tagIncest/TabooP Is For Power: Completion

P Is For Power: Completion

byXO Magick©

All readers, writers and characters are over 18 years of age and under 180!

* * * * * *

As I entered my family home after my first year at med school, I heard an ear-piercing shriek. It sounded like my sister and it was coming from the kitchen. I ran to her. What could be wrong? I could feel the blood pounding in my ears. As I came round the corner and entered our large expensive kitchen, I spied her on the floor in tears. She was holding her arm, against her large breasts, with tears running down her face. All she had on was a very thin and tight white tee shirt and her panties. That was not too unusual in our house.

"Kathy, what happened?"

She looked at me and rocked back and forth on her ass. My arm she cried. I held it and looked it over. It did not look broken but it had a nasty looking red welt forming a hand width up from her wrist on the pinky side. "What did you do?" I asked again.

"The pain!" she cried.

In my first year of collage, I had taken a course in hypnosis. It was mostly about how to use it on pain but I had found it to have other uses as well.

"Kathy, listen to me very carefully. I want you to look at my finger. Stare at it with all your will power!"

"Why? What are you doing?" she said holding her arm, a look of shock in her eyes.

"I'm going to make all the pain disappear."

"OK," she said as she stared at my finger.

"As my finger gets closer and closer to your head your eyes will get more and more tired."

I slowly brought my finger in way above her head using the other hand to keep her from tipping her head back. As my finger got closer, her eyelids began to flutter from the strain of looking up.

"You feel your eyes getting heavy, your eyes want to close," I said as my finger came in.

"When my finger touches your head I want you to close your eyes, your body will relax," I chanted.

I touched her head and her eyes closed, her body going limp against my body.

"Follow your breath deeper and deeper, total relaxation."

Her body relaxed and her heaving chest began to slow down.

"Novocain is flowing in the veins of your hurt arm but it only effects the hurt part. All you feel from the injury is a slight tingle. Do you understand?"

She moved her head very slightly, yes. This was the deepest trance I had ever seen. I decided that it was payback time for all those years of being a little brother.

"From now on, whenever I say trance, you will fall into the deepest trance you have ever been in, you will have to do exactly as I say. Do you understand me?"

Again, the little head nod.

"Ok, very good. Now I will count to three and you will be wide awake with no recall of this trance but your arm will feel much better. 1... 2... 3..., now you're awake!"

She sat up and looked at me. "What happened?" she asked.

"I hypnotized you to take away your pain. How does your arm feel?" I asked.

She looked at her arm and said, "It feels a bit numb is all, wow thanks it was killing me a second ago. I owe you!"

"No problem, I'm sure you will find something to do, to pay me back. What did you do to it?"

"I slipped on some water and hit it on the counter as I fell. It was the most painful thing ever!" she said.

""I'm going upstairs to change. Hope your arm recovers soon." I said.

As I left the kitchen, I passed through the den and saw the camcorder. Wow, I thought, I know just how I will get her back for all those years of torment. I grabbed the camcorder and headed upstairs.

After a few minutes, I heard my sister going into her room at the end of the hall by the bathroom. I walked down there with the camcorder behind my back and into her room. She was sitting on her bed cross-legged looking at a magazine.

"What do you want?" she said with her usual lack of charm.

"I just wanted to check and see how your trance was holding." At the word trance she slumped, it was perfect.

"Kathy sister, Go back to the last time you jacked off, I want you to relive it, showing all the feelings with your voice and body, only the feeling will be ten times stronger."

She reached down with both hands and pulled off her little pink underwear and then ran her hands up her flat belly and then higher taking her little white shirt off with it.

I was taping it all.

She ran her hands back down between her thighs, deeply rubbing her mound with the flat of her hand.

I moved in for a close up. I could see the curly dark red hairs one by one as her hand worked her lips. I could see the inner lips starting to poke out as the whole mound swelled up.

My sister had a nice body, I had never really thought about it before but she was toned with a nice tan and very nice tits. As she rubbed more, I could see the moisture starting to build. Her actions were getting more desperate. Suddenly she took her middle finger and ran it up her crack using the other fingers to spread herself open.

I could not believe it. My older sister totally in my power, fingering herself as I taped it. It was a rush and I was starting to get hard watching it. This was my sister but there's no lying to yourself about a ten inch boner stick up under your pants.

Spreading her legs farther, rubbing her finger up and down the shiny slick inner lips, her hips started to jump every time her middle finger glazed her little button. A low moan was coming with every breath, her rhythm picking up.

I could not stand watching this anymore. I needed some action. I walked over to the dresser being sure to keep her in the shot. The dresser was in just the right place to keep a good view of her quim. I used a few books to prop it up at just the right angle and walked to the other side of the shot, out of view.

My cock was hot and I needed to feel something on it. I unzipped my pants and pulled them down along with my tighty whitys as my sister called them. My big cock sprang forth and I wrapped my fist around it. Oh, my god I was hot and it felt so good to feel my hand sliding up and down the stiff shaft of my cock. I looked down and was amazed to see how big it was with the veins standing out and the head turning into a mushroom. It was so hard it hurt.

My sister moaned very loudly and I looked up. Her finger was a blur and her other one was knuck deep in her hole pumping like mad. I stood watching her my hand pumping up and down, my mind soaked in lust. I had a thought, why should I do this when I could make her do it.

"Stop," I commanded just as she was going stiff and shaking with a moan.

She stopped. I think just in time to stop her impending orgasm.

"You see the most sexy man you have ever seen and he is going to fuck you till you pass out after coming on his hard cock. I'm that man, you have wanted for six months. Fuck me!"

She looked at me, not seeing who I really was. "Baby come her, I want to fuck you!" she moaned with a devil look in her eyes.

I walked over my hard cock bouncing in the air with every step.

"Climb between my legs and fuck me! Please, I need you so bad!"

Never having been a brother to refuse what my sister wanted and to fucking horny to care about anything but fucking a dripping wet hole, I climbed between her quivering legs. I could feel my sister's damp heat on the head of my cock.

She grabbed my ass and wrapped her legs over my legs, pressing her box into my cock. I this point, looking into her eyes, I started to have second thought. What was I doing? I felt her hand between us and looked down past her dark perky nipple just in time to see her hand wrapped around my cock. The next thing I felt was my sister guiding my cock into her soft wet cunt lips. My animal brain trouncing all the reservations I was having seconds before. Her body arched up on contact, her arms pulling my chest into her breast, her mouth seeking out mine, a wild look in her eyes. I slid into her like a hot sharp knife into soft butter, her hot body writhing under mine.

At this point, I tried to get away, she was crazed with lust, I pushed up but her legs were over mine and her arms were wrapped tightly around my shoulders. As I pushed up with my chest, it only forced my hips down, my cock propelled deeper into her, a grunt of lust coming from her red lips. I tried again but as I tried, she started rocking her hips fast and deep making my cock pump in and out, in and out. My body rebelled against my mind, my hips replying her efforts, my cock pounding into her.

Her body was moving like a belly dancer, my cock was soaking up the liquid shooting sensation. My mind recovered, I was here to take revenge on her. I was going to fuck her so hard that she would wish she had never fuck with me when I was a kid. I started pounding into her for all I was worth. My thrusts, sending shock waves over her body. Each cock-slam into her bounced her breast around like jello, sex squeals coming from her mouth with each impact.

I could feel my orgasm building, my cock pounding away at my helpless sister's twat. My balls pulled up tight to the base of my cock, my toes curled. Lightning shot to my head and down my legs as my cock pounded into her with my orgasm. I could feel my cum shooting into the wet sucking hole of my sister. Her body went ridged. I could feel her pussy contracting on my spouting cock, making it throb even harder and longer. It was the best orgasm ever. Her moans turned into a continuous grown of pleasure, her body convulsing on her orgasm.

I lay on top of her for a few minutes, until I was soft and the last few throbs subsided. Then I pulled out and stood over her.

"Now, I want you to get up and take a shower, when you get out of the shower all you will remember is laying in your bed by yourself and having a great wet dream and then taking a shower. Go do it now," I commanded and she did.

I walked over, turned off the camera, and went back to my room. I had a great tape and the power to make her do whatever I wanted. All I had to do was think of what to do with my total power over my sister and tell her what to do. This was going to be a great summer break. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Part 2

After a few days of watching my new video of my nude sister's tits bounce while she masturbated and fucked me, I got bored. I needed a new adventure. I wanted a really good video that I could view for the whole summer without boredom. I needed someone new for my video. I cranked up the music in my room and lay back on my bed. My dick was flaccid and so were all the ideas I could come up with.

Later that same day I learned that our parents were going away for the weekend. Better yet, my sister was going to have her foxy girlfriend Heather stay overnight. Heather was an inspiration for any male. My mind began to work and my dick got hard as I thought of ways to fuck her. I had to find a way to hypnotize her and my sister at the same time. It would be hard but I new I was up to the challenge. As long as I did not get caught by my parents, it would be perfect.

Heather was just back from her second year at college. At the college, she was working on a degree in botany. She loved the outdoors and it showed on her body. She wore cutoff worn out blue jeans that showed off her long strong legs and a belly flashing tee shirts, most of the time. I loved her sexy gold loop bellybutton piercing. She mostly kept her long golden hair in a ponytail, often tucked down her shirt to keep it out of the way. Every time she had come over in the past, she was very friend to me but when my sister was in the room, she would put me down. She made me feel like the stupid little brother just hanging out with his older sister to feel big and I was older than her. It pissed me off and made me want to show her what was big.

Throughout the last few days since making my video of my sister, Kathy, I had been hypnotizing my sister and bringing her back out without her knowing about it. This had the effect of making the trance even deeper, giving me more control. The word trance was still the keyword but I had added other triggers too. At one point I made her take off her shirt, suck on her long middle finger with her lips and tongue and then tease her right nipple till it stood up and the other one started to perk on its own. Then I decided I should wait until I had my camera ready. No need to waste an opportunity for good footage; even if it did make my dick stiff.

I walked into Kathy's girly room and said the word trance. I no longer need to be sneaky about it. She was out like a light, crumpled into a ball like a tired kitten in the sun. "Today, we are going to add some new keywords for your friend," I commanded her. "When your friend comes over tonight you will start by getting her to watch mom and dad's porno film. After that you will have an overwhelming desire to see me fuck her and you will do anything you can think of to live out your new fantasy." My sister's lips on her powerless limp body mouthed the word "yes, sir." I had added the sir bit to make sure she knew who was in control at all times.

I went up to my room for the night to review my anatomy, it was summer break but I still had to stay sharp for next year. The competition in medical school was fierce and I wanted to stay on top plus I had nothing else to do while I waited for the nights coming adventures. I had the camcorder all ready with a brand new tape cued up and set to go, sitting on my walnut bedside table.

From the bed in my room, I could her everything that happened downstairs. I think the sound traveled through the heating system and into my room. It had often been an advantage for me. Now, I could her Kathy and her friend talking down in the kitchen. First Kathy made Heather a rum and coke and then I heard her telling her about the video. How she had to see the huge penis on the main dude. How Heather just had to see it, then I heard Heather say, "ok" and giggle. She had a throaty, sexy giggle.

After I heard the movie playing for about forty minutes, I creped down the stars and set up the camera looking over the couch but out of sight. The camera had a perfect view of the whole couch. I walked into the room and said, "What are you two up to?"

"My sister looked at me and said, "Just watching a movie. What do you want?"

"Don't you mean sir," I replied. Her eyes glossed over but she did not go limp, just as I had programmed her. I commanded her, "Kathy, move over so I can sit between you two and watch." She moved over but Heather was giving her and odd look. I looked at Heather and said, "It's just a game we started since I came home from school." As I spoke to her, I also noted that her nipples were very tight and hard under her long sleep-over tee-shirt.

As I laid back on the couch and put my feet up on the coffee table to watch the movie, I noticed the strong smell of sex. I had not anticipated it, but it made sense. Both of the women were watching a really hot porno. I knew then and there that their snatches were dripping wet, my breathing picked up. I sat there between them breathing the strong pheromones trying to make sure my stiffening dick did not show. I knew they were turned on and that I had total control of my sister but how was I going to get Heather?

The woman on the TV was taking it up the ass now. The dude's massive cock looked as big as the tube on the vacuum. The woman was making more noise than I had ever heard a real chick make. I always wondered why they made these porns so fake. My sister looked over at Heather and asked, "Did you ever see a dick that big?"

"No, and I hope I never do!"

"Jeff, I bet Heather would like your cock much better." My mouth dropped open, I looked at Heather. Heather was just staring at both of us. "Heather, just last month you told me you would fuck Jeff if you got a chance, now's your chance. I can make him fuck you."

"No, you can't," I said.

"Jeff, you remember that video camera mom got last year. I took pictures of you taking mom's underwear out of the hamper and what you did with it after."

I groaned. How had she known about that? She had me fucked now and she new it. "Get down between Heathers legs right now and lick her clit or I'll tell mom!" I could not believe what I was hearing, but I had to do as she said. She would do it.

I got up quickly and got between Heather's long legs, spreading them in the process and lifting her tee-shirt up over her pink hips. I grabbed her hips and slid her down the couch till my mouth was on her red silk panties. I pulled the crotch of her panties to the side and licked her puffy vaginal lips. They tasted salty and were slippery with her wetness. I looked up into her eyes. Heather fixed her eyes on mine. Her mouth was open in shock. I licked her. Her eyes rolled up and her hips rocked into my mouth, her womanly flesh pressed against my lips and teeth. The wonder of porn videos.

"Oh my god, I can't believe this is happening," Heather said, her voice heavy with sex.

I stopped licking her glistening cunt and looked up.

"God, please don't stop," she moaned pulling my head hard against her crotch. I sat still wondering at the completely wild thing I was doing.

My sister looked at me and said, "You had better not stop or else!" I got back to sucking her juicy cunt with gusto. She tasted so good I could not get enough.

The woman on the TV was now moaning like a sick cat and Heather was starting to whimper and quiver.

"Jeff, stop now! You're about to make her come. "Take off her shirt and panties." I did as told. "Now suck on her breast."

"Why don't you?" I said in defiance.

"Ok, I will but you have to take the other one or else I tell."

Heather looked back and forth at us like we were crazy so I took my middle finger, slid it up her slick hole, and rubbed her clit with my thumb. Heather melted, grabbing my head and pulling it to her perky nipple. My sister dove in on the other one. Heather started bucking against my hand in a wanton display of need. I took my thumb off her clit so she could not cum yet but let my finger continue to slide in and out of her juicy cunt but without much friction; just enough to keep her going but not enough to let her cum. Her need was still building, her desperation growing. She wanted to cum but I would not allow it until she was riding my hard dick.

I looked over to watch my sister sucking her friend's tit. Kathy's lips sucked Heathers dark nipple and aureole in and out of her mouth with tongue lashing in between, very sexy. I looked into Kathy's eyes and moved closer to pinch Kathy's nipples as she sucked. This made her start to bite her friend's nipples in a frenzy. Heather let out a long low moan. Kathy looked up into Heathers eyes.

"Heather, take off my shirt too," said Kathy in a fit of lust.

Heather wasted no time slipping the shirt off. Meanwhile Kathy pulled off her own panties. This was way better than I had anticipated. It was totally hot and I wanted to fuck both of them and I wanted it now. I grabbed Kathy's hair and pulled her off the swollen breast and pulled her head down to Heather's snatch. Kathy dove in. Heather started to quiver, her breathing coming in hot pants.

I got up, pushed the coffee table out of the way, and mounted my sister's ass. It was sticking up in the air and it was easy for me to slip my swollen pulsating cock into her wet box. I could hear her voice squeaking in lust despite the muffling of Kathy's ecstatic wet pussy as my stiff cock impaled her.

Kathy opened her eyes to see what was happening. I could tell that she could not believe her eyes as she watched me fucking my sister as my sister's mouth sucked her off. She tried to sit up more fully, to stop, to escape what was happening to her. I pounded my cock into my sister hard, pushing my sister into a frenzy. The quick results of my forceful thrust being that my sister's lusty mouth was pressed harder into Heather's sensitive clit, my sister's tongue buzzing. Heather surrendered to the feelings. Her hands gripped the couch cushions, her knees spread wider, her mouth opened with a panting sigh.

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