Owned:Fantasy Becomes Reality


Maryanne gave an awkward laugh thinking he was kidding and responded, a little tipsy from the wine from supper, "Well he is good in bed."

"I heard that," Rod chuckled, looking directly at me. I shifted uncomfortably, catching the not-so-subtle innuendo.

Maryanne looked at him oddly, but didn't say anything. An odd silence filled the room.

The silence was broken when my black Master asked my wife, "So, Maryanne, are you horny right now?"

"Pardon me?" she asked, surprised by the question.

"It's a simple question. Are you horny right now?" he repeated, his dominant tone beginning to shine through as he stood up.

Maryanne looked at me nervously, and slightly guilty.

Master looked at me with a smirk and said, "Dave, your wife is one hot woman." His hand reached for my wife.

Embarrassed, Maryanne quickly stood up and rushed out of the room muttering something like, "Excuse me, I need to go to the washroom."

As soon as she was gone, Rod commanded, "Get undressed right now, faggot."

I knew it was coming, but still hearing the words had me a nervous wreck. Here is was, now or never. I unbuttoned my shirt, took of my shoes and pants and socks and stood before my master in pink lingerie, my wife just upstairs.

He stood up "Come over here and get my cock out faggot. I want you to get it ready before it goes into your wife and I make her crave my cock too."

His confidence stunned me, as I asked, "How do you know Maryanne will submit?"

He chuckled, "She already began to, when you were in the washroom. I fingered her in the kitchen. She did not even remotely resist, in fact I think she wanted more, but I wanted to wait until you could see it faggot."

I was shocked, I never thought she would cheat, but I knew he was not lying, he didn't have to.

I knelt in front of him and pulled down his pants. He had no underwear on and his large cock saluted me. I grabbed it and began sucking my Master.

"That's it faggot, get your Master's cock ready for your pretty wife."

I bobbed up and down faster, my mouth getting way better at taking his massive cock in my mouth. He asked, "Can I fuck your wife, faggot?"

I took his cock out of my mouth and said, "If she will let you?"

He smirked and asked, "Do you want me to fuck your wife, to use her and make her crave my big black cock like you do?"

I knew the answer he wanted and I was beginning to want it too as I answered, like a good faggot, "Yes Master. Fuck hard and deep like I can't."

"Are you sacrificing your wife to me, faggot?"

"She is yours, Master. I can't deny you anything, Master," I responded hungry for his cock.

"Maryanne, get undressed for me, slut," Master said.

Mortified, I looked around and saw my wife standing in the doorway entrance. She was glaring at me a mixture of shock and anger.

I looked back at her, but said nothing.

She spitefully asked me, "What are you doing, Dave?"

What could I answer?

Master responded for me, "Maryanne, your husband is my faggot. He loves sucking cock, don't you cocksucker?"

Ashamed I answered, "Yes, Master."

"You love my big black cock in your ass, don't you, fuck-toy?"

"Yes, Master," I whispered.

"You want me to own your wife like I own your faggot ass?"

"Yes Master" I whispered again.

My wife muttered stunned, "I can't believe it."

Master said, "Maryanne, don't play all innocent. I wasn't here an hour and you let me finger you in your own kitchen, and you definitely liked it slut. You don't get that wet if you don't like it."

My wife went red, "but, he is sucking your cock."

Master smiled and said, "Why don't you come and replace him? Get on your knees and see what your faggot husband has been worshipping. I know you want to slut. I can see that look in your eyes."

Maryanne thought about this for awhile before glaring at me. I had seen that glare many times before, the 'you-are-dead' glare. The next words out of her mouth surprised me. "You want that, faggot? You want to see me take his cock?"

I was shocked to hear my wife call me a faggot. But my cock loved it. Humiliated, yet horny as hell, I admitted, "Yes, honey."

"Honey," she said, "don't you call me honey, you fucking queer." She walked over and slapped me in the face.

She ordered, "Go sit over there faggot and watch as I become a slut for black cock. It's obvious that is what you want." Once I obeyed, she dropped to her knees in front of my Master.

Master smirked, "If you submit to me, I own you, like I own your husband."

She looked at Master slightly surprised and said, "What does that mean exactly?"

"You obey my every command. You suck and fuck who I tell you to. You cum only when I give you permission. You will make yourself available to me whenever I need it and wear whatever I tell you too. Do you understand my slut?"

Maryanne glared at me, smirked and then submitted, "Yes I do, Master. I fully understand what I am about to do and what I am about to become."

"Take off your clothes slut. I want you naked as you submit to me. I want to see what I now own."

Maryanne stayed on her knees and quickly stripped. In no time she was naked and reaching for the big black snake before her.

I watched as she took Master's cock into her mouth. Clearly desperate to make a statement to me, she bobbed and slobbered on his big dark cock with reckless abandon.

Master moaned and said, "Hmmm, my new slut sucks pretty good faggot."

"I know," I responded.

Master grabbed my wife's head from behind and began to fuck her face like he had done to mine over the past couple of weeks. It was such an odd feeling. Instead of being angry he was face-fucking my wife, I was jealous it wasn't me. I watched by wife, being way more enthusiastic sucking Master's cock, than she ever had when sucking me.

"Maryanne you are one of my many white whores now. Tell me who owns your white cunt?"

"You do Master, it's yours, and my other holes are too," my wife said with a grin on her face.

Master shoved his cock into my eager wife's mouth and continued the hardcore face-fucking. Soon Master gave his now very familiar grunt and began pumping cum down my wife's throat. He pulled out and sprayed the last gushes onto her face, as if to mark his territory.

As soon as he finished coming, he sat back on the coach, still looking at my wife, and announced, "You will make a good little slut, won't you?"

"Yes, Master," she purred.

"Do you still love your husband, slut?"

"I don't know," she said.

"You must understand, he is who he is. He couldn't resist me, just like you couldn't."

"Faggot, do you love your wife?"

"With all my heart," I sincerely replied.

"Do you want to please her?"

"Yes, Master."

"Good, come and get me hard again, so I can fuck your beautiful bride."

"Yes, Master," I obeyed and crawled over to him.

I looked at my wife, her glare of hate gone, but her expression unreadable, as I positioned myself between Master's big strong legs. I took his cock in my mouth, preparing him for my wife.

I sucked his cock slowly, as I knew he liked after his first ejaculation and after a few minutes of sucking he was prime and ready. He stood up, "Let's go your bedroom. I want to fuck your wife in your bed. I want it to be something you both remember, the night you both officially gave yourself to my black cock."

We obeyed and as soon as we were in our room, Master asked, "Slut, how do you want to be fucked?"

"Any way you wish, Master, I am your property," she replied in a completely submissive voice.

I was completely shocked by my wife's submissive behaviour.

Master ordered, "On all fours then, slut."

"Yes Master," she obeyed and got on our bed. Master went behind her and slapped his cock on my wife's tight ass.

"Get over here faggot and put my cock in your wife. That way I know you want me to fuck her and own her white cunt," he ordered.

My wife, clearly extremely horny, began moaning instantly and begging, "Come on faggot, put that big black cock into my pussy."

As I aimed his stiff cock at her pussy, she pushed back taking the black cock easily in her pussy.

"Oh yes Master, fuck me with that massive black cock. Oh my God. Go deep and don't ever stop."

I watched, knowing this would be a long fucking session. After his first cum, he could last an hour. He moved in and out slow at first, but started really hammering her when she begged to be fucked harder. I watched, my cock a stiff missile in my panties, as my Master fucked my wife.

She verbally humiliated me constantly during her first interracial fucking. "Yes, fuck me like a real man," or "Oh my God, your cock is so much bigger than my husband's" or "Fuck your slut, fuck her in front of her wimpy pathetic husband." Shame burned in me as I realized I had allowed all this to happen. Yet, what overpowered my shame was my lust. I desperately wanted to be the one on all fours being filled by Master's enormous black cock. I wanted to taste his seed.

The next half an hour he fucked her in a variety of positions until he was close to coming. "I'm going to come soon slut. Are you on the pill?"

"No Master, we use protection." she grunted between hard strokes.

"I am going to cum inside your white cunt, and there will be no protection from my dominant seed," he announced.

To my surprise, my wife begged, "Yes, Master, shoot your load in my pussy, fill me with your seed."

"You want to carry Master's baby?"

"I will do anything for Master," she moaned from the hardcore drilling.

Master grunted and began shooting his second load into my wife, this time up her cunt. He kept pumping and pumping, long after he was done. Making sure to push his seed as deep as he could inside her womb.

Finally, he pulled out, "You will make a good addition, my slut."

She looked up at him dreamily.

"Sometimes our clients want a woman to close the deal. Other times they want a faggot and other times they want a couple. You two will be a great asset."

My wife was breathing heavy still and rubbing her clit. My wife, my prim and proper wife, demanded, "Faggot, get over here and get me off."

I quickly obeyed, crawling between my wife's legs and was face to pussy with a delicious cream pie. I began licking my wife's pussy and my Master's cum. As I licked and licked, I wondered, could I have it all?

My wife.

My Master.

My job.

As I pondered hopefully that I could, my wife pulled my face deeper into her just fucked cunt and ordered, "Please your Mistress, faggot."

'Mistress', I liked that.


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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous11/18/17

I am a little sweet submissive cumbunny for the bbc and I will be a good slut

I will always wear sexy lingerie to show respect for the bbc and I will always bounce like a good cumbunny

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by Rwa476808/21/17


Another great story, it had me stroking my my cock as I was reading it and imagining it was me in the story. I would love to read more about this couple serving their new master and his clients.

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by Anonymous06/22/17


A very arousing story..... many white men like this idea of he and wife owned and treated as sex toys or sex pets for a big black cocked man.

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by kneelnakedforbbc06/08/17

Great story

I wonder how many other married white couples the black boss owns. I would suspect quite a few. I would think it would be quite easy for any black boss to get any straight white employee to suck hismore...

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