Paper Boy(s)


Seems like everyone has a story like this, but o-well, I will just add to the pile.

I never really wanted to subscribe to the paper but while I was at a neighborhood garage sell, I met a teenage guy who just wouldn't take no for an answer. I think it was his eye's that really sold it and the fact that he was going to be the one who delivered my paper personally. 18 and easily 6 foot at about 190, he was already a very good looking guy, put another 5 or 6 years on him and mmmmmmmm, he would be yummy.

He told me that he was saving for a car and that he had to ride his bike until then, faking embarrassment, he gave me sweet puppy dog eyes and I couldn't resist, so I bought a years worth. While signing all the papers, I sat across from him, trying not to let him notice that I could see him stealing peeks at my legs, actually, it was probably the hem of my skirt. It being a windy day, it was lifting with each little wisp. Problem was, they weren't little wisp, it really was quite windy and it took so effort to keep it down. I let him look and tried not to show too much with all these people around, after all, I did live near here and couldn't seem to be too easy. Why must all the good sales be on windy days?

I had actually forgotten all about it until he knocked on my door one day the following week. I hadn't really managed to wake up yet so I was still naked and threw on the first thing I found. Turned out to be my husband t-shirt and it just barely covered me and my nipples always stood out when I wore it. O-well, couldn't let him beat the door down.

He nearly dropped his bag when he saw me in such a manner and barely stuttered out that he wanted to hand deliver my first paper and thanked me again for signing up. I couldn't help but be flattered that he was looking at me like a hungry beast. He watched the bottom of the shirt rise and fall with my movements more than anything, trying to catch a glimpse of my puss. Couldn't let him do that, hadn't shaved yet. I asked him if he drank coffee as I was just going to have a cup.

He nodded quickly and I invited him in to have some. I figured I could tease a little and let him see my ass cheeks, accidentally of course, so I chose a cup for him that was a little high for me to reach. As I reached for it my shirt raised and I could feel him staring at my bare ass, it made me feel very warm all of a sudden. I let the fabric slide down and turned to ask him if he would get it for me, just couldn't reach it, you know. He hurried over without a word and got it for me.

While having our coffee, we stood at the sliding doors that lead to our back yard. I was watching the birds while he commented on how nice it looked. Making the usual small talk was getting difficult, when he asked how far back our property went. Too far was my reply and he laughed a little "accidentally" bumping into my left breast. He froze and I pretended not to notice.

Explaining to him that there were just so many trees in the back that needed to be trimmed and shaped and all that cleaned up was just a lot of work. Teasing me he said it sounded more like fun and while looking into his eye's I asked him if he wanted to do it. Making a big deal out of thinking about it he told me sure, that I was the last stop for him and his day was free. Taking him up on his offer, I excused myself to change into something to work in. I mean really, why pass up a chance for free labor? If I got to show off a little at the same time, well, that was just a bonus, for both of us!

I gave the door to my bedroom a little swing, knowing that it wouldn't shut all the way, I shed the shirt while crossing the room. He could see me if he was looking and I bet that he was. He couldn't see my front but my entire backside was on full display. Like I said, I hadn't shaved yet and couldn't let him see all of me.....yet. I chose my half shirt and my cut off shorts. He had to be watching so he also knew I didn't have a bra or panties on underneath, like you really couldn't tell with this outfit any way.

I noticed a little wet spot in the front of his jeans and couldn't help but smile as I walked back in. Grabbing my shoes and heading for the door he followed me close enough that I could hear him breathing, a little fast if you ask me. Grabbing the chainsaw and other tools from the shed, I almost forgot he was still behind me. He was being so quiet. When I bent over to grab my gloves from the bottom shelf, I felt something on my ass. Was he touching my ass?

Was he going to cop a feel, right here in my own tool shed? I stopped for a moment trying to figure it out. I couldn't stand it, I had to look.........uhhhh, who is that? There was another young guy touching my ass. Startled, I stood up and spun around, a bit too quickly and lost my balance, falling on my ass. Looking up at the two of them, I caught a first glimpse of fear. They were just staring at me, not saying or doing anything. I began to think they were going to rape me. I love sex and have had more than one at a time and liked it, but rape, not into that at all.

The new guy finally moved and stood directly beside my paper boy, they looked at each other for a moment, then at me again. Brian, my paper boy, looked over his shoulder to see if anyone could see us, they could not, bad angle for the tool shed from the house, and the hedge kept out the neighbors. This was it, they were going to rape me right here. I started to scream when the new guy, never got his name, just pulled out his cock and started beating off! I couldn't believe it!

Brian joined in and here was two guys beating off right in front of me, in my too shed, in broad daylight! Stunned by this I just stared at them stroking themselves, all the while, they never really looked at my face. I looked down and saw what they were looking at. My shirt had lifted up some and was showing my nips and my pussy lips were wrapped around the fabric of my shorts. Falling on my ass had made them pull right up into a pussy wedgey.

Still a bit stunned, I just kept on looking at myself, then at them, back and forth for a few moments. I finally let my eye's rest on their cocks. I couldn't help it, they were quite nice. Young, thick and swelling more by the second. Without really thinking about it, I let my legs fall apart a bit. They responded by pumping faster. I could feel myself getting wet. My pulse had quickened and I could feel my chest start to rise and fall in long drawn out breaths. I was getting turned on and fast, and my body was reacting faster than my mind. I should have got up and took off for the house or told them to get lost or something, but I just couldn't do it. I love to watch a guy beat off, love to have cum splattered on me even more, the way it feels on my skin as I rub it all over myself.......ohhh, man, I wanted them to cum for me, on me. Without any words being said, I leaned up and removed my shirt, pulling at my nipples, while staring at them, watching the heads of their dicks get shiny from all the pre-cum leaking out.

I stood up and removed my shorts slowly, never really looking to see if they were watching, just loosing myself in the moment. Kicking them to the side I stood there, in front of them, running my hands all over my body, being sure to pay extra attention to my most sensitive areas. I was on fire and it wasn't just because of the heat from outside. It was hot, the sweat was pouring off of me, making my entire body gleam in the light coming from the doorway. I sat back down and took a moment to look at their expressions and could see such animal lust in their eye's.

I couldn't take it any more and started rubbing my clit and pussy fast, had to cum, and wanted them to see me do it. Couldn't be sure what they would do after they cum, so I wanted to beat them to it. Faster and plunging a finger inside me, then two, and pulling at my clit wishing I had someone to eat me and fuck me! Finding that rhythm on my clit and that was it, I was going to cum for these two guys! Screaming it, "I'm cumming", I watched them beat their dicks hard and fast, telling them to cum all over me. They stepped closer and did just that, almost at the same time, I started to feel wads and wads of cum hit me. On the chest, in the face, some in my hair. I let one hand keep working on my pussy while rubbing the cum that seemed to never quit, all over me, tasting it, and licking every drop I could off my fingers.

As another wave hit me, I shut my eyes tight and pushed my chest into the air and worked myself over as good as I could, wanting them to fuck me now, but they weren't, why hadn't one mounted me? I opened my eye's and was really disappointed to see that they were gone. Couldn't stop now, so I let my hands do their magic and came three more times before passing out.

Sometime later I woke to the boiling heat trying to cook me. Forgetting my clothes I went inside and fell into my bed until my body cooled enough that I could stand for a while. The pool called my name and still not wearing a thing I jumped into the pool and just soaked there for what seemed like an hour, but was probably just a few minutes. Coming into reality once again, I couldn't help but wonder where the other guy came from and why? I was going to show Brian a little while getting a thrill, instead I got the thrill of a lifetime, by watching two young guys blowing there loads all over me. I wonder what my paper would bring me tomorrow...

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