tagErotic CouplingsOyster Creek Ch. 06

Oyster Creek Ch. 06


Daniel climbed out of the cab and tipped the driver, turning to stare at the impressive building before him. It was the town hall, bedecked in white marble statues and ornate glasswork that leant it an air he was not quite sure it deserved. Town hall or not, Oyster Creek was not particularly big. He wondered if public taxes had bought those rather extravagant furnishings and laughed to himself at the thought that the public services might be just as dubious on occasion here as back home in England.

Still, he was not here to stare at the building, interesting or not. He was here to visit the public archives and hope they had a copy of the Birch family tree. Failing that he would spend the day looking through the birth and death registers and trawling through old newspapers. He needed to find the answer when it came to that old will, whatever the answer might be.

The records office was located down a side street, towards the back of the town hall building. A small door with 'Records Office' printed on the glass stood lonely on the wall, the opposite side of the street equally bare. Clearly this was not a particularly well-frequented street.

He moved towards it, noticing with relief the "open" sign that hung on the other side, and reached for the handle. He felt it turn but the door did not budge. Trying again, he felt a flare of embarrassment. The door seemed unwilling to open.

He tried a third time, putting some weight behind his push. The door popped open with a judder and he found himself stumbling into the room with a rush of cold wind. A woman sat behind the reception desk looked up at him with a mixture of amusement and concern.

"Can I help you?" she said with a smirk as he pushed shut the door. Clearly he was not the first person she had seen struggling with the lock.

Daniel laughed as he turned back to her. "Yes, I suppose you can. Sorry about my entrance."

"It's the same for everyone. It's a dodgy lock. I've been using it for three years and sometimes still struggle. Town council won't pay for a new one when they can spend the money on another fucking statue."

She glanced at Daniel, then looked abashed. "Sorry, you don't care about my concerns with locks or councils." She laughed sweetly. "How can I help?"

He truly noticed her then. Her straight blonde hair was loose over her shoulders and she wore a pair of very attractive black glasses that suited her perfectly. A black jacket sat on top of a white blouse and Daniel could see even through the layers of garments that her breasts were clearly quite large. He guessed she was likely in her early-thirties, and she looked wonderful.

He cleared his throat then, realising it had taken him a moment or two longer than usual to answer her. "I need to look back at the history of a family here in Oyster Creek. Do you have anything like that?"

This time it was her turn to pause a moment before answering, and Daniel was not sure whether that same appraising look was in her eyes. He was fairly certain it was and he laughed silently to himself. The women in this town were quite outstanding.

At last she spoke, seeming to shake herself free from the same reverie within which had moments before been firmly entrenched. "How far back do you need to look?"

Daniel grimaced. "About fifty, sixty years or so. Hopefully that won't take very long, but I honestly don't know."

"Well, you'll have to put up with my company, I'm afraid. I'm on shift today."

"I think I can cope with that," Daniel laughed.

She grinned. "I'm glad. My name's Rebecca if you need my attention."

"Daniel, although most people call me Dan. Pleased to meet you."

She reached up to slide her jacket from her arms then, and Daniel could have sworn that she deliberately pushed her chest out as she did so, as if to highlight her large breasts. More than she needed to, at any rate, and the fact that she didn't break eye contact further evidenced that idea.

Surely she's not...?

Daniel shook his head and glanced away. It would do no good to go around thinking like that - a quick glance at an attractive woman was fine in his mind, but unless she made the first move he decided to stay well clear. As it should be.

Rebecca stood then, strolling over to him. She wore a black pinstriped pencil skirt that hugged her hips and long legs tightly, ending just after her knees, and black heels that lifted her feet a couple of inches or so off the ground. The loud clack of her steps on the wooden floor amused him slightly.

"Do you know where to look?"

He shook his head with a smile. "Not really. Where would the documents be?"

"Well, what is it you're after?"

"Birth, marriage and death certificates."

"All one family?"

"I hope so."

"You'll be best off looking at the family trees then. We had a drive a few years back; every family who had lived in Oyster Creek for more than two generations was given a tax rebate to let us store their family tree. To preserve our history, I suppose."

"Very noble."

He must have looked surprised, because she laughed. "Well, unlike you guys over the ocean we've only got a few hundred years. Can't afford to lose any of it."

She paused then, and looked at him a moment. Daniel returned the stare, still unsure as to whether there was an undercurrent there. He was beginning to think that it wasn't just his imagination. Abruptly, she smiled and looked away.

"This way." She motioned him to the other side of the room. There, she yanked open a drawer, and ran her fingers through the files before slightly nodding her head. "Yup, this is them. There's more in the two drawers below, too, depending on the surname."

"Thanks," Daniel said, stepping forwards and leafing through the folders to find 'Birch'.

"If you need to take the files out," she started, reaching around him, "you need to unhook them like this."

She passed her right arm beneath his, reaching to grab one of the files. Her left hand moved to his waist, ostensibly for support, and she grasped the nearest folder. The main thing Daniel noticed, however, and something there was simply no chance Rebecca could have done by accident, was the way she pressed her large breasts against his back. He raised his eyebrows in surprise, but as she was beside him she could not see his expression, and within a few moments she had taken the folder and replaced it.

"Easy when you know how," she said, stepping away as if nothing had happened. He smiled at her, and she winked at him before returning to her desk. Winked!

He shook his head, and tried to set his attention on the drawer of files. He had research to do.


Daniel replaced the file in its folder. He had found the Birch family tree, and his mind was still racing. Jenny and Lucy Birch were direct descendants of Susan and Mark Birch. So they really do own the store. What does this mean for my future? I'm not going to be able to go home if I give the store away! He paused there a moment, lost in his own thoughts, before he realised that Rebecca was talking to him.

"Everything alright?" she asked, staring up from her work.

He gave his head a quick shake to clear his mind, replaced the folder, then turned to her with a smile. "It's fine. Just doing some research."

"Ah, I won't pry too much then. Family history?"

"To a certain extent," Daniel replied with a laugh.

"So are you from around here? You're clearly not American, if you don't mind my saying so."

Daniel nodded. "My great-grandfather was, yes. The rest of my family are as British as British gets, though. A mixture of English and Scottish, with some Welsh thrown in for good measure. And you?"

"I'm American through and through, baby," she laughed. "My family are from Jacksonville originally, but we've been here in Oregon for three generations now."

"It's very nice around here. I think I'm growing to like it."

"Well, I'm pleased to hear that. We're a very welcoming bunch."

"Yes, that's something I've... discovered." It was a loaded statement, and Rebecca seemed to pick up on it. She looked at him with a quizzical smile.

"You came here with your partner?"

"No, no. I was sent here by my work. I'm single."

At the mention of the word 'single', Rebecca's smile seemed to widen. Daniel continued. "And you?"

"Recently divorced."

Daniel's eyebrows lifted. "Really? Sorry to hear that."

She raised her hand dismissively, and shrugged. "Don't be, it's fine. I'm over it."

"Well that's something, at least."

"Yeh, though I wouldn't have been three months ago." She shook her head with a rueful laugh. "I have to admit, it hit me hard. He left me for another woman. My son took it even worse, though."

"How old is he?"

"Nine years. He's my pride and joy."

"And how is he now?"

"Much better," Rebecca nodded. "We don't really see his father anymore. He calls around sometimes with his new girlfriend, but doesn't stay long."

"That must be hard for you."

"Not as much as you'd think. I don't really care about him anymore. He left me; I'm done. I hope he's happy with the decision he made. I know I am now."

Daniel smiled at her. "Well it sounds like you're moving on, which is always good. Not just for you -" he motioned towards her "- but also for your son."

She nodded. "Exactly, exactly. Sometimes I feel a bit lonely, but, y'know, what can you do?" She shrugged again.

"You'll find someone. I'd be shocked if you didn't." A grin spread across his face. "Tell you what, Rebecca, if you're still single in a year I'll fly you over to London with me and introduce you to all my charming friends."

"A tempting offer!" She laughed at that, then ran the fingers of her left hand through her hair before continuing. "It's not so much the lack of friendly company that gets to me - my son provides me with more than enough distractions in that regard." She stared at Daniel a moment, then licked her lips and glanced away. "It was the... other perks of marriage that I miss. Ones I'm not sure I can go without much longer."

"Oh?" Daniel looked back at her, familiar feelings stirring in his mind. "And what would those be?"

"I think you can probably guess," she said with something approaching a mischievous grin, looking back at him and meeting his gaze.

"Well, maybe we can address that sometime. Would you like to go out for a drink tonight?"

She shook her head. "I'm afraid I can't. My son has soccer practice, and I help coach it."

"Then how about tomorrow?"

"I don't think that would work," she said, though she never dropped her gaze. "It's a little too soon for my son to see me dating again."

"Fair enough," Daniel said sadly, with a rueful smile. He really thought the conversation was going in a good direction. "Well, I'm done here I suppose. It was lovely meeting you, Rebecca." He turned to the door, and laughed. "Could you help me with this lock again?"

She stood, walking over to the door, and Daniel watched as she took hold of the bolt.

"I said it was too soon for me to go on a date with you..." she said, as she slid shut the deadbolt. "... and that I wasn't ready for anything that might evolve from it..." She flipped the sign to 'closed' and threw down the blinds. "... but that doesn't mean I don't want you to fuck my brains out on my desk."

Daniel's eyes opened wide, and his jaw dropped. "I'm sorry?!"

"You heard me," Rebecca said smoothly, reaching out and grasping the front of his t-shirt. "If you want, I can unlock the door..."

"Not a chance," Daniel growled, stepping forward and wrapping his arms around her. He pushed his lips against hers, and she responded in kind, their tongues jostling as they kissed passionately. He reached up, running his fingers through her straight blonde hair, and she placed her other palm on his back.

They remained that way a moment, before the fist that gripped the front of his t-shirt relaxed, the hand instead creeping lower until it was massaging Daniel's cock through the front of his jeans. He groaned.

"It's been too long," she whispered, running her fingers along his hardness, tracing its outline.

Daniel grinned. "I hope I can help." He moved his hands, reaching for the buttons on her blouse, and Rebecca continued to stroke his cock through his jeans as he slowly undid her shirt and pulled it from the waistband of her black skirt. Eventually it hung open, her white lacy bra revealed, and his hands were on her large breasts instantly. He squeezed them through the soft material, and she moaned, looking at him lustfully as he let go to slide the blouse from her shoulders.

He did so, and she lowered her arms to let the shirt fall to the floor, his lips already kissing the crook of her now-exposed neck. Her warm skin felt wonderful beneath his mouth, and he ran his lips to the base of her ear, over which he allowed his tongue to play. She wrapped her arms around the back of his head, moaning at the feeling of his kiss, and Daniel grinned as his teeth grazed the lobe. His own palms were pressed against her lower back, her body heat flowing through his fingertips.

At the same time her hands grabbed his t-shirt once more, this time yanking it upwards in an effort to see it removed. Daniel did not want to disappoint the eager archivist, and stepped backwards to allow her to pull it over his head. She tossed it carelessly across the room before running her hands down his firm chest with an appreciative murmur.

They did not stop when they reached his stomach, either, almost immediately grasping his belt and beginning to unhook the buckle. Daniel did not prevent her, allowing the lovely blonde to yank free the leather strap and tug his jeans open. He pushed them down as she licked her lips, her quick, shallow breathing revealing her intense anticipation of events to come. Reaching his ankles, he pulled off his trainers (sorry, sneakers) and tossed them aside, before sliding the jeans from his legs.

Rebecca was staring at him hungrily and he grinned at the lustful expression she wore. She pursed her lips mischievously, raising an eyebrow.

"What?" she whispered, once more tracing the outline of his hard cock, this time his cotton boxers proving the only barrier.

"As if you don't know," he laughed back, stepping close and wrapping his right arm around the stunning archivist. He stepped forwards, guiding her backwards until her ass thumped against her desk, but before she could yelp he had pressed his lips against hers. She drove her tongue into his mouth, their kiss burning with pure passion, and with his left hand he reached for the zip to her skirt. He found it easily, and Rebecca did not protest as he slid it open between his fingers. It dropped to the floor, and she nimbly stepped from it, now joining him in wearing only her underwear.

Daniel sought to address that, and he kissed the crook of her neck once more as his hands slid to the clasp of her bra. With a grin Daniel hooked the bra open, and Rebecca giggled at his murmur of delight, the straps on her shoulders falling loose as he pulled the white lace from her chest. Her large breasts spilled free into his waiting hands, and he kissed from her neck to the wonderful mounds. They filled his hands perfectly, and he could not resist flicking his tongue across the sensitive nipples of the blonde archivist.

She moaned at the feeling, pulling his head closer into her breasts, and Daniel did not mind. He licked and kissed for a minute or so before slowly raising his head and staring into Rebecca's bright blue eyes. They radiated pure desire, and he kissed her again, this time lowering her down onto the desk itself. She reached behind her to place her palms flat on the wooden surface, sweeping the papers and stationary that lay in her way onto the floor without a second thought.

He laughed, and she pulled her face away with a grin. "I've always wanted to do that," she said, glancing down Daniel's body to his hard cock, which made a tent in his boxer shorts. "Besides, I can do better things on this desk than work."

"So can I," he murmured in response, leaning forwards to plant his lips on her stomach, his tongue peeking between them to leave a wet trail as he moved towards her legs. At the same time, his fingers hooked underneath Rebecca's white knickers, and she slightly lifted her ass to better allow him to slide them from her body. His lips followed the underwear across her slender limbs before he dropped the lacey briefs deftly to the floor. Then, with his eyes burning with passion, he pushed apart his lover's legs to expose her glistening pussy.

Never breaking eye contact with Rebecca he leaned forwards, delicately planting kisses on her inner thighs. He could hear her quickened breath and see the trembling anticipation in her muscles as she awaited his mouth, and each contact of his lips on her skin brought forth a quick, quiet moan. He moved, humming a low note as he gently spread her pussy wide and almost-lazily engulfed it with his tongue, before slowly - ever so slowly - licking upwards.

"My God..." Rebecca moaned loudly at the feeling, reaching out to grasp his head with her left hand. Her right clenched and unclenched. "My God..."

He repeated the motion with another hummed note, staring up at the gorgeous blonde as the corners of his lips twisted into a grin. He chuckled into her snatch at the rapturous noises his tongue brought forth.

Carefully he explored the entirety of her pussy, the flat of his tongue washing over her lips, her clit, her entrance. He kissed and licked and gently sucked, delighting in the noises that Rebecca made, and slowly the pressure grew. The attentions of his tongue became more focused; less frequently did he kiss the whole of her snatch, his tongue instead beginning to draw circles around his lover's clit.

"That's so... good..." the blonde archivist moaned again, and she stared down at him hungrily, every so often throwing her head back and staring up blankly at the ceiling with pleasure. Daniel's gentle circles were more rapid now, and he felt her breathing quicken accordingly. Her stomach and thigh muscles tensed, and he could hear from the desperate pants that issued from her lungs that she was not far away from coming.

"Don't stop..." she cried. "Don't you dare stop."

He grinned up at her, moaning into her pussy, his tongue racing over her most sensitive areas. Her face twisted, her eyes shutting, and he could see the strength with which she grasped the table.

The trembling started in her stomach, spreading quickly into her thighs as they shook over his shoulders. Her pussy twitched, and Rebecca threw her head back with a scream, her blue eyes glazed as the orgasm Daniel had so expertly constructed flooded through her. She twitched, sobs of ecstasy pulled forth from her lungs, and Daniel slowed the movements of his tongue to let her enjoy the moment.

Eventually, she slumped down onto the desk, breathing heavily, and Daniel slowly stood. He smiled wickedly at her, his cock throbbing as she emerged from her orgasmic daze, and the ardent glint returned to her eyes. Clearly, her desire had not abated with her orgasm. As she pushed herself into a sitting position, her arms stretched out behind her, Daniel slid his boxers down his legs.

Rebecca sighed as his cock sprang free, and her blue eyes glinted with anticipation. As Daniel threw his underwear carelessly to one side, he stepped towards her, running one finger across the side of her body. He grasped her left breast, feeling the wonderful mound beneath his palm, and she moaned at the attentions of his fingertips. He, too, enjoyed the feel of her chest beneath his hand, and he leant down to crush his lips against hers. She returned the kiss, no longer using her arms to prop herself up and instead wrapping them around Daniel's neck, hugging him closely as she drove her tongue into his mouth.

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