tagFetishParadise Lost!

Paradise Lost!

byMR. Gibson©

Authors note: Ever Since I was a young boy I have always loved gangster stories and movies and decided to write one here. This gangster story of mine is totally made up from my own huge imagination and is for entertainment purposes only. No harm or any offence was meant to any race, religion or creed doing this story. It is all in gangster fun story telling.

Truly! That is All!

Gogo Lee the main character in this story was inspired by the cute asian female assassin named "Gogo' in the Quentin Tarentino movie "Kill Bill!" And Gogo's mob was inspired by the Chinese mob seen in the George lucas produced, Steven Speilberg directed movie, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, starring Harrison Ford.

Again this is a make believe gangster story but you should be at least 18 years old to read this because I really push the envelope here. This story has a lot of violence, sex, and killing in it along with an extreme Bondage, foot,peeing and bowel movement fetish in it.


Your replies to me through E-mails or public comments are appreciated too and constructive criticism is also welcomed. Thank you and enjoy the story my dear reader!


New York City, Chinatown, 1929 in a tough section of town called "Paradise lost" the stock market crashes in October in America leaving many people without jobs and homes. Even the rich see their fortunes dissappear. Some People even commit suicide by shooting themselves , taking poison, or even jumping out of windows because of this!

Yes, the great depression was on but not so for some mobsters like "The Lee mob" In these very hard times The Lee mob thrived making millions of dollars in their illegal activities such as gambling, smuggling opium into New york from China-indeed the Lee mob had many opium dens in New york and New Jersey.

The Lee Mob was also heavily involved in Prostitution, drugs, loan sharking, and blackmail. You name the crime the Lee Mob did it including murder.

The Lee mob did draw the line on killing police officers though. Because that was very bad for business. The cops could always kill mobsters in return and who was ever going to do anything about that? So they stayed away from killing the police. As a matter of fact the Lee mob gave a lot of money to the police every year to look the other way when they did their crimes.

The person who benifited from this especially was Detective Bull O' Grady, who was a hulking, well dressed Irish-American man in a black derby. The Lee mob not only gave detective O' Grady a lot of money a year but they also gave him free use of all their prostitutes. which he greatly enjoyed.

In return Detective O' Grady would look the other way when the Lee mob did their criminal activities. Detective O' Grady was a very crooked cop but the Lee Mob needed cops like this to run their business smoothly with minimal police interference.

The Lee Mob was run by Minka Lee. Minka was born in Shanghai , China and immigrated to the United states when she was a young woman. Minka was never married, but had two children in China named Michael and Gogo by a man who died young of cancer. Minka lee at fifty years old was a beautiful looking woman, with black hair in a bun and big brown eyes, but looks could be decieving. If you were her enemy you would most likely meet a horrible fate.

Just tell that to many of her enemies who wound up often at the bottom of the ocean weighted with cement blocks or on the streets riddled with bullets or some other horrible death.

Minka Lee was a good boss and played to win.

Anything else was unacceptable to her.

Michael Lee was twenty five years old. He was the only son of Minka and was second in command. Michael was a thin man who dressed to the nines at all times. He always wore the most expensive suits and shoes topped off by a nice snap brim fedora hat. Michael seemed calm but in fact he was not.

Michael was a stone cold killer who once caught his fiance sleeping in bed with two men. Michael Lee quickly ended all their lives by spraying the room with submachine gun fire. What a bloodbath!

Minka Lee's best friend, associate and advisor was Lisa Chow. Who was fifty years old and third in command.. Lisa Chow's main concern was family finance and the legal side of business. She is well suited for this. At first sight Lisa does not seem to belong among these criminals, she is very quiet and shy and inconspicous nice gal. Lisa does her work mainly because of an attachment to Boss Minka Lee, as well as their mutual past.

Lisa and Minka grew up poor in CHina together but when they came to America Minka Lee made it big in the underworld and took her friend Lisa with her. Thanks to her boss Minka Lee, Lisa Chow is a millionaire many times over, So she can't just turn her back on her. Besides it would be too late for that. If she did turn her back she would immedietly be killed. That's how it is in their business!

If Lisa did not grow up with Minka Lee she would certainly of been a successful lawyer or businesswoman.

Gogo Lee was the youngest child and only daughter of Minka Lee. Gogo lee's real name was Minka also . She was named after her mother but everyone called her Gogo because ever since she was a baby she was always on the GOGO.

Gogo was an extremely, gorgeous nineteen years old woman with center parted long black hair and big brown eyes. Gogo was over-endowed with a gargantuan, eye-popping round bosom with wide areole and big pink nipples, that overflowed out of any outfit she wore.

She also had a shapely waist, fantastic ass and sexy long legs with big calf muscles. Gogo Lee was a woman way Ahead of her time she loved to lift weights and had amazingly developed- enormous, bulging biceps on a five foot four frame.

The Lee mob also had under these top people 300 soldiers working under them. The mob ran like a well oiled engine but the family did have their rival mobsters and police who didn't except their payoffs to contend with.

Gogo liked to work out with weights with her boyfriend and bodyguard Johnny Woo in the basement in their family mansion. Johnny was actually half black and half asian. His father was Chinese and his mother was an ebony skinned lovely black woman. Johnny inherited his mothers dark skin and his fathers asian eyes.

All in all Johnny was quite a handsome man but Gogo's family dissaproved of their match at first since Johnny was only half Chinese.

But the Lee family grew to love him and thought of him now as part of their family. Indeed Johnny Woo was one of their top executioners along with his girlfriend Gogo. Gogo Lee did not have to go on any of these hits because she was a high ranking member in her mob but she loved killing. Even though she loved killing she loved to party, dance and have sex a lot more.

The Lee family all lived together in a huge mansion with an electrical gate in front of it. This huge gate was guarded twenty four hours a day by their bodyguards.

The Lee family owned a Chinese restaurant named "The Green Dragon" where many people went to eat and dance. The Lee mob also did all their business meetings there upstairs in their largest room.

As was mentioned before Gogo loved to party, dance and have sex and often wore the tightest short skirts that barely covered her panties, if she happenned to be wearing any that day. Gogo also loved wearing nice caps or female fedora hats with double breasted suits and short skirts with sandaled high heeled shoes on her feet.

Gogo was also the proud owner of a new 1929 eight cylinder Auburn speedster Boatail- the car so called because the rear is shaped like a canoe. Gogo was given this car from her mother Minka on her eighteenth birthday. Gogo often was accompanied by her boyfriend and bodyguard Johnny Woo when she drove her car around town .

Gogo's mother Minka and her friend lisa were chauffered by a fancy white limousine by their bodyguards and her brother Michael lee drove his fancy black ford car accompanied by his bodyguards. When The Lee family all went out together though they all travelled in the same limousine.

Gogo's top weapons included a strangulation cord, A big, super sharp hunting knife, a big nickel plated, 1911 model colt .45 automatic gun, and a silver sphere on a chain that she used to knock people out, strangle them or kill them. This silver sphere weapon also had sharp blades coming from the sides that were sharp enough to cut a persons head off. With these weapons of destruction Gogo was all set for business.

Even though Gogo had weapons she was also a black belt in karate and really knew how to use her fists.

A few years ago Gogo was walking down the street at night coming home from a girlfriends house as She quickly took a short cut through a dark alley, wearing her pink very short skirt and holding her pocket book, when three teenaged black tough girls came up to her. One holding a steel pipe in her hands.

"Hey! Girlie. We are looking for some money" The biggest and toughest looking girl holding the steel pipe said evilly.

"And maybe some hot pussy too!" Another tough girl chimed in, looking lustfully at Gogo and making them all laugh.

"So Don't just stand there girl. Give it all up, because you look like you have both!" The last tough girl said as Gogo stopped in her tracks surrounded by the three girls.

"Hey, look girls, I am not looking for any trouble." Gogo replied sweetly.

"You don't have to look baby girl." the biggest and toughest looking girl with the steel pipe said menacingly as they all laughed.

"Ok, ok, girls you win!" Gogo responded flashing the girls her very sexy smile nervously,as she quickly dropped her pocketbook on the ground and reached in back of her to pull her zipper of her dress down. With one big zip Gogo's short skirt fell to the floor with her pocketbook. Gogo then quickly took off her sandled heeled shoes, leaving her very naked. Gogo had no underwear on underneath.

"Well if you girls want my money and my hot pussy come and get it!" Gogo said laughing, striking a very sexy pose as she shimmied her gargantuan round melons at them, teasing them. The tough black girls awestruck at Gogo's fabulous nude physique first hesitated, as one girl then ran at Gogo.

Gogo then immedietly hit the first young tough black girl in the stomach knocking the wind right out of her sails. As Gogo then gave the girl a big uppercut with her fists, making the girl fly completely off of her feet, knocking the girl out completely.

"Next!" Gogo said smiling at the two remaining girls as she pumped up her giant breasts with her hands as she then waved them sexily from side to side at them, teasing the girls even more, as another girl ran towards her ready to fight. As the girl was raising her fist to punch her, Gogo's hard fist slammed right into the girls face.

The girl then stood straight as a board staring at Gogo as Gogo then blew on the girl lightily as the girl then fell over unconscious joining her friend on the ground.

The last and biggest tough girl holding the steel pipe then charged Gogo furiously. She took a swing at Gogo with the pipe, which Gogo ducked easily, then another swing as Gogo dodged that easily too, as Gogo then punched the girl in the stomach. The tough girl gasped for breath, holding her stomach and hunched over, but still staying on her feet as Gogo then raised her right knee upwards connecting with the girls face, making the girls nose bleed greatly.

Gogo then reared back and slammed her mighty right fist right smack into the girls face as she then gave the hapless girl a tremendous headbutt, crashing her head against the other girls face for good measure.

Stunned by Gogo's blows. The girl then looked at Gogo in shocked surprise at her awesome strength as Gogo then grabbed the tough girls hand that was holding the steel pipe and hit the girl over the head with her own pipe while she was still holding it.

The biggest and last tough girl then fell immedietly to the ground in one big heap at Gogo's feet along with her friends very unconscious but very much alive.

Gogo then quickly got back into her clothes.

"Sorry to do that to you girls but you started it! No hard feelings." Gogo said as she took three 1oo dollar bills out of her pocketbook, one for each girl, and threw it on top of the knocked out tough girls.

"When you wake up heres some money girls. And you are right I do have a hot pussy, but you are not now or not ever going to get that, it's reserved for my boyfriend Johnny. So take my money in good faith girls and get yourselves a life. Stay out of alleys and remember never mess with Gogo!" Gogo smiled as she walked away quickly leaving the tough girls in one big heap on the ground very unconscious, but 3oo dollars richer!

In the Lee family mansion,

On saturday morning Gogo Lee got up from bed and headed for the shower. She always slept in the nude and was already naked so all she had to do was hop in. A few seconds after being in the shower she saw the shower curtain part and her boyfriend Johnny Woo come inside with her.

"May I join you Gogo?" He asked politely.

"Sure Johnny. You know the answer is yes!" Gogo replied.

"So Cum in the shower and play son with your big, stacked mama!" Gogo teased as she struck a very sexy pose, pumping up and down the right side of her hair, as she smiled and shimmied her overflowing, round bosom at him.

Johnny was very naked like Gogo and like her was all huge, powerful muscle. Johnny also sported one of the biggest cocks that you have ever seen in your life. Johnny was hung like a fucking donkey and Gogo absolutely loved it! Johnny's cock throbbed madly with excitement as he got into the shower with his girlfriend Gogo.

Gogo then turned around facing Johnny as they washed each others buffed bodies with plenty of soap and water. Then Gogo turned her back on Johnny while he washed her back . When Johnny then started washing Gogo's ass. Gogo dropped the soap on purpose and leaned forwards sticking her fantastic, fleshy, shapely buttcheeks right out immedietly ramming her sweet, juicy pussy right into Johnnys mighty cock with such force he almost came mightily on the spot.

Johnny then did a few more mighty thrusts into her with his monstrous black dong before he lost total control and came into her in an earth shattering orgasm. The enormity of Johnny's cock totally filling up her insides with The force of all that sperm rushing inside of her triggered off her own earth shattering orgasm as Gogo came mightily with him.

"Wow! baby that felt great!" Gogo exclaimed happily.

"Yeah, Honey" Johnny replied as he kissed her passionately on the lips as he soon popped another mighty erection.

"let me relieve that for you!" Gogo said looking down at Johnny's monument of a cock with lust as she leaned down and took it between her lips and sucked him off to another mighty orgasm.

Gogo was not through yet as she then giggled and jumped into Johnny's massive arms , as he held her up off of her feet with Gogo's legs and feet straddling his back as Johnny fucked her that way for awhile.

"Ohhh Johnny you really know how to make love to a woman!" Gogo squealed excitedly as she came over and over and over again in explosive orgasm. Gogo was going up and down on Johnny's cock so vigorously he knew he would not last long as he too came soon in earth shattering orgasm.

Gogo then got doggy style on the floor as Johnny entered her again.

"Oohh Jonny your lovemaking feels sooo fucking good!" Gogo kept crying out." as Johnny banged away. Soon Gogo and Johnny both felt a mighty orgasm coming on strong inside of them as they both exploded together in an earth shattering orgasm. After a while of fucking in the shower Gogo then looked at Johnny and smiled.

"lets get out of the shower now Johnny and get dressed because we have errands to do for my mother Minka."

"Ok honey." Johnny replied as they both got out of the shower and dried themselves off with a towel as they then headed into their bedroom to get dressed.

"Wow! honey you look spectacular!" Johnny said as he drooled over Gogo wearing a tight, super- short, red mini-dress with a plunging neckline. This red dress really showed off Gogo's gigantic bosom and sexy long legs.

"Thank you! You don't look bad yourself Johnny." Gogo replied looking at him all dressed up in his double breasted blue suit, black wing tip shoes, and black fedora hat as he put his big black, smith and wesson revolver in his gun holster."

"Thank you Gogo." Johnny replied smiling.

"Don't mention it big boy!" Gogo said returning his smile.

"Ready to go then?" Johnny asked.

"I am ready to Gogo!" Gogo said laughing making Johnny laugh.

"Let's go then I will drive." Johnny said grabbing the car keys.

"Correction loverboy. I will drive. The speedster boatail is my automobile remember?" she said giving Johnny her very sexy smile.

"Yes. I remember honey." Johnny replied handing Gogo her car keys.

"Let's go!' Gogo said as they left their bedroom.

Following Gogo out Johnny popped another huge erection that really stretched his underwear to the limit, as his eyes followed the rhythm of Gogo's sweet swaying buttcheeks.

Gogo to Johny's surprise then stopped walking, as she then stuck her ass out at him as she lifted up her mini-dress, As Johnny watched with delight and lust Gogo shake her shapely ass vigorously and sexily at him with no underwear on underneath, as Johnny quickly gave her ass a good hard spank making Gogo moan in pleasure, as he then quickly ran his fingers up her cunt and ass crack before she pulled her mini-dress down again.

"Thats all for now lover-boy. We will fuck later after all our work is done ok?" Gogo said exitedly and breathlessly, as she turned her head and smiled at Johnny.

"Ok, Gogo!" Johnny replied returning her smile.

Johnny was surprised Gogo seemed to have a sixth sense on what he was thinking.


But I guess it wasn't too hard to know what Johnny was thinking with a girlfriend like Gogo!

Johnny could not wait till they fucked again!

Once they reached the hallway Gogo bumped into her older brother Michael Lee. Who looked very natty in his black double breasted suit, black and white spectator shoes and black fedora hat.

"Where are you two going in such a huff?" he asked slightily amused, as he held a jar of peanut butter in his hands trying in vain to open it.

"We have to do a few errands for mother. We will be gone awhile." Gogo answered as she took the jar of peanut butter out of her brothers hands.

"Whammo!" Gogo cried as she opened the impossible to open jar with ease and handed it back to her brother.

"See you later Mikey." Gogo said kissing her brother on the cheek.

"See you later." Michael replied to both of them.

"And Thanks for opening my jar for me.!" Michael continued to say, a little embarrassed his kid sister was a helluva lot stronger than him.

And Michael was no weakling either.

A few years back when he was downstairs in their family basement, Michael Lee remembered that he could not even lift off the ground one of Gogo's super-heavy dumbell weights. Michael tried and tried but he just could not budge the thing.

The dumbell must of weighed a ton for goodness sakes! Michael thought to himself.

Michael Lee then saw his kid sister Gogo walk down the basement stairs to lift weights in the nude.

Gogo liked to do many things in the nude.

"Hello Mikey!" Gogo giggled at his plight with her weights, as she walked sexily up to him naked as a newborn baby and just as happy, her humongous jugs bouncing provocatively up and down, as she quickly lifted the super-heavy dumbell off the ground with her right hand like it was as light as a feather.

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