tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPanties, Yellow

Panties, Yellow

byTom Soup©

It was her first year of college and Bridgette was studying all the time. It seemed like there was always something she was behind on. Of course, she had a lovely behind herself. Especially hard were her computer assignments. She didn't have a computer at home and had to use the ones provided at school in the computer lab. She spent a lot of time there and she didn't go unnoticed by Professor Voyer.

On occasion, she found herself alone or in an isolated section of the lab, and her desire for sex led her to wonder around the internet. She was very careful not to click on any websites that might alert the computer system managers. It was strictly forbidden and barriers were set anyway so not just her, but all students could only access a limited kind of website.

She had broken up with her boyfriend a few months earlier and all her attention had turned to school. But still she had a very active mind and masturbated quite often to satisfy that longing need between her legs. To help her, she had met a man in some personal ad on line who wrote her fantastically erotic emails and fantasies about sex and she equally wrote him back. They were distant lovers and each knew the other's sexual desires. They knew what made each other's heart pound and how to arouse that tingling lust. He would send her a letter and she would reply telling him how she came rubbing her pussy reading his story. He would write her back telling her how he stroked his cock and came thinking about her.

He loved how she dressed. He would get so hard and aroused immediately when she told him about her panties. They traded messages for months and months and she really looked forward to them. She was very careful in the computer lab when she read his messages. She didn't want to be discovered. Usually, Bridgette would wear a large jacket and rearrange it when she sat down, buttoning it up the front and letting it hang over her sides. Then she would hoist her little skirt up under the jacket and gently touch her panties and slide her fingers inside over her clitoris as she read his messages.

Professor Voyer had noticed her slender body and hot ass the very first time he saw her. He was the computer room professor. His office was across the hall and he normally checked in on the lab every 15 minutes to see if anyone needed help. The rest of the time he mostly sat in his office with the doors closed. What most of the students who used the computer lab were unaware of, was that each terminal on the network system really shared the same I.P. address. I.P. or Internet Protocol addresses are the unique identifier for a computer terminal address. The University had some budget concerns a year ago, and Professor Voyer had installed a program that allowed a hundred different computer terminals to share a single I.P. address. It did have it's drawbacks when too many emails were in storage, but Professor Voyer could manage everybody's emails from a higher control level. This also meant he could read anybody's emails when they were, and he did.

Last weekend Bridgette came in to the computer lab. She knew the computer lab would mostly be empty. Professor Voyer saw her enter. He exchanged a smile and hello with her. Bridgette thought his hello was even warmer than usual, and she had seen him holding his eyes to her body before. She gave a teasing extra wiggle to her ass as she walked past and into the room. She knew he would be looking.

Professor Voyer watched her as she walked all the way across the computer lab to her usual terminal on the far wall. "Man I would like to fuck that." he thought to himself as he went across the hall to his office. He hit the space bar to bring the screen out of saver mode and clicked a few icons with his mouse. He hoped she would be reading another steamy erotic letter from her lover.

With all the different students, it never really occurred to Professor Voyer she would be reading and writing erotic messages while in the lab. That was until a few days ago when he saw her in the lab late one evening. She had stayed until the end of open hours that evening and when Professor Voyer came in and announced to everyone it was time to close the computer room for some maintenance, she was very disappointed and frustrated. She had been so close to cumming a second time at her terminal that night.

Everyone had to leave. Bridgette was very wet and almost dripping. Her excited cunt drooling from squirming her pussy against the seat. She would stop at the ladies room on the way out of the building and finish the job with her fingers rubbing her clitoris like she had done many times before. Back in the computer lab, Professor Voyer had locked the door and was at her terminal. He got down on his knees and sniffed her chair seat. He could smell her aroused wet scent. It was just as he imagined, pure sexual sweetness and his cock became hard just thinking about Bridgette. It was then that Professor Voyer got a risky idea. He only debated a few seconds, then went to his office, fished something out of his bottom desk drawer, and returned to the computer lab. He locked the door. He went to the terminal Bridgette had been sitting in, and crawled under the table. The video camera he installed was very small and if it was discovered, no one could trace it to him. He tapped into a computer wire that would provide a direct feed into his office.

Now she was back and he had a chance to try out his voyeurism first hand. Bridgette had worn something special for her visit to the computer lab. She could hardly wait to tell her lover about the creamy yellow cotton panties she wore. They felt very special. Below the tiny waistband was a flowery lacy patch and along the leg holes was another lacy section that would make it easy to touch her pussy lips gently through as she sat at the terminal.

Now Professor Voyer was in his office in front of the terminal. His lights were so no one would know he was in his office and he couldn't be disturbed. With a few clicks of a mouse and some keystrokes, his screen came alive with the image of the tiny hidden camera under Bridgette's terminal desk. Oh so wonderful technology can be. But as fancy and complicated as technology can be, it's really the simplicity and sensuousness of a sexy pair of panties that sets electricity in motion.

As Professor Voyer watched his screen, he had a very clear view of her knees and your dress hem just above them. Then he watched as Bridgette repositioned the jacket. His cock stirred, as for a brief Bridgette tilted and spread her legs. The view opened up well inside her thighs before him. He watched transfixed on his computer screen as Bridgette continued to rearrange the jacket and you slid the hem of the skirt up much higher. For an all too short moment, her soft yellow panties are visible. Oh what a glorious sight! The vision enthralled him of her soft creamy yellow panties that disappear into the pleasure valley between her legs. Professor Voyer tapped a key and zoomed in. He pressed another key and captured the still image of Bridgette's panties under her skirt on his screen. His pictures happened not a second too soon, because Bridgette's exposure did not last as she moved the jacket into its secret position.

For a few minutes Professor Voyer watched the live video feed. He could see Bridgette squirming her hips from side to side. But the blanketing jacket gave away nothing. He tapped some more keys on his keyboard and changed his computer screen. Slowly the screen scans horizontally from top to bottom revealing the still photograph of Bridgette's yellow panties. 'Oh you look so good honey.' Thought Professor Voyer to himself. 'So innocent yet so tempting.' He typed some more keystrokes and the image zoomed closer. The lacy pattern clearly defined. There was no hint of any pubic hair. Professor Voyer wondered if she shaved or just had very fine soft tiny hairs. He imagined the feel of his lips caressing over the yellow panties. He imagined the sensations just his warm blowing over her pussy might cause. His cock had been hard for sometime. It was growing more and more uncomfortable. His cock wanted room to straighten out. It longed to be touched. It begged to be stroked. His pulsing rod wanted to feel his hand and imagine it was Bridgette's. He was wearing blue jeans and a button down short sleeve shirt. He unbuckled his belt, undid the top button, and pulled his zipper down.

Professor Voyer slid his hand into his open fly and repositioned his hard cock so the shaft was realigned straight up. The swollen slightly purple tip is just barely covered by his elastic waistband. He wore cotton white briefs. There was typical brief stitching on the front to allow a cock to come out of the barn for peeing. The briefs were actually too small and tight for Professor Voyer even when he wasn't erect. His hard cock was so excited the stitching distorted around his cock and when he slid his fingers down the opening of his pants the centered stitches near the top felt sensational against the very sensitive vein on the underside of his cock. He imagined how the cotton textured tightness of the yellow panties felt. How he wishes his cockhead was barely tucked inside the edge of those cotton yellow panties instead of his own briefs. The little cockhead of his Mr. Dickie looked at Miss Pussy. "Hello Miss Pussy. Do you like my leaking precum? Would you like me to rub my leaking precum over your swollen clitty Miss Pussy? Mmmm I bet you would. But I want to rub my leaking precum everywhere. Yes Miss Pussy. Everywhere those panties are and everything they conceal, I will caress with my lubricating hot dick. Everywhere."

Professor Voyer was getting so aroused. His cock felt more pressure as he pushed his hand harder against it. He needed more contact. He lifted his ass from the seat and pulled his pants down to his knees. He unbuttoned the buttons on his shirt so the shirt opened and widened from his taunt chest to his trim stomach. He didn't have any extra rolls of meat like some men around his belly. His body was just a smooth flow from his belly button to his briefs. His briefs. They were getting wetter and the whiteness was darkening where his precum had soaked through. He pulled them down to his ankles to join his jeans. The thick precum stretched as he pulled the briefs over his cock head and his cock was finally free. He liked the feeling of all of his hand on his cock. He moved his hand over his cock like a woman who just peed would move her hand to wipe. His long fingers reached down to his balls and along the length of his shaft. His cockhead pressed into the cradle of his open palm. He pressured and could rotate his cock. He looked at the yellow panties on his screen. The wonderful yellow panties and imagined the wet pussy inside.

Meanwhile in the lab, Bridgette was examining the strange gadget under her desk. She had bumped her knee into something while straining to stroke her clitty while reading her lover's message. The little glass lens looked suspicious. This might be a camera or maybe something else. She could see a little wire attached to it and the wire disappeared around the desk. With a little tug, the wire came undone. She pulled the camera loose but wasn't sure what to do with it. Maybe she should show the professor. She had seen his office lights on earlier when she arrived. She remembered how he had helped her on her first day. She recalled what a nice man he was. How nice he had smelled from his cologne. How firm and tight his ass looked in a pair of jeans even though he was much older.

She signed off the computer, and walked towards the computer room exit. Her pussy was amazingly wet and aroused. She could feel a little trickle of warm pussy juice leak out from her panties and run down the inside of her thighs. Her panties were absolutely soaked. She always got so wet. It was one of the favorite things her lover liked about her. Her wetness had seeped deep into her panties and down her asshole as she had squirmed on her seat. It had even saturated up the crack of her ass and her panties now warmly clinged and tucked into her ass, which only made them pull more on her pussy lips as she walked. Her Lover had written her an incredibly erotic story and she knew when she got home, she would have a wonderful masturbating session. She could hardly wait to tell him all about it.

For a moment, she thought about going to the ladies room. But a cleaning cart in the hallway just outside the door, told her the cleaning lady was busy tidying things and she would have to find another ladies room. Professor Voyer's office was one door down the hall. It didn't look like a light was on. She was sure he was around somewhere otherwise the computer room would be closed. Poor Professor Voyer, he worked such long hours for such little benefit. She decided she would just leave the device she had in her hand on his desk with a note. As she got to the door, Bridgette could see a faint blue light under the door. Slowly, she turned the knob and opened the door.

Professor Voyer realized the minute the door opened, he had forgot to lock it. It happened so quickly, he could do nothing but frantically reach for his pants to pull them up. Bridgette gasped. "Oh."

She saw immediately his exposed erection glistening in the computer screen glow. His pants and briefs were entangled. One of his ankles was inside and one was outside. He struggled to pull them up and hide his embarrassment at being caught. The only thing he could think to say was a pleading, "Please.".

"Oh I'm so sorry." Bridgette turned to leave. But Professor Voyer pleaded to her, "Please. Wait. Don't go. I'll explain."

She paused in the doorway. Her eyes for a moment looking away, then returning to stare at Professor Voyer's hard cock. "Nice cock." She thought.

"Please close the door." Pleaded Professor Voyer. There was a moment of silence.

It was a small office with only a computer desk dividing the middle and room for a chair on either side. No windows and a small bookcase mounted to the wall with technical manuals piled on it. As Bridgette closed the door and stood in the office, she was only an arms length across the desk from Professor Voyer. She watched as he finally got his pants pulled up. His shirt was open. She liked his flat manly chest with the small patch of curly hair. He had small sinewy muscles and long fingers. Long wet fingers. It was obvious he had been stroking his cock with those fingers. His pants still bulged in front from his erection. She couldn't take her eyes off his crotch. It seemed to pulse. His whole body seemed to pulse. Her pussy tingled in her panties.

"I'm so sorry." He started to explain. He could see the video camera in her hand.

"It's okay. I won't tell." Said Bridgette. A sly smile peaked from her lips.

"Tell what?" He feebly asked.

"I won't tell anybody I walked in on you jerking off I guess" she said. She felt her pussy tingle again hearing herself say "jerking off" to the Professor. She felt a sense of power. She knew she was in control of the moment. He was at her mercy.

"Thanks. This is really embarrassing."

"Well there is a catch."

"A catch?"

"Yes. A catch. You wouldn't want me to tell anybody what I saw would you?"

"No. No I wouldn't . What do you want?"

"I want to see you finish."


"I want to see you cum."

He was shocked and taken back, but also a bolt of excitement raced through his mind and stiffened his cock. It was a fantasy he had never imagined possible. The girl whom's panties he worshipped was standing before him telling him to jerk off for her. The idea was erotically exciting. His pulse thumped in his pants.

"Do it Professor Voyer. Drop your pants." She ordered him. He was still standing across from the desk. She sat on the edge of the desk crossing her legs and felt her pussy lips squeeze together the wetness between them. Her face was only a foot from his pants and her eyes on his hands.

He noticed the direction of her stare. It gave him a little thrill as he re-unbuttoned his jeans and pulled the zipper down. Her lips opened slightly. His hand moved to his hips and he pulled his pants down his hips letting them rest at his knees. His cock had gotten so wet from his earlier stroking that his briefs were now wet and clinging to the outline of his cock. "Mmm. He's so much bigger than I imagined." She thought.

"Undies too!" she instructed.

By now his initial embarrassment was turning to erotic exhibitionism. He noticed her uncross her legs as he looped his thumbs in either side of his briefs and teasingly slowly pushed them down. Her eyes grew wider and her mouth opened more as his cock popped into open view. It tilted forward towards her and the little hole was pointed to her lips.

"Mmmm. Jerk it for me." she ordered, but this time the tone of her voice changed. It was more of a request.

"Yes ma'am." He replied, as he closed his fist around his shaft and began sliding his hand up and down.

She loved watching his hand on his cock. With her eyes she took it all in, touring his balls and thighs and always returning to his hand. His stroking hand fascinated and aroused her. Her breathing became a little more audible. The aching wetness between her legs was driving her wild. She had to touch herself. She wanted to rub her clitty so very bad. As he slid his hand over his cockhead, she couldn't resist and slid a hand up under her dress hem.

He watched her hand disappear up her dress. It made him all the more excited. "Are you wet?" he asked.

"Oh yes." Was her breathy reply.

"Very wet?" he asked, as he moved slowly around the corner of the desk closer to her.

"Yes. Very wet." She replied. She spread her legs wider as he rounded the desk. He stepped forward to her. He was in control now. He could tell she was turned on. Her eyes watched the engorged cock in his hand slide up and down his shaft. He was putting on quite a show. He looked so wet. He looked so hard and wet.

He pushed her knees wider apart and stepped between them. Her skirt rode up on her thighs. "Where is your finger?" he whispered to her.

"Inside my panties."

"Touch your clit for me."

"Oh yes. Yes. It feels so good Professor Voyer. My pussy is so wet ."

"Would you like to trade?"

"Trade?" she asked, but she knew what he meant. Her heart raced. She looked at his cock. He let go of it. She didn't want to stop rubbing her clit as she was almost ready to cum, but she wanted to feel that cock of his.

He looked down at her hips and slid his hands up her thighs pushing her dress higher. Higher and higher he slid the little dress up, until her panties and her fingering hand were exposed. He tugged her dress past her hips and now she was fully exposed to him. Her fingers had pushed the rim of her panties to the side and her fingers were furiously stroking her clitoris.

"OHHH God that feels so good professor. Oh God that feels so good" she moaned.

His fingers dipped inside the waistband of her panties as she reached for his cock and took it in her tiny hand. She wrapped her fingers around his hardness and covered the tip like she had seen him doing to himself. He was so hot. His cock was throbbing and the precum smeared over her palm and fingers. She explored the ridge of his cockhead with her fingertips.

"Oh baby. That feels good. Mr. Dickie loves your touch."

She felt him tugging at her panties. A hand on either side was trying to slide them off her hips. She lifted her ass to help him slide them down her thighs. He left them stretched just inches below her pussy.

She had tiny thin light hairs on her pussy and the lips were puffy and wet. His finger slid down between them and he slowly worked it inside her.

"Oh Gawd. Oh Gawd, I'm going to CUM!" she cried out as his finger plunged into her and her orgasm racked and flooded her pussy. Wet gushes of liquid seeped out and ran down to her asshole.

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