Scott Gordon hesitated at the bedroom door. Should he step out into the hall and confront his two teen-age daughters? Or, should he let pass the fact that they were sneaking back into the house at five o'clock in the morning? Their normal curfew was twelve o'clock, but his wife Sandy had talked him into letting them stay out later for the end of school year party at their friend Maxine's house. So, they were supposed to have been home by two.

According to Sandy, the girls needed the chance to unwind. Besides, both Maxine's parents were doctors. They wouldn't let anything unsafe happen at their house. Of course, neither Sandy nor Scott knew that Maxine's parents were in Europe and that her older brother Dillon was the sole chaperon. Or, that Dillon loved letting Maxine have all the parties she wanted to have just so he could score with her friends. No, neither Sandy nor Scott knew about that. Sandy knew more than Scott did about their daughters, but she still didn't know everything.

Scott sighed, not wanting a confrontation, he turned and tip toed back to bed. As he slipped under the sheets with Sandy, he felt her stir and roll over. He patted her butt and she said, "What was it?"

"Jennifer and Alyson sneaking into the house."

"Really?" Sandy said as she felt Scott ease into the spoon position along side her. "I thought it was later than that."

"It is later than that," Scott said. "They're three hours past curfew."

Sandy didn't say anything else because she was distracted by the obvious erection she felt pushing against her ass. Scott felt her slowly begin to rub her ass against his stiff cock, but still voiced the question that was in his mind. "You think they're still virgins?"

"Huh," she softly gasped?

"The girls. Do you think they're still virgins?"

She rolled over to face him and as she kissed his lips, she let her hand fall to the bulge in his under shorts. She gripped her husband's cock and felt it grow even harder. They'd had a lot of problems in the last year. Scott had lost his job as an engineer and the stress had rendered him all but dysfunctional. It had been a really long time since they'd had sex.

"You really want to talk about the girls' sex lives right now?" she said as she worked her hand into his shorts and slowly stroked it up and down the length of his cock.

He sucked in his breath before saying, "Do you think they have sex lives?"

"Of course," she said as she kissed one side of his neck. "They're teenagers," she said as she kissed the other. "They're controlled by their urges," she said as she kissed his chest and pushed down his shorts so that his cock was free for her to stroke. "And most of those urges are sexual," she said just before she took the tip of his cock into her mouth. "Just like this one."

Then she slowly moved her lips down over the head of his cock, slowly sucking the area where she knew he had the greatest sensation until he gasped and pulled her lips from his cock. No longer caring if she thought his daughters were still pure, he pushed her onto her back and lifted her nightgown up, exposing her bare pussy. One touch told him she was already wet, letting him know to dispense with foreplay. She opened her legs as he rubbed the moist lips of her cunt with the head of his cock.

She gasped as he eased the cock into her. My God, she thought, I'm actually going to get fucked by my husband. Scott pushed the cock halfway into her and she groaned, "Yes."

He eased back so that only the tip was still inside. Then he eased back a little more and again rubbed the lips of her pussy with the head of his cock. Not moist lips now though. No, now they were dripping lips. She groaned again, and lifted her ass off the bed and pushed up, thrusting her pussy at his cock. He sank into her, smoothly penetrating her, and they both gasped as the head of his cock hit the back wall of her vaginal tunnel.

"Oh my God, Scott," she cried out as he furiously began to pump his cock in and out of her. "Yes. Yes. Yes. That's it. Fuck me, baby. Fuck me."

In mere seconds, he sent her screaming into orgasm and was seconds later spilling his seed inside her, as she lay spent beneath him.


Laurie answered the knock at her door. Fortunately, she'd been in the kitchen looking for a match, or she might not have heard it. When she opened the door, she smiled and said, "Hey, Scott. I thought you were going to New York for that job interview this morning."

Scott quickly let his eyes scan her naked body, matched her smile and said, "I am, but I just had to see you before I left."

Laurie hesitated, but said, "Okay. I've kind of got company, but we can go to the other bedroom."

As soon as the disappointment appeared on Scott's face, she said, "Don't be that way. Some friends flew in last night and we had a little party. I knew you were home with your wife or I would have invited you over too. It's okay though. They're all in the main bedroom and we can go into the spare and play for a while. When I got up to look for a match to light my cigarette, everyone else was asleep."

He hesitated, before saying, "Maybe I should go on to the airport."

She took his hand and pulled him into the apartment. For a girl that was only five-five and weighed 115, she was very strong. She knew Scott liked how strong she was in bed. Her last lover, Paul Wagstaffe, had liked it too. But, just like Scott, he was married to a beautiful woman that he would never leave. So, she had moved on. Too bad, she just moved on in the same direction.

She led Scott by the hand and took him to the nearest bedroom. She closed the door behind them and said, "Quiet about it though. They might wake up any minute."

Scott smiled again as she began pulling his shirt out of his pants, and said, "We could try out that camera equipment you asked me to install. That will tell us when they wake up."

Laurie pretended to be in shock as she finished removing his shirt. She playfully bit his left nipple and said, "Scott Gordon. Aren't you the evil one, wanting to spy on my friends?"

"Me," he said. "You're the one that wanted the stuff installed."

"That was so me and my friends could watch ourselves," she said. "Not so I could spy on them."

"Okay," he said as he dodged being bitten on the other nipple. "Forget I said anything."

She stood up on her toes and kissed him before saying, "Why forget it? I think it's a great idea. Just evil."

Then with a laugh, she turned on the TV and made adjustments to an electronic box sitting atop it. To the casual observer, the box might appear to be a DVD player or a cable box, but it was actually the controls for viewing the picture provided by four hidden cameras within Laurie's other bedroom.

Two large, extremely well built men lay lengthwise on Laurie's King sized bed. From the similarity of their appearance and the difference of their age, Scott made the guess that if they weren't father and son, they were at least uncle and nephew.

On the outside of each of the men, were two blondes, both sound asleep. Scott immediately recognized the six-foot long blonde sleeping next to the older man as Laurie's roommate, Francine. Everyone called her Frankie. The blonde sleeping next to the other man though was probably a couple of years younger than Laurie and Frankie. At the most, she was eighteen. She was almost as tall as Frankie though. Maybe five-ten.

Scott felt his dick begin to stir and then realized that his pants were gone and that Laurie was on her knees sucking him while he watched her friends sleep. He glanced back at the screen and saw that there was another young girl, a brunette with very short hair, lying between the younger guy's legs sucking his dick.

With Laurie, he thought, that made four girls for two guys. Damn. She should have called him after all. At that moment, Laurie rose up from her knees and pushed him down onto the bed. Then she climbed onto his lap and slowly eased herself down onto his cock, inch by inch impaling herself as she went.

When he was fully inside her, she gasped and began to rock slowly back and forth. Scott glanced back at the screen and noticed that the older guy was awake now and that the brunette had moved over to suck his dick too. After a few sucks, she went back to sucking on the guy's son. When she switched back again, and began sucking the dad's cock, Scott noticed something familiar about the young blonde sleeping next to the son.

Shit, he thought. I know her from somewhere.


By this time she was furiously rising up and down on his cock, but between pants managed to acknowledge his calling her name. "Yeah, baby. Feels so fucking good, baby. Love your cock inside me."

Forgetting what he had seen on the TV, Scott began to just as furiously match her movement, thrusting up with his hips to drive his cock deep into her cunt. In short order, she was throwing back her head and screaming with the release of her orgasm. When she finished cumming, she rolled off his lap onto the bed next to him and took his cock back into her mouth.

Scott's attention went back to the TV and he saw the girl still alternating between sucking off the two men. Amazed with what he saw, his cock seemed to grow harder. Noticing this, Laurie stopped sucking and looked at the screen too. "She seems to like having two cocks to suck."

Clearing his throat, Scott said, "Yeah. It looks that way."

"Wanna give her a third one," Laurie said as she cupped his balls in her soft hands.

Scott shook his head and lay back as she took him in her mouth again. In a moment he released everything and was shooting his load against the back of her throat.

Scott opened his eyes and saw the younger guy had just finished shooting his load too. The blonde next to him was awake now and was sharing a kiss with the brunette that had just sucked him off. "Damn," Scott said aloud. "Where do I know her from?"

"Who?" Laurie asked. "Taylor, or Kelli?"

"Taylor," Scott said very slowly. "Is that the blonde's name?"

"Yes," Laurie said. "Taylor Morgan."

Scott slapped his forehead and said, "Shit. I've got to get out of here."


"That girl goes to high school with my daughter Jennifer. They were co-captains of the cheerleading squad last year."

"Cool," Laurie said. "Wanna fuck her?"

Scott shook his head violently and said, "Of course not."

Laurie nodded her head in the direction of Scott's pole that was pointing straight to the ceiling and said, "You sure got hard again awfully fast."


Jennifer Gordon finished brushing her teeth and stopped to admire herself in the mirror. She gargled with Listerine and tried to clear her head. A lot was going through her mind, and the after effects of all the rum and cokes she'd had the night before weren't helping her think them through. She'd barely been able to get her sister Alyson home. Alyson wasn't much of a drinker, and the Bacardi 151 she had been guzzling at the party really wiped her out.

Jennifer giggled when she thought about carrying her younger sister into the house. They'd been three hours late and she couldn't believe her father wasn't up waiting for them when they'd finally made it home from the party. Damn, she thought. What a fucking party.

She was certain her boyfriend was cheating on her. She hadn't caught him in the act, but she overheard the slut he used to take out telling someone else he was going to meet with her after Jennifer went home. For that reason, Jennifer had all but refused to leave the party. Of course, the longer they stayed, the more rum she and Alyson and her friend Dina drank.

Dina was another thought on her mind. They'd both been nearly as drunk as Alyson and ended up humping each other on one of the bathroom floors at the party. It had started with a kiss that came out of nowhere, which led to another kiss, which led to them stripping out of their panties, wrestling down to the floor, and rubbing their clits together until they both came.

Jennifer wasn't sure what thoughts occupied her mind more. Whether or not she had a faithful boyfriend. Or, whether or not her best friend was now her lover. Shit, she thought. She'd never even considered having sex with Dina before last night. When they were a lot younger and first started liking boys, they used to practice kissing together. But that was just experimenting. Last night had been full out, passionate, heated, on fire sex. And, she'd loved it. She was pretty sure Dina had loved it too.

Wow! Alyson was always teasing her and calling her a dyke because she played tennis. According to her, all tennis players were lesbians just like Martina Navrotalova and Billie Jean King. Now. Who knows, Jennifer thought, maybe I really am a dyke.

She looked at herself in the mirror. Freshly scrubbed eighteen year old face. Just a touch of freckles on the nose and cheeks. Tan from the sun. No real need for make up. Sun streaked, dark brown hair tied back in a ponytail. She cupped her firm, full breasts and pushed them up and together. She loved her breasts. Her C cup bras were on the verge of being too small for her. She let go of her breasts and slid the tips of her fingers down her toned, flat tummy. Stopped at the belly button and wondered how she'd look with a pierced navel. Her friend Taylor had one and it was adorable. Her fingers continued their downward movement and made their way to her bush. Thick and dark, almost black, she loved how thick and full her pubic hair was. Still, she wondered what it would be like shaved. Maybe Dina will want it shaved before she goes down on me, Jennifer thought.

What the hell? My God, she thought. I am a fucking dyke. She turned sideways and looked at her ass. Wide, flaring and round, just like her mom's. She didn't know a guy alive that didn't love her ass. She, personally, hated it. She liked Dina's ass. It was round and tight, but not so obvious. Not quite as ghetto as hers was. Alyson's was a cross between hers and Dina's. She thought about her friend Taylor again. Now, there was a fine ass, that and long legs that went on forever. Love to bury my face in that. My God, she thought. It's true. I am a fucking dyke.

Shit! She lifted her hands to her hair and smoothly removed the rubber band holding her ponytail, dropped it on the sink counter, and let her hair fall. After she gave it a shake, she said to herself, "Might as well go back to bed and get some more fucking sleep."

She stepped lightly out of the bathroom, crossed the hall, and entered her bedroom. With a start, she gasped and put her hand to her mouth as soon as she saw her boyfriend, Oliver Bolton, lying naked on her bed. "My God, Oliver," she said. "How did you get in here?"

"Your mom let me in."

"Mom knows you're here. Like this."

He laughed and shook his head. "She knows I'm in the house. I doubt she knows I'm in your bed with no clothes on."

"Keep your voice down," Jennifer said. "You want her coming in here and catching us again?"

Oliver shrugged his well-muscled shoulders and said, "Last time she caught us in bed, she took you to the doctor for birth control pills. I really don't think we've too much to worry about from her."

"I'd still feel strange doing it with her in the next room," Jennifer said not hiding her doubt.

Oliver smiled. "No problem then. She was leaving as I got here."

"Really," Jennifer's face brightened. "Did she say where she was going?"

"No. But she was dressed nice, in a maroon business suit with a super short skirt. What do they call them? Microminis? Really showed her legs and that wonder ass of hers."

Jennifer looked for something to throw, and not finding it, jumped on the bed to playfully punch Oliver in the chest. "What are you doing checking out my mom's ass?"

Oliver wrestled her onto her back and struggled into position between her legs. Without thinking, Jennifer opened them and let him ease into place, his raging hard-on pressing against the lips of her pussy. After a brief kiss, followed by a longer, wetter one, he said, "Her ass is just like yours. What guy wouldn't check it out?"

Jennifer returned his kiss again before wiggling out from under him and pushing him onto his back. She cupped his cock in her hand and slowly began to stroke the length of it. Oliver sighed and said, "Damn, that feels so good when you do that."

"Uh huh," she said. "But I know this feels better."

Then she lowered her face to his cock and let her lips slide over the tip, taking the head of his cock into her mouth. She slowly sucked just that portion for about a minute before drawing more of the cock into her mouth. She'd been sucking him for about three minutes by the time she finally had lowered her lips over the entire shaft. Then she slowly began to slide her mouth up and down the pole. Drawing him out. Sucking him in. Drawing him out. Sucking him in.

After about another minute of that, Oliver was gasping and declaring his imminent eruption. Jennifer kept sucking until he could no longer hold back and grabbed handfuls of her hair as he exploded in her mouth. When she'd first started giving Oliver blowjobs, she'd not been able to tolerate the taste. But, over time, she'd grown accustomed and was able to swallow without gagging. She still didn't like the taste, but she let him cum in her mouth anyway because she knew he liked it when she did.

She finished sucking him and lifted her face off his cock. She gripped him in her hand again and slowly stroked it. She wondered if other guys stayed hard the way Oliver did after he came. Probably not. Oliver had more than his fair share of testosterone. What got him his football scholarship to Baylor for the following year was also what kept his dick eternally erect. Not that she was complaining. She loved getting fucked. Loved it. And it was hard to get fucked when the boyfriend's dick stayed soft. Or, at least, so she had heard. Never having even been naked with another boy, let alone fucked by one, Jennifer wouldn't really know much about their erection tendencies. Only what she'd heard in the girl's locker room. And, believe it or not, that was a lot. People think guys talk about pussy in their locker rooms. Well, those people should hear the way cock gets discussed in a girl's room.

Jennifer released her grip on Oliver's cock and looked in the top drawer of the nightstand next to her bed. Lying next to her pack of Camel Lights and her cigarette lighter was a single condom. Her last one.

Oliver groaned when he saw her pull it out of the drawer. "Come on, Jennifer. You're on the pill. We don't need that."

"Double protection," she said. If I ever catch him for sure with that skank Sarah Pursey, she thought, he'll be lucky if I let him fuck me with two rubbers on.

Oliver sighed again as she slowly rolled the condom down over his cock. No sense arguing. She'd only ever let him fuck her without a condom one time. After that, he had stupidly let it slip that he'd fucked Sarah Pursey, and Jennifer stubbornly clung to not let his bare cock inside her.

As soon as Jennifer finished putting the condom on Oliver's cock, she took his hand and pulled him to her as she lay back. He moved between her legs and she reflexively opened them and raised her knees. As if guided by radar, his cock went straight to the moist lips of her cunt. He laughed to himself as the picture of a heat-seeking missile finding its mark entered his mind. One firm push, and the head of that missile was stretching open the lips of her pussy and making its way further into the target.

Jennifer gasped. They'd fucked every day for the last month. Some days two or three times, and it still hurt a little bit. Just a little though, and only in the beginning. Once he was inside, the pleasure sensations took over and she forgot all about the abnormal stretching Oliver's massive tool seemed to put her through. Oliver stopped once the head was inside and let Jennifer adjust to his cock. Her pussy seemed to conform its shape to him as if they were made for each other.

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