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Paramore at The End of the World


WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the celebrities, people, places, conventions, events etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Hayley Williams (lead singer of Paramore)

The Paramore at The End of the World

A celebrity erotic story, based on a challenge/idea for LazyNinjas around the theme of "The Apocalypse/The End of the World".

By DaxG2001

Codes: MF, Cons, Oral.

* * *

It had been a few weeks, maybe closer to a month since the "End of the World" hit. It was both like how it was always shown in the movies, and nothing like it. Some sort of rapidly spreading virus, turning normal people into mindless zombies, bringing death and carnage to nearly every street corner. Power lines went down, TV and radio stations turned to static, and no doubt most horrifying for some in this modern era the Internet, when even accessible, turned up nothing but failure to find errors and long not updated pages.

When it hit, Malcolm did what he had been told all the time in survival and crisis training. He rushed to block off the doors of his apartment, hauled the blinds down, loaded up his gun and any makeshift weapons, and killed the lights. Cowardly? Perhaps, but it worked. Helped by the screams of terror and death around in the air he stayed awake for the first night and into the next day, the screams and groans dying down as no doubt the number of living went the same way. Carefully making sure to keep noise to a minimum and rationing the food the head in his place along with water, the days eventually reached a week.

Haunting silence was around what was his neighborhood of New York City, and finally the muscularly built, short haired man made the move to venture out of his apartment. Small steps in his mind to survey the carnage of first his floor of the building, investigating room by room of the ones currently open. To his surprise, there were not as many bodies around as he first expected but instead the odd, off putting smell of death by whatever the virus was, and human bones laying in clothing. Flesh consuming and demanding disease? Those caught up in it surely stood no chance.

After collecting supplies, food, clothing, and extra weaponry and ammo from the now dead (could he still hope to find any survivors out somewhere?) he planned out a route to head further into the city to find invaluable supplies. Power, fuel, heat sources, and the means to hopefully plant and grow food supplies as well as collect water. He couldn't risk drinking from taps, and tinned food would only last for so long even if he found plenty more as he'd been able to from the other apartments.

Over the next couple of weeks he'd ventured out on lengthy treks, creating one new "Safe House" after another as he navigated empty homes, streets full of abandoned cars, and the odd wild, hungry animal that required putting down. He'd made sure to locate his training center, his now former place of employment, to pick up hunting supplies including bows and arrows. His supply was good for the moment, and if he could reach the places he was planning to he'd be able to create some more as well as get equipment he needed. Finding a good, high spot in one of the New York City central buildings and getting the stuff up there would be a far different story.

And yet, all that careful planning and ideas to survive after the "End of the World" went right out the window when he spotted her.

He'd heard the growl of wild, ravenous animals before. Usually he'd wisely avoid them, let them chase down the pray of a more defenseless creature and while they feasted, he'd go on his way. But this pack of four snarling dogs wasn't surrounding any poor beast on the top of a van. It was a woman. The first actual living human female he'd seen since "The End of the World" and instinctively he rushed to help, caring not for the danger he was putting himself in as he drew his bow and readied an arrow in it.

One of the dogs, perhaps the pack leader, turned its attention to Malcolm and readied for a pounce, charging towards the human. With an experienced, steady aim boosted by the Adrenalin of finally finding a fellow survivor, it was something once again like out of a doomsday movie. A single well placed shot sent the arrow straight through the wild dog's head, sending it collapsing dead to the ground. The rest of the pack quickly fled from the scene.

"Are you OK??" Malcolm called out, rushing to the van as he put his weapons away. The question was answered when the woman, stepping down from the makeshift safety, jumped onto him with the tightest, most grateful hug she'd ever give.

"I... I thought I was dead!!" She cried into his shoulder as she held him tight. Caught up the emotions himself, he hugged her back. "I... I thought I was the only one left..." She added in a whisper, pulling back to look up at him with pure appreciation.

He instantly recognised her. Hayley Williams. The lead singer of the pop-rock group Paramore and perhaps the sexiest woman in rock and roll. Even in her current state with her usually bright dyed red hair now looking messy and faded in colour, and her clothing unsurprisingly matching the mess the world is in with her baggy jeans dirty and torn at the bottom by her sneakers, and her not completely fitting shirt and jacket appearing the same way. By the looks of it, she'd been scavenging clothing to wear and all things considered, no one would blame her for doing that.

"Yeah... I was worried I was the only sorry bastard alive myself..." Malcolm replied, drawing a short appreciative laugh from her. "I'm Malcolm, and, this probably isn't the best place to say this, but I'm a big fan of Paramore Hayley."

"You can have all the fucking autographs you want!" She quickly said, making them both laugh before she hugged him again tightly. "Thank you... You saved me..."

"No problem. I'm so... So happy to finally find someone..." He said as the two broke off the hug. "I've been heading further into New York to get supplies, stuff like that... With the hope to maybe find someone else out here as well."

"I'm damn glad you did!" Williams said, taking a moment to look around the street of abandoned cars and random trash on the sidewalk. "I've been hiding in one apartment building to the next, one shop to the next, living off nothing but cold tinned food and any other stuff I could find! Lost count on how many times I've ditched clothes..." She comments, motioning down to herself.

"Smart moves if you ask me. Right out of one of the handbooks at training..." He says, drawing a look of interest from her. "Survivalist training. It was at least my job until, you know..."

"Yeah... I know. I was a singer in a band until... They..." She trailed off, looking down to the ground and saying more about their fate than words ever could.

"Listen, Hayley, I know we just met, but I have a Safe House a few blocks down from here we can go to. Rest up, eat, stuff like that. Then we can..."

"Yes!" Her head shot up, eyes once again full of appreciation for her rescuer. "Oh my fucking God yes! There is no fucking way I'm leaving you now! A fucking survival master and a hero?? This is my fucking day!" She grins.

"Yeah, this turned out to be a damn good day for me as well..." Malcolm answered honestly.

* * *

"Let me give you the guided tour..." Malcolm chuckled as he dumped his gear and backpack down on the floor by a couch in this "Safe House" of an apartment, with Hayley eagerly doing the duties of locking the door and applying the chain. "Over here, we've got..."

Before he could really begin, he was grabbed by the jacket, turned around and backed up into a wall. Caught completely off guard by her action, any embarrassment he may have felt was quickly gone when he saw the flirty look and smile on her face, following by her hands sliding over his shirt-covered chest, then moving down to slide under it and tease his toned body which seemed to draw an approving murmur from her.

"You know Malcolm... I don't think I really properly thanked you for saving my life..." Hayley grins as she licks her lips a little.

"I'm.,. I'm pretty sure you... Well, I mean, I was just doing the right thing..." He modestly says, even as he smiles as he can clearly see what she's intending to do. After a whole month of thinking he was the last person alive and sex being the last thing on his mind? This was a very, very welcome development.

"Well I want to thank you..." Williams says, proving his guess work right as she lowers herself down to her knees in front of him, reaching for his belt and starting to undo it. "And I'm not taking no for a fucking answer!" She adds, hauling his pants down then his boxers, and instantly gasping at the sight of his sizable, thick and already hardening cock.

"Oh shit!! This... This is fucking happening..." He says, watching as the pop-rock beauty spits onto her hands, using both to stroke and jerk off his dick in quite a firm, needy manner as her eyes locked onto that tool, watching his member grown and harden with each pump, only making her lick those lips again at the very inviting site that the first man she's come into contact with for weeks has for her. "Fuck!! I haven't... Ahhhhh... Washed... Let alone down there for like..." He tried to state the obvious but she either wasn't listening or deliberately ignoring, her hand desperate as she quickly grabbed his length and started pumping at him, all to eager to get him hard and already having the desired effect on him.

"Don't fucking care... I need this..." Hayley mumbled, eyes locked onto that impressively sized rod that grew within her grip, helped as she spit down onto her head of his cock as she stroked away. "We... We need this." She said it as a statement, as a fact that deep down both of them was damn true, and her lustful with a hint of pleading look she cast as she looked up at him added to that. But she didn't wait for the verbal confirmation from him, getting right to work as she opened her mouth and pushed down to take her rescuer's cock inside.

"Mmmmm fuck!! God damn!!" He moaned, gazing down at the red hot sight of the stunning pop-rock singer now sucking his cock, and she wasn't holding back either as her fading red-haired head bobbed steadily back and forth along his size, groaning herself around his meaty pole as she began servicing him and kept one hand firmly gripping the base to both support the action of her mouth, and stroke him off at the same time. "Ahhhhh... Ahhhhh shit!! Mmmmm!! Fuck... Fuck me!!" Malcolm groaned out his approval again, going with the flow of the very unexpected, but clearly welcome turn of events as he started to slip his jacket off his shoulders, his eyes still locked down onto Hayley's gorgeous face as she showed off her oral skills with this quick and steady slurping motion.

"Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm!! Mmmmphhhh!!" The Paramore lead singer groans around his length as she takes him deeper between her lips, her free hand sliding up his leg and tugging his pants down a little more, the other still pumping the lower part of his dick so she can focus on pleasuring that upper half and putting on quite the horny show of it as she moans with each swift blowing motion she delivers. "Mmmmm... Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm..." She groans again, her saliva getting applied onto his inches and trickling slowing down her chin, but with the new circumstances of the world they're in she has no reason to care about her messy, now rather slutty appearance as she gives this noisy blowjob, and doesn't hold back as she keeps her head rocking back and forth along that big piece of man meat.

"Mmmmm!! Shit... You're... Mmmmm!! You're fucking... Ahhhhh... Good at this..." He's able to groan out, making her grin around his dick for a moment at the lusty compliment before she gets right back to work with another deep bob along his tool, her spit now dripping down his length from the repeated and clearly far from novice motion. "Uhhhh!! Yeah... Fucking... Fucking suck it Hayley..." He encourages, not that the horny beauty on her knees in front of him needs any further fuel to the sex-craving fire inside of her, proven by how her lips are staying nicely pressed around his dick as she takes him in and out of her formerly famous for singing oral hole.

"Mmmmphhh!! Mmmmm!! Mmmm mmmmm mmmm!!" Her moans are muffled around that cock she's keeping stuffed into her mouth, taking him impressively deep inside her warm and wet mouth, her fingers now coated with her saliva that's all over his rod, the sexy mess made "worse" by how her hand keeps on stroking away at the few inches she isn't able to take past her soft lips. "Mmmmm... Mmmmphhh!! Mmmmm!!" Neither of the two survivors of the apparent End of the World are bothered by that, as the rugged stuf receiving this oral treatment moans out as he watches on, and the beauty dishing it out groans herself around the very dick she's sucking off, causing her red hair to sway in time with the head banging-like motion she's using to run her mouth along his size over and over again.

After a couple round of slurps onto him, she pulls her head away with a loud "Pop" sound, groaning and gasping as for a moment she just stares at the big dick she's been slobbering all over. Before long, she looks up at the hunk she's been blowing, giving him a wide smile as she stands up off the ground, taking a page out of his book from moments ago as she takes off the jacket she had on and drops it down. "Fuck me." Was all Williams needed to say as she reached down for her jeans, quickly undoing the belt and pushing the clothing down to show off a pair of clearly damp panties that soon also were being pushed down to around her boots.

He waited until she had kicked off the boots and her lower clothing, leaving her in just a pair of short socks, and to her squealing delight he raced in and scooped her up into his arms, giving her the time to wrap her legs around his similarly partially clothed frame, grabbing onto his shoulders for further support just as he lined his cock up with her needy and ready lower hole. With a single, firm thrust both of them moaned out loudly, shamelessly as he took her in commanding fashion, his grip onto her toned midsection as with "Thud" he pressed her against the nearest wall of the "Safe House", caring not for the picture falling from it as he started to thrust his dick in and out of the hottest, tightest snatch he'd ever been inside of.

"Uhhhh!! Ahhhh FUCK!! Fuck Hayley!! MMMM!!" At that point as he grunted witch each in and out pump into the stunning singer's snatch, he didn't care that this could be the last pussy he'd ever get to fuck either and likewise from the loud, gleeful moans she was letting out as she all too happily took this pounding she didn't care if he was indeed the last man on Earth. "MMMM!! Ahhhhh... Fuck... FUCK!! MMMMM..." He groaned as he took the red head with another round of primal and hard thrusts, showing how he also has his own urges that have been ignored to focus on survival, but the smooth pace of these pumps and how controlled he is even with this swiftness and force behind the taking of this rockstar stunner shows that he is also no stranger to some sexual activity. Her moans and the wide, almost lust-drunk grin on her face showed she was very, very happy about that part of her rescuer.

"UHHHHH!! Ahhhhh Yeah!! YEAH!! Fuck... Fuck me Malcolm!" She nearly begged, even with his cock buried deep up into her tight, wet snatch and feeling how rapidly he was driving that fat cock straight up into her slit, the force making her body rock upward against the wall she was getting fucked against so that even covered by her T-shirt and contained in her bra, her perky tits still managed to bounce each time she took a deep thrust from him. "AHHHHH!! OH YES!! FUCK!! Oh GOD!! Oh FUCK!!" She was so grateful, so thankful not just for him saving her life but showing compassion when he could have just left her to fend for herself and surely perish in the process, that it felt almost too natural for her to let her "Hero" use her body like this, ramming his dick right up into her snug pussy that was coating his thick and long dick with her forming juices now. It wasn't like there was anyone left to judge her for acting in such a dirty, slutty way, so why not give the both of them what they clearly need - a little moment of relief and pleasure in such a messed up world.

Thankfully for them both, it wouldn't be a short period to forget about everything else happening as this hunky, rugged survivalist was no minute man, just having a couple drops of sweat trickle down his handsome face as he continues to drive his manhood in and out of the twat of the sexy singer he's holding off the floor and fucking up against a wall. On the other hand, the gorgeous female very willingly taking this slamming had quite a noticeable layer of sweat over those pretty facial features, moaning out herself and staring with intense desire at the hunk who is making her pussy the home to his lengthy pole as he slides it rapidly into that wet but still pleasurably tight hole.

"Mmmmmphhh!! MMMM!! Mmmmmphhh!!" Whether it was just the next natural stage of this red hot action, or one of them suddenly having the spark of an idea in their lust-driven minds, but soon the two were engaged in a passionate and loud embrace of the lips, the first kiss lasting a moment before lips parted and soon their tongues were smashing into one another while the hunk controlling the pace continues to ram his cock deeply and quickly into her wet box. "MMMMMM... MMMMMPHHH!! Mmmmmmphhhh..." Her hands roamed across his broad shoulders, her legs remaining firmly wrapped around his body as her own frame jolted up and down against the wall she was being taken against but getting so much pleasure from his massive cock ploughing right up into her snatch she barely registered the friction as the Paramore stunner took this intense fucking from the handsome, rescuing stud.

The full proof of his abilities not just being of survivalist nature were shown as Hayley let out a long and loud moan of pure joy, her pussy clamping around his thrusting cock as she came hard and shamelessly all over that big dick, and despite the increased pressure around his manhood he kept on slamming in and out of her snatch even as her juices flowed out over him. This was, not for the first time for her, another extreme welcome surprise to a long needed better than good day compared to the horrors of the "End of the World" that has hit the planet. Sensing her orgasm subsiding, he somewhat mercifully eases off from the rapid pace, letting her ease back down to Eath while he slowed down and greatly reduced the force of his pumps, ending the pounding with a long pull out that makes them both groan out.

"Ye-yeah... I... I fucking needed that..." Hayley gasps out, unwrapping her from around him as he steps backward just enough to allow him to set her onto the ground, and unsurprisingly she leans back against the wall she'd just been fucked against, taking a long moment to catch her breath.

"No shit..." Malcolm notes with a smirk of his own, taking a hold of his cock and starting to stroke himself off, however she soon reaches down and grips his wrists.

"No way... I'm taking care of that..." She says with another filthy grin, lowering herself back down to her knees in front of him.

"MMMMM!! Fine... FUCK!! Fine by me!!" He wisely said as she wasted no time in once again taking his cock into her talented mouth, showing no issue at all with the taste of her own pussy from off of his rod as she got right to work blowing him, steadily bobbing that red haired head along the very cock she'd only just came all over moments ago. "Ahhhhh!! MMMMM FUCK!! Fuck yeah... AHHHHH..." He sighed with delight, letting her go to town on his member as he enjoyed the feeling of her warm and wet mouth all around his inches once again, this time her lips and oral hole being the only "tools" being used to service him as she placed her hands onto his hips both for support and to keep her head aligned with his crotch so her sucking can be nicely quick and smooth.

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