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Panty Inspection


The story that follows is my fantasy to have four lovely women standing in front of me holding their skirts above their waist so I can inspect their panties. Of course I also have to inspect the inside to make sure that they have on clean panties. If I find a dirty pair or if they are wet in the crotch I must remove them for a closer inspection and then I must examine their pussy and bum for cleanliness as well. The best way to check that everything is ok is to use my tongue.

I start with Erica and she is trembling slightly as I run my hands over her ass and between her legs to feel her flesh beneath the panties. I grip the waist band and slowly pull them down to her knees. It is obvious that she is excited but she is also nervous because she doesn't know what I will do when I see her wet pussy and soiled panties.

"Erica your panties are wet. What have you been doing to get your panties so wet?"

Erica stammers but replies that she is just nervous and a little scared. I gently caress her bum and pull her to me and kiss her bare and exposed pussy.

"You have nothing to fear," I reply. "I cannot be mad when you taste so good."

Next I move over to Marisa and look into her eyes. She smiles but blushes slightly as if she is embarrassed standing there holding her skirt up for my inspection. I lean forward and kiss her, forcing my tongue into her mouth. She drops the hem of her skirt and holds my face to hers. I lift the back of the skirt and slap her panty covered behind. "Don't let go of your skirt" I tell her and she quickly raises it above her waist. I lean in again to kiss her and this time I place both hands on her face to hold her close. The kiss is long and deep. My tongue wrestles with hers and excited moans escape from her lips. If her panties were clean before they are wet and soiled now. I kneel down and press my nose to her crotch inhaling the strong aroma emanating from between her thighs. I start to pull down her panties slowly exposing the lovely sight of her well defined pussy. When the panties are completely off I tell her to spread her legs so I can get a good look at her womanhood.

"Marisa, your clitoris is a little inflamed and it is slightly erect. I think that you need to show everyone what this looks like so the other girls will understand what to look for when they inspect themselves."

Marisa is very excited now and I lead her to the sofa where she sits and opens her thighs wide so that we can clearly view her wet and puffy pussy.

"Marisa I want you to pull your cunt lips open so we can see your inflamed clit. Cathy, kneel down and describe what you see."

Cathy quickly kneels down and peers closely at Marisa's exposed pussy. "I can see what looks like a little button sticking out slightly above her hole. It is all red and it looks sore."

Cathy turns to me and asks, "May I touch it?" I look to Marisa and she nods her agreement.

"You may touch it but you must be careful because it is very sensitive. Try your finger first and then see if you can get it between your lips and flick your tongue over it but gently. I want you all to watch because you may want to do this yourself or have it done to you and it is good to know what to do."

Cathy uses her forefinger to rub the area around Marisa's clitoris. Marisa is visibly excited and enjoying the tingling in her quim. When Cathy replaces her finger with her mouth Marisa moans loudly and places one hand on Cathy's head to hold her tightly against her throbbing clit. She flicks her tongue over Marisa's very sensitive love bud and within seconds she explodes in orgasm. Cathy smiles as she pulls back so everyone can see Marisa's pussy pulsate in wet pleasure.

"Very good, now stand up and resume your position in line." Everyone moves back into line holding their skirts high. Marisa's legs are a little unsteady but she calms herself and I can clearly see the wetness leaking from her lovely pussy coating the sides of her thighs.

Next is Cathy and she is wearing a very nice pair of lace panties that are now soaked in her wetness. I slip a finger inside the crotch of her panties and rub between her hot and swollen cunt lips. "Did you enjoy tasting Marisa's pussy, Cathy?"

"Yes sir," she replies.

"Tell us what it was like."

"It was lovely. It was so smooth and I never tasted anything like it before. She was very wet and when she came she squirted juice into my mouth. It was wonderful and I would love to do it again."

"I'm sure you will get the chance very soon," I reply. "Now Cathy what am I to do with you. Your panties are very wet and soiled and your pussy is obviously excited. Girls what do you suggest I do with Cathy?"

"Make her masturbate!"

"Spank her for being naughty!"

"Have her pleasure your cock!"

"Those are all excellent suggestions. I think that Cathy should demonstrate how she plays with her pussy when she wants to excite herself. Erica you get the camera and video this so we can watch it later as a group."

Cathy is anxious to begin because she loves to have people watch her masturbate. She loves to be taped and have her sex sessions posted for the world to view. This time the session will be private and special just for the five of us to see.

Cathy let her fingers seek out the soft, warm, wet area between her legs. She felt a huge surge of excitement sizzle through her body as she watched the others staring at her. The muscles in her flat tummy contracted and she curled her toes as her fingers traced her moist, outer lips. When she finally slipped a finger inside herself, Cathy released a heavy, breathy, unsteady sigh. Teasing her hot clit, making herself wetter, she sunk her finger deeply and slowly into her vagina, clenching her walls around herself.

Instinctively, Cathy made a soft, sensual sound that broke the near silence of the room. This seemed to tear down a wall, for Cathy's sound was quickly followed by a low moan from Marisa. Cathy grew hungry and gave her pussy another finger to devour. She fucked herself faster and deeper, and began rubbing her clit with her thumb on the in-strokes. Her face and chest felt flush, she was warm all over, and she began to perspire. Cathy felt her hair clinging to her wet forehead.

As she continued, now lifting her hips off the floor to meet her thrusts, Cathy used her free hand to play with her nipples through the fabric of her top. She rolled them and pinched them between her fingers, sending waves of pleasure up and down her spine. She was very sweaty now, her body glazed over and reflecting the light of the setting sun. Her skin was so warm it tingled all over. She pulled her fingers out of herself and rubbed her clit frantically. Her entire body tensed. Her tummy became rock hard and Cathy's eyes shut tight. She gritted her teeth and held her breath, still rubbing her clit, on the verge of an explosion she'd never forget.

Cathy was screaming, almost crying it felt so good as she had an powewrful orgasm while everyone watched. She stole a look at Erica as her body convulsed in pleasure, and caught her with her hand between her thighs. Still cumming, Cathy finally lost control and closed her eyes. She fell back on the floor, still holding herself and shaking violently as multiple orgasms ravaged her. When her spasms ended she opened her eyes and say everyone smiling and telling her how wonderful she was and how much they enjoyed watching her cum.

"All right ladies," I said regaining control of the moment. "There is still one girl who hasn't had her panties inspected. Come here Kelly and the rest of you remove all your clothes and circle around."

Kelly stood still with her skirt held high surrounded by three beautiful and naked women. I stood in front of the group and began to undress. I was soon naked with my cock hard and prominent before me. I kneel down and closely inspect Kelly's pale pink panties.

"Come here Erica and tell me what you see."

Erica kneels beside me and looks closely at Kelly's wet panty crotch. "She is very wet and her panties are a mess. I think that her pussy and bum should be inspected to see why her panties are so wet."

"Marisa I want you to kneel behind Kelly and help me remove her panties." Marisa moved at once placing her hands on Kelly's hips grasping the waist of her lovely bikini panties. She slowly lowered them as Erica and I watched her smooth shaved pussy come into view. Kelly was hot with anticipation and looked to Cathy with lust in her eyes. Cathy embraced her kissing her passionately as Marisa spread the cheeks of her bum and licked the crease and Kelly's little brown hole. Erica opened Kelly's legs and began to suck on her sweet wet pussy driving her tongue deep inside.

As the four women became lost in unbridled passion I stood and began to stroke my cock. I desperately wanted someone's mouth around my cock but the sight before me was intoxicating and magic to watch. I played with myself for some time before moving in beside Kelly with my cock now in Erica's face and my ass within easy reach for Marisa to enjoy.

Erica pulled back from Kelly's pussy and took my cock into her mouth sucking hungrily on the large purple head. Meanwhile Marisa was rubbing my ass as she continued to probe Kelly's behind. Cathy and Kelly were still lost in their passionate kiss. I knew that soon I would explode and just then Marisa stuck a finger up my ass. The feeling was exquisite and I shot my load full into Erica's mouth and all over her face. Kelly shook as her orgasm consumed her, breaking the kiss with Cathy she screamed out in pleasure. We collapsed in a heap upon the floor but soon we would recover and then it would be someone else's turn to play out a fantasy.

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