tagBDSMPage's Training Ch. 12

Page's Training Ch. 12


I hurried to work, making Bobby rush in dressing me and made my way to Nick's office. He answered immediately when I knocked and I walked in to his smiling face.

"You, my pet, are radiant." He smiled and stared at me, taking it all in. "Just look at how you've evolved. I'm very proud, Page."

"Thank You, Sir." I could feel the pride welling up inside of me and everything I'd been through was worth it in that moment.

"We're having a special dinner this evening with clients. I expect you to leave here one hour early and Bobby will take you home and get you changed. I'll pick you up there."

"Yes, Sir."

"You have videos to watch and I want a thoughtful blog today. Dig down deep and pinpoint the shift in your attitude over the past 24 hours. I'm curious as to just how it all clicked for you."

"Yes, Sir."

"Well done, Page."

"Thank You, Sir."

"Now, go." He waved me away and picked up the phone.

"Yes, Sir." I turned and left the office smiling. I wanted nothing more than to please him, and now I knew that I had done just that.

In my office, I sat down to write about my experience the day before. I recalled every detail, how it felt to be watched, my shame, my desperate desire, my total abandon of any modesty to succumb to my own pleasure after such denial. I realized that I had let go of the last of my former self, the self that conformed to society's prude restrictions. "She" was gone and I knew now that I could never go back.

I no longer wanted the things I had wanted in that life. Marriage? Kids? It all seemed like fairytales bobbing in front of our noses to keep us moving forward. It made me laugh to think of them now. I desired none of it. All that motivated me now was pleasing Nick, when he was happy with me, I was on top of the world.

I had been reflecting and writing for almost 2 hours when I finished. I posted the blog and opened my next email, a video as I expected.

I watched an hour video of a woman serving a table of men. She was dressed perversely sparse in what looked like nothing more than string with nipple clamps, an anal plug and a dildo gag. She served them drinks, she brought them their food, she bowed when spoken to and she sat submissively in the corner until someone asked for something or needed their plate cleared.

The men pretended like she wasn't there for the most part. Every once in a while, one of them would lean back and take notice of her, fondle her ass or pull on a nipple clamp, but the dinner was all business and the woman didn't seem phased one bit. It was an odd video and I assumed this was some sort of instruction for me on how to behave.

As I ate lunch, I watched the next video. This one was an orgy. I almost couldn't make out individuals. There were arms and legs and screams and squeals everywhere as people moved like waves over one another, pleasuring whoever they bumped into, man or woman. I was fascinated.

After lunch, Nick had an envelope full of documents he wanted delivered to neighboring buildings. I walked the sidewalk holding my envelope, making eye contact and smiling at the passersby who stared at my protruding nipples and bouncing breasts.

Feeling the plug in my ass with every movement combined with the dildo violating me in rhythm, I started imagining what the men would do if I pulled them into an alley and fucked their brains out. It kept my mind distracted to imagine how each of them would fuck. I even threw my head back and moaned a few times, enjoying the sensations.

When I got off of the elevator at my first delivery, the girl at the front desk disliked me immediately. Of course she did. In my past life, I would have disliked me too. She tried to be polite and direct me to the office I was looking for, but I could feel her eyes burning into me as I walked away down the hall.

The man was in his office on the phone and motioned to his desk where he wanted the document placed. Just as I laid the document down, he hung up the phone.

"You must be Page." He eyed me from head to toe with no expression.

"Yes, Sir." I smiled and waited obediently to be dismissed or otherwise used.

"Come here." I walked around the desk and stepped between his legs, waiting.

The man reached up and pinched each nipple through the fabric of my shirt, admiring their firmness. Before I knew what was happening, he stood up, pushed me down over his desk, raised my skirt above my waste and yanked the vinyl panties to my knees. The dildo made a wet sucking sound as it was jerked out of my pussy.

"I've had a horrible morning, you'll do nicely." I heard his slacks drop to the ground, weighted down with his belt and with no warning his cock pushed into my slopping wet hole.

He wasn't gentle by any means, grabbing a handful of my hair and pulling my head back so that I was arched so far I could almost make eye contact. His cock was large and he insisted on pounding me with it, taking out his frustration on my body.

"Take it like a good whore, that's it." He started slowly pulling out the length of his shaft until just the tip was pressing against me, then he pushed the full length of himself back in. "Wet and ready like a cock loving slut." For reasons I still didn't understand, his words only made me wetter.

He pulled on my hair and tightened his grip as he began slamming his cock balls deep into my eager cunt. I moaned with confusion and the sound came out more like a whimper of pain.

"What's the matter, cunt? Does my cock hurt your hole? Huh?" He thrust deep and hard with his words. I sensed that what he wanted was to cause me pain, so I made sure the moans that came out sounded pleading and desperate.

"That's right, you wanna be a whore, you gotta take it all and like it." Slam! Slam! Slam! "You're nothing but a worthless office whore, here for no other reason than to serve corporate cocks." Slam! Slam! Slam!

I let out a hurtful cry and clawed at the desk for emphasis. "You're not going anywhere until I fill your pussy with spunk, bitch." Slam! Slam! Slam! He was enjoying himself.

My scalp was beginning to get sore from the grip he had on my hair, but for some reason my body was urging him to continue. I could feel the lubrication and I knew my pussy was inviting him in.

"That's right, you're not going anywhere. You like my big cock, slut? Huh? Your sloppy cunt likes it. Good pussy, stay wet for me." He picked up the pace and stopped slamming into me, I could feel the blood rushing to his dick as it swelled before he pushed deep into me and roared as he came, filling me up.

When he was finished, he let go of my hair and fondled me ass as he jostled his spent member inside of me before pulling out. "Pull up those panties and get a move on, whore. You shouldn't be late to your appointments."

He dressed himself without asking me to lick him clean and sat back at his desk as I combed my hair straight with my fingers and pulled up my panties, sliding the dildo into my sloppy pussy that was now dripping with cum.

When I had lowered my skirt, I cleared my throat to compose myself and walked out the door with my envelope, headed to another office on the same floor.

The second office had a chubby bald man pacing the floor on a conference call. I laid his documents on his desk and waited as I had before. He snapped his fingers and motioned toward the desk, not missing a beat with his conversation.

I faced the desk, pulled up my skirt and pulled the panties down to my knees as they had been in the last office. There was cum smeared in my panties, on my dildo and still inside of me. This didn't faze the chubby man as he began mindlessly fucking me from behind and carrying on his conference call.

I listened to almost an entire meeting before the put his own hand over his mouth and shot his load into me silently. He pulled his dick out of me, snapped his fingers and pointed down, waiting to be cleaned.

I pulled up my panties, letting his cum mingle with the other man's in the vinyl panties. I pulled down my skirt and kneeled down to take his cock into my mouth and lick it clean. I sucked some wetness from his balls before I was finished and gathered my things to leave him to finish his call.

As I rode the elevator down, I could feel the warm sticky fluids sliding out of me and wondered why it turned me on.

The walk to the next building was torturous. Inside the vinyl panties was so slippery and wet with my own juices mingling with semen, rubbing the vinyl on my skin that my senses were going wild. I couldn't look at a man without wanting him to take me in the street.

The next man fucked me up against his picture window while his apparent assistant watched from the couch in the corner of the room. She was forced to swallow his cum and clean him up as I gathered myself to leave. I assumed it was some sort of punishment, but it was none of my business.

I made nine deliveries, each a very different man with very unique tastes. One man fucked me on a rubber couch in his office, pulled out, shot his spunk on the couch and watched with hungry eyes as I licked it up.

Another man simply watched me touch my dripping wet pussy while he jerked off, eventually shoving my head down onto him as he came in my throat. Corporate men have the strangest ways of getting through their day.

When I arrived back at Nick's office, he was all smiles. "You've had a busy afternoon, pet."

"Yes, Sir." I was soaked in cum and desperate for release.

"Shower and clean up, you leave in 30 minutes to dress for dinner."

"Shower, Sir?" I thought I would be showering back at home.

"One of the closets in your bathroom isn't actually a closet, it's a shower. Now go." Nick picked up his phone and went back to work.

I found the closet he was speaking of and hesitated for a moment. Inside the closet was indeed a shower; however the far side of the shower was a window from floor to ceiling. I noticed that it faced the same direction the window in my office faced, shrugged and started the water so it would warm up while I undressed.

I laid the panties in the sink, soaked in sexual waste and shut the closet door behind me as I stepped into the shower. The shower was well vented and the window hardly fogged. I began rubbing my body with the bar of soap in the shower and washing the cum off myself. I closed my eyes and began picturing my encounters of the afternoon, washing between my legs slowly.

I paid extra attention to cleaning my clit and pinching my nipples while they were slippery with soap. Something about pleasing these men was deeply satisfying. I felt obedient and that made me feel sexy.

When I was done showering, I found the vinyl panties and dildo had been thoroughly cleaned and were waiting for me. I dressed quickly and headed downstairs where Bobby was waiting with the car. My thoughts were all over the map wondering what this dinner was going to be like.

Bobby walked up to the apartment with me and watched me undress. He was blabbing about Nick enrolling him in college and his classes. I assumed Nick wanted him to be an educated man if he was going to be successful and enter the lifestyle. There just weren't middle-class men in these circles.

When I was clean and had put on my make-up light and naturally but flawless just the way Nick liked, Bobby led me into the bedroom to dress me.

I only put on three items for the night. I had a pair of black, crotch less, shiny vinyl leggings that exposed me entirely front and back with a sheer jersey tie top. The top was sheer white with long sleeves and wrapped just around my breasts and tied in between in a neat knot. The fabric was so sheer that I was essentially topless.

Before I'd finished fastening my shiny, black vinyl 4" heels, Nick came into the apartment and called for me. I hurried into the living room all dressed, my hair in a high ponytail.

"You look amazing, Page." Nick's beaming look made me blush. I loved the way he said my name.

"Thank You, Sir."

"I have something for you." He held out a small black box for me to take.

I opened the box and sitting in red velvet inside was a jeweled anal plug just like Stacie's. I smiled with excitement, "Thank You! May I wear it tonight!?"

"Of course you may. Have Bobby put it in and I'll meet you in the car."

Stacie hadn't lied. The plug was just as big as my latex plug but shaped differently and was about an inch longer. This one looked more like large glass beads on a thick pole. Instead of tapering down to a flat base, it tapered down to a small glass rod with a blue jewel that would elegantly just hide my pucker.

I bent over the couch and spread my legs as Bobby pulled out my vinyl plug slowly, put a small amount of lube on the new glass plug and slowly pushed it into me. I moaned as it stretched me and then filled me.

"I'll never stop loving the sounds you make when I plug you." Bobby slapped my ass and stood up straight, ready to go.

I bent over slightly and asked Bobby if he could see the jewel.

"It's perfect, Page, really." I stepped out into the hallway and Bobby yelled after me, "Hey! You need a coat!"

I stepped back into the apartment, too distracted to think straight.

"You may be enormously proud of yourself in this new life, but society still has decency laws and we don't need you to have a criminal record, now do we?"

"You're right. I forgot." I shook my head and let Bobby put me in a knee-length white trench and tie me closed.

Before I got into the car, Nick had me back up to the door and bend over a little, lifting the trench so he could see the jewel as well. "Beautiful! Do you love it?"

"I do!" I slid across the seat next to him and Bobby climbed in as well. I hadn't noticed, but Bobby had changed into a suit and seemed to be going with us.

"Page, it's important tonight to behave appropriately. You and the other girls will be kept aside until you're wanted. Remember your manners; this isn't a group of males to be coy with. Obey. If you don't, each man will punish you as he sees fit."

"Yes, Sir."

Nick reached over and untied my jacket and opened it. He brushed his palm over each nipple and spread my legs apart and started fingering my clit as he kissed my neck. Bobby pushed the shirt up over my tits and started sucking my nipples. The sensations were gentle and soft and I felt myself getting wet.

They continued the whole 20 minute drive and when we arrived, I was moaning and writhing in the seat, the driver's eyes wide in the rear-view mirror, watching.

Bobby pulled my shirt back down over my breasts and Nick tied the coat while they both tried to calm down.

When we got out of the car, I noticed that Nick and Bobby weren't the only two men with hard-ons from the drive. We went immediately to coat check and I removed the trench and took Nick's arm into the foyer.

The house was impeccably decorated with rich woods and red fabrics. I noticed a few other girls heading to the left of the wide sweeping staircase and the men were shifting to the right of it. Nick patted my hand without looking in my direction and I dropped my arm from his and moved away from him and Bobby.

Nick was introducing Bobby to all of his colleagues and I found a room full of girls dressed exactly like me. Stacie grabbed me immediately and pulled me to a corner with her and Lanie. I bent over to show them my new jeweled plug and they squealed with excitement.

"Has he fucked you yet, Page?" Lanie was smoking a cigarette and smiling with excitement.

"Not yet." It felt shameful to admit it.

"Don't worry, he will soon." Stacie winked at me, "He was fixed last year, he and the wife are done having kids. I'm sure he'll fill you with that yummy tasting spunk every chance he has!"

My heart fluttered, "Wife?" It had never occurred to me to even ask about his marital status.

"Nearly all of them are married, Page. They have to have magazine spread wives and families, flaunting us around town in front of cameras and interviews would be comical." She and Lanie laughed.

"Yeah, it makes sense." I was a concubine? I felt betrayed, devastated. I had begun to think of Nick as 'mine.'

"Honey, you didn't think he was going to be all yours, did you?" Stacie put her hand on my shoulder.

"No, of course not." I was embarrassed to admit it.

"We all do it, Page." Lanie puffed on her cigarette, "Trust me, the wife knows about you, now it's your turn to know about the wife."

"She knows about me? About his lifestyle?" I couldn't imagine a woman out there in the world putting up with her husband living this life.

"All the wives know. They just don't care." Stacie smiled and pulled me closer to her, "When it's time to make a new baby for the photos, you're always put on the back burner and some house man watches over you and carries out instructions, but you hardly ever see your Master."

"But Nick already has kids ..." I was still trying to process.

"Yeah, daughters. Two. They're really young, he's not around much. Master said he wanted sons. I'm guessing that's why he's taken to Bobby so well." Lanie was enjoying her nicotine.

"None of them married for love, Page. They were never looking for that. But with their station in life, they had the responsibility to take wives and start families. That's why all the safety precautions are in place."

"Safety precautions? Stacie was a wealth of information.

"Oh yeah. They all get blood tests every year, anyone new coming in has to be screened before they can fuck anyone else. Did you have blood tests?"

"No, I ..." I thought about why Nick hadn't had me tested, then I remembered when I'd been hired, "I gave blood for a blood drive at work the first week I was there .... Before Nick ..."

"Oh he definitely scoped you out, then."

I was wrapping my head around all of the information. I was a married man's toy.

"Don't let it bring you down." Stacie shook me back to life, "You like your situation, right?"

I nodded.

"See? That's all that matters. We're taken care of, we're spoiled, we're never lonely or bored and ... we're free of inhibitions that bind most people."

"You're right." I knew what Nick meant to me and that was all that mattered. Look at all the time and effort he had put into my training and lifestyle. Maybe I would never curl up in fluffy sheets next to him and sleep through the night like I had in my fantasies of what we would be, but I belonged to him.

A tall woman in heels and a tight bun wearing a red dress and red lipstick waltzed into the room, "Page!" She yelled my name out like roll call.

"Here!" I ran to the woman, waiting.

"This way." She turned and walked out of the room and around the stairs, with me following. I kept my eyes on the floor and my hands to my sides obediently but made sure to let my hips sway in that sexy way I had gotten used to doing so that the dildo I wore daily would fuck me just right as I walked.

I was nervous. My pussy was exposed and my nipples were hard and pressing very visibly through the thin fabric of my shirt.

The woman led me through the room where men were lingering and sipping cocktails. I could feel their eyes on me but no one spoke to me and I forced myself not to make eye contact with anyone. I tried to make myself invisible like the girl in the video had.

The anticipation of the unknown was exciting me and I could feel the wetness between my legs spreading.

The woman left me at Nick's side and walked away. I kept my eyes downcast and waited. Nick was standing in a semi-circle of men talking. When the attention was turned to me, the conversation halted and one of the men stepped toward me, looking down at my face and slid a finger between the lips of my pussy and into my cunt.

"She's dripping wet, Nick. Nicely done." He removed his finger and tasted me. "She's sweet."

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