Panties, Red

byTom Soup©

"I love naughty wet pussy." Chris replied as he imagined the deep red darkness of her panties soaked with her creaminess. He could see the hungry lust in her eyes as she continued her locked eye focus on his cock. "Would you like a candy cane little girl?"

"Oh yes." Beth's reply was breathy and full of desire. Chris took her hand and pulled it into contact with his underwear. "Oh baby you're so hard."

Her hand spread open and she covered what she could of his enormous rod. It felt warm and very hard as she squeezed his cock. "I want to suck your cock." She whispered.

Chris released her hand and she held it against him. She stroked his cotton covered cock on her own. She was almost continuously moaning now. Her hungry mouth was lip smacking and tongue tapping. She wanted to see his cock in all its glory. He moved his hand to her shoulder. She felt the hand pressing firm. She easily gave in to the pressure and dropped to her knees. She was lip level to his cock and stroking it through his underwear. "Oh baby, give it to me. Give me your candy cane to lick." She begged. It was time to unwrap her Christmas gift.

She easily pulled his underwear down past his knees to the floor and bared his cock. It was long and tapered swollen in girth. Someone had done an excellent job of circumcision leaving the tip of his cock tapered and conical. She moaned her approval like a rich food as she felt Chris place his hand on her head. She gave in to the clear intention his pressure led her. Her mouth closed closer and closer to his cock until her lips dropped open wider and her tongue came out. The first lap of her tongue was over the precum leaking head of his cock. It was her Christmas candy and she licked it up drinking it down her throat. Her hand explored his balls and shaft as she opened her mouth and encircled his cock head with her lips. She teased around and around licking her mouthful. The sensation felt incredible to Chris. Her hand surrounded his cock shaft and slid up and down it. Beth began a slow rhythmic bobbing over his cock. In and out of her mouth his cock went. Her tongue was always in tight contact with the throbbing organ. The sounds of her wet smacking lips filled the room. Up and down her mouth took him deeper with each stroke. She felt her pussy aching. She could cum just sucking his cock. Her hand slid under her and inside her panties so she could rub her clitoris as she sucked him.

She loved his hands on the back of her head. She felt like he was controlling her and forcing her to suck his cock. She wanted to be controlled. To be made to do naughty things. She wanted his cock. She wanted to feel it pulse and throb in her hungry mouth. Her fingers were working over her clitoris and sliding in and out of her pussy very rapidly. She knew she was going to cum and wanted him to cum with her. She took his shaft as deep as she could into her mouth and speeded her sucking and tongue stroking. Chris began pumping his hips towards her mouth. He was fucking her mouth and she let him. She was barely holding back her orgasm. Barely controlling the rippling wave in the back of her pussy as she felt it coming closer and closer and then the infinitely wonderful rush of her orgasm began. At the same moment, he felt his own exquisite building moment of orgasm and pumped faster and faster as he fucked her mouth. "Oooh baby. Oooh baby." He moaned. "I'm gonna cum."

She didn't stop. She wanted him to cum. She wanted him to cum in her mouth and taste his hot jism. "Now baby. Now! Cum. Chris. CUM! CUM IN MY MOUTH!, She implored him.

"Ohhhhh. Baby. I'm CUMMMMINNNGGGG!!!!!" She felt his cock tighten and spasm in her mouth then the warm creamy thick cum filling her mouth. "MMMmmmmm" she moaned expressing her savory pleasure. His cock thumped as cum gulped onto her tongue. She had to move his cock a little out of her mouth to make more room for his cum and to let her swallow it.

"MMM" she kept saying.

"Oh yes baby. Lick all of Santa's cum up." Chris breathed the words out as she squeezed each and every drop she could up and out his shaft onto her tongue and greedily swallowed it. She dug her tongue into his cock hole trying to coax out a tiny bit more. Chris pulled her head back with his hands. "Stand up baby. You've been very naughty."

"Yes Santa. I'm a naughty girl."

"Were you rubbing your pussy while you sucked Santa's cock?"

"Yes Santa."

"Did you cum?"

"Yes Santa."

"Give Santa a taste with your finger."

"Oh yes Santa. Yes." Beth reached under the top and her fingers easily gathered her wetness from her pussy. She brought her fingers back out and raised them. Chris eagerly anticipated her taste. He expected her to put her fingers to his mouth, but instead, Beth raised the fingers to her own lips and smeared the pussy juice around them like a wet lip gloss. She stepped forward to Chris. "Taste my naughty pussy Santa."

Chris leaned forward, his lips and tongue to hers. He licked around her lips and tasted her pussy mixed with her sweet red lipstick. Their mouths gradually opened and tongues and lips danced and sucked in deep passionate kisses. "Oh Santa." She barely got out between his tongue strokes. Her hands drifted down to his ass as she pulled him to her. His hands slid down to her bottom and under the hem.

Finally, the feel of those panties! And they were soft and hot from the heat of her ass. But so wonderful he couldn't hold his hands still. They roamed all over her ass. He cradled, stroked, cupped, fingered, probed, and explored her ass through her panties. Her hands squeezed back on his ass letting him know her approval.

His hands began to slide around to the front of her panties. He wanted to feel her wetness. But just as he rounded her hip, she pulled away from their kiss. "Whew!" she backed up a step and only his fingertips felt the wetness of her panty crotch for the briefest of touches. "Oh Santa. You really know how to get a girl all hot." She giggled. "I need to use the little naughty girl's room."

Chris smiled. "It's right back there." Chris pointed towards the small hallway. His cock was relaxed now, but still full of length and hung down.

"I'll be right back." She smiled and as she passed Chris, she gave him a light kiss on his lips. Then impulsively, she reached out and gave his cock a little stroking pet with her hand.

Beth disappeared into the bathroom. His cock felt so good from her sucking. He gently stroked it. Standing there with his pants and underwear crumpled at his feet, he suddenly felt a bit odd. He stepped out of the pile at his feet, tossed his briefs aside and pulled the large red Santa pants back up. The pillow and his belt were lying across the floor. To keep his pants up he had to hold them in his hand. He picked up the belt, ignoring the pillow and sat down on the small black couch beside the Christmas tree.

He heard the bathroom door open and Beth's voice say, "My. Oh my. Santa really made his naughty girl hot. She rounded the corner into the front room coming into the view of Chris. Her Red Santa top was unbuttoned down the front. Her braless chest was open wide enough so both beginning swells of either breast were visible. She stood before Chris, a finger teasingly on her lips like a little dirty girl who had very naughty thoughts., her other hand behind her back. Chris greedily stared. She was so sexy. His eyes traveled down her body between her breasts and over her belly and there were those glorious red panties. Oh, they were so rich and dark red from her wetness. Beth saw the attention of his eyes. "I love my red panties when they're wet."

"Oh you do little girl?"

"Oh yes. Would Santa like to kiss my red panties?"

"Oh yes. Come here naughty girl. " Chris ordered her to come sit next to him as he patted the couch. Obediently, Beth went to Chris. She lingered not quite ready to sit down. Her leg touched Chris's as she girlishly swayed before him. Chris could feel his cock again stirring in the openness of his oversized pants. He kept his eyes on her panties.

"I've been a naughty girl Santa."

"Yes. You have."

"Shouldn't I be punished?" Beth asked, as she moved her hand around from her back holding the wide black latex belt. It was the same belt Chris had tossed aside from his Santa suit.

Chris took the hint and the belt. "Yes you should be punished. Lay over my knees and take your punishment!"

"Yes sir.." Beth meekly obeyed. She loved this feeling of being submissive to him. Her pussy was tingling with excitement again, and she could see the swelling of his cock rising the Santa Pants from his lap. In a swift single movement, she was over his knees, her face pressed sideways into the couch cushion. She loved the total offering her ass made as it was higher than the rest of her body. She intentionally had let the hem ride up so her panties were uncovered. Her pussy ached and she wiggled her clit into delicious contact against his legs.

"I'm ready Santa. Ready for you."

Chris admired her ass. The warmth of her panties radiated through her wetness underneath. His hand circled over her ass as his hard cock pushed forward against her upper thigh. She wiggled slightly against him in anticipation. He raised his hand above the height of his head. He stretched his fingers out evenly with a slight gap between each one. Then he brought his hand down on her rich red panty ass in a quick arcing sting. "WHACK!"

"Oh." She grunted. The stinging hand hurt but excited her pussy. 'WHACK!' His hand came down again. Her hands were palm open on either side of her body, and her fingers curled with each spank. If he only knew, how many times she had masturbated about lying over a big strong man giving him complete control of her ass to use as he wished.

"WHACK!" his hand came down again. "Oh yes." She whispery moaned. He spanked her a few more times. Each time his hand would come down, he would follow the stinging contact with a gentle stroking caress of her lovely ass. He could feel her squirming and hear her moaning a little more. With her hand closest to him, she reached back and easily slid inside his loose pants. Yes. He was hard. She knew he would be. Her hand wrapped around his cock and she slowly stroked his cock. "Take my panties off Santa. Take my panties off." She begged him.

He wasted no time, sliding her panties down over her luscious round ass. She was slightly red from his hand spanking. He marveled at her ass and caressed it with his hand. She spread her legs a little as she felt his fingers trace down the crevice of her buttocks.

"Ooooh Yes Santa. Take my ass."

He raised the wide black belt bent double and brought it down swiftly across her ass checks. WWWHIIAKKK!!! The sound was much crisper and sharper as the latex flattened on her. The pain was intense and crested beyond what his hand had caused. But it wasn't too much and the subsiding sensation of her entire ass tingling was incredibly erotic. Chris could tell how turned on she was by the increased stroking her hand did on his cock. He was drooling precum again from his tip. It was dribbling onto her hand and helping lubricate her tight stroking of his cock.

Chris took the end of the belt. It was tapered like a tongue and pushed it under her ass between her legs. The flat wide latex tongue felt wondrous on her pussy lips. He pushed it forward, and pulled it back in teasing strokes. Her clitoris felt the thin edge. He saw the redness brighter on her ass where he had hit it and leaned forward. His tongue began caressing her stinging ass.

"Ooooh Yes. " was all she could moan. He continued licking her and kissing her ass with his lips. His fingers slid down the crack of her ass and under her to feel the wetness of her pussy. She was so wet. Her pussy hairs were very thin to the touch. He easily slid a finger into her cunt.

"Oh God. Finger fuck me Santa! I've been so naughty." Beth urged him on. The sound of her slickness filled the room as he stroked her. He continued his oral assault on her ass. "Oh baby yes. Yes. Use my ass!" She pushed forward with her knees to lift her ass higher to his mouth.

"Ooooh Santa. Tongue Fuck my ass! TONGUE FUCK MY ASS!" She begged. Beth rose to her knees and forearms, her face touching the couch and arched her ass higher. She spread her legs wider giving Chris total ass and pussy access. Chris helped her by pulling her panties down and finally over her feet. She wanted it so bad. She pleaded, "Please baby, Please..."

Chris slid two fingers deep into her pussy as he felt Beth's hand still jerking his cock. Beth had wiggled the large oversized Santa pants down to his thighs and his cock was openly in her view. "Oh Yes.." she moaned as his fingers slid out and over her asshole spreading the warm wet pussy juices. "Give me the panties" she told Chris.

He reached and handed them to her hand that was stroking his cock. "Cum on my panties baby." She urged him as she wrapped the panties around his slippery cock.

"Ooh baby. Yes." Chris reeled in delight of the additional naughtiness. He wanted his cum drenching her panties from her stroking his cock with them. But his attention was on her for the moment. He continued sliding his fingers back into her pussy and lowered his tongue to her ass.

At first he repeated the circular teasing of her ass hole like he had with his fingers. Tasting her pussy juices with each swirl of his tongue tip around and around. Then slowly he began pressing his tongue tighter to her slippery little hole and felt it giving and spreading more and more with each tiny stroke. He added a third finger inside her pussy. "Oh babe". Beth moaned her voice high and transmitting the tightness of her ass as she felt his tongue probing deeper. His tongue kept sliding in deeper and stroking now. His fingers stroked her clitoris faster and faster.

She looked at his cock and could feel his throbbing beginning. She felt her own pussy contracting and the wonderful feeling of being filled by Chris's long fingers in her cunt and his loving tongue in her ass.

She shouted as her entire body shook from her explosive orgasm, "OHHH BABY..BABY I'M CUMMMINGGG!!

Just as before, Chris came when she did. "nmn", he only made a nasal sound as he pulled his tongue from her ass and gasped for air. His chest was thumping energy. She felt the tightening then pulsing release of cum from his cock wrapped in her panties. Another series of orgasmic ripples shuddered her body.

She saw the burst of cum actually soak her panties tight to his cockhead where his cum made contact. She stopped her stroking and just held his throbbing cock. Beth's orgasm had drained her strength and her knees suddenly felt weak from holding her ass in the air. She turned to her side across his knees with her pussy against his cock and curled to his body. "Oh baby. That was wonderful."

"Yeah baby. Yeah." Chris drunk on their lust, agreed.

Her panties with his cum in them were between them. Beth pulled them loose and brought them to her lips. She tasted his cum from her panties as he watched and made an approving yummy sound, "Mmmmm."

They were both totally relaxed and erotically higher than either of them had ever felt. Chris stoked her ass gently with one hand and softly stroked her breast with the other. The redness of where the belt had struck her ass earlier was gone. He looked at her breasts for really the first time that evening. Her soft mounds were well defined, but she was not a big breasted girl. The area surrounding her nipple was dark reddish and the pink erect nipples were quite swollen. The tiny texture felt wonderfully warm to his touch. He regretted not having sucked on her nipples earlier. But knew he would before the night was over.

She felt his cock beginning to retreat from its hardness and scooted her ass so her pussy was tighter against it. His fingers felt wonderful stroking over her nipples. She closed her eyes and didn't open them again until she heard his voice.

"Do you think we should decorate the tree?"

"Oh yes baby." Beth replied, then added, "These should go on top." She tossed her red panties at his face."

"Oh yeah. Damn yeah." Chris laughed. "Now where's that wine?"

"Find my glass too." Beth perked up. They disentangled and both rose from the couch. There was no point in trying to keep the loose Santa pants up, so Chris just stepped out of them and went bare-assed. He had her panties in his hand, he went to the tree and reaching as high as he could, he still couldn't reach the very top. He tossed the panties with just the right amount of force and they landed softly on the top of the tree with a leg opening stretched sideways to another branch. "Perfect!" Beth pronounced.

Chris found the wine glasses and poured them both a new glass. There was no point in continuing to wear the Santa top for Beth. It had become too hot to keep on, and she wanted to be naked anyway. The cold wine tasted wonderfully refreshing to both of them.

For the next half hour, Chris and Beth really went to the task of decorating his tree. Cheery holiday music played from the speakers. They were playful with each other. At one point Chris was placing strings of tiny colored lights around the tree, and heard Beth say, "Hey come over here and plug me in Santa." He turned to see Beth's hot little naked body wrapped entirely with a string of lights. She was holding the plug out to him. "Plug me Santa. Plug me." she teased giggling. He even took the end of the cord and pretended to plug it into her pussy.

He told her, "Baby from the electricity in your pussy, they could light a whole city." They both laughed

They wrapped and hung on the tree whatever they found in his boxes. Green and Red glass bulbs, fake plastic red striped candy canes, assorted ornaments he had collected over the years. They openly examined each other's body as they went about decorating the tree. Chris loved to watch Beth bend and stretch so the different curves of her body continually surprised him. Beth equally stole looks at his ass and cock and balls. When she got too close to the tree a couple of times she felt tiny pin pricks of the needles against her breasts and nipples that felt wonderful.

At the bottom of one box was a package of shiny aluminum tinsel. Long thin strips of shiny sparkly aluminum tinsel were one of the favorite things Chris liked to finish off a tree with. Beth found the wine bottle empty and retrieved a second bottle from his refrigerator. The coldness when she opened the refrigerator door, made her nipples perk up. When she returned, she took some of the tinsel and hung it over her nipples. Then she borrowed a little piece of tape from a roll in one of the boxes and tapped some tinsel so it hung down her legs over her pussy like long sparkling aluminum pubic hair. They both laughed again. They were getting quite a buzz from all the wine.

The tree was almost done. Beth again felt the need to pee. The wine was really going through her. She went to the bathroom as Chris finished hanging the final threads of tinsel. He carefully tried to balance the dispersal. He heard the toilet flush, but Beth didn't immediately return. He had to pee himself.

The bathroom adjoined his bedroom, and a separate little door gave direct access through the bedroom. Normally that door was always closed. A full length mirror was on the back of the door which Chris would use when getting dressed. It was open now, and as Chris peed, he could see Beth standing before it. She was examining her naked body in the mirror.

Chris watched as her hand moved over her breast and lingered playfully teasing her nipple. He finished and flushed placing the seat back down.

"Do you think my breasts are too small?" she asked without turning, just looking into the mirror.

"No. Not at all. You have great tits." Chris said. He walked up behind her. She continued looking in the mirror as his hands slid around from behind her and over each breast. "I love your tits." He whispered.

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