Paranormal Research Club Ch. 01


My mother's sweet, kind eyes were shining with wild, desperate passion as she rode me. The large, fleshy breasts from which I had nursed as an infant swayed as we fucked. My eyes traveled down my mother's stomach to the juncture of her thighs where my eyes confirmed what my penis had already told me. This was no illusion. I was indulging in the wickedly delectable sin of Oedipus Rex; I was actually fucking my own mother. She was beautiful, and I was horrified to feel my own desire for her swell and throb within my loins as her slippery birth canal gripped tightly around my steely-hard penis.

I was shocked by what was happening, but I was also far too aroused to stop. I needed release more desperately than I ever could have imagined possible; I felt certain that I would die without it. Above me, my beautiful, beloved mother bucked wildly, riding me like a pagan fertility goddess bent on conceiving a new world. The soft brown pubic hairs that adorned her luscious vulva ground hard against my pelvis. I looked between my mother's legs, watching my hardness engulfed within the same sweltering flesh from which I had been born. I could see the soft brown curls of my mother's vulva naturally forming a shape that vaguely resembled a heart, and the shiny pink lips of her glistening labia stretching tightly around the girth of my hard cock as she impaled herself upon me over and over again.

As my mother bounced on me, I could see her glistening fluids coating my manhood with a slippery sheen of forbidden moisture. Long ago, I had been born from that glorious pussy, and now I was returning and reveling in the wickedly taboo glory of the experience. My mother smiled sinfully as she ground her cervix against the head of my cock, and I was so sensitive that I could feel the tiny hole that marked the entrance to the very womb in which I had once resided. My mother looked down at me with fierce possessiveness as she claimed me as her son, her lover, and her mate. We fit together perfectly. My mother's familiar, beloved face was transformed and blazing with uncontrollable lust, and the large, pillow-soft breasts from which I had nursed in infancy bounced and jiggled obscenely as we fucked.

Countless female hands from all directions roamed our bodies as the unholy, incestuous union took place, as though the women around us were greedy to partake in the succulent wickedness of the blasphemous union. Fluids never intended to meet, the sexual nectar of a mother and her own son, were freely swapped as the head of my manhood ground hard against the smooth, slippery entrance to my own mother's womb. I felt her fingernails gently caress the top of my throbbing shaft as she massaged her clitoris, her tunnel becoming impossibly wetter while our sexual organs meshed together. She pounded herself down upon me, the wet sound of our coupling audible even above the crowd and the din of the insane pipes and drums. I couldn't help myself. My penis had never before been as hard as it now was as my mother forced me back deep into the core of her womanhood, and I rejoiced in every sensual detail of my immoral return to the warm, humid depths of the very womb where I had been created. Every sight, every, sound, every scent, every taste of what I was experiencing was forever burned into my memory.

I looked around me. My younger sister, Kim, a sprightly, innocent, 18-year-old pixie of a girl with short brown hair and sparkling eyes, was cuddling her petite young body against me to my left, her small warm hands traveling my chest as she humped her mound against my leg, the perfect brown nipples of her small, firm breasts massaging the side of my arm. One of her hands reached over, lovingly stroking my penis and our mother's vulva as she caressed the wet juncture where her brother and her mother were locked together in the most intimate of embraces. While it is impossible to know such things for certain, I felt positive that this was the first time that Kim had ever touched a penis. And it was her own brother's, even while I was involved in the act of fucking our own mother. Everything about this was wrong, forbidden, impossible! My innocent, virginal sister's wet, pink tongue traveled seductively along my neck and left a cool trail up the side of my face as I beheld my mother's body undulating and swaying above me in time to the drumbeats like some ancient pagan fertility goddess with my own mother's face. Glistening droplets of my mother's sweat were dripping from her breasts and sparkling like fiery jewels in the hellish torchlight.

My mother leaned down, her pendulous breasts crushing against my chest as she kissed me in a manner that no mother should ever kiss a son. My heart pounded in my chest like an industrial power-hammer, and my breathing was becoming increasingly rapid as I returned the kiss with equally scandalous passion. Breaking the kiss, she looked into my eyes.

"Look at me, sweetheart," my mother whispered before kissing me again. Her eyes met mine, and the expression on her face was almost tender as I felt her wet, scalding-hot insides continue to claim my manhood. "Look at your mother as we make love, and accept what we're doing together. I love you more than you could ever possibly know, and you need to know that what we are doing now is beautiful in every way. I need to feel you put your love deep inside of me. Cum inside of my pussy; Sweetheart; give your mother your sperm! Make me feel beautiful as you get me pregnant and make me a mother again! Let me know that my son will still want my pussy time and time again, even when my belly is swelling with our child!"

Higher and higher into ecstasy I climbed, and the drums and pipes played faster and faster as though fueled and driven by our ever-increasing spiral of arousal. My mother and I were rapidly approaching the point of no return, and still our genitals merged with wild, passionate need. My mother shrieked triumphantly as a steaming hot climax wracked her body with shuddering, quivering, convulsive ecstasy. Her soft, white, feminine thighs tightened around me like the jaws of a vice, and the velvet-soft walls of her wet, scalding-hot tunnel began to clench down in powerful spasmodic waves around my firm, throbbing manhood. She drenched me in her gloriously fertile maternal fluids as she gave herself over entirely to the ecstatic glory of her orgasm.

I could no longer prevent or even postpone the inevitable. My heart was pounding like race horse's, and my breath came in ragged gasps as every nerve in my trembling body fired at once. My thoughts went blank as my brain was deliciously electrocuted by my own powerful orgasm. My body was flooded with far more pleasure than any human being was ever wired to experience, so much pleasure that it was almost painful to feel it all at once, as my own climax fertilized my mother's ripe body. My penis was pressing hard and sealing against the firm, slippery, muscular opening of my mother's cervix. I felt defeat and the loss of so much more than sperm as jet after hot liquid jet of my potent seed gushed deeply into her hot, wet depths, defiling her eager maternal womb with her own son's semen. Still she continued in her climax, her beautiful body shuddering and undulating above me as the slippery walls of her pussy fluttered against the hardness of the spurting member that I continued to thrust deep into her innermost depths. I reveled in the knowledge that I was impregnating my own mother, even while experiencing shock and horror that I could revel in the pleasure of such an intensely depraved act.

After the slippery wet flesh of my mother's heavenly vagina had milked me of every drop of potent semen that my body could provide, she kissed me tenderly and lovingly on my lips. As I returned the kiss, our mouths opened and our wet lips and tongues slowly mated. I was still buried deep within her pussy as she crushed her entire body against mine. Any barriers or taboos between us had melted like snow on a hot summer's day. I knew that my mother and I would be repeating this act, even as she had said while we were making love. Slowly, she raised her hips, sliding the sinful pussy that was now dripping with our mingled fluids from my still-hard cock. The act was almost painful for me.

My mother kissed me a final time and slid her slick, sweaty body from on top of me. The hard brown nipples of her hot, perspiration-drenched breasts dragged lewdly across my chest as the beautiful stranger on my right side- I now realized that my fingers were still deep inside of her body and she was just finishing an orgasm of her own while witnessing the incestuous act- stood up and moved away from us, making room for my mother to cuddle almost sweetly against my side.

My mother stared almost tenderly into my eyes as my sweet, virginal young sister climbed on top of me. I couldn't get up, or even move. This was going to happen, and I couldn't avoid it any more than I could have stopped what I had just done with my mother.

"It's my turn now, brother," my delicate young sister whispered hotly into my ear.

"Mom, Kim's still a virgin!" I protested.

"Only for a few more seconds," my mother replied in a sardonically soothing tone as she reached over and grasped my cock, which was still slippery and literally dripping with the sexual fluids of our own unholy union. Impossibly, even after the greatest orgasm of my life, my erection was still undiminished in hardness, and my body was already insistently demanding more sex. Now, with the same hands with which my mother had held us, calmed us, and fed us as children, my mother now placed the head of my cock at the opening of her own daughter's still-virginal slit. I could see and feel myself pressed into the warm, yielding softness of my sister's innocent vulva, and my heart leapt into my throat.

Other anonymous women- and I now prayed that they would remain anonymous- pressed their warm and receptive feminine flesh against my vulnerable body from every direction. Someone I could not see was now grinding her clitoris against my shin, and while I could not see her face I felt the deliciously soft wetness of her slit and the supple cushions of her womanly ass, and I knew that I desired her. She felt amazing. Sitting on the grass near my head, I recognized my Aunt Cindy, who was still remarkably attractive despite her age. Her chest was heaving, her eyes half shut, her shapely legs spread and her hand working feverishly between them as she watched her nephew and her sister frantically rutting together so close that she could have reached out and touched us with her fingers which were glistening with slickness from her own feminine juices. I couldn't see any more faces in the kaleidoscope of human flesh that whirled around me, and I feared who else I might recognize if I could.

I looked down at my sweet younger sister's nude body as she straddled me. Like my mother, she was beautiful, her body athletic and well-proportioned. I had never seen her naked before, at least since we were too young to think anything of it, and I was horrified by my body's eagerness to complete the wicked act that was now all but certain to occur. What I had just done with my mother had felt far too wonderful for words to possibly express it. Even so, I could not defile my virginal sister's body.

"Kim," I pleaded even as I felt my body pressing up against her as though acting of its own accord, "You don't have to do this! I don't want to take your virginity! For the love of God, what has gotten into you?" Even as I spoke, my body betrayed me as my hips pressed upwards into the warm softness between her legs. My sister smiled at me as the purple head of my rock-hard manhood began to slowly press against her impenetrably tight orifice.

Kim looked into my eyes, her face glowing in the torchlight. Her pupils were dilated with adrenaline and her eyes wild with need and reflecting fire from the torches. "So, brother," she said, emphasizing my relationship to her as though the word tasted delicious on her tongue, "You say that you don't want my virginity, but I haven't moved. You're the one pressing up against my pussy. Am I supposed to believe your words or your actions? Tell me that you don't want this," she said as she ground her delightful vagina against me, "and I'll stop." She kissed me wickedly and incestuously as she pressed her pussy down harder against me, and I could feel the sacred membrane of her innocence begin straining against my cockhead.

With a groan, I pushed back, feeling my cock burrow a tiny bit deeper into her. My need boiled within my veins like lava. I needed my sister's virginity like a drowning man needs oxygen, and my lust was quickly drowning out my capacity for rational thought.

My sister smiled, rubbing her wet pussy against my penis as the last vestiges of my self control disintegrated. "That's what I thought. So, do you want to take my virginity? Do you want to fuck your sister without any protection and cum inside of her?"

My heart sank in despair as my own voice responded, "Yes."

The pressure between my manhood and the most sacred and intimate parts of my sister's delicate young body suddenly increased. She was soaking wet, and my penis was still lubricated from forbidden sex with our mother. But Kim was so tight that I still hadn't managed to breach her innocent pussy. Her soft, full lips pressed hard against my own in a scandalous, wicked, open-mouthed lover's kiss, which I returned and loved every second of it. I tasted the sweetness of my sister's saliva, her tongue wrestling wetly with my own.

She pulled away, and I saw my sweet, familiar little sister's face staring down at me, blazing with lust and madness as her eyes locked upon my owns. "Prepare to feel my virginity poured out upon you. Make me a woman, brother." Her words burned into my brain and her eyes smoldered with feverish madness as she forced her painfully tight vagina down upon my cock, a cock that was still slick with the natural lubrication from the wicked union of her own brother and her mother. I slid partly into her sopping wet tunnel. I heard her emit a sharp gasp, and I felt the barrier that had guarded her maidenhood for 18 years tear as she relentlessly and forcefully impaled herself on me with a need that overruled any level of discomfort. It felt as though her body were splitting in half around my cock, and she arched her back and shrieked in something that could have been any possible combination of joy, pain, triumph, or unbridled sexual ecstasy as she continued forcing her body relentlessly downward onto mine.

My manhood was soon entirely gripped within the heat and moisture of my sister's body, her virginal tunnel tighter than a clenched fist around my cock. For long moments she sat frozen above me, the full length of my penis firmly sheathed inside of her delicate young reproductive tract. She looked beautiful as she sat above me, her thighs spread beside my hips and her back arched, her small, firm breasts proudly thrust forward. My sister was no longer a virgin, and it was my fault.

She leaned over, and again, Kim's tongue softly caressed my neck. Looking over her shoulder, I had a brief glimpse of the woman who was grinding herself against my leg, and recognized my favorite cousin, Heather. Older and sweeter than her sister, Sarah, Heather had been my close friend since birth. She was sweet, restrained, and most definitely not someone that would ever take part in a blasphemous rite like this under any circumstances. But here she was nonetheless, and I had no doubt that it was only a matter of time before she replaced the leg she was humping with my hard cock. I had always loved Heather, but had never looked at her sexually before, and my heart ached with the thought of the innocent relationship that might be changed forever if I were to let Heather mount me. Over and over again I assured myself that this was only a dream. But it certainly did not feel like one.

Those thoughts were immediately obscured as Kim finished planting a decadently wet kiss on my neck, then moved her face to mine and she kissed me deeply and passionately on the mouth. I was unable to stop myself from returning the kiss; I needed her as desperately as she needed me. Our tongues writhed together, mimicking the similar union of of our drenched sexual organs. I felt my sister's soft breath against my sweaty skin as she whispered fiercely, "Yesssss! You have made me a woman, now make me the mother of your child!" Her eyes blazed with wild intensity as I looked into the face of my sweet younger sister. Even the knowledge that something had completely transformed my dear little sister with an infusion of unspeakable lust was not sufficient to save me from betrayal by my own body. I cried out in alarm as I erupted yet again in a powerful orgasm, knowing that I had just conceived a child with my own mother, and I was now about to become a father to my own sister's baby.

As my sister and I continued to cum together, our kisses became animalistic, deep, sloppy, and uncontrolled as her sweet vagina spasmed around my cock, milking me of far more sperm-rich semen than I would normally even be able to produce in a week. For several minutes my body and hers writhed together, struggling to force my ejaculating penis as deep into her receptive depths as possible.

My sister's nubile young body was demanding sperm to fill her fertile young womb and fallopian tubes, and my body was insistent upon claiming the privilege of fertilizing the ripe fruit of my own sister's ovaries. Neither of our bodies were denied the fulfillment of their needs. When we were finally spent, Kim slid herself slowly off of my cock. Semen shot through with streaks of her sacred virginal blood slowly leaked from the no-longer-innocent orifice that in nine months would be giving birth to the natural product of an unnatural union between two siblings. I felt another woman move into position, and I didn't have to look to know that it was my childhood friend and companion, Heather, that was about to forever change a lifetime of happy, innocent memories with an act of incestuous lust. Again I reminded myself that, although I was certain that this was by far the most realistic dream that I had ever experienced, this had to be a dream. None of this was real. It couldn't be.

My sister slid out of the way, and now I found myself with my mother cuddled against my right side, my sister cuddled against my left side, and someone I couldn't see writhing against my back directly beneath me. The woman beneath me was desperately grinding her drenched vulva against my back in a futile effort to achieve sexual satisfaction. She had been there the whole time, although I had been so distracted that I had hardly noticed her, and her sexual frustration was a palpable thing. Although I could move almost freely once again, it was as though some invisible but irresistible force were physically preventing me from being able to turn my head to see who the girl underneath me was.

Looking to my left, I saw my beautiful sister lying against me, her face glowing with satisfaction and my seed mingled with a hint of her virginal blood drooling from her freshly deflowered pussy. For the first time, I noticed a tattoo on her left hip. It was a small, stylized heart with the words "Love is Forever" written around it in flowing script, and I felt grateful for the confirmation that this wasn't actually happening. I had seen Kim in a swimsuit just a few months ago. She had no tattoos, and surely she would have mentioned it to me if she had gotten one. We had always been close.

I looked down at Heather, seeing her familiar, round, friendly face, her long, straight blonde hair, and her beautiful smile. Her sky-blue eyes regarded me lovingly from behind the familiar prescription glasses that constituted the only thing she was currently wearing. Sweet, quiet, and bookish, with a wicked sense of humor that only reveals itself to those that she knows well, Heather has always been my closest confidant and my favorite family member. I had honestly never thought of her sexually before tonight, and I had never before seen her wearing any less than a conservative, one-piece swimsuit.

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