tagBDSMOwning Bella Ch. 02

Owning Bella Ch. 02


Authors Note: This is my first real attempt at self editing properly so bare with me please. I Hope those of you who enjoyed the first series enjoy this one equally. ~ellie

Reaching down he grabbed hold of her collar and dragged her crawling after to him out her apartment to the other end of the corridor to kneel before the door the training room. "Your real training starts now," he said darkly and swung the door open.

"Go to your basket, precious pet," his voice was softer now and she looked up to him before crawling towards the large pet bed and kneeling up within its cushioned basket. A thrill of fear and anticipation ran up her spine as she watched him advance on her, a smirk of self satisfaction painting his face.

He flipped open a dark highly polished wooden chest beside the basket and turned to her, "Hold your hair up." Bella looked up confused, her hair was in a ponytail. She lifted her hands and realised many strands had come loose during the time since he had pulled her from her shower. She quickly gathered all the loose strands and held them up, as he removed the formal collar from her throat. As he moved to place it in the chest, she pulled the band from her hair and quickly retied her ponytail in place.

Mel smiled approvingly at her as he also removed the everyday collar she still wore, "Keep her hands on your head," he said softly. Bella felt naked without the snug weight of the collars she had worn for the last twenty four hours. The thought making her grin lopsidedly as she had worn no clothing all day bar the collars, Mel raised his eyebrow at her forcing her to explain her smile.

Mel held up a thick leather collar before her, "You will not be naked for more than a minute, this is a training collar." Bella looked at the leather. She could see it had been worked and conditioned despite is thickness. The soft leather had been studded with loops and D rings, and the buckle was large. Holding it close to her nose and mouth he instructed, "Breathe in its scent, kiss it, lick it, taste it. You, my slut, will grow to love leather as I do. Just the thought and smell, the feel and the taste of leather will arouse in you the passion and the tormented ecstasy being my slave will bring you."

He watched her breathe deeply, kissing the leather and stroking her tongue gently over it, feeling his cock twitch at her unquestioning compliance. Wrapping the soft leather around her neck he buckled it tightly in place assessing her movement. "Hands," it was a command though his voice remained soft. Bella lifted her hands before her palm up. "Open," he placed a cuff between her lips, "Lips and tongue only, not teeth," he continued as he placed a second cuff on her left wrist.

Reaching down to her he pulled her collar forward and down while lifting her hips to crawling position, "When I say fours, or all fours, this how I expect you to position yourself, understand pet?"

Bella nodded mumbling around the wrist cuff still between her lips. She felt her ankles encased in the same soft leather, his hand stroking over her ass and thighs as he finished buckling them in place.

Returning to the chest he closed the lid and sat facing her taking the cuff from her mouth and bucking her wrist as he spoke, "When you arrive in this room, this must always be done first unless I expressly order; otherwise, you will come to your basket and dress yourself like this then wait for me."

"Yes, Master," Bella whispered watching him as he pulled off his short leather boots and placed them into the basket with her and picked up his belt that he had placed beside the chest when they had arrived.

His belt trailed over her back to her ass, "The last three days have not been easy ones for your Master, little slave. Allowing you, my slave, to stay with your parents overnight where I could not use you as I wished," the belt whistled through the air and cracked over her ass making her cry out jerking in pain. "Enduring your ex lover touching and threatening MY property," his voice had become a deep growl as the belt lashed against her thighs. His voice roared as the belt rained several more blows on her ass and thighs, "Your continued display of your lack of trust in me!"

Bella was sobbing, and tears rolled down her cheeks as she begged, "Please Master forgive me, Please, I just want to learn and serve you, Master. I do trust you, Master. Please forgive me, Master."

Her begging was music to his ears, and he felt that surge of power dominating this girl had given him all week. He dropped the belt into her basket and looked down into her teary face his cock hardening at her beauty. She looked up into his stormy face and leaned down to lick a tear from her cheek. "Yes, my Ellie, you will learn," his smirk added to the hungry look in his dark eyes.

Unable to wait any longer, he picked her up and pushed her head first over the back of a large chair that stood beside her basket. Kicking off his pants he entered her roughly feeling the heat of the welted belt marks hot against his thighs as she gasped and cried out. Reaching forward he grabbed her ponytail and arched her back onto his raging cock, he pounded into her tight wet cunt.

It had been almost twenty- fours hours since she had begged his collar and he had used her briefly only once. His need to possess her again was intense. His free hand slapped at her hip and thigh before reaching beneath her to seek out her clit. She howled as he pinched and brutally twisted it, her cunt clamping around his cock. "Cum my little slut, cum for your Master," he growled out darkly.

Her body stiffened arching harder and began to jerk as hot, slimy cum coated his cock, milking at the rock hard flesh that continued to pound into her deeply. She howled into the cavernous room as he clenched his teeth trying to hold back his flood. The pleasure of her tight cunt as it spasmed around him was too much, and he buried himself deeply into her, his cock pulsing thick bursts of cum into her.

Pulling her roughly from the chair as his cock still twitched, he knelt her at his feet, feeding his cock into her open mouth gazing down into her tear filled eyes. "Fuck!" Mel groaned as the lips lighted around him and sucked him dry. She took his rapidly softening cock deeply cleaning it of all their mixed cum before lowering her head to suck at his ball sac. Her eyes tilted up to him often feeling his power and control over her and revelling in it.

Groaning he pulled back from her and looked own on her with a smirk, pointing between her legs, "Clean up that puddle filthy little cumslut." He watched as she scooted back and bent her head to the puddle that had leaked from her cunt as she had cleaned him. This was his desire, his need, his dream, his sweet innocent seeming slave willingly debasing herself for him.

"Get back to your basket and clean my boots," he said dismissively as he walked away from her to the back of the huge room. Bella whimpered as the wide red stripes on her ass and thighs burned into her still as she crawled, her cunt wet as she rubbed her thighs together in need and bent her head to his boots tasting the leather again as he tongue flickered out over them.

She could hear him moving around and after long minutes that stretched out he returned to her. He wore no shirt and she marvelled again that his physique was the well toned muscular body of a much younger man. He wore leather pants, not tight but not loose, giving him freedom of movement while still showing his form. Her eyes drifted to his cock and the flap of leather covering it. The fat tear drop shape had been studded around the edges, to highlight his swelling manhood and she squirmed in arousal at the sight of him.

He held a long thin braided leather strap in his hand, the ends holding small gold rings. "I want this braided into your hair," he paused. "I will do it this time, but you, little slut, will remember and do it here after. This thong will be in the box with your cuffs and training collar," his voice was instructional, and she listened carefully.

He stood behind her and tied the strap around her ponytail before splitting her hair into three parts. Joining the two long tails of the leather to the outside parts, he began to plait it tightly. As he worked, he spoke softly to her, "You have asked all week why I chose you. You have seen and met with other submissives and slaves as well as their Master's, yet you still asked." He took a breath and pushed the long braid over her shoulder so she could see the two ringed ends dangling from the end of her braid. "Like this understand?"

"Yes, Master," she looked at it carefully.

Moving back to her face he cupped her chin, "You met in that one lunch, the best of the best of submissives and slave girls in respect to their individual talents and you my most precious pet have the best of all of them within you." He could see her eyes cloud over with self doubt ad insecurity. Letting her see his hands, he attached a long leather leash to her collar.

"Like Sera," he continued as he pulled her from the basket on the leash, "You have an innocence and child like wonder about anything new and exciting and that gives me great joy. You do not, however, have her brattiness or throw temper tantrums, which also pleases me. What you can learn from Sera though, is her number one rule, 'Daddy knows best', or in your case Master knows best. She trusts her Master implicitly."

Mel smiled as Bella lowered her head in shame. They stopped beside the large litter box she had seen yesterday and once again she wrinkled her nose. Seeing her reaction he led her into the box and commanded, "Crouch." He watched amused at the shock on her face as she obeyed, "Pee, my pet. We are going to be here quite a long time tonight, and you will not get another chance."

Bella was horrified, mortified, embarrassed, she just couldn't. Mel leaned down and took her chin, "It will be much worse for you if you do not go here," the threat heavy in his quiet voice. "You, my pet, have Tali's sense of loyalty and playfulness, but you lack her shamelessness it is something you must learn. There is nothing I would ask of you in this room that should cause you embarrassment or shame. All I ask of you is for my pleasure. You do want to please your Master don't you my ellie."

She did she so wanted to see his smile and bask in his pleasure and the way that made her feel she felt herself relax, and a trickle began to flow from her as her face blushed bright red. "Good girl," he stroked her cheek and smiled down on her the trickle increasing to a stream, "such a precious, obedient pet." The humiliation of the experience mixed with the warmth she felt inside at his smile and praise both confused her and aroused her.

He led her carefully from the pit and reached into a small barrel for a moist hand towel handing to her. "Clean up, dirty little bitch," he smirked loving the blush that bloomed anew in her face pointing to a waste bin before moving her forward. Her head swung constantly as she gazed at the strange furniture and stands. She was led up a short ramp to a platform holding a leather head rest at one end.

"Like Dusty you do not waste your words on me, you listen, watch and learn only speaking when necessary, you give things I teach you great thought before commenting on them," he stroked his hand down her back and over her ass as she placed her head in the rest provided. "That quiet intelligence is a most valuable quality in a slave, and why you were given a week to come to terms with whom you truly are."

His hands pulled her thighs widely apart and positioned them by strapping leather cuffs from the platform below her knees. She felt and heard a spreader bar being slid into place between her knees and attached to the restraints to take the tight pull from the leather. She whimpered as her thigh muscles protested. Bella whimpered softly as she felt her cunt and ass peel open in the wide stretch. His cock stretched the leather confines of his pants, and he walked to her face.

Pressing his leather clad cock to her lips as she whimpered, he opened the chest beside her and drew out a large anal plug of coloured glass, the handle of it cut like a smooth crystal. He could feel her mouth working to kiss, open mouthed, the length of his hidden cock, lapping at the leather as he applied a generous amount of lube to the plug. Reluctantly he stepped back and popped the studs on one side of the codpiece to give his cock more room before moving to her upturned ass.

Slapping the red striped flesh he poured lube into the crevice of her ass, his free hand coating her and delving a finger into the tight dark star. He watched as the muscles relaxed and saw her shoulders rise and fall as she breathed deeply. Pressing the plug into her his eyes glued to the stretching hole watching her take the large plug, pulling it out briefly he watched the hole gape before ramming it in hard making her scream in surprise and pain.

Mel ran his hands over the red stripes still glowing on her ass and thighs feeling the heat of them. "Like Dianne you seek pleasure in the pain I give you," he continued as he slapped her ass again. Like her, you enjoy both the harsher side and softer side of your Master, but you are not brassy or loud. She is a switch who is submissive with her Master but looks to dominate weaker men and women. She wants to play with your divine little body.

His hand travelled down to stroke and tease at her cunt, "Would you like that my slutty little slave? To serve a woman like Dianne as you serve me?" Bella's eyes were wide, and her mind was reeling at his words her hips humping hotly at the hand teasing her cunt. "Such a hot slut, I bet you would love it." He moved his had away and slapped her ass. He went to a drawer near the wall and took out several short chains.

With her knees held wide by the spreader bar, he pulled her feet closely together and connected the cuffs by a small chain. Pulling on her braid he commanded, "Sit."

"I love how flexible you are you have the smallness and grace of a dancer's body like Nyx," he smiled as he took her hands and linked the cuffs to the outside of her ankles. "Nyx can hold a Gorean bow for an amazing amount of time unaided," he said conversationally as he pulled her braid down linking a short chain through the loops and joining it her ankles.

Bella moaned softly as she raised her ass from her feet bending into an uncomfortable arch as her hair was restrained with her feet and hands. She listened as he spoke to her while he fixed her position, "She uses her body to make even the most mundane chores seem erotic, I would like you to learn that from her."

Bella was panting and whimpering softly her body trembling in the stretched arch. She remembered the girl, Nyx getting a drink for a Master at their lunch and how beautifully she moved, she had wanted to be able to do that, so she whispered, "Yes Master I would like that."

Mel Stroked her breast pinching and twisting at her nipple, "Here in this room, the only thing that matters is what I would like," his voice was dark. He pulled the nipple from her body clamping it tightly making her cry out almost toppling in the precarious arch she held. He repeated the process on the other side.

Bella was sobbing in pain and discomfort as his hand ran down her body to her wide open cunt. "Beautiful, just beautiful," he crooned as he began to finger fuck her, the fingers curling deeply inside her to drum on her G spot. He watched her carefully, her ragged breathing and the tell tale shaking of the muscles in her legs. He pulled on the chain slowly as he worked her cunt, "Tell me what you need my pain whore, tell me what you want," his voice was a low growl.

"I want to cum, Master," she sobbed breathlessly.

His fingers stopped working her, "beg me," he growled menacingly.

Bella was unable to move, unable to roll her hips to make the fingers move within her. Her cunt clenched at the maddeningly still fingers as she begged, "Please Master, Please I need it. I am a pain whore. Your pain whore, your slut, I am, and I need to cum please, Master." Her own words shocked her as much as she meant them in that moment, and the fingers came alive again.

Mel snarled, "Not yet, slut."

Bella howled her frustration and need, tendrils of pain and pleasure flowing equally between her tortured nipples and cunt her body shaking hard in the forced arch between the bonds that ensnared her. "Please Master, Please, she begged almost incoherently between cries as the clamps pulled harder on her nipples.

The clamps came free setting off a chain reaction in her body. She came hard squirting over his fingers the arch pulling at her painfully as she bucked and writhed within the bonds. He moved to her head watching her body strain against the restrains that bound her at his will and fed her his fingers. Once clean he undid her hair helping her to sit back on her heels as she trembled in his arms. Seeing her eyes roll he took the spreader away and undid the knee cuffs. Picking her up and holding her close he walk to her basket. He lay her down, stroking her hair, before undoing her feet and hands.

"Rest a little," he said, "but I am not done with you yet tonight."

Moving away from her he sought out the clothes he had removed earlier. He took them through a separate door to his apartment and threw them in a hamper before washing his hands and face. Moving out to the kitchen he picked up the tray he had ordered for their dinner and went back into her. Sitting in the chair beside her basket he called her to him, "Come, precious pet."

He watched her as she crawled from the basket to the space that he had pointed to beside his chair. Reaching out he stroked her cheek, "You must be hungry, yes?"

"I am more thirsty than hungry," she said.

Opening a bottle of still water, he placed a straw in and put it on the floor in front of her, "No hands or I will bind them."

Bella looked at him confused but leaned over low to sip from the straw. "Tonight, in here you are my pet, little slave. There will be nights where you will be my toy, my dancer, my whore or my baby doll, and you will learn what is expected in each role you undertake for me. While primarily you are a yourself, an amazingly masochistic slut whom I adore, each role brings with it it's own nuances and games, its own equipment, and it's pleasures for both of us."

He picked up a sushi roll and bit into it as he watched her closely almost seeing his words roll around inside her head. "Outside this room," he continued, "You will continue to be your sweet adorable self, obedient to me of course, but with a greater degree of independence."

Picking up a stainless steel dog bowl from the tray beside him, he slowly placed it on the floor in front of her. It had the word 'Fuckpuppy' I bold writing on its front side. Inexplicably she grinned at it as she surveyed the small sliced rounds of sushi it contained. Understanding the meaning of pet more so now, she bent her head to the bowl and sank her teeth into a roll before sitting up and drawing it into her mouth and chewing.

Mel was smiling as she sat up, "You truly make me so very happy." He reached out to pet her head as he spoke. They ate quietly each with their own thoughts comfortable in the silence that surrounded them. When she had finished she moved closer laying her head on his thigh, the soft leather caressing her cheek while he continued to eat.

"Bring me your plate," he said with a smirk that told her this was a test. She bent forward and gripped the edge of the bowl with small white teeth lifting it to him. Taking the bowl he leaned forward to kiss her lingeringly. "Back to your basket precious pet while I get rid of these."

She realised the basket, the litter box and the raised platform were all within a corner of the huge room, and she tried to remember what she had seen as she had crawled around the other areas of the room yesterday. She sat up in the basket trying to look around, but she would need to stand to see properly, and that was against the rules in here.

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