tagGroup SexOzark Afternoon Ch. 02

Ozark Afternoon Ch. 02


(See Ozark Morning)

Prior to moving to the Ozarks, I guess, long ago, I had thought of Ozark girls as being dressed in Daisy Dukes, barefoot and pregnant. Not that a girl could wear Daisy Dukes while pregnant. Actually, I thought more in terms of the outfit worn by Lil Dudette, the sex symbol of the Phoenix Rodeo. Of course, Lil Dudette wore cowboy (cowgirl/) boots with her rolled up blue denim shorts. She was a cutie. That picture had passed long ago and my first real contact with an Ozark country girl was a neighbor named Tina. She was mostly naked when I saw her, covered with only a tee-shirt on a cool morning.

That was a couple of days ago and I had intended some way to get back with her. However, I had run into a couple of problems and was away from my little farm for two days. That first encounter had been on a Tuesday and my next experience with the Ozark woman was on Friday. Then it was Ozark women; two more of them.

The morning had been spent cutting and splitting wood for my wood burner. I cut it in the woods in the back of my land and haul it to the wood burner in the front end loader on my tractor. It wasn't cold but that was the way I heated my water. It fact it was a little too warm. Since I love to go naked and my burner, while not out of view of the road, sits quite a ways back from the road. I figured the cars and trucks ripping past would never pay any attention. So I dropped my denim cut off shorts and pulled my tee-shirt over my head. That was all I was wearing except my boots.

Within a few minutes, an older car went by and as is customary in these hills, the driver stuck an arm out of the window and waved. Actually, the custom is to wave with the arm inside, or sometimes just point the index finger up from the steering wheel, but some get a little more demonstrative. The road out of here is enough of an incline that the older cars have to labor a bit. This time I heard the laboring slow and end. Then I heard the engine again and recognized the transmission working at a rapid reverse. The car came back into view and I tried to ignore it. I knew that old car wasn't a police car but wondered what I was in for. My whole yard is a driveway because I run all over it with the truck and the tractor as I have need. That old car pulled into the entrance of the driveway and drove right up to where I was standing. I slowly turned around.

A guy I had never seen was leaning on one arm out the window. They usually drive with the left armpit on the window opening. They have a lot of funny driving habits here. They don't use turn signals and ignore those who do. If you see a turn signal flashing on a car with a Missouri tag on it, you know it was that way when he bought the car. He had a slight smile on his face and said, "If my wife comes by and sees you like that you'll be sorry. She'll be down here all the time pestering you for sex."

I laughed and replied, "C'mon now. I'm old and not exactly what the girls are looking for. You don't look too concerned, so I assume you are just making a joke."

"I'm not concerned. We have an agreement. She can screw whoever she wants and I can screw whoever I want. We even con other couples into joint fun. We only have to con them once and then they become converts. I'll show you. I'm going to call her on my cell and tell her what I saw. You will probably have company in, oh, let's say less than six minutes. Stay out here, okay?"

"I have quite a bit of wood to stack so it will take some time. I'm going to mow the yard too. What will she be driving, so I know who she is?"

"She drives an old, red F-150. Her name is Katy."

"I won't hold my breath," I said. He backed up and drove away.

I went on working but my mind was somewhere else. It was down on the road and wondering if the guy was serious. He wasn't familiar and I didn't remember the car so I wasn't sure he wasn't just passing by. He probably didn't live as close as he indicated.

Very soon I heard another vehicle. This one went by honking and waving but not stopping. "Everybody must look this way when they go by", I thought. I was usually aware of traffic and didn't remember this much. Sometimes I was other places on the property about lunch time so maybe I just hadn't been all that alert. Did all these people go home for lunch?

The sound of another car came to my ears. This one was coming along slowly. I guessed Katy.

I guessed wrong. This was an SUV and it turned into my entrance like it had intended to all along. There were two women in it. They weren't clear because of reflections from the trees but I could tell they were women. This vehicle also drove right up to where I was working. I kind of wished I had put my shorts back on so I could finish my chores.

"Hi, Roger," the driver called. This must be somebody I know. That could be good or bad. Both doors opened and out stepped two women. One was mid twenties and the other about fifty or so. The fifty year old was the one who had called my name. I didn't know her.

"I'm Tina's mother, Maggie," she continued. "She and Garrison told me about your visit and I have been dying to meet you every since. This is my younger daughter, Liz."

"Hi," I said. "Sorry I'm not dressed. Somehow, I don't think you care. Did Tina send you?"

"Actually, no. She said you gave her a rain check on fucking and she intended to be first later on. Garrison told us. He couldn't keep his mouth shut. Mouthing off is his second favorite thing to do," said Maggie.

"What's his favorite?"

"You saw it," said Maggie. "He likes to play with that little thing of his while looking at the girls the thinks are his daughters."

"Thinks?", I asked.

"Yes," said Maggie. "They are half sisters and neither half is his. If he knew they weren't his, he would be after them all the time. As it is, he complains that they fool with each other in front of him and he says that's incest. He couldn't get a mouse pregnant with that little thing of his."

Liz added, "He would try if he could catch one."

"Anyway, we beat Tina to it, I hope," said Maggie.

"I don't know," I said, "I have to get all this wood stacked so I can cover it with a tarp. It might rain tonight."

"Were you going to mow the lawn too?", Liz asked.

"It needs to be done," I said. "You are tempting me to be a slacker."

"We'll help," volunteered Liz. "Mom can help you with the wood and I'll mow the grass. How do you start this thing?"

"If you insist," I said. "Let me start it for you. You have to hold this small bar against the big bar for it to run. That's designed to keep morons from hurting themselves. Not that they don't find a way." I pulled the cord and my easy start mower kicked on.

"Okay, here I go," said Liz. "Oh, wait. Hold it a second for me." I didn't let go. She pulled her shirt over her head. Then she unbuttoned the top two buttons on her jeans skirt and pushed it off her hips. No bra. No panties. She was naked.

"I'm going to do the front." She was quickly gone.

"Hey, that doesn't seem like a good idea to me," I called after her. She didn't seem to hear. "People are going to see her."

Maggie said, "Don't worry about it. This is a pretty close community our here in the country. Anybody who has wanted to, has probably seen her naked anyway. Folks go skinny dipping down at the river and so there are no secrets. Everybody will know you are here in a few days anyway and whoever sees our vehicle here will know what we are up to."

Just as she was saying that a red, Ford pickup turned in the entry to my place. I knew it had to be Katy. I had forgotten about her. She drove up behind the SUV and leaned out.

"Looks like I got here late," she said. She looked like she had come ready. I couldn't see any clothing above the window opening in the pickup. I walked over to the passenger side which was closest to me. I looked in and to my surprise, she was wearing only a pair of shorts. She had great breasts and the legs didn't look bad either.

She put the truck in reverse and said, "I'll be back later." She started backing out and I stepped back. She turned around and drove away.

"Do you know her?" I asked.

"Yep, she'll be back. Don't worry about it. Let's finish stacking this wood and find something better to do."

We got the rest of the wood stacked and I suggested we go to the arbor where I had some outdoor furniture. We went there and I sat down on the settee. Maggie stripped off her shorts and shirt and bra. She needed that bra. Liz had taken off so quickly I had only seen that she had a nicely rounded ass. She was fairly thin but her legs were well shaped. I'm really a leg man and that is the first thing I evaluate on any woman I see. Maggie's legs were the legs of a fiftyish woman but a little better than most. She was a little on the hairy side around the pussy but it was obvious that some trimming and tidying up had been done. Her lips were visible and I guessed that she was also showing off to keep Garrison horny.

The arbor is like a tent only with nylon screening to keep the bugs out. The animals attacking flying bugs had torn the screening so I had cut it out and kept only the top on the frame. The floor is grass. Maggie got on her knees, took my dick and started giving it the treatment. She paused a moment, lifted her head slightly and said, "These kids don't know how to do this without exhausting the resource." It didn't take me long to figure out what she meant. She was gentle as she licked, sucked, stoked and teased my cock. I think it was probably the best blow job I ever had. I came with great feeling that left me satisfied but also left me a little bit hard. I filled her throat and she sat back with a smile. She seemed very satisfied with herself. As she worked on me I had been aware of horns honking and some yelling going on. Liz was no doubt attracting a lot of attention.

Maggie had heard it too. "Liz is probably getting off on all that attention. Now I need some attention. She lay back and I got to my knees before her. I thought of eating her out but the hair, while trimmed, left me a bit hesitant. While I was trying to decide, in a split second, she indicated she wanted my cock in her. I leaned forward and she brought her knees up, legs apart and showed me my target. I pushed into her easily as she was very wet. I stroked slowly at first and then faster. We soon got into a rhythm together and after a few minutes, just as I was feeling another orgasm coming, she came. I didn't. I was about to follow her when I saw out of the corner of my eye, Liz, and Tina. That stopped me.

Tina was trying to act angry but not doing a very good job of it. She was probably used to sharing with her mother and sister. I was still hard and she was looking at my erection. Then in a voice that indicated maybe she was pissed, she said, "Get up on that cot, on your back." I had a rot iron framed cot in the arbor that I had used for camping. I did as I was told.

"How come you cheated on me?" she asked.


"I was supposed to get to fuck you first," she said.

I said, "You never said 'dibs'".

We all laughed.

Then she straddled the cot and me and lowered herself on my erection. She also was wearing a jeans skirt and with no panties, all she had to do was lift the hem. She started bouncing up and down. I immediately had one thought. "Why didn't I pee before I began this?" I have found that although it seems like I really need to piss badly, something can distract me and some time later I will remember that I never did go. Now I really got distracted.

Not only was Tina acting to plunge my dick into her pussy, but Liz, apparently not yet satisfied, announced she wanted to sit on my face. She did. She lowered her pussy over my mouth and I began to lick her pussy and flick at her clit. I could tell by her breathing and actions that she wasn't going to last long. I reached up, pulled the hood from her clit and applied direct action to the little pink bud. She came almost immediately and I almost did also. She got off my face and collapsed on the grass.

Tina must have felt me getting close and warned, "Don't you come until I do."

"Hurry up," I said, "I can't hold on much longer."

"You better," she said. "You owe me."

I looked at her and groaned.

Then Maggie came to my rescue. She straddled me and the cot behind Tina, reached around her daughter and started to massage her clit. She also pulled the hood back and put her efforts right on Tina's tiny, glowing clit head. That shot got it.

Tina moaned out, "Okay, I'm cumming"

I said, "I'm right with you."

We both orgasmed together. I could feel the increased heat from her pussy on my dick as I shot streams of hot cum up her chute. We both verbally moaned our pleasure. Tina collapsed on me then and kissed me on the mouth.

"That was worth the wait," she breathed to me.

"Am I forgiven?" I asked.

"For now you are," she said as she slid off my body. My limp dick had already slipped out of her.

Maggie had dressed and said they had to go. Tina pulled her skirt back into place and joined her mother. Liz stayed naked and told the others she was ready. Each then kissed me good bye and we walked out to their vehicles.

Liz said, "I'm going to go to your house, Mom, and masturbate in front of Daddy so I don't need to get dressed." They all laughed.

"That's one of our little games," Maggie said.

Then Liz said, "I'll be over after I get off work tomorrow, Roger. Your house needs some cleaning and I'm going to do it . . . and maybe something else."

They got into their vehicles and drove away. I went to take a much needed nap.

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