tagRomancePalomino Ch. 06

Palomino Ch. 06


In the morning Wesley woke up early and it all slowly came back to him through a slight haze. He looked down at the sleeping gem in his arms and kissed the top of her head tenderly before carefully untangling himself from her grasp. He tucked her in gently to let her continue to sleep. He got up and grabbed a fresh towel from the bathroom and wrapped himself up in it securely. He was going to go see Mr. Lance, the scoundrel. He glanced back at the sleeping form of Lacey and smiled again fondly. On the pad of paper found in any hotel room he scribbled a small note and tucked it on top of her personal items in her bag, where she'd find it. "Lacey, I went to go see about clean clothes. I'll see you soon. Love, Wes" With that, he left quietly and hurried down the hallway to pound on Lance's door.

Lance yawned and stretched in his now empty bed. Cindy left in the wee hours of the morning, having a job that she had to get ready for. Opening one eye, he looked at the door before grumping out loudly, half a mumble, "Come back later ... I'm still sleeping!"

Wes growled and pounded on the door again. "Lance! You rogue! Open the damned door!"

Lance's laughter could be heard on the other side of the door. "Hell no! First tell me where you slept, and if you're in a good mood first!"

Wesley scowled and glared at his friend through the door. So it WAS planned. The bastard. He snorted. "Fine! I'm standing here in a towel. I slept with Lacey. Now open the fuckin' door. Before I beat it down."

Lance grinned, wrestled on a pair of jeans as he staggered to the door and opened it before his best friend caused a major scene and got them kicked out of the place. "Slept with Lacey, didja? How'd that happen?" he smirked, opening the door wide.

Wes glared at him agitatedly. "I knew it was planned. You bastard. Move." He shoved Lance aside. He wasn't about to give the man the victory he wanted. He grabbed the small tote he'd brought along for the weekend and plopped it on the bed, and unzipped it to pull out a fresh set of clothes.

Lance laughed at he staggered back and watched Wes move across the room to gather his things. Closing the door, he plopped back down on the unmade bed and couldn't help but ask, "So ... how mad are ya? Or are ya really happy, and not just wanting to admit it?"

Wesley glared at his friend. The encounter between he and Lacey had been a good one. Having it all planned on Lance's part irked him. But... the good shove had worked. He snorted and unfolded his shirt, laying it out on the bed. "I didn't think about bringing anything, and she's not on birth control. That answer your question?"

Lance tried hard not to laugh but failed. "Oh shit ... you gotta be fuckin' kidding me!" He laughed and then tried to stop, failing and fell off the bed in the process. "Oh man, I'm sorry! I didn't even think about that shit."

"Eh... it was alright. Just not exactly what either of us wanted," he couldn't help but chuckle at his friend's response. So he'd expected the intimate encounter, the sneak.

Lance grinned up at Wes from the floor. It was obvious that whatever had happened had been good. Wesley was as radiant as a man can get. "I'm glad I could help," he grinned and pushed himself off the floor, stretching and yawning. "You needed it. Hell, you wanted it ... you just didn't know it."

Wesley eyed Lance again and just snorted in response.

Lance grinned and moved to his own bag and rummaged around for a minute before tossing a couple of wrapped condoms onto the bed and Wes' things. "Now, you've got no good excuse," he grinned and plopped back down on the bed, stretching out with a yawn. "What time is it? I'm sure it's too early for you to be here, leaving her in that hotel room all alone."

Wesley looked at the condoms and chuckled. "Thanks Lance." He tucked them into his bag, along with his clothes again. "It's four thirty. Woke up with a dream. A good dream for a change."

Lance rubbed his eyes and then looked over at his friend. "A dream huh? What kind of dream?"

He zipped up his bag. "Not sure, exactly. Jus' had this feeling of... I dunno how to say it... completeness? Somethin' I haven' felt in a long time."

Lance grinned and then waved to the door, knowing that if he continued to push his friend for more answers than that, he wouldn't be able to figure it out for himself. "Git yer ass outta here and back down to that gal. I got some beauty rest to catch up on so I can look perty for tonight's finals."

Wesley lifted his bag and grinned at his friend again. "Thanks Lance." And he left it at that. He was still in a towel... but that was alright. Hardly anybody in their right mind was up at 4:30 in the morning. And if they were, they deserved to see a half-naked man scurrying down the walk to Lacey's room. He hated to wake her up, but he hadn't thought to grab the room key and he knocked gently.

Lacey shifted in the bed, reaching for Wesley. When she didn't feel him, her head popped up and she looked around. Okay, did she just dream last night? As the second knock came, she peered at the clock. 4:30? What the hell? She pulled herself out of bed and found that she was naked. Blinking a little, she realized she hadn't been dreaming, but Wesley was nowhere to be seen either. Grabbing a sheet, she drew it up in front of her as she padded to the door, drawing aside the curtain right next to it and saw Wesley standing there in a towel and holding his bag. Grinning, she unlocked the door and opened it wide. "I was starting to think last night was just a dream."

He grinned and stepped inside, tossing his bag to the bed and he wrapped her up in his arms to plant a firm kiss to her lips. "Left ya a note in case ya woke up. Jus' went ta go git my clothes."

Lacey's arms enfolded him close as their lips met again and she murmured softly against them, running her fingers up his back to tangle in his hair. "You didn't kill Lance, did you? Do I need to help you hide a body?"

He grinned and guided her back to the bed to enjoy the early morning cuddling he'd almost missed and tucked her hair back from her face. "Nope. Close call, though. He's bleeding from mortal wounds."

Lacey laughed as the fell onto the bed again, pulling him close with a soft yawn. If this was his normal schedule, she had a lot of adjustments to get used to. "Hopefully he'll make it," she murmured as she cuddled up next to him, pressing soft kisses to his neck as her body pressed against his.

He murmured in pleasure as she nestled against him, and he held her close, letting her cuddle and drift back to sleep. He was too awake, and his mind was moving too fast, and too many directions to fall back asleep. How could this feel so right? He'd hardly known the girl a week. It'd only been three years since Anne.

Lacey drifted back to sleep again, nestled in his arms, a soft smile on her lips as one hand rested on his chest, her soft breathing almost in time with his and a slender, smooth leg tucked between his, slightly bent at the knee. She seemed to fit perfectly against him and she slept soundly as he lay awake holding her.

'Oh Anne... God I miss you.' he thought quietly as he held another woman in his arms, feeling somewhat guilty about it. He knew he shouldn't, but it'd been only three years. Was three years enough? The fear and ache pulled at him as me mulled things over in the early morning light. Finally, his troubled thoughts turned to last night and the wonderful feelings he'd felt at the hands of this woman. He couldn't let her go tomorrow.

As Wesley lay there wrestling with his feelings, a hazy apparition seemed to appear in the mirror. It didn't take long, though, to figure out who exactly it was, that same familiar smile on her face that encouraged him as Anne's face was clearly found in the mirror, gazing lovingly at Wesley and the girl laying in his arms. Pain tugged at his heart.

Wesley reached up to wipe the tears from his eyes as he saw Anne appear. She often did in his daydreams and his dreams when he slept. She had appeared less often in the recent past as he had begun to heal some. She just smiled at him, her eyes drifting from his handsome face to the girl in his arms. Her mouth never moved but he could hear her voice clearly in his ear, "Shhh my Love. It's time. Time to let go."

'I can't, Anne...' He argued softly, more tears appearing in his eyes and he wiped them away. 'I can't forget you.' His voice was pained and his heart torn. The guilt of holding another woman was eating at him too.

'But I'll always be here. Don't you feel me in her? She's the one. I have brought her to you.' Anne's eyes met Wesley's through the mirror and then reached to touch the sleeping form of Lacey in the reflection of the mirror with a tender smile. 'It's okay to love again.'

'I miss you...' he said gently as he sat up a bit, wiping tears from his eyes again in irritation. He hated crying. It burned and it agitated him. 'I love you... what if she doesn't stay? I can't lose another. Not again.' His mind was tumbling over itself like it always did, thoughts that he's mulled over spilling out all at once.

Anne reached to touch the reflection of Wesley in the mirror and he could see her stroking his reflection's cheek with her fingers. 'She's going to finish all that I started. Don't worry ... just don't let go, my Love. Don't let her go ...' The apparition was slowly beginning to fade in the mirror, her voice still softly murmuring in his ear 'If you love me, let me go ...' And then only the soft hint of her perfume was left hanging in the air as the morning light softly streamed in through the cracks in the curtains.

Wesley reached up to touch his cheek where he could still feel the small, tender caress. 'Anne... don't leave me. ...Please.' He pleaded. He reached for her as she began to fade, seeing her shake her head as she drew away. The woman, even dead, was still as stubborn as ever. He sighed as only her voice was in his head. Her words sinking in. Was it really okay to let go? Anne said she'd brought Lacey to him... was it true? Was it okay to love again? He turned to look out the window, seeing the morning light spill through as he opened his eyes. He'd fallen asleep with Lacey in his arms. It'd been a dream.

Lacey inhaled deeply, stretching in the early stages of waking up, her cheek rubbing against his chest and her leg shifting against his, the soft skin in contrast to his hard, somewhat weathered one. Her hand drifted up his hard belly to rub at her nose as it twitched, his chest hair tickling at it some.

He looked down at the girl as she stretched and smiled. "Mornin' doll."

Lacey's eyelashes fluttered and then she smiled as she realized that last night wasn't a dream at all, shifting so she could look up at him without raising her head. "Mmmm ... morning," she murmured softly.

He tucked her hair back from her face tenderly and traced his thumb over her lips before leaning in to kiss her gently in morning greetings.

Lacey smiled tenderly, her lips parting beneath the soft caress of his thumb and then met him halfway in the soft kiss, her hand drifting up to gently touch his face, brushing her fingers lightly across his cheek.

He stilled a bit as he felt the familiar touch to his cheek. God... she was Anne reincarnated... as a blonde. He muttered in his mind about fates and how, even dead, a woman can tweak strings as he pulled Lacey closer, kissing her deeper. He shoved his thoughts aside.

She murmured softly into his mouth as he pulled her closer, her tongue drifting out to tangle lightly with his as he deepened the kiss, her fingers stroking down from his cheek to his neck and then sliding to the back of his head to pull him closer.

He murmured into her lips, relaxing in her arms. It'd been the first time he'd touched a woman in a long, long time. It felt good, and it felt right. Hell, Anne had told him it was right... yet he still couldn't help feeling a nagging fear at the back of his mind. What if she did leave? Had Anne really said it was okay?

Lacey gently pulled back with a soft smile, blue eyes looking over his handsome face as her fingers brushed over his lips and across his cheek. "I ... I wish I had words to express what I feel when I'm with you," she softly said, trying to put into words the unexplainable connection she felt with him. She could only hope that he felt it too.

Gently he put his fingers to her lips. God he hoped she wouldn't say the 'L' word. He wasn't ready to hear that yet. He just wanted to feel and enjoy what was here with the time they had. "Don't.... please. Don't try. I know."

She smiled gently and kissed his fingers as they pressed to her lips and then gently pulled his hand away to kiss at his neck and down his chest, her fingers sliding along his sides, down towards his hips. If she couldn't put it into words, maybe she could show it to him instead.

He murmured softly and relaxed as she kissed and caressed, thoroughly enjoying her movements. His fingers curled in her hair and he rubbed the back of her neck gently, just relaxing with her in the sunlight that was beginning to bathe the bed.

Lacey pulled the sheet away that covered them, giving him an unobstructed view of her body as well as his. Nibbling down his chest, her fingers lightly scraped at his chest and across the hard nipples before following the path of her mouth across his belly, her breath hot against his groin as she shifted lower on top of him.

He stiffened a bit as she moved lower and lower, her hot breath was against his groin and he stiffened more. "Ooo.... god. Could wake up to this every morning," He almost purred, relaxing back against the bed as he watched her, his fingers curling in to her hair.

Lacey glanced up at him as his body stiffened beneath her, giving him a sultry smile as her fingers tickled up the insides of his thighs, gently brushing against his ball sac before dipping her head lower, her tongue darting out to sweep at the swollen head of his sex.

His fingers curled tighter to hold her hair back and he moaned hotly, his hips shifting there on the bed. It'd been a long time since he'd felt anything this good, and damn did it feel good. His whole body quivered as she teased his cock, the shaft stiffening beneath her administrations.

Wrapping her fingers around the base of his girth, she gave him a gentle squeeze as she nibbled around the mushroom shaped head and then licked at the sensitive ridge of skin that attached the head to the shaft, sucking on it lightly before nibbling down the vein that pulsing more and more blood into his cock, making it swell and pulse in her hand.

He shuddered hard and arched in her grasp. His hands moved up to grab the headboard and he couldn't help but move in rhythm, his hips gyrating in the air against her tantalizing tongue and lips.

Lacey grinned against the underside of his cock, watching his reaction to her mouth. She had been told once that she had a special talent for making a man scream, but of course that had been a long time ago, when she had a steady boyfriend. It made her feel good to know she hadn't lost it. Dragging her tongue back up that thick vein, she teasingly raked her teeth against the swollen head before capturing it in her mouth, suckling lightly and then more strongly as her fingers began to slowly stroke him in rhythm.

He shuddered as he moved with her rhythm, his cock twitching and jerking in her grasp as he arched, panting hard with very little effort on her part. His knuckles turned white on the headboard.

Taking a bit more of his thick cock in her mouth, she began to swallow him, her throat making swallowing motions like she was slowly drinking a tall glass of water, her fingers tightening on his girth as she slowly stroked him, making twisting motions with her hand. He should cum long and hard in a few short minutes with this technique that she inherently knew he had never experienced.

He trembled hard and gasped for air as she made him experience a whole new realm of oral. He struggled to find his voice, and couldn't, and just moaned helplessly, gripping the headboard as if for dear life.

Lacey glanced up at him, blue eyes twinkling as she knew he was close to blowing, and managed to turn it up a notch, her hand stroking him faster with twisting motions as she continued to 'swallow' his cock with tightening and sucking motions of her throat, his cock-head going into over-sensitized overload.

He groaned deeply and quivered. "Oh god..." he managed, breathless as he surged forward. He jerked as he came hard, unable to control or stop it, crying out her name.

As he surged forward, Lacey's hand splayed out across his belly, just above his groin, pushing in to make his orgasm that much more intense and pulled back just enough to keep the head locked between her lips and began to swallow, steeling herself for the blast of cum that suddenly erupted in her mouth, struggling to not miss a single drop.

"Oh my god..." he gasped as he melted back against the bed, panting hard, sweaty from those few short minutes of ecstasy and near torture.

Lacey gently pulled off him as he sank back against the bed, her hand still gently applying pressure just above the base of his cock as she smiled and kissed her way up his body, her fingers gently reaching to push back sweaty strands of hair from his forehead "Mmmm ... good morning," she purred, a soft chuckle lifting from her lips.

"Mornin'..." he managed breathlessly, struggling to catch his breath again. Finally he was able to pull his grip from the headboard and wrap his arms around her to kiss her gently.

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