tagInterracial LovePam's New Lover

Pam's New Lover


My wife and I had just left from our initial meet with a potential lover for her. We had found him via a website; he was very clean cut, young black fellow and a college student at the local university. We had met him at an out of the way restaurant in a town not far from us to minimize the potential of running into people we may know.

To meet us, you would never guess we were into swinging, much less interracial play. We are mid-forties, professional couple, "DINK's" and enjoy the lifestyle and understand the risks and do our best to minimize discovery.

Our meeting went really well; Trey was an absolute gentleman, comfortable talking with us and understood this was just an initial meeting and had no expectations beyond a good meal and good conversation. Trey was very well dressed and in excellent shape, athletic build though not an athlete at the college. He was interested in an education and not sports. No tattoos or brandings that seemed to be the thing for a lot of black students in frats. Trey mentioned he wasn't a frat boy type and was independent; his folks had raised him that way. His pictures he had sent Pam were definitely accurate. 6'2", easy 225lbs of muscle, no sign of flab anywhere.

"So, sweetheart, what do you think? Is he someone you would like to know better?" I asked my lovely wife. She smiled at me, her face lit by the ambient light in the interior of the car, and nodded.

"Yes, he seems very sweet, very comfortable to be around. He seems to have a good head on his shoulders. I liked talking with him; he seemed very easy to get along with."

"I had the same feeling; he seems like a good match."

Pam, giggled, "I thought you would like him, his arms looked so strong, can't wait to feel them wrapped around me."

"You are so bad, babe! So, when do you want to set something up with him?"

Pam reached over and grabbed my arm, "Let's bring him over Friday night."

"To the house?" Pam nodded, "Yes, I have a very good feeling about him."

We had brought guys over before, but never on the first "date". Something had really intrigued Pam about Trey.

"Hmm, OK, I'll give him a call tomorrow and see if he is available then. I'll pick him up at his place. But, in the meantime we need to go find you a nice sexy outfit for Friday night. Give him a nice package to unwrap!"

Pam smiled, "He seemed to like my legs and he couldn't help looking at my breasts. We need to find something that shows them off well."

"I can't agree more, plus he'll like that flat tummy too, among other assets!" I laughed and Pam did too.

"Yes, I bet he will love my ass too!"

One thing I enjoy is buying Pam clothing to wear for her "dates". Giving the some eye candy that is exciting to look at and something Pam can "break in". I do have a fetish about her getting fucked in the clothing and it being soaked in cum and sweat. We went over to Victoria's Secret during the week and picked out a few items and I found a very revealing pair of white, low rise boy shorts online for her to wear Friday night.

I gave Trey a call the next day and let him know that we were very interested in him and that Pam had decided she would like a more intimate meeting Friday night if possible. I explained she wanted to bring him to our house, which really excited him. I explained we have some nosey neighbors, so I would need to bring him over after dark to minimize the risk. Trey indicated he was very interested in pursuing this as well; he was excited to meet Pam and was happy she had made this decision.

Friday, I called Trey up and got his address and went to pick him up, we arrived back at our house after dark and drove into the garage, needing to keep the nosy neighbors from seeing anything that might raise an eyebrow. I led Trey into our den off of the garage and offered him a seat on the couch. Trey was well dressed, nice polo shirt and jeans. I took a seat on the loveseat just across from Trey, the couch and love seat were positioned to create a L shape with a table and lamp providing just enough separation and a soft light for the room. The couch and love seat were plush, microfiber construction and very comfortable.

"Pam should be down in a bit."

"Thanks, Dave, you two are just fantastic people to meet and I'm glad you've decided to bring me over to your home, it is an honor being here. Pam is such a gorgeous lady, you're very lucky to have her."

"Thanks, Trey; she is the love of my life. Beautiful, sexy and insatiable at times. I'm glad you find her attractive; she certainly is attracted to you and not just for your physical features. She really enjoyed talking with you at our meeting last Sunday night and she was the one who decided to bring you here for your first date instead of a hotel. Understand, anything that happens is her decision and she will let you know."

Pam came into the den carrying a bottle of wine and some glasses. Pam was wearing a blue bra top from Victoria's Secret, linen drawstring beach pants, and a pair of low rise pucker back boy shorts that barely covered anything. Pam had taken the top in for alterations to make sure it exposed more of her midriff, the linen beach pants were worn low around her hips, exposing her tummy and plunging provocatively. The linen was not completely opaque so you could see a hint of her tan legs and the white boy shorts.

"Can I offer you boys anything?" she said, smiling in a very mischievous way. Pam placed the bottle and glasses on the table and came over to me and we embraced and kissed.

"Good to see you, babe. Trey and I were just talking about you."

"Oh really, was it all good?"

"Yes, ma'am" said Trey, "Very good; I was complimenting Dave on how lucky he was to have you as his wife." Pam smiled and walked over to Trey and hugged him. Trey wrapped his arms around her and lifted her up a little. "You're very beautiful too!" Trey eased her back down. They stood there a moment maintaining their embrace. Pam looked over at me and smiled. She looked up at Trey and asked, "Would you like some wine?" "Yes, please."

They released their embrace and Pam began pouring the wine, she handed Trey his glass first and then mine and finally she filled hers.

"To friends and maybe more", I offered my glass and Pam and Trey clinked theirs into mine. I sat down on the love seat and Pam followed, Trey sat on the end of the couch and we began talking. We finished off the bottle of wine as we talked, getting to know more about each other.

Pam squeezed my leg, "Honey, would you get me some water? Trey, do you want something else to drink?"

"Sure, water would be fine for me too."

I nodded and leaned over and gave Pam a kiss on her lips, "I'll run upstairs and fix a pitcher of water and grab some ice and glasses, and I'll be right back."

I headed upstairs, straining to hear what they were saying or hear what they were doing. I heard some laughter and thought I heard Pam get off of the love seat. I took my time fixing the pitcher of water and glasses. I put them on a tray and headed back down stairs to the den, easing my way down the stairs, listening for any noises that indicated Pam had gone beyond the mere talking stage. She hadn't told me if she was going to go further and if so where in the house she was going to surrender herself to him.

I could hear the TV so I suspected maybe more was happening but as I entered the den I saw my wife and Trey on the couch. Trey, still sitting on the end nearest the lamp and Pam, still clothed, lying on the couch with her head supported on a pillow resting on Trey's lap. They were merely talking all though Trey was running his right hand through her hair.

"I've got the water, who wants a glass?" I began pouring the water into the glasses and handing one to my wife and one to Trey. I sat on the love seat and looked over at Trey and my wife, they were having a rather innocent conversation though she was lying on the couch with her head in his lap and he was running his fingers through her hair in an absent minded fashion. Pam tilted her head and asked,

"Babe, find a movie or something for us to watch."

"OK, sweetheart," I picked up the remote and started flipping through the channels, while the love birds continued their innocent conversation. I have to admit it was exciting watching her and Trey interact, laugh here and there, smiles, looking into each other's eyes.

I continued scanning through the channels finding an interesting program here or there and stopping to watch for a few minutes. Trey and Pam seemed disinterested in the TV and continued their innocuous conversation.

I was watching them out of the corner of my eye when I saw Pam move her right hand to touch Trey's hand and bring his hand to her right cheek. Trey gently rubbed her cheek with his fingers as she held his hand. Pam shifted just slightly to move a little bit further up into his lap. Trey's left arm was draped along the back of the couch and with Pam' slight shift in position he could easily reach inside the waist of her pants.

I changed channels again, searching for other programs that would allow me to feign interest and appear oblivious to anything taking place on the couch. Pam's left hand was resting on her bare tummy. She moved her hand just slightly to fiddle with the draw string of her pants before moving her hand back and adjusting her top just a bit. She arched her back just a bit while she did this. Pam then raised her left arm to brush Trey's left side with her fingers. She traced the back of her fingers along his side and up to his upper arm and back down then putting her hand back on her firm tummy.

I watched her breathing change just slightly and her lips part just a little; a small sigh escaped her lips. Trey looked down and moved his arm from where it was resting and placed his hand on top of hers. They entwined their fingers. Trey's massive hand easily dwarfed hers. Pam slowly guided his hand ever lower on her tummy; I could hear her breathing change just a bit.

I watched as she lifted her left leg to raise her knee just a bit. Ever so slowly Pam eased their hands closer to the waist of her beach pants. She brought her right hand over and placed it on top of their hands and slowly rubbed the back of Trey's hand. He seemed to press down just a bit and move his hand in a small circle. I continued watching TV as I observed this out of the corner of my eyes. I watched the slow dance of their hands as they moved along Pam's firm tummy, ever closer to the waistband of her pants then slowly back to the edge of her top. Pam rotated her hips slightly as their hands slipped just beneath the waistband of her pants. I heard a whisper of a gasp as she guided their entwined hands further beneath the waistband.

I could just barely see that their hands were not low enough to penetrate her and Pam began a slow rocking of her hips as she held on to Trey's hand. She tilted her head back, her lips parted, her breathing getting slightly labored. Her eyes were closed as she turned her head and kissed the palm of his right hand, she then sucked on his fingers.

Pam lowered her right foot to the carpet, just touching it with her toes, causing her legs to be splayed wider increasing access to her, yet Trey didn't attempt to move his fingers further. Pam slid her left hand out and traced her fingers along her tummy and towards her breasts.

I could see Trey's fingers moving ever so rhythmically beneath her waistband, yet not going further to slide inside her, Pam tugged at the drawstring with her right hand untying it and pushing the waistband down just a bit, giving me a better view of what Trey was doing. He had not slipped his fingers beneath the boy shorts, but he was stroking the fabric causing it to put pressure along her slit, teasing her. I said nothing, just sat and watched as this transpired.

Pam looked back up and Trey, "Kiss me..." she said ever so softly.

She raised her head and turned her body into his, lifting her right knee, Trey withdrew his hand from her waistband and grabbed her hair with his right hand and held her head as he lean over to kiss her, his left hand reaching between her legs and squeezing her cunt through the fabric as he kissed her. Soft moans escaped as they kissed so passionately on the couch, Pam's knees nearly coming back to her chest, her legs spread slightly to allow Trey's hand access to her linen covered crotch.

Trey's right hand was full of my wife's hair, controlling her head; he would pull her hair and break the kiss so he could kiss along her cheek and down the side of her neck and back to her lips and open mouth. My wife's hands clasped his head to bring him to her, to prolong the kiss. Trey brought his left hand around began stroking Pam's right side and down her leg. He continued kissing her as his hand explored her leg and around to her ass, he squeezed her ass and pulled her closer.

Pam moved her hips in towards him pressing herself against him as they kissed. I saw her toes curl as they kissed. Trey continued squeezing her ass, forcing his fingers between her linen covered ass cheeks. Little sighs of passion would escape them as they kissed.

They broke their embrace and looked into each other's eyes, smiling and enjoying the moment. Trey eased Pam's head back onto the pillow as she adjusted her position on the couch, her head supported by the pillow on Trey's lap, her knees bent, and her bare feet flat on the couch.

She stroked the side of Trey's face with her right hand, "mmm, what a great kisser." Pam looked over at me, "Babe that was wonderful."

"Well, Trey, looks like my wife is very impressed with your kissing. I must say it was very passionate."

Trey nodded, "It was all her, she really inspired the passion."

Pam quipped, "You're the inspiration I needed for that kiss." Pam caressed his cheek as she said that. I took a sip from my glass of water; my mouth was dry from watching what had just taken place. The water was cool but not cold; the ice had melted.

"Anyone need more ice?" I asked. Pam looked at her and Trey's glasses,

"Yes that would be nice." Pam rolled of the couch onto her knees "I'll run upstairs and refill the pitcher with ice, you two wait here."

Pam stood up and retied her drawstring and then stretched herself, arching her back and getting on tip toes before stepping over to me and kissing me, her hand squeezing my hard cock through my jeans before grabbing the pitcher and heading upstairs. Trey followed her every move with his eyes, watching her as she left the room.

"Dave, what a lady, she is a fine, fine woman. I was just amazed at how sweet she was when we met last Sunday, and now to be here and to have been on this couch kissing and holding her is just fantastic! I could feel her body respond to my touch, my kiss, wow! She is very sensual and in tune. I can't thank you enough for having me over. Her outfit is smoking hot, really shows her body off."

I nodded, "You have only begun with her too, think of the possibilities you may be sharing with her. I'm glad you liked the clothing; we picked it out just for you to enjoy. Pam had the top altered to expose her midriff more." I had noticed that Pam was taking more time than usual to fill a pitcher with ice water and return, I was wondering what she was doing or had planned.

Trey and I kept talking until he made an innocuous request, "Dave, I hate to trouble you but I need to use your restroom."

"Ah, ok," I thought I could hear Pam walking around upstairs," the bathroom is upstairs; take a right and the first door on your right across from the master bedroom."

Trey thanked me and headed upstairs. This had Pam written all over it, she would not tell me when or where she planned to surrender to him, my guess is they talked about it when I went to bring the water earlier in the evening and now the game begins. I sat down on the love seat and kicked off my shoes, biding my time to allow for Trey and my wife to make their connection. My cock was straining against my jeans.

I let a good ten minutes pass before slowly making my way up the stairs. I checked the kitchen and saw the water pitcher and no sign of the lovers. I eased my way around the corner and peaked in the living room, still no sign of them. I crept down the hall easing up to my office door and peaking in; the office was empty as well. I moved quietly down the hall, the bathroom was empty and the door to the master bedroom was partially closed. I peeked through the crack and could see them standing in front of the full length mirror.

Pam had decided on our bedroom, first time with him and she goes all out! Obvious Trey had really sparked an interest in Pam to get her this worked up to invite him into our bed for the first time. Pam was facing the mirror and Trey was behind her, he was holding her as she leaned back onto him. They were both still clothed and just talking softly.

Pam tilted her head back, "I love your strong arms, and they feel so powerful when you wrap them around me." Trey looked down into her eyes and smiled. He was several inches taller than she. Pam is 5'7" and Trey is easily 6'2". Trey leaned his head down and gave her a light kiss on her cheek.

"You feel so soft and gentle in my arms. I love the feel of your soft skin yet your body feels so firm and responsive" Trey ran his hands along her arms and then across her tummy, teasing the waistband of her beach pants before moving back across her tummy and just below her breasts.

Pam lifted her right leg a bit so her foot was on tiptoe and leaned her head to the right exposing her neck. Trey kissed my wife on her left cheek and down her exposed neck and along her bare shoulder then back again. I watched his hands in the mirror slowly move to my wife's breasts, squeezing them through the fabric of the blue bra top.

Pam sighed with pleasure as Trey continued exploring her taught body. Her eyes were close and her mouth open just slightly. Trey kissed her, her head tilted back to offer the fullness of her mouth to him, she moved her right hand behind her to rub Trey's manhood, and Trey's hands were cupping and squeezing her breasts through the blue fabric of her top.

I watched as his left hand slowly moved lower finding the waistband of her beach pants and tracing along to the drawstring. Trey tugged on the drawstring, untying the knot. He further loosened the drawstring, slowly pushing the waistband down below Pam's hips exposing the tiny sliver of the low rise boy shorts. I watched her pants slide down her legs and bunch around her ankles, Trey wrapped his left arm around her tummy as she first lifted her right leg, bringing her knee nearly to her chest.

Pam stood on tiptoe with her left leg as Trey lifted her a bit she then kicked the pants away. Trey moved his right hand to catch her under the crook of her right knee, holding her suspended above the floor a few inches. Trey eased her down, first her left foot touching the floor then he allowed her right leg down, stroking her thigh as Pam arched her back, leaning into him and sighing. Trey's hands moved to her hips as he continued kissing along her neck and shoulders. Pam brought her arms up and clasped her hands around the back of Trey's head.

"MMM, oh, Trey..." escaped my wife's lips as they embraced each other in front of the mirror.

The view of them was amazing; I could see them from behind and from the front using the mirror. The contrasting colors, the blue of her top, the tan of her skin, the white of the barely there shorts and Treys dark skin combined to provide a visual feast. His hands roamed all over my wife's body, squeezing her breasts, teasing her navel, stroking the nape of her neck. My wife lifted her arms, signaling to remove her top, Trey eased her top up and over her head as she removed it completely and tossed it on the dresser.

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