tagFetishPanty: Spring Break!

Panty: Spring Break!


Another true arousing story. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Thanks!

It was the final day of midterm exams which means Spring Break has arrived. Hank and his roommates have been busy study and working on their projects at home, which meant Hank hasn't been able to get to their panties. It has been 3 weeks since Hank and Jenny's night of naughty playtime. [See: Panty: Private Party]

Earlier in the afternoon, Hank and Jenny were cleaning out the fridge since they wouldn't be at the apartment during spring break. Jenny's friend, Trihn, had stopped by to drop off some borrowed notes. Trihn was a petite Asian girl about 5'5". She seemed to have a full 34B breasts and liked to flaunt it by wearing low cut tops showing off her tight cleavage. She always wore her hair in a ponytail which made for great bobbing action when she gave blowjobs. Her on-and-off boyfriend bragged she could suck your nuts out of your cock. She wore a short sundress which revealed her smooth toned legs. As she opened and stood by the door about to leave, the sun beaming outside made her thin sundress transparent. It revealed her skimpy bikini white panty. Luckily, Hank was behind the kitchen counter when he let out a slight groan as his cock twitched coming to attention. She and Jenny continued talking as Hank adjusted his aroused cock behind the counter. As she turned around to leave, he had a great view of her little tight firm butt hugging the panty. The butt cheeks bounced slightly as she walked out to the courtyard and the peek show was over when she left.

Jenny shut the door and saw Hank standing behind the counter smirking.

She then said to Hank, "You saw everything huh?"


"C'mon now. I know you saw everything like I did. That little bitch loves cockteasing people. But, I don't think she knows she's flashing her ass to everyone in that thin dress. Ha-ha!"

"Well, if you got it, flaunt it. And YOU should flaunt it too!" teased Hank.

"Ha-ha! Fuck you! . . . Did you get a hard on seeing her little panty? Is that why you're hiding behind the counter?"

"YUP! You want to help me finish what Trihn created?"

"-EWW! NO! C'mon, we have to finish cleaning out the fridge."

"Well, give me a moment to calm it."

"I'll hook you up with a pair to keep you out of trouble during spring break. He-he, maybe even the pair I have on right now!"

"UGH! STOP! You're not helping with the situation!" groaned Hank.

She teased him some more by bending over into the fridge revealing the red frilly top edge of her panty. The seat of her tight jeans begged for a hand to grope her ass tight and hard. Then, Andrea came home shouting "OHHYEEEAA! SPREAK BREAK! PARTY TIME!" In the evening, they had planned to meet up with some friends at Greek Row where the fraternity and sorority houses were having parties. Hank wasn't really into college parties, but his roommates and friends dragged him along and lured him with hot partying girls.

It was the typical frat parties filled with kegs and beer bongs. Hank found his frat buddies and tossed back a few shots with them. Hank's roommates Ellie, Andrea, and Jenny came running over looking for sanctuary from already drunk light weight young frat boys. Jenny and Andrea were buzzed from alcohol, but Andrea said they had taken some ecstasy (E) too. Andrea's boyfriend arrived and they left the party. Ellie and Jenny wandered off to dance with some guys.

Guys were immediately drawn towards Jenny since she was wearing a low cut white V-neck T-shirt and a tight white bra that tried to keep her 36C tits contained. She also had on a pair of tight faded jeans that filled her full ass that looked even sexier with her stiletto heels on. When she adjusted her heels, it revealed that she was still wearing the red frilly top panty which was a pink and red striped thong. After 2hrs of drinking and dancing, Ellie stumbled over to Joe and Hank who were hanging out with some friends. She was completely wasted, falling over, and passing in and out of consciousness. Joe could barely hold up his older sister, so he decided to take her back to the apartment and sleep it off. Instead, Hank offered to bring her back since he was getting bored and still needed to pack for Spring Break. Jenny was buzzed but still drinking and dancing with some friends when she saw Hank assist Ellie out of the party. She offered to help but he told her to stay and continue to have fun.

Their apartment was three long blocks away especially with a drunk girl who could barely walk. After two excruciating blocks, he finally gave up threw her over his left shoulder. Luckily, she was a petite Asian girl about 105pounds. His concern was being spotted as a kidnapper or having her barf all over him, but it was too tedious to keep dragging her passed out body. She was out cold. To prevent her from slipping off his shoulder, he held onto her inner thigh. His cock twitched, when her jeans slipped down revealing her pink cotton thong. As he carried her down the block, his hand slowly made his way up to her crotch. He could feel the heat radiating from her hot crotch, but he tried his best to hurry and get her home before she got sick all over him.

At the main gated door, Hank set her down to get his keys and to catch his breath before getting her up the stairs to their apartment. He tried to wake her up so she could get up the stairs without being carried, but she just mumbled something and slept. He pulled her up by her underarms and grabbed onto her tight little butt to keep her up. He caressed and groped her ass and rubbed her hot crotch a few more times. Of course, his cock was aroused and straining to get out of his jeans but he had to get them back into the apartment. Her pink thong was still showing, so he couldn't resist touching and pulling on it. She let out a slight moan when the thong pulled deep into her pussy. The moan startled and stopped him, but she was still out cold.

Since his shoulder was still tired, Hank carried her in his arms. Her jeans shifted down again, but this time he was able to see the top front of her pink thong. When he finally made it to their door, her jeans and thong were barely on her hips. He nearly dropped her when he saw the top of her dark pubic hair patch! Tempted to just pull down her jeans and thong and give her hairy pussy a good licking, eating, and fucking, Hank had to get her inside since they were out in the courtyard for everyone to see. He got her inside, carried her up the stairs to her bedroom, and tossed her onto the bed. She shifted herself a bit but still laid there passed out. Hank could see that the top button of her jeans had come undone which is how her thong and pubic hair was revealed. He had a great view of her upper pubic hair region. He was so tempted to pull down her clothes to get a full view, but his conscious wouldn't allow it. Especially because he knew she could wake up at any moment, and she was Joe's sister. So instead, he took off her shoes and straightened out her legs onto the bed. As he pulled her jeans back up, his hand brushed up lightly on her pubic hair. He covered her with a blanket and put a trash can by her bedside in case she needed to barf.

Hank went downstairs to get a bottle of water by her nightstand. He also started baking a pizza and fries since they tend to get the munchies after a night of partying. A few minutes later, Joe, Jenny and 3 of her girlfriends staggered into the apartment. One of them was pretty much wasted too, so Joe and Hank carried her up to Andrea's bed and checked on Ellie too. Joe said he was going to shower and to save him some pizza. He lay down on his bed and informed Hank that Jenny had taken another round of ecstasy pill not too long ago. Hank wasn't worried about it since she was safe at home. As Joe continued mumbling, he passed out in bed and snored loudly as always.

Jenny and the other girls were laughing, chatting, and eating. Hank brought down some blanket and pillows for the girls to sleep on their 2 sofas and joined them in the kitchen. While chatting and watching TV, the girls started to doze off while Jenny was in the shower. Hank turned off the TV and headed up to bed. He checked on Ellie and the other girl and they were out cold. Hank laid in bed trying to tune out Joe's heavy snoring. Seeing that the lights and TV was off downstairs, Jenny also went to bed in the guys' room where she slept on an air mattress between Joe and Hank's beds. The room was dimly lit by the outside courtyard lights since they had the window and blinds slightly open. She had on a white tank top and bra, cotton grey short shorts, and white anklet socks.

"Hey Hank, are you asleep?"

"Shit. With Joe's snoring?? Fuck no! So, how are you feeling? Yack yet? He-he"

"Ha-ha. Very funny. I'm cool. The shower felt great! Especially since the E is still flowing in me. But fuckin drunk ass Ellie knocked me into some guy and my shoulder hurts."

"Yeah, for a little girl, Ellie is a heavy drunk! Shit, I had to carry her ass home! Anyway, sit up and I'll massage your shoulder."

She sat up from her mattress for the massage. They continued chatting as he rubbed her shoulders and back. The ecstasy pill made her nerves more sensitive so every touch and rub made her body tingle and surge. Hank then massaged her neck which made her gasp and sigh. Her thick long hair got in the way, so she tied it back into a ponytail so it would be easier for him. He proceeded to rub the front of her neck which was really sensitive and made her pussy start throbbing. After a few minutes, he told her to lie down so he can get to her lower back. She knew he wanted to check out her panties, so she teasingly posed doggystyle revealing the top of her bikini panty and laid face down into her pillow.

"Mmm NICE!" groaned Hank.

"He-he. Thanks, I knew you would like it. If you do a good job massaging me, you can have it later. It's . . .it's getting a little wet if you know what I mean. He-he."

"Ohhh, you're killing me! What color is it?"

"He-he. Want a closer look? It's satin purple."

Hank sat next to her and massaged her back as she sighed into her pillow. He worked his way back to her shoulders and neck which she loved the way it felt. Then, he massaged back down to her lower back and legs. As he moved up to her thighs, she began to breathe more heavily and squirmed. When he reached her lower butt cheeks of her shorts, he could feel the heat radiating from her crotch. He noticed her ass was slightly moving because her crotch was opening and closing at a rhythmic pace. He knew she was turned on and trying to get herself off.

"Hey, are you ok? How's it feel?"

Jenny exhaled and sighed out, "Mmm, it feels good. I can get used to this."

"He-he, sorry my hands are getting tired. And I can see that you're having fun without me."

"He-he. Sorry, I couldn't help it. You got me aroused with the massage. Shit, I need a good orgasm after all this. . .He-he, and from the way your shorts is tenting, you too huh? You think it's safe to play with Joe here?

"Shit, you think this foghorn will wake up?! He can still sleep when a tornado plows through! Besides, I don't care. There's no way I can sleep without releasing this load."

"Ok, same as last time. No peeking under the sheets." said Jenny as she covered herself with her bed sheet. Her body was still surging from the ecstasy. Hank jumped onto his bed to get a better view of her show below. He took a look at Joe to make sure it was safe. He was snoring deeply away facing away from them. Hank pulled off his shorts and boxers unveiling his semi-erect cock. Jenny sat up to get a closer look and giggled when she blew at it which her warm breath made it twitch.

"OOOH! Looks like it's ready to play. Oh god, it's been over two weeks! I've been waiting to do this again."

"Me too! But, you haven't been around. So how are you doing down there? Are you wet? Is your panty wet?"

"Oooh yeeeaaah, I can feel a wet spot on the outside of my panty. My pussy is wet and . . . uhhh feels like it's on fire from the E. Uhhh. . . It feels good with the satin rubbing against my clit. Mmm."

"Fuck! You got me so hard! See how hard I am?!"

Jenny's eyes rolled back and shut tight as she rubbed her hot wet panty covered pussy and pinched her tits under the sheets. Her movements were more extreme than the last time because of the ecstasy and because it was so naughty to be doing this with a house full of people and a sleeping roommate next to them. Her leg came out from under the sheet and rested up on Hank's bed. Stroking his hard cock, Hank caressed her leg and she let out a loud sigh and turned to bury her head into her pillow to prevent from getting too loud. She bent her leg and the sheet rode up showing her thigh. He could see that she was furiously rubbing herself since the bed sheet was moving a lot.

Hank couldn't take it anymore. Her head was still buried in the pillow, so she didn't know what was coming. He hopped off the bed and stuck his head into the sheet to get a front row view. However the scent and heat radiating from her pussy and the squishing sound of her juicy soaked panty rubbing against her dripping pussy, Hank instinctively buried his head into her crotch.

Jenny was taken by surprise and whispered loudly, "-OH MY GOD! STOP! UHHH! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? OH! UH! . . . STOP! UGH!!"

Hank put his head into her panty covered hot crotch and licked her wet pussy juice covered fingers and her soaked purple satin panty. She tried to push his head away, but he continued licking deeply into her.

"HANK! STOP! . . .ugh . . .you promised! . .oh. OH GOD! STOP! WE CAN'T! . . .UH-UHHH" begged Jenny, but it fell on deaf ears and she was no longer pushing him away.

After a few deeper tonguing, she was pushing her hip into his face instead! When he found and assaulted her panty covered clit, she pulled his head into her dripping crotch which caught Hank by surprise. He gasped for air as he got her closer to a huge orgasm. At the same time, his hard cock was at full staff ready blow.

Hank's hands moved up to Jenny's hips trying to pull down her panty to gain total uncovered access to her hot pussy. His hands slide up her legs which sent shivers and goose bumps all over her body. She sighed and moaned loudly. When he grabbed hold of the side of her panties to pull down, she quickly removed her hands from his head and grabbed hold of his hands to stop him. She knew if her panties came off, their erotic fun would go too far. She gripped onto his hands tightly and told him to leave her panties on. So instead, he held onto her hands and caressed the side of her ass. Eventually, she let go of his hands to push his head deeper into her raging pussy. He grabbed hold of her naked smooth butt cheeks which made her even hotter.

Hank continued an assault on her panty covered pussy. With his teeth and tongue, he was able to shift the crotch of her panty aside and get a taste of her hot sweet pussy juices and to feel that her pubic hair was trimmed. His tongue and lips licked and sucked her clit and her orgasm hit. Jenny's thighs pinned Hank's head like a clamp. He could barely hear her moaning since it was muffled by her thighs. But he knew she was having a huge orgasm since she was bucking her hips and pushing his face into her pussy. The flood of pussy juice exploded out and soaked her already wet panty and Hank's mouth. She buried her face into the pillow preventing herself from screaming out loud waking the other roommates. Hank gasped for air and rode out the orgasm without having his neck getting snapped off. When she finally released his head, he got up on his knees, jerked on his hard aching cock spewing hot cum on her legs and sheets. They looked at each other in disbelief and grinned about what had just happened. He caressed her leg one last time and got back into his bed. They both collapsed back in bed and fell deep asleep.

A few hours later, Hank abruptly woke up with a gasp. When he opened his eyes, Jenny was kneeling by his bedside. With her left hand, she was using her purple satin panty from the previous night to cover his nose and mouth, and her right hand was stroking his already hard cock under the blanket. It was barely sunrise and everyone was still asleep. Jenny slyly grinned and whispered, "Shhhh . . .it's my turn. Cum for me." Her sleepy eyes, sexy bed head hair, and sly smile made his cock twitch. "He-he, you like that? I felt it twitch. My panty from last night is on your face. I hope you like it." Hank groaned as he sniffed and tasted her panty. She could feel on her hand that he was probing and tasting her panty. At the same time, his hand caressed the small of her back which was covered by a thin ribbed white tank top. Her hard dark nipples of her 36C tits were clearly visible and bounced as she jerked him off. As he moved his hand lower, he felt her bare ass which caused his cock to twitch again. She was stroking and maintaining eye contact with him and his hard cock. She was getting wet all over again especially seeing how much Hank liked her panty and how he was groping her ass.

He moved his hand to the front trying to feel her pubic hair and to finger her wet pussy. Unfortunately, she moved away preventing him from penetrating her. His moans were muffled by her panty covering his mouth, but his ragged breathing indicated he was going to cum soon. She then lifted his blanket and saw how hard her hand job was making his cock throb. Without warning, she licked the head of his cock with her hot wet tongue. Hank let out a low loud groan, so she cupped his mouth tighter with her hand and panty. He grabbed tightly onto her butt cheek which made her wet pussy throb and pussy juice started to leak down her leg. After a few more licks to his cockhead, she licked his shaft and then engulfed his entire cock. Hank instinctively thrust upwards deep into her hot wet mouth. He let go of her butt cheek and groped her firm 36C tit. Through her thin tank top, he pinched and rolled her hard dark nipple. With a mouthful of hard cock, she gasped and moaned while he played with her sensitive tit.

When she let her guard down, Hank rubbed her wet uncovered pussy and deeply penetrated her with his middle finger and rubbed her clit and trimmed pubic hair with his thumb. She jumped as he fingered her and hot pussy juice leaked into his hand. She was sucking and bobbing her head on his cock and humping his hand. Her swaying long hair tickled his body and balls as she furiously sucked away. He was ready to blow his load and warned her that he was cumming. She sucked him even harder and faster, and humped away at his hand trying to cum with him. Hank couldn't hold back any long and blasted into her mouth. She pulled away from his cock and swallowed a load and watched his cock spewed more spurts. As she continued milking his cock, he slipped another finger into her pussy and that was it, she rode his hand to an orgasm. She took her panty away from his mouth and nose to muffle her own orgasmic cries and buried her head into his body. His hand was completely drenched and tired from fingering and being humped.

She used her panty to wipe and soak all the juices from her pussy. When she lifted her head up from his body, her hair was sexily tussled and she had a huge naughty grin. She gave him the soaked panty, kissed his cheek, and whispered, "Thanks. That was fuckin awesome! He-he. This should keep you entertained during the break. Where's your boxers?" Hank pulled out his boxer shorts by his pillow and gave it to her. She took it and cleaned his cock and spilled cum. She winked and said, "This is mine now. Fair exchange." They both got back into their beds and stared at each other with dirty grins until they fell back asleep.

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Came in MY panties!

Love the story. Panty gags and the sweet smell of a hot womans pussy! Awesome!

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