tagFetishPanty Games Ch. 01

Panty Games Ch. 01


This is an account of a very interesting relationship I had with a panty freak.

I suppose I should describe myself. I am 34 years old, married with no kids. I have shorter blonde hair that I keep flared out on the sides a bit. I am 5-3 and am of average weight. (don't expect a girl to tell). I am certainly no supermodel but then I seem to get enough guys hitting on me to believe I can hold my own in the normal people's crowd. I am a hair stylist who only works part time and spends the rest of my time taking care of the house, my husband, the dog or partying.

I really wasn't expecting anything exciting to happen. I was just going out for a few drinks and to play some darts. It was a Sunday night and My husband was on the night shift leaving me home and board.

So I headed off to a local bar that had a nice set of dart boards. The normal Sunday night crowd was there, a hand full of guys playing pool. A few heavy drinkers at the bar and a couple of girls sitting in a booth. A bit quiet for my tastes but yet I was just there to pass some time so I didn't care. I was simply dress. Blue jeans and a denim blouse that I buttoned up to a respectable height.

I got a drink at the bar and made my way to the dart boards. I was alone in that part of the room so I picked the far table and set my drink down. I put in some quarters and began to play a game of Cricket by myself. Yea I know it's weird but I play in leagues from time to time so I like to practice. I put in for two players and planned to play both players.

That was until one of the guys from the bar came up to me. I didn't recognize him at first but he said my name. I am certain he could tell that I didn't recognize him because he went on to explain that he was the husband of one of my co-workers and he met me a few months ago when we had some big night out after work.

This revelation lead to the first interesting thing of the night. Here he was out all alone drinking it up and he came up to talk to me. Not only that but he was married to a co-worker of mine. But then not just any co-worker. he was married to this girl that I absolutely hated. not just disliked but hated.

I invited him to play the other half of the game I had started and he accepted.

"so where is nikki?" I asked him.

"out with some friends, She told me not to wait up" He replied.

This reply made me note something else. Not only did I think Nikki was a bitch but I also knew for a fact that Nikki was seeing another guy on the side. She would come to the salon all the time and brag about how she was fooling around with some 24 year old stud while her husband waited for her at home. Yet he was here while she was out. This was very interesting to me. I have to admit my evil side certainly took notice of this and I caught myself starting to check him out as more than just someone I knew.

He was your average suburban man. maybe 5-10 with black somewhat balding hair and a bit of a beer gut. I couldn't for the life of me remember what he did for a living but I seem to remember he worked in a cube farm somewhere. He was cute in his own way and I found myself deciding at that moment to turn on the charm and see if I couldn't make something happen. It'd be sweet revenge. Something I found very exciting. And why not? His wife was off fucking someone else.

I wasn't sure if I'd go that far with him yet but I made up my mind to at least try to do something to make his night memorable. I also found myself wishing I had dressed up a bit more. I didn't really have a whole lot of makeup on and I found myself worried about my choice of underwear that evening. Still that just made it a challenge and I did like the chase almost as much as the catching.

So we kept playing. One game ended and we started another. I had the quarters so I paid for the games but he kept buying the beer so I didn't mind. after about 3 beers I began to get the feeling he was getting a bit tipsy. At that point I had to remember he had been there before me and I didn't know how long he'd been drinking. it was still early, about 9pm but the bar was only open till midnight that night so I figured we'd be ok.

I had been in full flirt mode up until that point.We were just making small talk at that point but I made sure to stand close to him and touch his shoulder while talking a lot. Plus I made sure to pat him on the back when he made a good shot with the darts. I didn't know if I was getting through so I had to up the anti a bit. I excused myself to go to the bathroom. While there I undid a couple of buttons on my denim shirt. I don't have the biggest cleavage in the world but I was wearing a tight lace bra that help my C cups up enough to give it a good look. Plus by undoing the two buttons I could lean over and my shirt was loose enough that if the guy was looking he would be able to see rate down my shirt. I was determined to get him to look at least once.

It didn't really take long to be honest. I came out of the bathroom and walked towards the dart area. When I got near my prey I simply kneeled down and bent over to re-tie my shoe. This didn't let it hang wide open but enough to show my cleavage and a good portion of my bra. as I was finishing tying I glanced up and caught him looking away real quick. So my first real dart of the evening was tossed and I hit a bull's-eye.

I decided it was time to steer the conversation towards more intimate topics.

"So Bob, Do you go out without Nikki a lot?" I asked.

"sometimes" was his simple reply.

"Alone?" I asked again. before sipping my beer.

"yea, why do you go out a lot alone?" he asked.. a bit nervously.

"yea, I go out a lot" I replied directly.

"oh" was all he replied.

I picked up my darts and said "do you always hit on girls when you do?" I said as I threw a dart.

What followed was very amusing to me. He stumbled and fumbled for about 3 minutes trying to explain that he hadn't been hitting on me and how he just came over because he recognized me.

I thought he was afraid I'd be mad or something but truth be told I worried I may have pushed it a bit too far by asking that.

So I looked him in the eye and then leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek.

"It's ok bob." I whispered in his ear "I sometimes like to be hit on". This was followed by a very relieved sigh from my prey. One that told me a lot.

The next hour or so was back to darts. I found my new friend to be a bit more open. He was also touching me a lot on the shoulders when he talked. once he even held my hand as I got off my stool for my turn then "guided" me to the throwing line by one hand on my arm and the other on my hip. I got a chill from that one. My next throw was a game winner and I celebrated by giving Bob a victory hug and another kiss on the cheek.

It was now 10 pm and Bob was simply drunk. I decided he might actually hurt someone throwing darts so I took him to a booth far away from the handful of other people in the bar that night. We sat and talked and had a few more beers. He asked me if my husband knew I was such a flirt and when I told him yes he relaxed a bit more. He was in sort of a sad drunk mood so I had to carry the conversation a bit so I thought I'd push it a bit and ask more direct questions. I asked him if his wife knew he was there which he told me no because she got mad at him the last time he went out drinking.

So then I asked him why he let Nikki go out a lot and he just shrugged. At this point I could tell something was bothering him.

So I tried to say something funny. "I suppose it doesn't matter as long as she puts out when she gets home right?"

Bob was so drunk he just blurted out. "fuck no. I haven't done that in months with her."

"Oh" I said "so what do you do then? Do you cheat on her?"

He sighed "no. Can't say I've ever done that"

"oh my" I said with my best flirty voice "Months without anything? you must be ready to pop"

At that point I had expected him to pick up the hint that I was making an offer but he was a bit bombed and really not in control of what he was saying so instead he simply told me. "not really.. I just jerk off when she's not home"

I don't know why but having him tell me that so bluntly was a really big thrill. He got a bit embarrassed when he realized what he said so I quickly had to say something to make him feel better.

"well I can't say I've never have had my fingers help me through a slow night" I said with a smile and a wink.

He smiled over his beer. So I had to keep this conversation going.

"so what do you do then?" I asked

"what do you mean?" he replied

I could tell this was going to take a bit more work.

"I mean do you just do it in bed, watch porn, look at pictures, take a shower, or what?"

he only replied with an "ummm" So I put my hand on his and said "tell me, I'd like to know" but he still hesitated.

So I said "I like to watch movies my husband and I made when I do it."

"Movies?" he asked.

"yea Movies" I answered "my husband likes to tape sex stuff and I'll watch them when I am helping myself, what do you do?"

"Sometimes I watch porn movies" he said nervously. Even a blind person could see there was more he wasn't saying everything.

"What about the other times?" I asked. he said nothing. So I kneeled on my side of the booth and leaned over the table. His eyes looked down and I knew he could see rate down my shirt to my lacy bra. He even licked his lips a moment which I found very exciting. I lifted up his chin after a giving him a moment to look, then Kissed him on the cheek and said "please tell me, I really would like to hear"

Yet he still hesitated.

So I got out of the booth and sat rate next to him. I put my hand on his thigh and leaned in against him. "I'll tell you anything you want to know if you do?" I said. Trying to strike a deal.

"Its just kind of odd is all" he said.

"That's ok I am open to anything really" I replied.

"Anything?" he asked to which I just nodded.

"You tell me something first" he said..

"ok I said, I'm going to go to the bathroom and you think of a question, any question and I'll answer it when I get back."

He simply nodded.

So I left and walked to the bathroom. I could feel his eyes on my back side the whole way. On the way back I made sure to sit down across from him again since I wanted to look at him when we talked.

"So what's your question" I asked.

"Do you cheat on your husband?" he asked. I was surprised by his bluntness.

I nodded and said "Sometimes"

"Recently?" he asked again.

To which I responded with a smile, "Hey that's more than one question."

I thought he'd laugh but I could tell he was nervous and he simply said "oh". so I just thought I'd let the interrogation go a bit to open up.

"Kind of recently" I replied.

"When" he asked. Kind of with a tremble in his voice.

"The last time?" I asked.

"Yes" he said in almost a nervous whisper.

I took his hand again. it was trembling a bit.

"About two weeks ago?" I answered simply.

"Who?" he asked.

"Just some guy I met." I replied with a simple shrug.

"Did you know him?" He said even more nervous.

"Only a little. I've seen him here a few times."

"Oh" he said then paused.

"Anything else?" I said after a little bit.

It was now about 10:45.

He looked down again and asked with a very notable tremble. "What did you do?"

His hands were really shaking. I didn't answer at first... I waited until he looked up at me and locked eyes with me then I asked "Honestly?"

He could only nod.

"Well we danced, played darts, Flirted, drank" then I paused, leaned forward and said just above a whisper "and then I gave him a blow job in his car."

His eyes got really wide. "really?" he said..

"I wont lie if you don't" I replied.

"Wow" is all he could say.

I gave him a moment to digest that.. then I asked. "so now it's you turn.. you tell me what I wanted to know"

He hesitated so I said. "Go ahead. I like to hear what guys think about"

"Well it's not so much a thinking about thing" he said.

"What is it?" I asked. "What makes you hot when your doing it?"

"Panties" he said.. now trembling again.

"Panties?" I asked. "yea" he said, sounding scared.

"oh" I said. "do you like to wear them?" I said..

To which he replied very quickly "no nothing like that" I could tell by his voice that he meant it.

"Oh, so you use them" I've been around and I know some guys like to do that. he just nodded

"Your wife's?" I asked.

"yea" . he said.

"Do you like the feel?" I asked.

"Yea but it's more of a look thing" he said.

"Go on" I replied.

"I really like to see a girl in her panties" he said honestly. "it really turns me on"

"Cool" I said. "Does she know?" I asked.

"No, I wash them afterwards"

"Oh so you cum in them too?" I was very interested and didn't even realize how bluntly I said that. Seems he didn't either.

"Or on them" he said.

"On them?" I asked. I could tell he was loosing up and was more comfortable talking about it.

"Yea sometimes I put them on the bed and pretend she's wearing them when I do it."

"Wow that's hot" I said. "Do you get hot when you see her wearing them?" I asked.

"Sure but I have to sneak peeks here and there because she avoids getting undressed around me." He admitted.

"But what happens when you do see her in them?" I asked. He looked at me and grinned a devilish grin.

"Really? do you do it rate away?" I asked

"Sometimes I'll sneak off into the bathroom and deal with things yes." he said.

"Hot." I said again.

"Do you ever try and peek at other girls in their panties?" I asked.

"Haven't had the chance really. Sometimes you can see the top of them on pants which is a turn on."

"Do you ever have to take care of business thinking of someone else's panties other than Nikki's?"

"Sure all the time" he said simply. "Anyone I know?" I asked.

He laughed and replied with "just about every girl in the salon you work at. "

"Every girl?" I asked. He nodded.

"Even me?" I asked. Now with a slight tremble in my voice, he just nodded again.

"When?" I asked.

"After I met you that night" he said referring to the night out a few months back.

"Why me?" I asked knowing there were several girls there dressed hotter than I.

"Because you have the best back side" he said. "Its round and when we were hear you had on pants that I could see your panty line through and it really turned me on"

I was blushing now. Which he noticed and said, "sorry."

I told him it was ok I liked that. "When did you do it?" I asked.

"When I got home, Nikki stayed out so I had to deal myself" he said.

"Really? how?" I asked, shaking.

"With a pair of her panties on my thing" he said bluntly. "I pretended they were yours"

"Oh yea?" I was really trembling now "and what were you thinking about when you came?" I asked.

"I was thinking about your butt with you laying down in front of me in your panties. I pretended I was cuming on them." he said, getting a bit nervous himself again.

It was now 1130 and neither of us had really drank anything in the last half an hour. We were both sobering up and I am certain he was as turned on as I was at that moment.

"What kind were they?" I asked. "The panties you came on?"

"I don't remember" he said honestly. "I usually use her white cotton ones. I like those best" he admitted.

The evil part of my brain shouted a "score!" when he said that because I realized I just happen to be wearing white cotton panties that night.

I decided it was time to bring the game near an end.

"So Bob" I said. "Have you ever really cummed on a girls butt when she was still in her panties?" I asked. "or is it just a fantasy?"

"Well an old girl friend of mine let me do that years ago" He said "but Nikki never let me"

"Oh that's too bad" I said.

I excused myself because I had to pee again. As I walked across the bar I noticed everyone else was on the other side of the bar. even the bar tender was off with the guys at the pool tables since we hadn't ordered anything. He glanced up when he saw me walking towards the bathroom but only nodded when he noticed I wasn't going up to the bar.

When I got to the bathroom door I realized the L shaped partition in front of the door blocked anyone else from seeing me. If I stood at the entrance to the L the walls would block the rest of the bar but anyone sitting in the booths would still see me. Well that's when I took extra notice that Bob and I were the only ones sitting in the booths.

So I stopped. and turned. Bob was staring at me. I waved and he waved back.

The locking eyes with him I undid the button and Zipper on my jeans.

Nodding to him I turned around and slowly pulled my jeans down and bent over, Flashing Bob with my white cotton panties.

I wiggled my butt a bit and then pulled my pants back up.

I do have a larger than I'd sometimes like Butt but it is nice and round and guys do seem to like it. I had no doubt Bob enjoyed seeing that a lot.

Then without looking back I walked into the bathroom to pee.

When I got back to the table Bob was all smiles. I sat down across from him and we just stared at each other for a bit. I stretched out my foot to brush his leg a bit.

Finally he said "Well I know what I'll be thinking about tonight?"

"Me?" I asked coyly.

"Absolutely?" he replied.

"In my panties?" I said again. Trying to sound seductive.

"Of course" he said.

"Laying in front of you?" I asked. he only nodded.

"Would you think about cumming on them and me when you cum?" I asked getting only another nod, maybe even a nervous nod, in return.

"Will you use Nikki's to pretend?" I asked being a bit naughty.

He seemed a bit disappointed when he answered "I guess I'll have to."

"What if I gave you mine to use?" I said. he only gulped in replied.

"Would you use them and cum on them?" I continued.

Again only a nervous nod. "I could go take them off in the bathroom and give them to you before you go if you'd like?" I said. Again sounding coy.

"Would you?" he said. His voice was all a tremble again..

"Did you like them?" I asked.

He nodded but said "kind of hard to see from here though."

I took the hint. "What if I let you see them closer then?"

"I'd like that." he replied.

"I'll give them to you but only on one condition." I said with a smile.

"What's that?" he said. a bit nervous now.

"you call me when your doing it."

"doing it?" he said even more nervous.

"yes doing it." I said. "I want to listen in."

He didn't answer at first. Now truth be told I was in the mind set that if he made a move on me I would have respond in kind. That Man could have fucked my brains silly that night had he suggest it. I would have without a doubt. But I was simply having way too much fun playing this fantasy game of his so I wasn't going to suggest it and I think he was too nervous to suggest that himself. So he just went along with everything I suggested. Plus I was dealing with a man who's never cheated before and I couldn't be sure he'd be willing to go that far yet but I was certain I was going to have fun playing the game with him.

And truthfully, If I fucked him that night I most likely would have had my thrill of him and may not of saw him again. So now Knowing the game that followed the next couple of months and how much fun I had playing it. I am certainly glad I didn't.

But it was late and he wasn't answering..

"Will you?" I asked again. He licked his lips. and looked at me some more. "Call me while you use them?

His voice was only a whisper when he nodded and said "Yes."

I wrote our number on a napkin for him and gave it to him.

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