffened as I was treated to the sneers and laughter of superior women.

As I knelt and lowered my head Blanche went to a drawer and passed some paperwork to Cherie who laughed aloud and gave her approval as she cuddled Chuck. Blanche led me over to and had me sign something. Cherie signed also and slapped my sticky face three times for good measure. My balls tingled with a mixture of fear and anticipation as Blanche asked for hush as she advised of what had been signed.

"I have pleasure in announcing that my Daughter is to be divorced from this worthless wretch. He has just signed to say that she will keep everything he owns. I have already contacted the local paper to ensure everyone who ever knew him will be able to see the details of the divorce petition, which he will not contest. It advises that Cherie will divorce him on the grounds of adultery. It appears he has been having an affair with his Mother-in-Law, with whom he has now moved in with!" The women applauded loudly and I kissed Blanches feet again and again. She would now own me completely. She looked down at me with a wicked affection.

"You may masturbate at my feet now." I duly stroked my cock as the women laughed. My humiliation was just beginning.

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