tagGroup SexPanty Odyssey Ch. 01

Panty Odyssey Ch. 01


"Do you, or do you not, wanna fucking eat me?" Melanie had been sitting on his chest, but now climbed higher, shoving her stained, faded blue, double string panties up onto his beardless chin. He could smell them, realizing she hadn't showered for a couple of days, at least. He wasn't sure whether to jump for joy, or throw up.

His cock however, was sure: it twitched and grew hard against his jeans. Great.

She was in her mid-twenties, already showing a little chub here and there; no big deal. Beneath stringy, brown hair, she had the most intense gaze he had ever seen, the kind of eyes that begged to be fucked. He'd been horny from the second he'd seen her and her friend Tara hanging out lazy thumbs on the highway access ramp.

He picked them up, thinking he'd hang with them for a bit, build up a sexy image in his mind that he could jerk off to later. He never seriously considered the idea they would actually be willing to fuck. Until now.

Ten seconds ago she'd slid off her faded jeans and pushed him down on his own bed. She'd started mumbling some bizarre stuff, like a nursery rhyme, or something. He thought he'd heard, "Hickory, dickory, dock ... " and then she'd climbed up around his chin with the most needy look on her face. Tara was in the bathroom, showering.

In answer to Melanie's question, he stuck his tongue out, tried to slide it across the bit of panty he was just able to reach. He could see her thin, light brown pubes beginning to mat against the other side. She pulled back slightly.

"I wanna hear you say it," she said. "Gets me really hot when I hear someone tell me how bad they wanna fuck me."

She was definitely a hottie, even in the faded, equally stained T-shirt she was wearing. From this angle he could see her heavy boobs pushing the shirt apart.

"I wanna fucking eat you, okay?" he explained obediently. "I wanna taste your fucking pussy in the worst way; I wanna slide my tongue through your lips, flick your clit, slide a finger in you maybe ... "



"Call me bitch," Melanie ordered. Her faded blue bikini gyrated a quarter-inch from his outstretched tongue.

"Okay ... listen up, bitch: I'm gonna eat your pussy till you fucking cum on my neck, and then I'm gonna slide my boner in your dirty little cunt and make you lick up my cum, after. You getting juiced now, bitch?"

Melanie moaned appreciatively and allowed the tip of his questing tongue to just flick her dirty panties. He tasted salt, and grime, and ... crusty girl cum? She'd probably cum in these panties a couple of days ago.

His cock went rock hard.

"You're fucking riding his face already, you little skank?" Tara sounded outraged, but he could tell it was an act. She walked into the bedroom naked and still completely soaked from the shower. She had made no effort to dry off.

Tara was another brunette, at least thirty years old, although she was so trim and fit her exact age was hard to pin down. Her eyes weren't as intense as Melanie's, but they were bright with life and curiosity nonetheless. Tiny breasts just large enough to hold a couple of huge, dark nipples hung out slightly from her chest. Her athletic belly and waist flared gently into almost non-existent hips. She climbed up onto the bed with them.

"Lemme taste your panties, bitch," he continued, grabbing Melanie by her sweet round ass and shoving his face into her. She groaned and started humping his chin, while his tongue flicked randomly across her panties.

"Actually," said Tara, pulling his jeans off, "They're my panties. We switched last week, after we fucked those two guys at the motel."

Almost free, his cock threatened to tear through his pre-cum soaked underwear. Tara tugged them off.

"Sweet!" she exclaimed excitedly. "You gotta nice dick, William!" She started jerking him off as Melanie now drove her panties down onto his face. He could smell her cunt starting to juice as she got hornier and hornier; her breath came in shallow gasps as her moans became more urgent.

His seven-inch cock was strictly average, William figured, but much worse than that: he wasn't able to regenerate as fast as he used to. Still, he'd managed to slide that same old dick into his fair share of slick, slippery pussies. These two little cunts might turn out to be more memorable than average, however.

Tara was holding something pink up to his nose, getting it in between the faded blue panties riding his chin and his nostrils. "These are Melanie's fucking panties, she likes fucking pink," she explained. "But that's me you smell on there; last time the little bitch had them on was about a week ago. I've been wearing them since then. That crusty stuff on there? That's man cum that's been dribbling out of me all week ... "

What the fuck? These two were definitely not your average vanilla sex types. The dirty panty thing was grossing him out somewhat. Didn't seem to matter to his dick, though. If anything, he was getting harder.

Tara moved back down to his cock, started jerking him off with Melanie's panties wrapped all around it. "We even let guys cum in our panties, and them we put them back on."

Melanie pulled her wet panties aside with a grunt, tried to shove his chin up inside her cunt hole. He could smell her salty pussy lips, the slickness that was coating the inside of her thighs. Feeling his own lust intensify, he shoved his tongue into her as far as it would go and began moving it from side to side. Melanie gasped and moaned, shoving herself even farther onto him.

As Tara jerked him off, he started humping her hand with a steady beat. It wouldn't be long and he'd be shooting his load, no doubt about it. Whatever.

Melanie, panting, began rubbing her clit with her own fingers. Whenever a finger dried up, she shoved it into his mouth, getting it good and wet. He couldn't believe how raunchy these two were.

Suddenly she shoved her stained blue panties back in place, and slammed her arms against the wall. Hot cum gushed through her panties, onto his neck. She groaned, her head thrown back.

Holy shit, he thought, they'd been fucking for what, thirty seconds? Here he was, cumming already ---

As Tara squealed in delight, he bucked and tensed ... and came a load of his own nut juice, right into the pink panties Tara held wrapped around his dick. She tossed the sticky panties onto the bed, and slid his cock into her throat. His dick didn't even pretend to go soft.

Even as Melanie was still draining her hot juice onto his face, Tara climbed up and slowly straddled his dick. He watched as his cock disappeared inside her gorgeous shaven pussy. "Oh yeah, sweet," Tara moaned softly, as she settled herself, a big grin on her face. He couldn't believe how tight she was.

"Is it alright if we fuck the shit out of you?" she wondered, starting to ride his rock-hard cock with a slow beat.

"Whatever," he agreed from inside a haze of lust.

"Is it alright if we steal everything you have and dump your body off a trestle up the Trans-Canada Trail?"

"Whatever," he agreed, not really paying attention. Holy shit, these two were hotter than fuck! He began slamming himself upward into the athletic Tara, drawing an excited "Oh!" from her with every slam. She started to lean forward, using Melanie's back for support.

He sank his fingernails into the twenty-something ass on his face, and positioned her clit just so ... then gently bit down, through her stained panties. She gasped and shuddered. That's right, bitch, he thought, I'm biting your clit! How do you like that? Shove your fucking dirty panties into my face, what the fuck ...!

Melanie tensed, and groaned, her arms hammering the wall above the bed. She lost control as a powerful climax rolled through her; her thighs clenching, she slowly toppled off his face. She lay on her side, her legs closed around her stained blue panties, as one long shudder after another went through her. Holy shit that little bitch was hot!

He had stopped slamming himself into Tara as Melanie toppled off his face, and now disengaged himself completely. He needed to slide his dick inside Melanie's wet puss, whether she wanted him to or not.

As William slid off her faded blue bikini, he could see her panties were destroyed with stains, girl cum and nut juice from who knew how many guys. They stunk. But his cock had never been harder. He couldn't believe what he was doing.

"Hey, bitch, look at me!" he ordered. Melanie, panting, slowly turned her head and focused. He licked her panties. Her head fell back as her hands dug themselves into the sheets. Taking her panties between his teeth, he jerked himself a couple of times and guided the head of his dick between her soaked and matted pussy hairs. With somewhat more violence than he was used to, he rammed himself into her gaping pussy. "I'm gonna fuck your dirty little cunt, just like I said I would!"

Her feet were in little white pom pom socks, her knees raised somewhat, as he slammed into her pelvic bone, over and over. Her heavy boobs threatened to tear through her T-shirt. She grunted and groaned appreciatively, her head thrown to the side as her fists clenched as much sheet as they could find.

"Oh yeah, fuck me, William," Melanie gasped between slams. "Wanna feel your cum inside me!"

She wasn't nearly as tight as the older Tara, but William could tell that it wouldn't be long before he'd be jizzing inside her cute little fuck machine of a body. Shit, it was okay with him if he unloaded his nut juice right then and there.

Suddenly Tara was there, laying down on her back, right on top of Melanie, who grunted, but let it happen. Tara's legs were spread as wide as they could go. Her shaved pussy glistened wetly.

"Fuck us both, William," she urged. "You know what to do, right? You fuck me with Melanie's cunt juice all over your dick, and then you fuck her with mine all over it. It'll be fucking awesome!" He had no doubts about it.

These two were impossibly cute and burning up for man meat apparently. He slid his sopping cock out of Melanie, and guided himself slowly into the tight Tara; he didn't even have to reposition himself that much. Tara gasped as her small cunt gobbled up his cock, right to the hilt. He slid back and forth a few times, to see if she was comfy, but she was already yakking at Melanie about something or other. Her fingers flicked at her firmed up nipples absent-mindedly.

He slowly started fucking these two wet pussies that were laying right in front of him, one on top of the other. Every time he pulled out of one to fuck the other, the waiting one would whine and complain that she didn't have dick inside her.

As his tempo increased, and every thrust became a slam, the girls became more and more excited. Whomever he wasn't fucking at the time was playing with her clit, and moaning, or talking dirty.

"That was cool how he pulled off my fucking panties and made me watch him lick them," Melanie panted at one point. "I just about fucking came right there -- if he wasn't already shoving his dick inside me I would have slammed him against the wall and climbed up onto his cock!"

"He's a big boy -- he mighta put you over his knee for that."

"I wish!"

William couldn't take it anymore. He tensed, threw his head back, and shoved himself deep into Melanie's dirty cunt. "Shut ... the fuck ... up," he roared, releasing himself into her pussy.

"Omigod!" Melanie called excitedly. "I can feel him spurt inside me!"

"Of course you can," Tara added. "It's the itsy bitsy spider that climbed up the water spout ... "

He had no idea what they were talking about, but he came and came, his breathing interrupted by great gasps and moans. Eventually, blinking, he slid out of Melanie and stumbled backward to his bedroom wall. He needed the support; he didn't think he had ever cum like that.

Incredibly, his dick wanted more. He suddenly searched his memory in all seriousness, to see if it was possible that someone had slipped him some Viagras, or something. But it wasn't likely. How the fuck was he staying so hard?

Then he remembered Melanie's faded blue panties, which were still hanging from his mouth. They were totally destroyed with juices of all kinds, and now they were even soaked with his own fucking saliva. He tossed them onto the bed.

Scrambling quickly, Tara now laid down, her face pointed up at the ceiling. Melanie squatted over her face and spread her pussy lips wide. A few moments later a thin stream of his cum started dribbling into Tara's mouth. She licked and gobbled it down as it appeared. Her fingers were all over her own clit.

Melanie was singing softly, "Down came the rain ... and washed the spider out ... "

"You guys are freaking me out," William said, his eyebrows raised.

Nevertheless, ten seconds later he shoved Tara's legs apart roughly, and started licking and sucking on her beautiful, shaven pussy. She moaned and gasped, lifted her feet up as a high toward the ceiling as they could go. "Oh yeah, eat me, William, eat me hard, I wanna feel your tongue in there -- slide a couple of fingers in there too, oh yeah!"

He could still taste a hint of his own bodywash on her pussy, from her earlier shower, despite her already having had his dick inside her. She tasted great, and even though she was tight, he had no trouble getting a couple of his fingers inside her. Her own fingers started rubbing her clit as though they were driven by a high-speed motor. She was moaning with a low, throaty growl.

As Melanie continued softly singing, "Down came the rain ... and washed the spider out ... " she turned herself around, facing the wall. After gently lowering herself, she started slowly riding Tara's face.

Tara wanted to clench her thighs around his face, but William kept her legs apart with brute force. He lapped her juicing cunt as if it was the last pussy he would ever get. Moving gently back and forth on Tara's face, Melanie now softly sang, "Jack be nimble! Jack be quick! Jack jump over ... the ... candle ... stick ... " Melanie ground her pussy into Tara's chin suddenly.

Melanie started fucking Tara's head as if it was a dildo. Both of them groaned and shouted.

Tara stopped playing with herself as her whole body tensed and arched up off the bed. She screamed and roared as her orgasm washed over her; at the same time, hot cum gushed onto William's tongue and fingers. "All right!" he shouted, "Let her fucking rip!" Tara slammed her hands into the bed again and again as climax after climax rolled over her. Melanie had Tara's head safely between her own juicing thighs, while William's concrete arms easily held her in place around his tongue.

Eventually her screams lessened to shouts; and when even those had dwindled to gasps and pants, they all gathered on his bed, dirty and sweating, but grinning happily.

William handed out beers. "So," he said. "You two need a ride somewhere?" They were strange, and a little bit scary, but they were smoking hot fucks. He'd never been fucked like that in his life; there was no way he was just going to turn them out the door.

"How about Granville Street?" Tara answered.

"You serious?" Assuming there was no snow in the pass, they could be in Vancouver in three hours.

"We're recruiters for a ... fetish house there," Tara explained. "We're due for a check-in."

"No shit." He thought about it for a moment, but already knew that come morning, the three of them would be on the road going west.

He just hoped he wasn't biting off more than he could chew.

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