Pappy's Wet-Pussied Granddaughter


Bethany's tight, young cunt could hold no more. Her grandfather's pussy-pounding, full-sized cock left no room for anything more. Feminine and masculine cum joined with pancake syrup and virginal blood then squirted out under pressurized force. Male and female loins became a slimy, cummy mess.

With his cumming cock still buried inside an orgasming pussy, Pappy's hands slipped under his granddaughter's ass, grabbed a secure asshold, and lifted the girl up off the kitchen table. Bethany's upper body sat up and she threw her arms around her granddad's neck. This girl then constricted her seductive legs tightly around her grandfather's body.

Pappy bodily lifted the girl off the table. Feeling like a stud horse released to the breeding barn, he galloped out of the kitchen and ran through the house with a lively young filly riding bareback in his saddle.

The filly Bethany Anne's pussy bounded up and down on stud Pappy Sam's rigid cockshaft. With each step Pappy Sam took, Bethany Anne felt the erection hitting deep within her vaginal cavity and its opening into her young womb. Seminal swimmers searched for their ovarian soulmates.

"Dad, what the hell are you doing?" a feminine voice spoke from out of nowhere. "Didn't either of you hear me knocking? It's a good thing I had a key of my own or I'd still be standing out in the rain getting soaking wet!"

The old stud and the young filly froze in mid-bounce. Pappy's 'deer caught in the headlight' eyes focused on those of his daughter, Annie. Bethany's startled gaze glared at the figure of her mother. "It's raining outside?" grandfather and granddaughter asked in unison.

Without answering, Bethany's mother strode closer to the entwined couple. Her father had not yet released his hold on her daughter. "I want to check something out," she said worriedly. When she was close enough, Annie reached out a hand, stuck it between the two forbidden fornicators, and fumbled around their slimy loins.

"Damnit Dad, it's just as I expected!" Annie exclaimed. "You're not wearing a condom! I swear I never knew a man who loves to dip his unsheathed cock into a young pussy as much as you do! In all the twenty years you've been fucking me, I don't think you've ever offered to wear a rubber! If you're not careful, you'll get my daughter pregnant just like you did me!"

Pappy and Bethany both were shocked to the very core of their senses by this unexpected news. Pappy was only surprised by the pregnancy part. He'd been told that some horny teenager had gotten Annie pregnant. Of course he was fully aware of all the sweet pussy he'd gotten from his passionate, loving daughter during the past twenty years.

On the other hand, Bethany was taken aback by it all. "Mom, you've been screwing Pappy for years?" she curiously asked. "Isn't he wonderful? Oh, so that's why he's always stopping by when I'm not home! Mommie Dearest, you're going to have to share with me from now on!"

"But, Mom," Bethany added inquisitively. "As far as I know, I have no brother or sister, so pray tell, just where is this incestuous love child Pappy fathered? Was it a boy or a girl?"

Annie took a deep breath and steeled her nerves before answering. "Bethany, sweetheart," she answered. "If you plan on continuing to fuck your grandfather then you'd better know the truth. The child I love was a girl. As for where she is, at this moment she is sitting astride her father's horny hard cock riding him through the house like a wanton wild-child jockey!"

Instead of recoiling in incredulous distress over the fact that she was fucking her father, Bethany's decadent mind rejoiced. Ignoring the possibilities of impregnation, this young woman again bounced up and down on the cock still buried inside her pussy. Within seconds, she began cumming again. Squealing with orgasmic delight, she felt her father and grandfather's squishy-squashy semen and sperm swirling around inside her vaginal womanhood.

Incredible it was, but Pappy was cumming again, too! His daughter and granddaughter's spasming vaginal muscles were keeping him hard and were milking his cock of every drop of seminal fluids he had. He hung on to the sweet girl's well-developed ass and pitched her up and down on his stiffened, slippery, pussy-fucking manhood.

As merciful orgasms raced through his bone-hard cock, Pappy admitted the absolute truth about himself. He was a lecherous old leech who gloried in the forbidden debauchery of illicit, incestuous sex and love!

Holding the teen girl tightly in his muscular arms, Pappy once more galloped through the house. Grammy's early morning words sang in his ears, "I guess you'll have to find yourself another wet-pussied woman to play with!"

Well hell, a pussy couldn't be any wetter than the sugary-wet one riding his cock right now! Oh yeah, he recalled. He would have to amend this statement. His daughter Annie's pussy had been drippy, sopping wet when wrapped around his meaty erection every time they fucked!

Speaking of Annie, Pappy stopped galloping when he ended up in front of the mother of the girl in his arms. "Hey Babydoll?" he inquired. "How the hell is an old fellow like me supposed to keep up with TWO hot-pussied young women?"

Annie giggled, reached out, and juggled her father's balls. "Old Man," she whispered with a wink in her eyes. "It seems to me as if you're doing a pretty damn good job of handling the situation without my advice!"

"Yeah, Old Man," Bethany chimed in. "You seem to be doing an amazingly good job of screwing two women! I've never cum so much in my life!"

Annie slapped her daughter's nude ass. "Young Lady!" she announced. "It's my turn next! Dad, rest up for a while, then slip away from Mom and come on over to fuck me. I promise I'll have a hot, wet pussy waiting for you!"

Pappy's roar of laughing merriment thundered throughout the house. His face lit with a mischievous smile. If either of the two wet-pussied females thought he was thinking about them, they would only be partly correct. He was also thinking about the wife he loved. If the old gal's pussy hadn't of dried up then he could have himself a whole harem of cunts!

Oh well, two wet-pussied ladies ought to be able to give a horny old man all cunt he needed! Carrying Bethany into the bathroom, he sat her feet on the floor, and turned on the shower.

For some unexplainable reason, Annie was fascinated with the sight of her naked father and daughter together. With a pang of jealousy taunting her, she followed them to the bathroom and when they stepped into the shower she stripped off her own clothes and joined them.

Before the hot shower water washed all the sexual evidence away, Annie dipped the fingers of one hand into her daughter's drippy wet pussy. She wrapped the fingers of her other hand around her father's slim-covered cock.

Taking her fingers away from the male and female sex organs, she stuck several of the messy-wet fingers into her mouth. "I'd recognize the taste of Dad's cum anywhere," Annie triumphantly said. "Bethany, this other tangy taste must be your cum. But, pray tell, what is this other sweet, sugary flavor?"

Giggling cheerfully, Bethany blushed at last. "Oh Mom, its pancake syrup," she shyly admitted. "Haven't you ever had a sugar-sweet cocksicle fuck before?"

"No, sadly I haven't," this mother of a mischievous girl replied. "Girl, maybe you had better come along with your Pappy when he comes to see me later. Perhaps the two of us can teach each other some new cock-playing games! I don't think the horny old man would mind."

Both females stared at the naked man in the shower. They could tell from the lascivious smile on his face that they were correct in the assumption he wouldn't mind at all.

Pappy's smile never left his face. His mind raced forward to later when he could have a threesome with his two favorite wet-pussied females. Oh yeah, four titties and two pussies would suit him just fine! Old man he might be, but life just couldn't get any better than this!

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