tagBDSMOwned by my Mother-in-Law Ch. 16

Owned by my Mother-in-Law Ch. 16


As the morning of fourteenth day arrived, I cowered at Blanche's feet and kissed them again and again. In just two weeks the women had seized the element of my submissive nature and trained and broken my will completely. I was on the point of begging Blanche to allow me to see the noose again; I would rather have been despatched than go back to Cherie, her mother was truly in complete and utter control of me. As I looked up to her she smiled down with dominant satisfaction, dressed in black lace and chiffon; a black corset holding her waist tightly, her pussy on show through fine black lace panties. She seemed to know exactly what was going through my mind, as my lips parted when I looked up at the supreme woman.

"Don't you dare beg on what may be your last day with me. The ladies will be arriving soon; Cherie and Chuck won't be here till late this afternoon and we shall have a full and exciting day. Now you may sniff my pussy while you think about the canings you have had from me and my friends. If you beg for anything, you'll beg for a caning." She took my head as I knelt up and caressed my hair as I sniffed enthusiastically at her womanly aroma. It was apparent that she was already aroused; I knew then that this was to be a special day, I had not had the honour of witnessing her sweet arousal so early in the day before; Blanche was excited about something. My cock bulged in the cage adorned with 'Property of Blanche'; how I yearned to be wearing it tomorrow. She pressed my nose into her soft folds.

"Whatever becomes of you, you'll always remember my scent. Now you kneel at the window and await our guests." As per my first day I knelt obediently at the window to witness the arrival of the women, many of whom I now knew intimately. As the women began to arrive, my cock dribbled in the cage, and my anus clenched at the tight butt-plug with a renewed fear. The thought and excitement of seeing so many dominant women made me yearn for humiliation, and punishment. Agnes arrived, dressed in a tight black satin Chinese style dress; her scornful look at me in the window as she clenched her riding crop had my balls tingling. Her sissy was also dressed in a black French maid's outfit; her eyes red from a recent chastisement, her tiny dress high up and frilled, displaying panties which in turn displayed a small bulge to the fore; the remnants of a hormone induced destruction of former masculinity.

She managed a soft smile at me which had my cock buzzing with a strange desire I had not known until seeing her. Miranda arrived looking more dominant and elegant than I had ever seen her before, wearing a short black leather skirt, black silk blouse, low cut with chiffon displaying her large cleavage; her hair in a bun, black cane sweeping alongside her long legs in seamed stockings. She was accompanied by Myrna who wore a full length black silk cape and mortar board, a severe look of pleasure emanating from behind her stern glasses as she flexed the cane she carried. Was this to be some form of dominatrix graduation?

It struck me that each and every woman was wearing black; though many had worn the same on my initiation day, today was uniformly black. Two large cars pulled up, two red lipped and stern looking women remained seated in the one vehicle, both lighting cigarettes as they stared at me with contempt at the window.

Arabella alighted from the other car with a broad smile on her face; she wore a short black skirt with black knee-length pointy boots with long heels, a black silk blouse with no bra; her nipples pointing like thumbs as she opened the rear hatch and pulled the gimp out on his leash. She looked particularly sinister as her outfit was finished by a small black mask which covered her eyes. The gimp was naked except for his usual black full face leather mask and frilly tail which hung from the butt plug tight in his arse. My cock buzzed as her arrival was suddenly greeted by loud applause from the now large crowd of women. I was now allowed to turn and face the delicious array of stern women; each of them could summon the cream from my balls within sixty seconds.

Blanche brought Myrna over to me; she swayed slightly making the black silk shimmer as she viewed me with utter contempt. Blanche smiled with satisfaction as she saw me swallow hard in awe of this naturally dominant woman who had shown me my place so thoroughly.

"Myrna here will officially become a member of our group today. Today of all days; which will be a very special one. We thought it fitting that she should be here today. As part of her introduction to the circle I intend that she thrashes you again while all the women watch. You'd like that wouldn't you?" Myrna looked supreme and sneered as she awaited my response. My arse tingled and clenched as I remembered my last encounter.

"Yes Mistress Blanche, I would love to have Myrna thrash me again, while all the women watch." Myrna smiled contentedly and pushed her breasts forward in the soft hanging silk, showing me nipples erect and hard with excitement. She was relishing thrashing me again.

The attention now centred firmly on the gimp; It was with some jealousy, my cock bulging as I watched the once proud Headmaster kiss the feet of his mistress and the other women as they summarily whipped and tormented him with a venom unforeseen before. He whinged as never before when two women wheeled out the caning bench for his inspection; this was not what the broken and defeated male yearned to see. Arabella leaned over it and lifted her short skirt, sliding her panties down her thighs. The gimp was invited to lick her anus prior to the noose ritual. The women gathered close eager to her him beg; the torture of a male who had once caned young girls was especially sweet.

Arabella's eyes shone through the mask with exquisite satisfaction as she savagely caned the prostrate cur; he having begged with real submissive earnest on this occasion. The women laughed and jeered at his pathetic weakness; he was truly broken.

Arabella pointed to the cellar door, and duly led the gimp down by leash on all fours; her total dominance over the feeble male so complete and without question. An eager procession of equally superior women followed, dressed in black leather, satin, silk and lace. I was all but down on all fours ready for Blanche to take my leash when she looked at me and shook her head.

"Not this time. You and the sissy will remain here; I want you to witness something else." She smiled with an extra perverse satisfaction at the disappointment on my face, and then looked sternly at me. I would not disappoint her. She then moved to the window and gestured to the two women who had remained smoking in the other car which had arrived with Arabella. She opened the door to them before strutting down to the cellar to enjoy the show.

Four women rather than two appeared with a mummified wriggling body suspended from two poles. The body was unceremoniously dumped on the floor and the poles removed. Stocking clad feet and bound ankles were all that protruded from a black sack which shrouded the body; the cocoon was also bound at thighs, waist, and chest; a thick leather collar about the neck for good measure. Muffled cries could be heard as the four women tended the captive; all dressed uniformly in leather riding trousers and boots, with tight leather waist-coats and puffed sleeved white blouses. Each looking like Meg Myles as she appeared in 'Satan in High Heels', they smiled viciously as they caned the writhing, helpless, sack; I was unsure if the cries were in pain or ecstasy.

The figure continued to moan as the women teased the sissy and I with the canes before leaving. All was now very quiet apart from the occasional stern murmurings and muffled laughter which reverberated from the cellar below.

The sissy and I knelt facing the wretch in the sack, not daring to make any sound; we knew the interned soul would be male despite the nylon stockings. As my arse clenched about the plug and my balls tingled with an expectancy of what may be to come, I was suddenly startled by a tumultuous resonating roar of female voices and delirious applause coming from the cellar below. My cock bulged and buzzed at the noise; the sissy bowed her head and sniffled in fear. Another ten minutes or so passed, with the hubbub below slowly decreasing, before the black procession started to emerge from the cellar. The women looked very pleased with themselves; all seemed very excited. Blanche came over to me with a broad, satisfied smile on her face. In her hands was a black bowl.

Agnes, Myrna, and Miranda followed with a throng of women smiling contentedly. Blanche's face turned to a sneer as she held the bowl under my face. The dominant women closed in to watch with wicked smiles as looked into the bowl to see a very generous offering of creamy white streaks and blobs of jizz. Blanche teased as the women giggled and laughed at my obvious predicament.

"If you want to have any chance of sniffing my pussy again you'll lick that bowl clean as if it were your last meal." I was about to start licking, when my eyes caught the last women leaving the cellar; the very last was Arabella, who had a supreme look of satisfaction about her; women were thanking her and patting her with approval as she closed the cellar door behind her. My cock pulsed and dribbled in the cage as I realised she was alone. Blanche laughed as she saw my face.

"Now will you lick my bowl?" The women laughed and jeered as I lapped at the still slightly warm sticky mess; each salty globule was savoured as I thought of Blanche's womanhood and wondered at the fate of the deliverer of my meal. I had the bowl shiny within a minute. Blanche wiped my face as though I were a small child and pulled my face into her pussy, which was extremely moist and aromatic now. I yearned to lick her as she caressed the back of my head; I was ready to come on hearing her next words.

"It's time for Arabella to introduce us to a new pet. When she's done so, Myrna will cane you as promised; I know she'll be more than ready for it now." Myrna gave me a look of contempt as she teased my arse with her cane, while the other women formed a circle around the wriggling cocoon. They cheered and applauded her as she approached the bound wretch. She pulled the ties and released the bonds, her delicate fingers slowly unbuckling the tight leather collar, before whisking the sack from the figure. The woman laughed and jeered as a slightly built man was revealed, dressed in stockings, suspenders, bra and girdle; a full face leather mask the only thing hiding his shame. His cock caged; with several rings round his scrotum. He immediately cowered at the dominant Arabella's feet, kissing them as though his life depended on it. Arabella smiled with further satisfaction as she treated his arse to a few stinging strokes of her cane.

"Meet my new gimp. He is the previous owner of Huxley's Department Store, which as you know has a huge women's department with many items of lingerie. I had a tip off that the owner had a curious way of sampling the products that were to be sold. With some help from Miranda we managed to get some remote CCTV equipment installed, and it wasn't long before we found out that he had a certain fetish." The circle of women roared with laughter as the new gimp experienced group humiliation for the first time.

" A few simple deliveries of DVD's soon had him begging for mercy; though he didn't expect to give himself up the way he has. After a few disciplinary lessons, he soon confessed his submissiveness like most men. His fate was sealed. I'm having a grand 'Under new management' re-opening of the store on Saturday; everyone here is most welcome to huge discounts." The women applauded once more as the gimp licked the feet of the woman who now owned him as much as the store which was now hers.

Blanche beckoned to Myrna, as she had me stand whilst my cage was removed. The women clapped in time as Myrna led me to the caning bench through an avenue of dominant women.

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