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Pam and Jack Make it Real


Authors Notes and Disclaimer:

This is my one of my latest stories. This particular story does not have a lot of sex in it. I've concentrated on character development.

There are many negative comments on stories in the "Loving Wives" category. Other authors have told me posting in this category is not for the faint of heart. So be it. However, if you read this story, you should remember it is FICTION.

I do not condone unsafe sex. ALWAYS be careful in real life. You could die from a bad choice.

As a reader, you should realize that there might be themes you do not agree with. I strongly urge you not to read further if you have strong feelings regarding fetishes, cheating, or wives/husbands defining their relationships in non-traditional manners. If you have comments regarding the technical writing, I'd love to hear from you, otherwise, remember - it is just a story.


Friday afternoon has always been a gift to me. The work week would be over soon and I could look forward to a weekend with my wife Pam, the kids and friends. I was really looking forward to tonight, because my best buddy, Jack was coming over for dinner. The plan was to hang out with Pam and me for the evening. It's what we've been doing for more than fifteen years. We would probably have a few beers, watch a movie and then Jack would fuck my Pam.

That would be the elephant in the room all evening because that last part is new. Pam and Jack had been having an affair for approx 3 months, but tonight would be the very first time that I would be under the same roof when they did the deed.

An affair might not be the right word for their relationship. After all, I knew about them going all the way right from the start. In fact, to some extent, I had helped and encouraged them to take the next steps. We hide nothing between the three of us. We all know what's been going on, although most of the time we don't outright acknowledge anything.

Pam and I have of course talked about it in-depth. She would never have taken it to the next level without making sure I was all right with everything. For years, Jack and Pam have hugged, kissed and even cuddled on the couch while watching movies or whatever. They like each other and all of that kind of behaviour was pretty normal around the three of us.

Jack is my best friend and for that matter, he's been very close to Pam over the years. I knew they really liked each other and I watched their relationship grow over that time to more than just a husband's buddy and a wife. They became close friends with each other in their own right. Obviously, their friendship has deepened into something else entirely in the last 3 months.

It's not as if they're meeting every afternoon and going to a seedy motel to boff their brains out. In fact, over the last two months, they've only done the deed twice. Those first two meetings deserve their own stories, which I'll eventually document for my readers at some future time. I'm telling this story first because it had the biggest impact on me personally. I hope you'll understand why after you've read the details.

In real life, there are a million mundane logistics revolving around life, work, kids and partners. All of which limited opportunities for lovers to meet. There are also very important planning items, like birth control that need to be resolved before entering into a physical relationship. The first time for Pam and Jack was spontaneous, which lead to a couple of weeks of us being nervous until Pam had her period. Pam has never liked condoms and Jack is an old and dear friend, so it's not about STDs. I, however, have had a vasectomy and Jack has not, so pregnancy is a very real concern. Although the second time for Pam and Jack was also without protection, Pam was adamant that future trysts would require some sort of birth control other than pure chance. So, time went by without much opportunity for them to explore their newfound intimacy until tonight.

The mundane details that needed doing were now complete. Pam had seen the doctor and asked for a diaphragm. Although the Doc's eyebrows rose slightly, (he is our family doctor and knows I have had a vasectomy) he gave her an exam and fitted her for the right size. He wrote out a prescription, which Pam had filled at a nearby women's clinic. Apparently, there is a mandatory one-hour course on how to use the diaphragm, which included how to use the spermicide that is required with the diaphragm and how to insert it correctly.

Diaphragms are basically a circular rubber cup with a rubber covered outer spring ring around the edge. You hold the outer ring between your thumb and middle finger and squeeze the ring until the sides almost meet. The diaphragm now looks like an elongated rubber trough. One end is inserted into the vagina and pushed down towards the tailbone. The other end is then pushed up behind the pubic bone. The inside of the cup is, of course, filled with spermicide and additional spermicide is then injected into the vagina below the diaphragm. If inserted correctly, the diaphragm covers the entire opening to the uterus.

Pam brought it home a few days ago. We both went over the course material and practised together to make sure she knew how to insert it correctly. Once in, it has to be left in place for a minimum of six hours after having sex. If you have more than one round of intercourse, spermicide jelly has to be added to the vagina before the next round of intercourse. The best positions to insert a diaphragm is to lie down, squat, or stand with one leg propped up. Pam and I found that having her lying down was the best position for her, especially if I helped to insert it. I must say for reasons we don't fully understand, we both found the process highly erotic.

You might think it's weird to find that inserting a diaphragm could be suggestively kinky or exciting. On the other hand, when you really think about it, you'll agree that it certainly could stimulating in certain circumstances. I know it certainly did for me. I mean, Pam and I didn't have any requirement for birth control, yet here we were consciously inserting what has to be one of the most deliberate methods of birth control used by couples. It brings the knowledge of what Pam was going to use it for front and centre to both our minds. There is no ignoring the fact that your wife is about to have sex with another man when you're inserting her diaphragm for her, especially when it's not required for making love between the two of you. I asked Pam and she agreed that unless I wasn't able to be with her, it was going to be something that I could help her with.

I should describe Pam and Jack a bit. Pam is in her mid-thirties, blonde with blue eyes, 38C and a curvy 5 ft tall. She is a very classy woman. She always dresses to impress. Even her casual clothes are meticulously chosen so that she can present her best front to the world. She is smart, articulate and does not use foul language - ever! We've been married over fifteen years. She is the love of my life in every way and my very best friend. If it's possible, I love her more with the passing of every day. On most days, she won't use make-up. However, her hair and nails are always done. When she does do make-up, it's subtle and enhances her natural beauty.

Jack is tall. Very tall, especially next to Pam. He 6 ft 3inches, He takes very good care of himself. He weight-lifts and has a good physique, because of his exercise regime. He's not a nut about it, but his muscles certainly have a definition due to his conscientious regular workouts. His abs are washboard hard.

I'm 5ft 10 inches, have a desk job and I'm not much on exercise, so my "definition" is certainly different from Jack's. I'm not fat, but I'm certainly not even close to being "The Rock". Jack and I are like apples and oranges. Thankfully, Pam says a person can like both, possible because they are different from each other. ...Oh, not that Pam says it makes any difference, but my man parts measures just over 5 inches and Jack's is approx 8.5 inches. That's real length, not internet inches. Yes, I know. He's in the 5-percentile point for penis length. If size mattered to Pam, I'd be really ticked at my luck. Luckily, for me, she says it doesn't matter.

I arrived home just after 4 PM. Pam greeted me with her customary kiss and hug. She was busy preparing dinner and dealing with all the regular household chores that go on every day. I cleaned up, changed my clothes to something more comfortable and headed back to the kitchen to talk to with Pam.

"Hi, honey. How's dinner coming?"

Pam said; "Almost ready. I think Jack should be here any time now. We'll start as soon as he arrives."

I asked; "Is this the big night?"

Pam's eyes darted to my face. She blushed slightly, smiled and said; "I'm thinking about it. We'll see."

I didn't push her. I knew it was difficult for her. There were a million things going through her mind and mine as well. We had discussed the major ones during the last few months. We pretty much covered the whole schism that could be expected between spouses where one was no longer exclusive in the relationship.

She was worried that in some way I might think she loved me less and I was certainly worried about exactly the same thing. She also was worried that I hated her or couldn't love her anymore because she had broken our marriage vows. Pam was to some extent wanting to just put the whole thing behind us as a brief dalliance that was a mistake on her part and tell Jack it was over. She expressed to me that she was so completely confused that she could have such strong feelings for another man when she was still deeply in love with me. She also told me that she found the physical aspects with Jack incredibly irresistible and although she cared deeply for Jack, she didn't love him in the same way as she loved me.

However, I felt that to end things outright would leave whatever was happening between Pam and Jack unfinished and certainly result in unresolved questions for Pam and me in the future. Neither of us wanted to lose Jack as a friend. That resulted in further discussions on options that we explored together.

We talked about love versus sex and what if her feelings did deepen more for Jack than me? We talked about the physical differences and I had to know if the sex was better because of that. We talked about jealousy on my part and for that matter, on Jack's part. It certainly occurred to me that once Jack was making love with Pam, he might feel jealousy towards me, knowing that Pam and I were also being intimate.

Pam was worried about what I would be feeling when she and Jack were together without me in the same room. In other words, when I would be by myself while they were having sex. This, after all, wasn't a threesome situation in the traditional sense. None of us was comfortable with sex with all three of us together in the same bed at the same time. If there were to be an extra person added on occasion, it would be Jack and Pam, or Pam and me. This lead to a discussion on how we would act when we were socializing together. Frankly, we would always spend more time with all of us in the same room doing normal friend things than just the sex parts. How would we all handle the unspoken subject between us when we were just being friends?

In the end, most of our concerns were unanswerable. It left us hanging in a very uncomfortable no man's land, where neither of us could fully settle on expectations, desires, needs and confirmation of our commitments to each other. We were, however, able to express that we still did truly love each other. We also came to the conclusion that neither of us wanted or intended to in any way quit our marriage or give up on us.

That resulted in the only conclusion that was logical or at least logical for us. Somehow, we would have to try including Jack as an intimate partner with Pam. We would give it time to see how it worked out for all three of us. Pam and I agreed to revisit everything after each occasion or when one of us needed to resolve negative feelings we might experience.

In reaching this conclusion, we ended up with a whole other set of questions. For example, what were the logistics of Pam and Jack's intimate times together? Where would they take place? How often? Who initiates what? How planned should their trysts be? Where would I be? Etc, etc.

Again, we couldn't come up with answers to most of the questions. We did, however, agree on some. The most important was that there would be no secrets, ever. They also included my request that Pam and Jack do not go to his place or places like motels. For my part, I needed to be close by and fully aware of their intimate times together. In other words, our home would have to be the one place where most of their intimacy would occur. In addition, for the most part, over-night was not going to be a regular option unless agreed upon beforehand. Jack would continue as before to go home at the end of the evening. I absolutely needed to know that Pam and I would end every day sleeping in the same bed together. I did suggest to Pam that these requests were not absolutes, and if she needed an exemption from this agreement, we could discuss it on a one to one exception.

Pam had her own requests. She felt it was important to be able to show affection to both Jack and me when we were hanging out together. She made it clear that it would not include overt sexual affection, but rather hugs, pecks on cheeks or just being close to either of us while doing normal things. Those behaviours weren't different than before things had changed between all of us. However, she was astute enough to know that jealousy could rear its ugly head. Especially between guys who now would know that she was being intimate with the other man in the room. She also asked that if I had problems that caused me feelings of being unable to cope at any time, to please take her aside privately and let her know immediately. She told me she would end the night at that point so that we could talk through any issues and either reset out process or reassess the whole Jack thing.

I can't say that either of us was completely happy with the situation, the choices or decisions we had reached. It was, however, livable and a starting point. Pam had also talked to Jack. She filled him in on our thinking. During that discussion, Jack also made suggestions, which we found logical and thoughtful.

He was very concerned about coming between the two of us, but at the same time freely admitted that he wanted Pam intimately and was hoping they could continue. He did, however, feel that Pam and I should always drive the decisions on when, how often and if we continued. He would acquiescent to our wishes in all cases.

We heard a horn beep in the driveway. Jack was here. Pam asked me to grab the front door and let Jack in. Our home is a two level home with the living area on the top floor and extra bedrooms and rec room on the bottom floor. The main entrance is on the bottom floor, so I headed down the stairs to the front door and opened it.

"Hi, Jack. It's great to see you. How are you?"

Jack replied; "Awesome, thanks. Sure glad Friday's here and I'm really happy to see you guys."

I laughed and winked as I said; "I'll bet you are!"

Jack actually blushed, which I found amusing. I invited him in and gestured for him to head upstairs to the kitchen. I followed, chuckling to myself. If I was sharing, then I was also not going to completely ignore the situation between Jack and I. He'd have to put up with some friendly ribbing and to accept that there was an ante for being in the game.

We arrived at the door to the kitchen. Pam turned and smiled at Jack. She stepped towards him and held out her arms for a hug. Jack stepped into them. Pam turned her face upward and gave Jack a quick kiss on the lips, which he responded to in-kind.

"How are you Jack?" asked Pam.

"Oh, I'm just great now that I'm here" Jack replied.

They separated. Pam said; "You guys wash up and sit down at the table. I'll serve dinner right away."

We had a great dinner. Pam is an awesome cook. There were lots of jokes, stimulating and fun conversation. A few glasses of wine helped the time fly. Several hours had pleasantly passed by the time the dishes were cleared away. I suggested it was my turned to clean up the kitchen and that Pam and Jack should go set up a movie in the living room for us to watch. They graciously accepted my offer and I headed to the kitchen.

I could hear them talking and laughing as I washed and dried the dishes. It's no problem for me cleaning up. Pam had after all done all the cooking, so it was the least I could do. We have always shared household duties so it also wasn't unusual. What wasn't usual was the knot I felt in my stomach. That rush of adrenaline when you're not sure if you should run or fight. I really couldn't decide if it was excitement, fear of the unknown or something else. It wasn't necessarily unpleasant. After all, most of us enjoy rides at a carnival or being scared during a horror movie. This feeling felt similar, although I also knew there was a sexual tension mixed with the butterflies.

Why I would feel sexually excited was a surprise to me. After all, I wasn't going to be the person having a new sexual partner. I shouldn't be feeling aroused. If anything, maybe fear, regret or even anger and resentment. However, those were not the feelings or thoughts I was having. Is it possible that I was living vicariously through what I thought Pam was experiencing? Could it be that a spouse could actually care for their wife so much, that they gained happiness through their wife's joy, even when it was involving sex with another man? Frankly, I was beyond confused. In the end, I realized that all I could really do was just roll with how the evening was about to unfold.

With a sigh of perplexity and frustration, I folded the dishtowel and headed to the living room. I found Pam and Jack sitting on the couch as they browse movies available on our cable box. I grabbed the recliner and we all discussed options. We finally settled on a recent smash box office action/crime movie. Pam hit the order button, while I grabbed beers for us guys and a glass of wine for Pam.

We settled down to watch the movie. All I had to do was look to the right without swivelling my head to see Jack and Pam on the couch. They started off sitting close together, but shortly into the movie, Pam pulled her feet up onto the couch and leaned against Jack. He soon had his arm around her shoulders.

We paused midway through the movie, so we could all do the bathroom break. Pam made popcorn. After she brought it out, she said she wanted to change into something more comfortable before continuing the movie. She headed off to our bedroom, while Jack and I BS's about the week, work and other important guys stuff. After about ten minutes, Pam returned dressed in a beautiful black satin peignoir set. It was full floor length. Although thoroughly sexy, it was not revealing. Jack and I compliment her on how lovely she looked.

Pam grabbed a throw from the back of the couch, settled in again beside Jack and threw the blanket over their bodies so it covered them from the waist down. We turned the movie back and settled back down to finish the movie. Twenty minutes in, I notice Pam pull the blanket higher up so that it covered them from the chest down. I noticed that under the blanket she had slid her arm around Jacks' torso as she snuggled closer. Jack again had put his arm around Pam's shoulders. They appeared happy and comfortable.

Sometime later, I noticed Pam's hand seemed to be slowly moving under the blanket somewhere around the vicinity of Jack's lap. I could imagine what her fingers were doing under that blanket. I checked my watch and realized it was already 10 PM. It seemed the right time to allow Pam to figure out how far she wanted to go.

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