tagInterracial LovePandora's Box

Pandora's Box


I looked myself over once again, nervousness causing my hands to shake as I smoothed my black dress over my hips. My black hair was twisted up in an elegant french twist, and my makeup was exact--my eyes dark and smoky, lips natural and glossy. The little dress I had on was strapless, and my C cup breasts were pushed up and out by the gorgeous lace bra I had on. The dress hugged my small waist and then draped down over my full hips, clinging to my ass before stopping just above my knees. Feeling extra sexy, I decided to leave the panties at home tonight. I had on ankle strap heels, my burgundy-painted toenails just peeking out of the front of the sexy stilettos.

I couldn't believe I was going to go through with this. I'd found the little business card quite by accident at my office, after a rather important client had left a few days before. The card was bright red and had the words "Pandora's Box" embossed on it in white letters. On the back of the card was only an address and a phone number. Someone, my client perhaps, had scrawled the word "Temptation" underneath the typing. I'd tucked the card into my purse and forgotten about it, until tonight that was. As I was pulling my wallet out, the card had slipped from my bag and onto the table. Picking it up, I'd turned it over and over in my hands, contemplating. Finally, I'd grabbed my phone and dialed. A woman's husky voice had answered, and I'd nervously asked her about the card I held in my hand. She'd told me it was a private club, and that in order to learn more, I would have to come down. I'd only need the password. Then she hung up.

Staring at the shiny red rectangle, I'd decided what the hell. I could use some excitement. And if I didn't like the place, well, I could just leave. I was 26, single, and lived alone in New York City. It wasn't that I wasn't a pretty girl. Hell, being Puerto Rican definitely had it's advantages. I was just too picky. Men were bastards, and I'd given up on them a long time ago. Now it was me, my thriving design business, and my trusty vibrator. Who needed a man, right? But sometimes, late at night, I felt something was missing. And, now, holding the card in my palm, I thought maybe, just maybe, whatever was missing was at this club....Pandora's Box.

I called the cab company I always used, and ordered a car. As I waited for it, I paced my living room, convincing myself that I wanted to go through with this. I was scared as hell, but I knew that this void in my life had to be filled. Just as I was about to change my mind again, I heard the driver outside beep. That was my sign that this was meant to happen. I left my apartment, locking the door behind me, and eased into the yellow taxi idling at the curb.

"Where to, ma'am?" the man behind the wheel asked, and I recited the address from the card. He simply nodded and drove off. Usually, New York City cab drivers are a talkative bunch, but not this one. I wondered if he could sense my mood. I leaned back into the seat and watched the city fly by. My mind returned to the club and the night that stretched out before me.

Fifteen long minutes later, the driver stops in front of a group of buildings. The street is dark, and not a person was in sight. I stared at the nondescript front of the bar from the window of the cab. I don't know how long I sat there, but the driver eventually asked, "Is this the right place, miss? Or...?"

I just nod and hand him the fare plus a nice tip. Opening the door, I step out onto the street, and up onto the sidewalk. When I hear the cab leave, I know that there's no turning back. Glancing at the card one more time, I go to the door and press the red button, and wait.

The door swings open to admit me, and nervously, I enter. The hall is dark and I can smell incense and some other odd scent that I cannot identify. As my eyes adjust to the dim room, I see a table sat up and two burly men guarding it. Tentatively, I approached it.

When I was within their sight, the man on the left looked up at me. Our eyes locked and I was speechless. He was about 6'4, and very well built. He was black, and his hair was braided back tightly against his head. However, his eyes were grey, and very piercing.

"Password?" he asked, looking me up and down.

"Ummm," I faltered, but my eyes found the red card and the word scrawled there, "ummm, temptation."

He nods and the man on the right lifted a box from the table. Opening it, I see three items. A silver flask, a small, silver ring box, and a silver vial with a black lid and a tiny spoon hanging from it.

"In order to continue, you must choose." The black man said, motioning to the open box. I looked at him, and he just pointed to the three items again. I weighed my options and picked the flask. The other man lifted the bottle from the red-satin lined box and unscrewed the top. Offering it to me, I hesitantly placed it on my lips, and then said, "Well, here goes nothing." I tossed my head back, and the liquid burned as it filled my mouth and trickled down my throat. I gasped, and dropped the flask, my breath ragged as I tried to gain control of my breathing. The men just watched as I struggled to get my composure back. Once I straightened up, they both smiled at me.

"Enjoy your night, and remember "temptation". It's the whole basis of Pandora's Box." The black man took my hand and kissed it, before guiding me out of the hall and into the first room of the club.

I stand in the first room of the club and gaze around. It's painted all black, with animal prints and red being the accents. Low couches in leopard spots and tiger stripes are situated in a circular shape in the middle of the room. A small dance floor is in the middle of the couches, and I can see people sitting there, some alone, others with a partner. A long bar runs the length of the whole room, and men dressed only in tight boxer briefs and lots of oil serve drinks to the few patrons milling around the bar area. Waitresses, females dressed only in negligees or other lingerie work their way around the room, offering drinks to all the other customers.

The music is a sensual R & B, lots of sexual lyrics, and a slow grinding beat. I walk to the bar, and when one of the barmen notice me, I ask for a Tanqueray and tonic. He smiles and slides me my drink quickly, the glass already cold and filled to the top.

"First timers get drinks for free," he says, eyeing me up and down.

"How'd you know?" I ask, nervously wiping my palms on my dress.

He grins and just winks at me, before turning away to help the next guest.

I sit at the bar, my nails nervously tapping against the glass in my hands. I don't know exactly what this place is, or what I'm supposed to do, but I figure that sooner or later I'll figure it out. I quickly down the first drink, feeling the gin warm my stomach. I don't want to be drunk, but I know that a nice buzz will help me through what is to come. When the first glass is empty, the bartender immediately slides a second in front of me. I smile and take the first sip.

Around me, the bar is filling up. I see all types of people, all races, all sizes, all shapes. Then I watch as a couple moves to the dance floor. At first, I think it'll be just a normal dance, then I realize there's more to this than I think. The couple is touching and stroking and kissing, right there in front of everyone. His hands cup her breasts, and she arches her back, baring her cleavage for him. He nuzzles his face between her huge breasts and then tugs her dress down so that she is naked on the top. I gasp as he begins suckling her nipples, feeling myself getting aroused as the couple's sex begins to grow more and more intimate. She now has one leg wrapped around his waist, and you can see where his hand disappears under her skirt.

I barely notice that a man has slid up to the bar beside me; my eyes are still glued to the dance going on before me. She now has both legs around his waist, and her skirt is up around her waist. I can see his cock is out and about to penetrate her. I'm so shocked that I splash a little of my drink on my chest. Jerking a bit, I reach for a napkin just as one is lowered to my flesh. I lift my face up and am immediately eye to eye with Donell, my client. His dark eyes look into mine as he gently cleans the Tanqueray from my flesh.

"Good evening, Kyla," he says, smiling. "I'm glad to see you took me up on my offer."

I bite my lip, and just nod in response. I guess I had known all along why that card had been left in my office. Donell had never blatantly come on to me, but I had noticed the way his eyes moved over my body and face while we were in our meetings. He was a new client, and we'd only met a few times, but he was very kind and willing to work with any idea I had. He was also very sexy, and he was black. I'd never been with a black man before, but I'd often wondered about it. Now, apparently, was my chance. Donell sat beside me, and waved the bartender over. After a fresh drink was placed in front of the both of us, his hand lowers itself onto my knee. I swallow and look down at the foil his flesh against mine made.

His fingers stroking my skin, he begins a conversation, but my mind is elsewhere. I can feel my body responding to his touch, and I'm trying to fight it. As his hand moves up my thigh, and disappears underneath the hem of my skirt, I begin to tremble. My eyes are watching his mouth as he talks, noticing the full lips and how perfect his smooth ebony skin looks. Without thinking about it, I reach out and stroke his jawline, my fingertips gliding lightly over the smooth skin of his face. He stops talking as my fingers begin tracing his lips. His tongue reaches out and curls itself around my index finger, sucking it into his mouth. I moan as he sucks and nibbles on my finger. My eyes flicker back to the dance floor, where there is a full blown orgy in progress. I can see about 15 people writhing in ecstasy on the floor as they please each other. My pussy grows wet and I look back at Donell.

He stands up and takes my hand. I follow willingly. Donell guides me down the length of the bar and then turns into a hidden hallway. Doors line the hall on both sides. From behind them I can hear the moans and cries of people in the throes of passion. I've finally figured out what kind of bar this is. At first, I grow a bit nervous, but as I look at the broad back of the man leading me, I realize that I need this.

Donell stops in front of a red door and produces a key. I smile, knowing that he's had this planned for awhile. He tugs me into the dark room behind him, then turns to close the door. Before I realize what's happening, he pushes me against the wall and covers my mouth with his. His tongue traces my lips and then sucks my lower one in between his. I relax against his body as he devours my lips and tongue, his hands moving down over my body, stroking me through my dress. I feel myself being lifted into his arms and carried across the pitch black room. Gently he lowers me onto the bed that's been placed in the room to provide a place for lovers to come together.

Donell lowers himself beside me, his mouth still covering mine, his tongue still teasing me. I can feel his hands moving over my body again, and then my dress being slowly tugged upward. His hands slide under my dress and unfasten my bra, smoothly slipping it off my body. I squirm underneath him as he moves to my feet. I feel his tongue stroking over my toes, and I almost lose it. No man has ever sucked on or kissed my feet before. His hands massage my calves as his mouth worked its way up my legs. Not one inch of my leg is left unkissed or unlicked. When his tongue moves in between my legs and he begins licking the smooth flesh of my inner thighs, I begin moaning. My hips arch up off the bed and my hands press against the smooth skin of his bald head. I want him to taste me, but he wasn't ready. He avoids my pussy, and moves up over my belly, stopping to tease around my belly button for a minute. I could feel how wet I am, and I knew he knew. His mouth was now at my breasts, where he licked and suckled first one nipple and then the other. Just when I thought I couldn't stand it anymore, his left hand slid between my thighs, and his middle finger slipped inside of me.

I cried out and clenched my fingers in the sheets as he began sliding his finger in and out of my soaked mound. His thumb pressed against my clit and I immediately began coming. Donell continued to stroke my pussy as I began relaxing from the orgasm. He moved up to my face again, and kissed me.

"You feel so good, Kyla. So wet. So hot. You're the sexiest woman I've ever laid eyes on. I knew from the moment we met that I was going to have you. And now here we are. And I AM going to have you, now, and then whenever I want. After tonight, you're going to be mine, Kyla, MINE. Even if you think right now that you don't want me, you'll have changed your mind by the time I'm done."

I feel him move away from me, and the bed shifts as he climbs off. I wonder what he's doing, but my question is answered as a match flares and a candle is lit. I watch as he lights a few more random candles around the room. He's so beautiful, I notice. His skin is smooth and silky, and his eyes are dark as night, with a slight Asian quality to them. Donell's lips are perfect, full and sexy, and as I watch he licks them slowly. I moan a little as he continues with his prepartions. He's tall, probably around 6'3 and built very nicely. His body is toned and tight, not like a football players overly muscular build, but sexy nonetheless. I'm still staring at him as he makes his way back to the bed. Standing in front of me, he begins to strip. I watch mesmerized as every inch of his deep chocolate body is revealed to me. When he's finally nude, he stays in the same position, standing before me.

"Come here Kyla." he says, motioning toward me with one finger. I sit up on the bed and get on my knees, slowly crawling toward him. For some reason, I feel the need to be submissive with Donell, and I want to do everything he asks of me. I stop on the edge of the bed, and look at him. He reaches forward and takes hold of the hem of my dress. Swiftly he yanks it up and over my head, leaving me kneeling naked in front of him.

"You're so beautiful, Kyla, so beautiful. Now, touch me. Touch my body, and let me feel how good you can make me feel."

I nod and reach out to stroke his chest and stomach. He jerks as my fingernails scratch along his dark skin, but he doesn't complain. I can see that he is already aroused, his cock is hard and straining upward. I don't think I've ever seen such a beautiful penis, and I suddenly want to worship it. My body leans forward and my mouth covers the head of his dick. He gasps and his hands immediately go to my hair. I know that he wasn't expecting me to do this so quickly, but I couldn't resist. I slip my mouth farther down around him, my tongue swirling around his shaft. My hands are on his hips as I suck on his cock, hearing him moan as I take him deeper and deeper.

"Goddamn, Kyla, your mouth feels so fucking incredible. So wet. You like sucking my cock don't you, baby? You enjoy feeling my dick in your mouth don't you?"

I nod, my mouth still working over his cock as I start picking up the speed. His hands are tangled in my hair as he guides my lips over and around his hardness. Just as I begin to slide him deep into my throat, he pulls out of my mouth. I moan and reach for him again, wanting to feel him in my mouth some more, wanting to make him come.

"No, my beautiful plaything, I don't want to come yet, we have much more to do tonight. I want to please you before I get my pleasure. Tonight at least." he says, grinning.

He climbs back onto the bed and takes hold of my shoulders. Slowly, he guides me backward until I'm lying on my back again. Donell moves between my thighs and without any warning, he lowers his face to my pussy. I cry out, and he begins licking over my clit. Moaning, I writhe underneath him, his mouth and tongue doing things to my pussy that I'd never felt before. His fingers slide into my pussy as he sucks on my clit. I can feel my orgasm building again, and he can too. Donell takes my legs and pushes them upward, holding them behind my knees with his free hand. This spreads me and opens my pussy for him, allowing him more access to me.

"Oh, God, Donell! I'm going to come again, I'm going...oooh, God, mmmmmm, baby, I'm going, I'm going....aaahhh!!" I feel my climax washing over me and my pussy grows wetter as I come, this time harder than the first.

"That's it baby, that's it Kyla, come in my mouth, let me taste you baby, mmmm, you taste sweet, Kyla, so sweet." Donell murmurs against my cunt, his tongue still moving over my clitoris and his two fingers still sliding in and out of me.

My thighs relax, and fall open, as he continues to kiss my pussy. When he feels me stop shivering, he slips up my body and then immediately slides his cock into me. I gasp and cry out as he fills me completely. I'd never been this full before, or filled this deeply. Donell grasps me behind my knees again and presses my thighs up against my chest. Slowly he begins to fuck me, his thick dick starting to pound into me faster and faster. My breasts are bouncing as his thrusts increase in speed and power. I slide my right hand between us and begin stroking my clit as he fucks me roughly.

"Kyla, this pussy is so good, so tight, so good and wet. I want it to be mine, tell me it's mine, tell me how you want my cock, and how good it feels."

I bite my lip and am unable to say anything as he pumps harder and harder into me. When he realizes I'm not going to answer, he stops completely.

I cry out and begin squirming under him, trying to feel him moving inside of me.

"Say it, now, Kyla, tell me, or I'll leave. I will leave right now, and you'll never feel this cock again."

"I want your cock, Donell! I love how it feels! Please, don't stop, let me come again, I want your dick inside of me, you can have me when you want, just fuck me, please, please, Donell!" I cry out, needing, wanting to come again.

He starts his thrusts again immediately, his balls slapping against my ass as his cock fills me over and over again. I play with my clit, and lift my hips to meet his dick as he pushes it into me. I can feel his cock throbbing inside of me, and I know I'm close again.

"Oooh, Donell, you're going to make me come again, oooh baby, ooh, God, shit, mmmmmmmmm!"

I begin to climax, my pussy pulsating around his dick as I come.

"Oh Kyla, I can feel you come, oooh shit baby, that's going to make me come too, ooooh damn baby! I'm gonna come girl, I'm....ohhh shit!"

Donell's cock begins to spasm and then I can feel myself filling up with his hot come. He moans and bites my shoulder as he fills my still throbbing pussy with his juices.

We both lay in silence, our bodies relaxing as we come down from our orgasms, him still inside of me. I can only wonder what else this night holds in store for me. With that thought, I begin to smile.

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