tagBDSMOwning the Birthday Girl

Owning the Birthday Girl


Sometimes when you wake up and realize ... this is my life ...you sort of smile. One of those days for me was March 24, 2009. I looked over at her sleeping form as she was softly breathing. I relaxed for a bit and caught a bit of laughter as it formed in my throat. I licked my lips and thought about what a nice birthday she was gonna have today. But now I had some preparations to make sure it was a special day for her.

"Wake up slave." A rough slap to the tight little ass stirred her from her slumber. She stretched and yawned as she looked at me with slightly sleepy eyes.

"Good Morning Master.. what smells so good." Her stomach growled uncontrollably as she smelled the food. The small dinner she had last night of a garden salad and a small steak had more than likely not sated her appetite.

"I made you a special birthday breakfast slave. I have some pancakes, bacon, eggs, fruit, granola, and some yogurt." She greedily eyed the pancakes and eggs. As I laid the tray in front of her.

"Why bacon you know how I am with pork products... I just can't eat them right now maybe later Sir." I watched her taste the pancakes and waited with a slightly innocent look on my face. She chewed for a bit and then laid the fork down with a bit of pancake still on it.

"Sir my pancakes taste a bit funny." I suppressed another grin as it tried to form over my face.

"Oh yeah I forgot to empty the pan out when I was frying the bacon. A bit of the grease is probably in the pancakes." She sighed a bit and pushed the pancaked to one side. I never understood her dislike of pork. But for once it was useful. I watched her nipples harden as she began to eat the egg white omelet, granola, and fruit. I pulled the comforter down a bit and rubbed a bare breast as she looked over at me and smiled. I heard the granola bar open as she dumped the pieces into bowl and covered them in the yogurt and fruit.

"Have to keep that energy level up slave girl. You have a busy day planned for today. " She began to eat the yogurt and fruit. It had been her usual breakfast for the past four weeks every day since I put her on her diet. I had already caught her complaining once and spanked her right at the breakfast table before she left for work. She had told me later how she had fidgeted all morning and finally had to stand through lunch to keep from wincing. She is so cute when she has a freshly spanked bottom. It's so hard for her to act like an independent modern woman when she has been punished like a little girl. I couldn't help myself as I pinched her ass as I recalled the thought.

"Ouch what was that for Sir?" She rubbed her ass and readjusted the G-string I had let her sleep in. I had already scooped up her tank top and tossed it into the hamper. I could see her looking around the room for it. Her nipple rings dangled off the ends of each hardened nipple. I sat down on the edge of the comforter as she laid beside me. I had adjusted it so it was sitting at waist level on her so she couldn't cover her chest.

"I was a little hot last night so I turned on the A/C a bit." A bit.. ha ha .. it was probably 60 degrees in the room. Also night is a bit questionable. ... is 6:30 am night? I had to take a real long hot shower before she had woken up. She greedily slurped away at the granola and tried to tease me a bit as she ate. Making sure to lick every drop of the white sticky cream off her spoon. She was doing a great job at it too. I felt myself getting hard as she sat there. She probably needs the calories anyway. I smiled as she finished licking the bowl clean.

"Mmmm you know babe.. your cute little display almost looked like you were trying to be a little cock tease. Is that what you were trying to do slave girl?" She looked like a deer in the head lights when I said that. She must have been unaware she was doing it. But in our house that accusation was an almost a punishable offense by itself. I felt her snuggle up closer as she rubbed the inside of my thigh.

"Well it is my birthday can't you let me off with just a warning this time Master." I had her. I stroked her hair and back and then back up again as I felt her hand reach for the top of my shorts and pull them down.

"I think you were just playing but I think you need to clean up your mess slave girl." I was already hard as she stroked me further. But I wanted to tease her a bit more and get her hopes up.

"Well slave since it is your birthday after you take care of your master. He will give you a nice shower and rub down." Her eyes lit up with a bit of hope mixed with lust as she stroked me and kissed my neck. Her head craned down and began to suck me softly. Her tongue slid up and down the shaft of my cock. She was trying to turn me on just enough so we would end up in the shower together. What a greedy pig she was and just because it was her birthday. I snickered under my breath and disguised it as a grunt as she licked my cock up and down. I grabbed her neck and pushed her head down a bit. She gagged and her tongue rolled over the tip of my cock. A breath escaped my lips as I slipped my cock out of her mouth and slapped her cheek with it.

"You want it slave girl." Once I got my slave going she would suck my cock until her jaw ached but this was a nice break for her and would prolong my pleasure. Besides it was only a few minutes after 9 A.M.

"Yes sir please let me suck your cock. I really love the feeling of your cock in my mouth. Please just let me suck you off. I really want your cock in my mouth." She was being a persuasive little slave girl this morning. She must be worried about her birthday present. I didn't allow my slave many luxuries that she didn't have to "earn".

"Yes you may slave." I slipped my cock back into her mouth.

"That a girl.. just a little bit more tongue slave." She eagerly took direction. She was a expert at sucking my cock, but I still loved giving her direction. I rubbed and stroked the side of her head. She started tickling my inner calf. She was trying to slow me down from filling her mouth with another dose of yogurt. I grabbed her pony tail and wrapped it around my fist and began to speed up her tempo. I was getting close but still not there. I kneaded her breast making sure to rub a already hardened nipple. I gently pulled the nipple ring as she began to moan. I felt the underside of her breast and traced it with just a finger tip. It distracted her enough to push her back into her normal tempo.

"Are you gonna be a good girl and swallow every drop of it slave." She nodded vigorously as she pumped my cock up and down. I finally felt a rise in my body as she coaxed the last bit of excitement from me/ I quickly pumped my cock into her mouth. I could almost hear a dejected sigh as she felt my cum slip past her lips. A satisfied gulp was the next sound she let out. I looked to see if she had missed any drops as she licked my cock clean and let it slip back out of her mouth. No such luck. I would have to remember to change my diet slightly to make it more liquid and add volume of course.

"Well Sir do you wanna go with me to the shower?" She casually stood in front of me and slipped the tiny bit of fabric past her thighs and let it slide around her ankles. She was a really tempting prize but I wanted to see if she would notice what else I had done before she got up. I heard the water turn on as it ran for a few seconds. I smiled and walked into the bathroom.

"COLD COLD!! " Her words echoed through the house. A slippery naked slave girl greeted my eyes as I turned the corner to the shower. I had left the hot water running just enough to keep maybe two gallons of hot water in the water heater. She was already soapy and lathered up as it had turned completely cold. I rubbed and stroked her ass from outside the shower.

"What's the problem hun?" I hesitated a bit but made sure to add just enough concern to my voice to make her think it was a complete accident.

"The damn water heater is out again I thought ... Sir this slave thinks the water heater needs to be serviced." She stood in front of me dripping onto the tile floor as she realized what she had done. I began to tap my foot.

"Slave what is rule number 5?" Her eyes got a dreamy look to them as she shifted from one foot to the other.

"A slave can not curse unless cursed at and only in private may she curse back. A slave must be a kind courteous lady in public and the house." I squeezed her ass hard and let a slap out.

"Ow sir." She rubbed her wet and cold hands over her equally wet and cold ass.

"Well slave why don't you get back in the shower and give me a nice show and I will think that I can forgot that bit of unladylike-like behavior. " I smiled and waited for it.

"But but.. sir I thought you were going to get in with me. I really needed ..ok Sir I will do it." She was doing the calculation in her head and more than likely thought she could manage to turn me on enough to hop in with her and that she could finish the rest of her birthday in the blissful peace of shopping, eating, and lovemaking that I had told her about yesterday.

She reached up and turned just the hot water on. A lot of good it would do her. I had also turned the temperature down on the water heater this morning. I smiled. She shuddered a bit as the wave of cold water slammed into her breasts, stomach, and thighs. It was chilling her to the bone. She continued to smile though as she slid her hands up down her body. She would occasionally turn around and rub her ass from behind. I loved her ass. So nice taut, firm, and shapely. I wanted so much to hop into the shower with her and push her against the shower wall and fuck her brains out. She must have seen it in my eyes. She slapped her ass with a heavy wet hand.

"OOO that hurt master. Can you kiss it and make it better please sir?" It was a rhetorical question as she pushed against the wall and wiggled her butt some more. If she kept this up I was gonna be in there.

"Slave that's enough .. rinse off, get out, get pretty, and get dressed." She frowned in a near child like fit of frustration. She probably thought she was never gonna get off today. I watched her slid the towel up and down her body and then between her legs. She smiled and winked as she did it. I could only think that she was trying awfully damn hard to get me.. well hard.

"I laid your clothes out on your dressing table. I will show you what your gonna wear tonight at dinner. So go ahead and just put on everything but the jeans and T-shirt." I had laid out a nice white lace bra and panty combination with a the matching garter belt and white stockings. I palmed the white box with the pink ribbon on it and laid it on the bed and waited. I licked my lips as I savored the after glow of all my efforts this morning, but this day was still young and I still had a slave to torment. I smiled again and slid my head down and then back up again as my slave came out of the bathroom.

"Mmmm maybe we should just stay in slave." Her stocking feet crept along the floor as I eyed her body up and down. The small white pair of panties was slid carefully up her thighs. The stockings were held up by the tight garter belt that sat around her waist. She adjusted the bra as her breasts heaved with every breath.

"So what am I gonna wear tonight Sir to my Birthday dinner?" She said it with just a mild bit of annoyance. I always had the pension for picking out something a bit too short, too revealing, too skimpy and of course too pink. She hated the color. I loved it. She wore it. She unwrapped the box careful to untie the bow. I wish I had a picture of her unwrapping the box in her underwear. I smiled.

"You know you look really cute doing that." I breathed in and out quickly.

"Doing what sir." A dull smile greeted me as she pulled the tissue paper out of the box.

"Nothing just a thought for Christmas and my birthday as well." I laughed a bit as she held the dress up.

"Its gorgeous sir." She held the slim white dress over her body and posed a bit with it. It would fit like a glove if I had done my measurements right and would be long enough to reach just above her knees.

"Try it on for me." I walked behind her and rubbed her chest from behind. She quickly slipped the dress on over her head and slid it down to her thighs. I carefully zipped the back up and rubbed her possessively.

"Its perfect Sir!" She practically beamed with pride as she turned around in the mirror trying to find a bad angle to it.

"I know I saw you eying it every-time we went past it last week. I just knew it would look perfect on my slave. Also I saw two other things that would be perfect with it. " I handed her the second box and she tore the box top off quickly and pulled the 2 inch heels out. They were slim stilettos but she could wear them. She smiled and slipped them on. She marched back and forth in it as she rubbed her ass smoothing out the material. She wrapped her arms around my neck and leapt into my arms as we briefly kissed.

"Happy Birthday slave." She looked drunk as I said it. Maybe she was re-evaluating my proposal about staying in bed all day.

"Now take it off." She stopped in her tracks.

"But I want to wear it out sir." I knew she did but I wanted to make sure this day had its full impact.

"But it needs to be washed they pulled it strait off the mannequin and I couldn't risk you seeing it in the wash. So strip slave." She reluctantly took it off and handed it to me.

"Be careful with it Sir." Oh I will slave.. I will. I smiled again as she turned and walked back to the bathroom the G-string framing each ass cheek as they flexed with each step. She knew she looked hot to me. It was only a matter of moments before she came out in the blue jeans and T shirt I had laid out. She grabbed for my arm and rubbed against me a little more as I grabbed my keys, wallet, and cell phone. The drive was rather uneventful as we drove past the blocks of shopping malls, houses, and restaurants.

It took us awhile but we finally arrived at Meadowbrook shopping mall. It was a rundown mall with a few boarded up stores but she liked a few of the stores in it. Also the movie theater was quiet and dark. I grinned a bit as I remembered her sucking me off as we watched The Breakup as Jennifer Anniston strutted through the apartment. But I also loved one other store.

We looked around a bit and finally went into one store to see if we could find her some carpi pants and a sweater. She grabbed the sweater and held it up.

"Its not big enough babe." I smoothed it out over her chest as she looked down.

"It is so... and I don't care what you say the pants will fit too." She grabbed them and headed off to the changing rooms. I followed in quick succession as I looked down the rows of partitions for her pink sneakers.

I saw them as her jeans slid down and off with her shoes quickly following. I walked closer and unlatched the door and heard her let out a small yelp of surprise.

"What are you doing in her Sir." I smiled as I rubbed her ass.

"I just wanted to make sure my slave looked right in these new clothes of hers" She threw her hands over her chest as I slid the pants up and slid my hands in with them.

"These are really good. I have plenty of room to put my hands in." I smiled as I began to rub. She slid her body into me as she relaxed. I rubbed her clit a little faster through her panties. I watched for her to bite her lip and begin to move her crotch into my hand. I heard her moan as I began to kiss her neck. I unzipped my pants and slid her pants down a few inches. She braced herself against the wall and pushed her ass into my crotch. I slid my cock into her pussy from behind and let a quick series of thrusts with my hips. She began to grind her hips into mine. I could see beeds of sweat drip down her back and forehead. I rubbed and massaged the underside of each breast as she stood there. I flicked my cock inside of her pussy.

She turned around as I slid out and then back into her. I pressed her back up against the wall and began to roughly kiss and lick her neck. I loved deserted malls especially ones with inattentive staff for this same reason. Bloomingdale's or Macy's we would have already been escorted out of by this point. I felt her tongue inside of my mouth as I caressed it with my own. Her stomach heaved into my waist. Her breath raced as I covered her mouth with my lips. I slipped my hands to her ass and pulled the G-string to one side as I slide a finger into her ass. She was really getting into the experience.

"You know the mirror maybe two way." She instantly tensed up. I laughed inside of my head as I withdrew my cock and zipped back up. I slapped her ass as she hurriedly pulled her pants and panties up.

"Well back to business." My business was keeping her horny and frustrated. I reached down and grabbed the sweater. I tried to slip it over her chest but her nipples made it extremely hard.

"I told you it wouldn't fit slave but lets keep the pants." I smiled as I grabbed the sweater and walked out. I could hear a muffled scream as I left the dressing room area.

Throughout the morning as we shopped. I kept grabbing my phone as the preset alarm went off at different intervals with various ring tones. I pretended to take each call as I handed her the bags. The amount of bags grew as the morning went on. I was working on my home theater system and I thought a little splurge on me wasn't all that bad.

"Don't drop my receiver babe." She glared at me as she tried to manage her clothing purchases and my two boxes of cables and equipment. After the third time answering my phone she finally stopped handing the bags and boxes back to me. It was funny to watch this cute little girl handle all these packages. I just imagined her at Christmas time wearing nothing but a red thong handing me my packages from underneath the tree. I licked my lips and began my favorite game with her.

I slid back behind her. I usually did this at least once when we were walking. Just so I could admire her ass in a tight pair of jeans. She would either slow down or pick up pace to try and get me to stand nearer to her. It really made her feel self conscious about her ass, but what do I care. I could see the white thong from the back of her pants and I tugged at the straps as we walked through the mall. Making sure they were visible.

"Babe you know I hate when you do that. " I slapped her ass in full view of a pack of teenage boys and I heard them snicker a bit as she turned red all over.

"Can't we just go have lunch. I am starving." She mumbled it and slurred the last bit of her words as we walked further down the mall. I could hear one of the teenage boys whistle at her as we walked toward the car to drop off the packages she had bought.

Most of the time I would let her get something at the food court that was a bit more risqué for her diet ,but today was special.

"She will have the fresh garden salad, grilled chicken, light cheese, and light dressing on the side. .. No croûtons as well. I will have the Number three with no lettuce or beans, and make my taco crunchy." I smiled at her as we sat down.

"Babe don't worry I am just letting you save room for Dinner tonight we can go anywhere you want. Now eat up your salad is getting.. warm." I ate the three tacos and my nachos as she looked on. She quietly drank from her bottle of water as I slurped on the bottle of soda. I slid over closer to her and rubbed her back as she curled up next to me. She was so cute as she grabbed onto my arm and rubbed her hand on my stomach.

"Comfy?" She just nodded her up and down vigorously.

"Tired?" She again nodded but added a yawn at the end and a stretch.

"A good birthday so far?" She nodded vigorously up and down. I was a bit surprised by the last one. Almost asking why before she reached her other hand under my arm.

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