tagLesbian SexPam and Tanya: The Next Morning

Pam and Tanya: The Next Morning


Sunshine streamed in the windows of Pam's bedroom. Stirring slightly, the figure behind her snuggled closer and a hand slipped between her legs. Grinning sleepily, Pam felt faint, warm breath on her neck. Delicate fingers teased her neatly shaved strip of pubic hair. Pam's eyes blinked open as the realization of what happened the night before came into focus in her mind. Her husband, John, had gone away on business, leaving her alone for the weekend. A series of innocent events the day before had culminated in a passionate night of lovemaking with their live-in maid, Tanya. Glancing at the bedside clock, she saw it was nearly 8:00AM. A flutter of guilt and excitement went through her belly. Would it be awkward when the girl woke up next to her, or would they simply pick up where they had left off? That question was answered a moment later when she felt Tanya's finger gently circle around her clitoris. A warm kiss was planted on her neck, followed by a whispered, "Good morning."

Reaching down to adjust the girl's hand, Pam smiled over her shoulder. Tanya's dark hair was messed in a sexy "morning after" way. With their fingers intertwined, the two women slipped into a rhythmic grind against each other. No words were exchanged as the skin-to-skin contact generated more than enough sexual energy to keep them warm. Rolling over to face her new lover, Pam took Tanya's face in her hands. Tracing the young woman's lips with her thumbs, she leaned forward and kissed her deeply. Pulling back the covers, Tanya gazed at the body of her employer. She wondered if her own body would look this marvelous when she was in her 40's. Kissing her way down Pam's body, she had never felt so sexual; so free.

Sitting up, Pam leaned back against the headboard and raised her knees. Looking down, she saw Tanya's head settle between her legs, feeling the warm wet mouth explore her. Occasionally, Pam would reach down and run her fingers through her lover's hair, giving the girl gentle encouragement.

Suddenly, the phone on the bedside table rang. Pam instinctively knew it was John. He often called in the morning before leaving for his business related matters when he was away. Tanya stopped and looked up from her place between Pam's legs. The phone rang again. Reaching for the phone with trembling fingers, Pam answered.

"Hi, honey. Did I wake you?" John asked.

"No, I was already up," She answered, trying to sound natural.

""I thought you might sleep in, since you have the day to yourself." He said.

"No, I have some things to do today," Pam replied. She let out a slight gasp as she felt a finger penetrate her. Looking down, Tanya had a sly smile on her face as she worked the finger in and out of her employer. A wave of desire washed over Pam as she talked to her husband on the phone while her lesbian lover teased and tickled her most sensitive spot. Several times, she held her hand over the mouthpiece of the phone to conceal her shallow breathing. Before the conversation was over, Tanya was lapping greedily at Pam's vagina.

"Do you miss me?" John asked.

"Yes, I do. Have a good day and don't worry about me. I have a busy day planned." She said.

"I love you," John whispered tenderly.

"I love you, too" Pam replied. The comment was directed to her husband on the phone, but her eyes were locked on the naked woman in her bed.

Hanging up the phone, Pam took a handful of Tanya's hair and forced the girl to look at her.

"You are such a bad girl," she said, with mock anger.

"Yes, I am" Tanya grinned.

Pulling the girl to her, Pam kissed her deeply.

"Naughty girls get a spanking, you know" Pam said in a low, sexy voice.

"Yummy" Tanya purred.

"Turn around and show me your pretty little ass" Pam commanded.

Tanya spun around on the bed and lifted her curvy behind.

"Spank me" Tanya whispered, "Slap my ass"

A naughty feeling came over Pam as she saw the girl bent over in front of her. Slapping lightly, she heard the girl moan.

"Come on, spank me harder" Tanya hissed.

Bringing her hand down on the firm dark flesh, Pam watched as the girl threw her head back in ecstasy.

"Yeah, give it to me rough" Tanya urged.

Pam licked her index finger and slid it into the girl as she slapped her ass again. Working the finger in and out, Tanya's hips bounced against Pam's hand. Slowly, Pam added more fingers until she was working 4 fingers deeper and deeper with each stroke. Succumbing to her kinky desires, Pam leaned forward and gave Tanya's winking asshole a teasing lick. The girl squealed with delight and reached back with one hand to spread her cheeks farther apart. Pam's tongue wiggled and tickled around the tight hole. Pulling away suddenly, Tanya scrambled away from her lover.

"I can't come yet. This is too good" she said breathlessly. Leaving the bed, Tanya sat on the floor in front of the full-length mirror. Following her young lover, Pam crawled from the bed toward Tanya, like a cougar stalking her prey. The floor was still littered with lingerie that had been tossed aside from the night before. Hesitating for a moment, Pam spied a single black stocking, rumpled on the floor. Snatching it with her fingers, she crawled to Tanya and kissed her. Bringing the stocking into view, she placed it over Tanya's eyes and knotted it behind her head as a makeshift blindfold. Standing before her, Pam guided the young woman's head between her thighs. Reaching out with the tip of her tongue, Tanya searched for her treat. Short pubic hairs tickled her nose for a moment before she lapped at her employer. Bending slightly at the knees to give Tanya better access, Pam rolled her hips to the rhythm of her lover's tongue. Within a few minutes, Pam began to ride the wave of an oncoming orgasm. Forcing herself into the girl's face, she shook with ecstasy.

Pulling the stocking from her eyes, Tanya smiled broadly as Pam collapsed on the edge of the bed. Mimicking the way Pam had crawled toward her earlier, Tanya inched her way to the bed. One of Pam's legs dangled over the edge. Creeping slowly, the girl planted gentle kisses on her lover's calf. Glancing down, Pam watched as Tanya kissed her way down to her toes. As if on cue, Pam presented both feet to the girl. Tanya gently kissed and nibbled the slender sexy toes. Rising up, she stood with her legs apart and lifted a foot to her vagina. Rubbing the big toe against her clitoris, the young woman brought herself to orgasm as Pam watched intently.

With their urges briefly satisfied, the two women snuggled on the bed again.

"I could spend all day like this" Tanya purred.

"That sounds heavenly" Pam replied.

The rest of the morning was spent in Pam's bed. Long stretches of silence were interrupted from time to time by brief chats or kisses.

Finally, when their energy was replenished, the women rose. Pam reached for her robe, but Tanya stopped her.

"Please, no clothing" She urged.

Pam agreed and the pair walked downstairs completely nude.

In the kitchen, Pam took a seat at the counter as Tanya poured glasses of orange juice. Leaning seductively over the counter to give Pam a nice view of her cleavage, Tanya asked what they should do for the rest of the day.

"I'm sure we can occupy ourselves in one way or another," Pam said.

Walking around behind her employer, Tanya nuzzled Pam's neck. Reaching around, she cupped the older woman's breasts and brushed the nipples with her thumbs.

Pam wondered to herself exactly how many times could she come in one day. When they were newlyweds, she and John had made love several times a day, but with Tanya, she could come every time the girl touched her. A hand slipped between her legs and immediately found her button. Nibbles on her neck pushed her closer to the edge. Pushing the girl's hand away, she turned and faced Tanya.

"Lay down on the counter" Pam commanded. Climbing up, Tanya stretched and winked at Pam. Using the tip of one finger; Pam traced the girl's curves. Tanya's skin tingled as Pam touched her. Circling a nipple, the skin puckered slightly as the nipple grew erect. Tanya fought the urge to giggle as the finger dragged down her belly. The fingertip continued lower until it found the moist lips of her vagina. Gazing down at her young lover, Pam relished the reaction she was getting. The girl was truly feeling pleasure. The finger worked its way between the lips and increased speed. Before long, Tanya was moaning and working her hips in unison with Pam's hand. Unable to resist, Pam parted the young woman's legs and lowered her mouth. If anyone passed by the large French doors of the dining room, they would be astonished to see Pam's head nestled between Tanya's legs as the girl writhed on the countertop.

Silently, the tiny red light on the security camera blinked. Neither woman realized that their encounter in the kitchen was being saved on the DVR unit in the hallway closet. They also didn't know that at that moment, hundreds of miles away, Pam's husband, John, was logged into his laptop computer watching the entire scenario. Stroking his penis vigorously, he fantasized about his homecoming the next night.


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