tagFetishPanty: Wedding Day Revenge Pt. 02

Panty: Wedding Day Revenge Pt. 02


(True story continued from. . .Wedding Day Revenge. Story was split for the panty fetish lovers)

Recap: It was Hank's buddy's wedding day. Most of them couldn't understand why Craig was getting married so soon and especially to a judgmental, materialistic, and controlling bitch like Jessica. She's Asian with long shoulder length hair, nice full blow job lips like Angelina Jolie, a full 34-35B cup, and ass that stuck out. If she wasn't such a bitch, Hank and his buddies would have been hot for her, but her attitude was a major turn off. Jessica's hot best friend and maid of honor was Ashley. She was also Asian with sexy smoky eyes, long hair with brown highlight streaks, and curvy hourglass body with a great "fuck me from behind" ass. 36C cup and a light tan that set off her silky legs. Hank had a hot fucking and buttfucking session with her after the wedding to spite her boyfriend.

After the newlyweds cut their wedding cake, Hank and the fellas loaded the wedding gifts onto the hotel's luggage cart to stash into the honeymoon suite. It would take several exhausting trips up and down the elevator. As Hank unloaded and finished stacking one cart of gifts on the side of the honeymoon suite's living room, he grabbed a bottle of water from the wet bar and sat down waiting for the next cart to arrive. He looked around the room and boy, it was trashed! From all the activities from the previous night and the coming and going of all the people during this wedding day, it would be a miracle for anyone to find anything. Then, it hit him. If he were to go through the bridesmaids' luggage to check out their bras and panties, they would never suspect it was him. So many people have gone in and out of this place all day long, and over a dozen people have the room keys too. The idea swirled in his head, but then was interrupted when Earl arrived with another cart loaded with gifts.

Earl went back downstairs with the other cart, and Hank unloaded as quickly as he could. He shoved and blocked the doorway with the cart and ran into the bedroom. There were clothes, bags, and luggage scattered around the bed and floor. He checked out the closest luggage to him. As he browsed through the clothes, he determined it was Jessica's college friend who was just ok looking. Since he was pressed for time and also dressed in a suit with slim pockets for hiding things, he needed to be more selective. He moved on to the next luggage that was on the floor.

As he opened this typical black rolling luggage, he concluded that this was Ashley's bag since it had the same lavender dress shirt she was wearing earlier in the day. It also had an airliner tag attached to the handle of the luggage since she flew in from Miami. He carefully rummaged through her clothes looking for her used panties. Even though he had already fucked and buttfucked her less than an hour ago, he still wanted her most intimate piece of clothing as a souvenir for the night. He hoped they might hook up again later and get her cummy lacey purple thong which she was wearing while getting fucked. But for now, he was determined not to walk away empty handed.

Hank found a large Ziploc bag which contained 3 pairs of panties along with white pantyhose. There was a white thong, a cream bikini cut, and a nude tan color full back panties. He knew Earl was coming back up soon and needed to decide fast. The white and cream panties were still neatly folded and seemed clean, but the tan panty was messily folded. He took out the tan panty and took a quick sniff to determine if it was clean or used. It was definitely used and had a slight hint of perfume. He quickly shoved it flat into the pocket inside his suit jacket. He put the Ziploc bag and organized the clothes back to their original position and closed the luggage.

As soon as he stepped back out to the living room, the elevator chimed and Earl arrived with the last cart. Hank tried his best to calm his breathing and to act normal since he was hunting, sniffing, and stealing the bridesmaids' panties a few minutes ago. He and Earl unloaded the cart while listening to him bullshit about which girl he plans to fuck later. Hank didn't care since he already had his main course of booty earlier and hopefully round two later. And, he already had dessert saved in his pocket for later. They went back downstairs with the carts just in time for the newlywed's first dance.

The bridesmaids, groomsmen, and family joined in during the dance. Hank wasn't much of a dancer, so he went to get a drink at the bar and scanned the banquet hall for some ladies. However, he would watch Ashley closely as she danced with one of the groomsmen. His cock stirred thinking about how he had fucked her earlier and she was dancing in a pair of sticky and cum drenched purple lacey thong. The vision of her sucking his cock while maintaining eye contact popped into his head which caused him to almost pop an obscene hard-on. He turned back to the bar to get another drink to calm himself. Then, Ashley's boyfriend came over and asked Hank to get him a drink since the bar had cut off for the rest of the night. It was amusing, but it the least Hank could do after his girlfriend sucked him and got fucked in her pussy and asshole. They chatted for a bit, but Hank excused himself after he got bored of the loser's slurring and bitching about Ashley being mad at him.

Hank went over to a table of friends to take pictures and talk with. The newlyweds came over and dragged them all onto the dance floor. Hank was resisting but Ashley grabbed his hand and insisted. As they were dancing, Ashley said into Hank's ear that she was still wet inside and sore because of him. She slyly smiled and bit her lower lips. He suggested they should go for another round, and she seemed gamed. After two more songs, her boyfriend cut in. As Hank was about to leave the dance floor, he got pulled back in by another friend.

At the end of the night, the newlyweds thanked and took pictures with their departing guests. The bridesmaids then went back up to the room to change. It appeared that Hank was not going to get his second round of fucking with Ashley. As the newlyweds and fellas went back up to the honeymoon suite, they opened the door to a full blown shouting match between Ashley and her drunk boyfriend. He was definitely not going to get laid by her this night. Ashley was in tears apologizing to Craig and Jessica for her boyfriend and their constant arguing throughout their wedding day. Jessica took Ashley back into the bedroom and calmed her down.

All the girls came out of the room with their luggage ready to leave. Hank immediately looked at their luggage to determine whose bags he was digging in earlier. He looked at Ashley's luggage and it did not have that airline tag anymore. He presumed she probably took it off. Before they left, Hank needed to take a piss, so Jessica directed him to their master bathroom since Craig's brother was occupying the other one.

As Hank entered the bedroom to the master bathroom, his eyes widened in shock! The luggage with the airline tag that he had stolen the panty from was still on the floor! His heart pounded as he walked through the mirrored hallway, thinking. . . "Oh shit! All the girls came out of the room with their luggage already! That's the bitch's bag? Oh fuck! FUCK! HER panty is in my pocket!?" As he unzipped and pulled out his cock to take a piss, it took awhile for it to start flowing since he was distracted by a flood of thoughts. He washed his hands and face looking at himself in the mirror with disbelief and disappointment.

As he walked past looking at the luggage again, Hank stepped back into the living room and casually asked if they all got their bags because there's another bag in the bedroom. Jessica said it was hers. Greatly disappointed, Hank's heart dropped and stomach twisted since he assumed it was Ashley's bag and used panty. Jessica and Craig thanked everyone for their help and walked them to the elevator. Ashley stormed into the elevator with the other 2 bridesmaids and her boyfriend followed behind. The rest of the group waited for another elevator instead. As soon as their elevator door shut, Jessica immediately started cussing and bitching about her girlfriends and Ashley's loser boyfriend. It didn't phase the second group since it was typical of bitchy Jessica. As they got into the elevator, they congratulated the newlyweds one last time and told them to make babies all night long. The door shut and one of the guys said, "I bet she's talking shit about us now." They all laughed because it was probably true.

The bridesmaids were having their luggage loaded into a cab. Ashley said bye to the guys and gave a kiss on Hank's cheek and winked. Hank smiled but was still disappointed that he didn't get to fuck her again, let alone get that pair of purple thong she had on as a souvenir. But he had the satisfaction of fucking her in every hole and knowing she's still leaking his juices inside her throughout the night. They got into the cab and left.

The guys all went their separate ways. Some went to eat. Some went home, hotels, or check out some clubs. Hank got into a cab and smiled to himself thinking about the entire day, but especially hooking up with Ashley. When he arrived back to his place, he changed out of his suit and reluctantly showered. He wanted to keep the sex scent which he and Ashley had while pounding on each other, but he was sticky and needed to be clean in order to get a good night sleep. While he showered, he remembered the pocket square handkerchief he had used to wipe off Ashley's pussy juice. His cock woke and became hard. He quickly toweled himself off and went into his suit pockets to retrieve the stained handkerchief. As he pulled it out of the front pocket, he felt a bulge inside his suit. It was Jessica's panties which he carelessly tossed on the bed.

Hank laid down in bed and stroke his hard cock. He sniffed the silk pocket square handkerchief. It was still moist and smell of her fresh pussy. He wished it was Ashley's thong but the memories still got him aroused. As he was stroking and sniffing, his bare leg came in contact with something. He looked down and saw it was Jessica's panties. He kicked it within his grasp and cursed how disappointing it was to get the bitch's panties instead of Ashley's or one of the bridesmaids. But old habits are hard to break, so he had to check it out thoroughly.

As he opened it up, it was a high cut fullback satin panty. It was a nude tan color with red floral print. It was a well worn panty since the back butt side was beginning to fuzz, so he knew it was probably one of Jessica's favorite pair. Even though she was a bitch, she had a nice ass that could fill and hug this pair of panties. Looking inside of it, the tan color gusset had a small hint of a white stain. With a closer look, he saw that the top seam of the gusset was ripped, which definitely meant she wore it often and maybe even violently rubbed herself off in it often too. Hank brought the panty up to his nose and it disappointingly had a hint of perfume masking the essence of the wearer. He ventured deeper to the money spot, the gusset, and it had a slight musk smell. His eyes widen with an image of her in his head and his cock rose full staff. He had a realization and started furiously stroking.

"Yeah Jessica, even though you're a stuck up bitch, you know what? I got your panties! I know what your pussy smells like! It's a musky cunt! Is this your favorite panty that you wear and rub yourself off when you're horny? The crotch is ripped from your horny hot cunt from rubbing it off so hard. And your ass was probably humping so much that it wore out the back!"

Hank furiously stroked his hard cock and then took a careful lick at the white stain on the gusset. "Oh yeeeah bitch! You got a tangy musky cunt! Your new husband isn't the only one getting a taste of your pussy tonight! I'm getting a smell and taste of your cunt whether you like it or not! And you know what? I got the last and final pair of your single unmarried used panty! I can have you anytime I want! Right now, you're probably making love with your new husband in your honeymoon suite, but I'm fucking the shit out of you right now too since I got your dirty panties! UHH! OH FUCK! You tried to cover your smell with perfume but I can still smell and taste you!! UHH JESSICA! YEAH! YOU NASTY BITCH! YOU GOT YOUR PANTIES DIRTY!"

He imagined her only dressed in her panties rubbing herself off furiously moaning and pulling on her nipples, begging to hurry and cum hard. "Is my buddy Craig not fucking your horny bitch ass enough? I'LL FUCK YOU TOO THEN! OH YEEEAA! ON YOUR WEDDING NIGHT, I'M FUCKING YOU TOO! YOU WANT ME TO BLAST MY CUM ON YOUR FACE OR DEEP INTO YOUR PUSSY BITCH? Mmmm! Your nasty pussy is sooo musky! I'm going to stick my hard cock deep into your musky wet pussy bitch! I should shove my cock deep in your mouth to shut you up! I'll shoot my hot cum all over your face and into your throat to shut your mouth! Uhhh fuck! I'm cumming soon! I FUCKED YOUR HOT BEST FRIEND TONIGHT!! FUCKED HER IN THE ASS TOO! SHE BEGGED ME TO FUCK HER IN THE ASS! UHHHH!! I'M FUCKING YOU TOO JESSICA! WE'LL MAKE IT A THREESOME NEXT TIME! UHHHH! UHHH!! OR YOU CAN WATCH ME FUCK ASHLEY WHILE YOU RUB YOURSELF OFF IN YOUR PANTIES! UHHHH!! I'm cumming! I'M CUU. . .UUMMING DEEP INTO YOUR NEWLY MARRIED PUSSY! UHHH! I'M CUMMING JESSICAAAA!"

Hank aggressively stroked and spurted his cum high into the air and onto the bedding. In his mind, he was cumming deep into Jessica's pussy impregnating her on her wedding day. Her panty was smothered over his face so he can deeply inhale her musky and perfumed pussy. On her special wedding night, she was being violated without her knowledge. And it was even wilder knowingly he had the satisfaction of stealing her last panty as a single woman. Globs of his cum soak the bedding and oozed on the tip of his raw hard cock. He cleaned up with some tissue. Made sure Jessica's used panty and the handkerchief that wiped Ashley's dripping pussy was set safely apart until he placed them into Ziploc bags for safekeeping as souvenirs. Hank got into bed with a huge grin on his face. He had the satisfaction of helping Ashley spite her boyfriend and Jessica, and he had the ultimate satisfaction of getting the bitchy bride's last unmarried used panty too. He hoped to dream of this wonderful wedding night again.

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