tagErotic HorrorPaid Volunteer Wanted

Paid Volunteer Wanted


The help wanted ad read: Paid Volunteer Wanted.

Paid volunteer wanted for a sex research study but the ad was very specific. We need only one man who is Caucasian, between 5'7 to 5'9, and approximately 140 to 160 pounds. No one of any other description will be considered. At the end of your one hour session, you will receive a one-of-a-kind ring worth $10,000. Please call 1-800-sex-study and leave a message stating why you love women.

That was all there was to the ad. Apparently, no one thought it strange or fraudulent that someone would give a $10,000 one-of-a-kind ring for one hour of someone's time because the response was overwhelming. Thousands of men left messages. It did not take long for the doctor to narrow down, from such a large field of applicants a potential candidate for his research study, to just one special person, to just one single man. From more than 5,000 men who called the number answering the ad, the doctor immediately narrowed it down to one man, the man who left this message to the doctor's question, why you love women.

"I love women because I can control them, dominate them, and punish them when they do not do what I want. Basically, they are all whores and sluts."

It was an oddly disturbing message to leave. Moreover, the applicant was bold in his response, since he did not know what type of research this was and any answer from the norm, and certainly, this answer was not a normal response, could disqualify him from the study and from earning an easy ten thousand dollar one-of-a-kind ring. Only, bold was the wrong word to describe him. Expectedly enough, he was mentally ill, a psychopath, an abuser of women, and, in the way that he felt about women, was a rapist, no doubt.

Yet, miraculously, as far as the doctor was concerned for the focus of this research study, the man had given the correct answer and, more importantly, the answer that the doctor had sought to hear. The doctor knew that this one applicant would give such a response. After all, the man could not help himself from responding in that way. The doctor knew his type; he had his friend, who was a prominent psychiatrist, profile him. He was expecting his call and had been looking for this man for more than two years. Finally, he found him.

Calling the man to arrange for his transportation, the doctor dispatched a limousine to pick up the man at the address he had given. It was 9pm when the car arrived to drive the man to the research lab. The chauffeur pulled up at the address and pulled away with his special passenger on board and securely tucked in back. The windows of the limousine, including the backseat partition were specially designed and fabricated in black, mirrored steel meshed glass that were locked from going up or down, as were the rear door locks locked from the front. No one could see in or out and once inside the limo, the man could not leave until the chauffeur opened the door from the outside. Indeed, the volunteer was a prisoner of the car and of the chauffeur, who was the doctor in disguise.

Upon arrival at the laboratory, before exiting the car, via the limousine's intercom, the passenger was instructed to don a black velvet hood that completely covered his vision. When the doctor was certain that the hood was on and that his volunteer could not see, he opened the rear passenger door and escorted him inside the secret destination, the interior of the lab. They made their way through the front door, down a long, brightly lit hall, and down a flight of stairs. The doctor deposited the man in a locked room. The only thing in the room was a wall of one-way glass, a speaker, a small table with a glass of water, and a medical table with straps.

"I am Doctor Justice. You may remove the hood, now, and please remove all of your clothes," said the good doctor over the speaker. "There is a glass of liquid on the table. Please drink all of it. This will help me evaluate your condition. I assure you that it is nothing more than water filled with nutrients, but for the purposes of this test, it is important that you finish all of it.

The man removed the hood looking around the Spartan room, drank the water, and removed all of his clothes obeying the doctor without question and/or hesitation.

"Now, lie on the table and I will be in to assist you momentarily."

When the man was nude and laying on his back on the table, the doctor entered the room.

"Hello, I am Doctor Justice."

"Hi, I am Stephen."

The men shook hands.

"There is no need to be embarrassed or nervous. I am a doctor, a medical professional and I must restrain you for the purposes of the study. It is imperative that you do not move." The doctor calmly said this to the man, as he tightened the leather straps across his forehead and around his neck, chest, torso, ankles, and wrists. The man was tightly confined and unable to move.

"Are the straps too tight?"

"No, doctor," answered the man.

"You will be shown a video of nude and semi-nude women with flashes of other erotic video in-between the photos of nude and semi-nude women. This is a timed study. The research is to see how quickly you can get an erection and how long you can maintain it. Do you understand?"


"Do you have any questions?"


"Call out to me, once you have an erection, an erection that you can maintain. Thereupon, a device will lower from the ceiling to measure the diameter of your erect penis. Do not be alarmed by the instrument, as the housing of the device will engulf your penis so that the sphincters within, positioned deep inside the housing, can take an exact measurement. You will feel a little pinch, as the instrument measures your penis. Do you understand?"


"Do you have any questions?"


"Once, you have an erection, focus your mind on it, concentrate to maintain it, and call out to me. I will give you your ten thousand dollar one-of-a-kind ring when I take my measurement. At that time, the research is concluded, you are free to leave, and will be chauffeured back to your home. From the time that you enter until the time that you leave, it should not take more than an hour. Do you understand?"


"Do you have any questions?"

"No," said the man.

"Now, I am putting these sensors on your body that will monitor your pulse, heart, breathing, and brain activity."


The doctor extinguished the light and started the video over the head of the man on the ceiling so that while laying flat on the medical table, the man had an unobstructed view. The videos showed women of all ages in all states of undress. The doctor carefully watched and monitored the reactions of the man. By the analysis of his heart, pulse, breathing, and brain activity, none of the videos of naked women aroused the man.

It was not until and only when, the doctor mixed in and introduced sudden and quick clips of women having their clothes torn from their bodies and forced to have sex that the man started getting aroused. It was not until a man appeared in the video and ripped off the blouse and the skirt of a woman that the man started getting really aroused. It was not until the man heard the helpless screams and felt the fear of the woman in the video that he started getting an erection. It was not until the man in the video forced himself upon the woman that he was almost there with a huge erection. Gradually, more of those violent clips replaced the sexual video clips until the entire video was about women being violently assaulted.

"Doctor, I have an erection."

"Concentrate on the video. You must maintain it. Focus on the video."

"Yes, I'm concentrating. I'm focusing."

From the center of the ceiling above his penis suddenly appeared a cylinder object that slowly descended closer and closer until it surrounded his penis.

"You will feel slight pressure and slight discomfort."

"Ouch! Fuck! That hurts. What is it doing to my penis?"

"Don't worry. Relax. It is adjusting to the diameter of your penis. It will be over in a minute."

Within seconds, the device ascended back in the recesses of the ceiling.

"Am I finished? When do I get my valuable ring?"

"Oh, you have it, already. It has been permanently installed around your cock. It is my special gift to you for what you did to my wife two years ago. Actually, I dare say, with the cost of my trips to the rain forest of Africa and Malaysia, the research before, after and during, and the expense to bring these parasites into the United States and to find you, these trips cost well in excess of ten thousand dollars."

The man struggled with his straps as the video overhead showed more violent images, only this time images that showed him with the doctor's wife.

"The video that you are watching now is of you with my wife. We had an elaborate security system installed in our home that my wife turned off when you showed up at our door on the pretense of delivering a pizza. Yet, she had the presence of mind to have the cameras video our bedroom capturing your violent assault." The doctor entered the room and looked up at the ceiling watching the video for a moment. "Beautiful wasn't she? That is a very good likeness of you, wouldn't you say?" He turned to his captor. "Was she a good fuck? Was she worth all of this," he said waving a hand at the man before him helplessly strapped to the table.

"You're crazy!"

"Crazy? I probably am crazy. I truly loved my wife and miss her terribly. If I am crazy, it is you who made me that way and it is you who must pay, now."

"That's not me in the video."

"Oh," the doctor looked up at the ceiling, again, "that is you alright."

"How did you find me?"

"I found you by your own words. You told my wife all the things that turned you on and all the things that you needed to cum inside of her, the power, the dominance, and the punishment, as you brutalized her. She told me how you called her whore and slut throughout the violent ordeal while slapping her over and again."

"Then, if you were so sure it was me, why didn't you call the police and have me arrested?"

"Police? Why would I call the police? No police. This is better. You see, dear fellow, I've infected you with the giant Amazon leech, Haementerial Ghiliani. It is a very rare and very large parasite. Matter of fact, this particular species is one of the largest leeches in the world. This one is eighteen inches long and is now completely coiled tightly around your penis much like a Boa constricting snake. It will continue to feed on you until either you remove it or it has its full and falls off. Both ways, I dare say, you are doomed and your penis, so much worse for the wear from the little sucker or, in this case of the Haemeterial Ghiliani, the big sucker, will never be the same." The doctor smiled. "No, I am sorry, actually, happy, to tell you that you penis is dead."

The man tried to look down at his penis but still strapped to the table, he could not move.

"Now," said the doctor leaning down to whisper in his ear, "every time you get an erection, it will gorge on your penis with the blood that rushes to your penis with your arousal. I suggest you not get an erection." The doctor stood to face the rapist. "Of course, you can remove it rather easily, only, when you do, the sucker's mouth and the bite from it, still attached to your penis, will cause a nasty infection, which, unfortunately and undoubtedly, will necessitate in the removal of your penis. Gangrene is a nasty thing, especially when it is localized to your penis. Terrible, simply terrible, so I suggest you learn to live with it, at least, for now."

"You bastard! You are doing this to me because you think that I raped your wife."

"No, I am doing this to you because I know you raped my wife. I've already done a DNA sample on you and you are a match. Further, in case you do not know, you have AIDS and my wife died of AIDS last year, which is why prosecution is impossible. You are in Dr. Justice's court now where there is no trial, no jury, no appeals, just a supposition of guilt and a verdict of a slow and painful death."

"It's just a leech. Leeches can't kill me."

"Ah, my friend, this is no ordinary leech. It is the mother of all leeches. It just may kill you. Yet, if it is unsuccessful in destroying you, I have inserted another friend that is working its way through your intestines, right about now.

"My stomach. I'm ill. Release me. I need to puke."

With that, the man puked all over himself.

"Not to worry, the unsettled stomach that you are experiencing now is from the Borneo parasite that I injected in you when you drank that glass of tepid water. You will be quite uncomfortable soon. While the leech feeds on the exterior of you, the Malaysian parasite will feed on the interior of you. They grow quite quickly becoming very large indeed. Surely, you will die a horrible death, just as did my wife. Only, I assure you, your death will be much slower and much more painful."

"You asshole!"

"Yes, I can understand your anger. My wife was very angry, as was I. Now, you can imagine my rage wishing and hoping that I could get my hands on you. And now," he laughed a giddy laugh, "I have. Life is so deliciously circumventive, sometimes. What is that saying, oh, yes, what comes around goes around and here we are full circle. Tag, you are it. It is your turn to suffer."

The doctor pulled out a syringe.

"Now, what? What's that?"

"Oh, just something that will make you sleep while I drop you off at your house. Good night. Here is hoping you have a very slow and painful death." With that the doctor injected the man with a sedative, placed him in a wheelchair, carted him out to the car, drove him home, and tucked him in his bed.

Stephen awoke from his deep sleep. It was 11 am and he was late for work, again. This time, given a last chance, he would be fired, especially since he had slept past the time to call in sick or to make up an excuse and to tell them that he would be late.

"What the fuck! That was some crazy dream. I slept like a dead person."

When he went to the bathroom to urinate and saw the leech coiled around his penis, his screams were heard throughout the entire neighborhood.

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