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Paint a Picture


"I've been thinking about you a lot lately."

"Yea? Have you been fantasizing?"

"Yea. I keep thinking about how you'll look in your military uniform after boot, all the things we can do with your BDU belt."

"What else?"

"I've been thinking about how much this all turns me on: the sneaking around, the text sex while I'm at work. It makes me so hot that this is so bad. Do you think about it? Do you think about how bad you want to pin me against a wall, or the sly grin on my face when you walk in a room?"

"I think about a lot more than that, but why do you want me so bad? Doesn't your man keep you satisfied? I know you think about me when you're with him."

"It's different. You tell me I bring out the animal in you. That's exactly what this is: carnal. Forget love. Forget right and wrong. This is nothing more than lust, and you bring out something I don't want to suppress. I don't want soft tender kisses from you. I want to see all the raw, primal aggression I feel when I'm near you. I don't want you to promise me forever. I want to be carried away by the magnetism between us. I want you to snatch me away from the comfort of my morals and scare me. I want it to scare me, I want it to be uncomfortable, I want it to be hot. Above all, I want it to be bad."

"Are you sure that's what you want? Don't test me. Once I go for it I won't stop until I have what I want. You do bring out the beast in me, and I like it. I can definitely scare you. Do you really want that?"

"I told you what I want every time we said things to make each other blush. I've fantasized with you in graphic detail. But there's one fantasy that comes to mind when I think about you in your uniform, the one I lust for the most, but you have to visualize it. Shall I paint you a picture?"

"Absolutely. I want to know exactly what's got you so excited."

"Picture this, and try not to blush tough guy:

I'm sitting on your bed, undressed, legs crossed. You're in a white shirt, BDU pants, and boots. You slam the bedroom door shut behind you and walk towards me. With one hand you grab me by the back of my neck, pull my head back, and kiss me hard and deep. Your savage aggression has me going. Still gripping me tight, you push my legs apart with your free hand to play with me. You've stopped kissing me long enough to catch the evil grin you love so much play across my lips. I'm wet, and you know it's because I've been waiting for you, thinking about you. You kiss me again, and I'm holding myself up with one hand and undoing your belt with the other. I finally reach your zipper but you remind me you're the man and we're doing this your way by thrusting your hand hard into me. I gasp, surprised at the sudden force, but then I look into your face and grin. So you want to play rough?

You don't want me to see how hot I make you. You don't want me to know how badly you want me, but even though I take the submissive role, I know I make you crazy.

You stop playing with me and put my legs around your waist, pushing me down onto your bed with your hard body. I'm getting more and more excited, but you're moving so slowly. I wonder if it's because you're teasing me or because you're enjoying the moment. It's probably both.

Now I'm on my back, and you straddle me, a knee on each side of my hips. Pulling my hair with one hand, you keep the other on my torso as if to remind me that you're not letting me up. You hold me down tight as you kiss and bite me. I squirm underneath you in anticipation, but you want this to last. I suppress my anxiety because the more excited I get, the slower you move. You're enjoying the slow and steady torture. You nibble and bite down my neck to my chest. There, you stay biting, pinching, grabbing, biting, till I'm nearly begging. Make me beg.

You inch your way down my torso, stroking my belly on your way down. Finally, you slide yourself off the edge of the bed, grab my ankles, and pull me toward you. Slowly, you tease me by biting my thighs, stroking my legs. I'm struggling not to show you how badly I want you. I feel you dip into me slowly, first with your hand, then with your mouth. I'm near hysterics, but I can't show it. I rub my legs on your back through your t-shirt and try to pull your hair, but you pin my wrists onto my stomach with one strong hand. Just a moment ago you were moving so slowly, but now you're getting more and more eager. We're heating up, and you're barely restraining your movements. I feel you move faster and faster inside of me until I'm sweating. You manipulate me and torture me to remind me that you're the man, but I never forgot. Suddenly, you stand and say 'Play with yourself.'

I follow your orders as you watch, undoing your zipper. I feel the heat rise in my face as I watch you pull yourself out through your open zipper. This broad shouldered, uniformed man is what I've been lusting for. You step toward me and I move my hands from myself to you. I stand to kiss you, never taking my hand from your hard length.

I press my body against you and turn you so that your back is to the bed. You indulge me for a moment and sit down, but I want you against the headboard. You pull me down on top of you and scoot back. I straddle you and your hands grab my ass. Your breathing quickens as I stroke your length, fast, slow, faster again. As I bite your ears, your neck, you grab me harder. You put your hands on my shoulders and press me against you. I get so excited that I think I might break the skin on your shoulders. The feeling of your muscles between my teeth sets me on fire. I want to feel you in me, but I know I can't rush you. We're doing things your way.

I stroke faster as I bite harder, but you've had enough. You smack my ass hard and pull my head back by my hair, kissing and biting my throat. I can't take it much longer, so I pull away slowly and trace my way down your torso with my fingertips. I follow your happy trail with my tongue down to your pants, but you don't let me pull them down. I go down and tease as much as you'll let me. With every stroke your body becomes more tense and I become more eager. Soon you grab me and roll me over, pinning my arms over my head. You come down over me and push my legs apart with your knees. I feel you dip inside me slowly, barely entering, slowly pushing in and pulling out. My entire body is shaking with desire. I want to scream for you to take me but before I have a chance you pull me to the edge of the bed and tell me to get on my knees.

Now you're standing behind me, and I can tell you're sweating too now as you put one damp hand on my hip. With your free hand you guide yourself in. I can hear you exhale hard as you push in deeper. I gasp, still trembling. Your hands travel now to my chest, rubbing, squeezing, grabbing harder as your excitement grows. Your hand moves down, lower, lower, and you stroke me in rhythm with your thrusts. My breathing is rapid now and I think my legs will give out, but you grab my hips and hold me up. Faster, then slower, then faster again, you grind against me till I think I'll explode. I didn't scream before because I didn't want you to tease me, now I don't scream because I don't have the energy. You pull yourself down over me and I feel your chest on my back, your head between my shoulder blades.

I spread my arms out in front of me and dropped down onto the bed, flat on my stomach. You come down on top me, still pressing in tight. I feel your pants rub against my thighs. I think about you in your uniform, picture your strong body, feel you thrusting into me, and I grin because I know I am your weakness. I feel you inside of me, think of you, and drown in a sea of white light, feeling nothing but the seizure inducing explosion you brought on, and your heavy body still moving in me. I probably screamed and barely noticed, but now I hear myself shouting your name, scratching the arm you've wrapped around me. I feel your breathing become more labored and your thrusts getting deeper and faster. Finally you groan and shudder, relaxing your grip on me. Instead of rolling away from me you lay there, head between my shoulder blades, kissing my perspiring back. You pull out and roll away, pulling me with you and holding me tight.

I pull away and straddle you. I pull your shirt off first, then your boots. I just want to lay my head on your chest.

How was that for a picture?"

"Give me a second. My face is still burning."

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