Paranormal Research Club Ch. 01


My gaze traveled down from Heather's familiar, beloved face to her chest. She was pleasantly plump, her pale, chubby body sporting large, fleshy breasts that might have sagged slightly more than those of most girls our age, but on Heather that characteristic only seemed cute and endearing. It was part of someone I had always loved, and I was enticed by the exotic newness of seeing my cousin's breasts. I noted the large, pink, puffy nipples and aureolas that adorned her succulent breasts, and the smooth, soft roundness of her belly. Then my gaze finally dared to travel downwards to her wide, womanly hips, the junction of Heather's smooth white thighs, and the soft, heart-shaped nest of thick, dark-blonde curls that covered her most intimate parts. Her ass was facing away from me, but for the first time in my life I contemplated the healthy, perfectly-shaped roundness of her butt. I had never before seen my cousin as a sexual being, or contemplated the soft fullness of her beautiful womanly curves and ample femininity. Seeing her as I did now, I wondered why I had never noticed her in that way before. Everything about Heather seemed in one sense endearingly and charmingly familiar, but the sultry nakedness of her beautifully rubinesque body so close to mine filled me with excitement and need.

"I've always thought that the two of you would make an adorable couple," my Aunt Cindy breathed to us as she continued to play with herself. Her legs were shaking, and her pretty face was drawn and tight with barely-controlled lust. She was restraining herself from climbing on top of me only for the sake of her daughter. She looked at Heather. "Do it, Sweety," she said to her daughter in an urgent whisper. "Breed with your cousin. You've always wanted him. He's yours now. Please, make beautiful grandchildren for me." Taking my penis in a warm, soft hand that was still wet from rubbing her own sodden vagina, Aunt Cindy placed the head of my cock against her daughter's moist opening.

Heather looked into my eyes as she allowed her aroused, engorged vaginal lips to gently kiss the head of my penis. She moved slowly, as though savoring the moment that she claimed something that she had always wanted. I felt the heat and moisture radiating from my beloved cousin's fertile core as, for the first time, I breached the most intimate part of her body.

My heart pounded as though it would explode in my chest. Still, my beautiful cousin held her ample hips high, so that only her outer lips were spread by the throbbing flesh of my engorged cock head. Looking down at me, Heather smiled at me lovingly. I couldn't resist returning the smile; the silliness and impossibility of our situation was immediately amusing to us both. We both knew that this couldn't be happening. This was impossible; our mothers would never act like this. It was as though we were both aware that we were sharing an impossibly vivid dream, but we had always cared deeply for one another and were determined to enjoy it while it lasted. Both of us wanted to enjoy the secret embrace that was available to us in this dream where we could have what we wanted with no repercussions or consequences, and no one would ever know. We wouldn't even have to risk confessing our forbidden lust to each other.

My own mother, so recently fertilized from making love to me, reached out with a trembling hand and reverently caressed my cock, running her hand up to stroke Heather's beautiful opening, and then lingering at the place where my cousin and I were joined by only the slightest bit of penetration. Heather gasped quietly as she allowed her body to slide down less than a centimeter, still taking only about half of the head of my cock inside of her. She was so wet that she could have claimed my full length easily with a single motion, but she didn't. Heather loved me and needed the reassurance that I needed her as badly as she needed me, and both of us wanted this moment to last forever.

As my mother lovingly stroked the genitals of her son and her niece, she looked at me and smiled. "You're ready for this. Now, let your cousin show you how much she has always cared for you."

I smiled at my beloved cousin. "I love you, Heather. Please give yourself to me. This is just a dream, right? It's totally safe."

She kissed me tenderly, still keeping just the tip of my penis inside of her. "I never thought I could have this," she said with a voice choked with emotion. She sounded as though she might cry. "This dream just feels so real. It's hard to believe that I'll wake up tomorrow feeling like I've gotten to make love to you, and you won't know that anything has happened."

She thought that this was her dream? Why would I be dreaming that? "I'll never forget anything about what we're about to do, Heather. I promise. Please, give yourself to me and let me give myself to you."

Heather didn't claim my body as suddenly or forcefully as my mother and sister had. Instead, she lowered herself upon me slowly, as though intent on savoring every minute detail of the experience, feeling herself being penetrated by a beloved friend that she had never thought she could have as a lover. Tenderly, with love and compassion in her eyes, she leaned down and kissed me softly on the lips. She still gently held the very tip of my hardness inside of herself, as though she wanted to make the moment that I first penetrated her, the instant that we first gained sexual knowledge of our beloved cousin, last forever. Her fleshy breasts, as soft as clouds, dragged hard nipples across my chest.

Heather reached her soft white arms around me and embraced me lovingly. Planting a soft, almost chaste kiss upon my lips, she whispered the words, "I have always loved you." Then her eyes closed halfway and she sighed sweetly as she began slowly lowering her pelvis upon me. Heat and moisture encased my rampant member until I was entirely sheathed inside the moist depths of my beloved cousin's fleshy warmth. Her pure, sweet, sexual fluids washed over my cock, bathing it in a steamy, sacred baptism of liquid love. I felt the tip of my penis rub against her cervix as we slowly mated, and contemplated the fact that I was actually touching the entrance to the sacred chamber where the fruit of our love would implant and grow.

Aunt Cindy, Heather's mother, moved over and took my sister's place lying by our side, one of her hands lovingly caressing the joined bodies of her daughter and her nephew, the other hand moving between her legs in time to the motions that Heather and I were making as though she wished that she could feel what her daughter was experiencing. Aunt Cindy wanted to be as close as she could to her daughter and her nephew as we engaged in this beautiful and sacred, if taboo, act. She wanted to be part of the act that would create new life within her daughter, and make her a grandmother. On our other side, my own mother was gently stroking Heather's body and my own as she rubbed her sopping pussy. She, like her sister, was about to become a grandmother. Even as Heather and I were mating, deep within my mother, one lucky sperm was fertilizing a ripe egg within her own fallopian tubes. The sexual ecstasy of my union with Heather combined with the lifetime of love and friendship that my cousin and I had always shared, and brought us both to unbearable heights of passion and ecstasy. I knew that it was only a short matter of time before our union reached its natural culmination in a white-hot explosion of pure love and sexual energy.

Our shared climax was like a great dam that burst, and both my cousin and I felt ourselves being willingly swept away by the raw power that was unleashed within our bodies. Heather's body and my own felt transported by an impossible pinnacle of rapturous ecstasy; we felt sexual fulfillment with such immense force that it transcended my entire concept of the word "orgasm". Neither of us were aware of anything else. Our eyes were clenched shut, and her mouth opened wide in a gasping, uninhibited cry of unbridled pleasure and joy. Our bodies quivered and shook, and we embraced each other with all of our trembling strength as I poured myself deep into my beloved cousin's fertile depths and her body drank my offering greedily as her vagina clenched powerfully and rhythmically around my swollen cock. Two more arms belonging to my mother and Aunt Cindy were wrapped tightly around us, and both of them cried out with wild, joyous triumph as all four of us experienced earth-shatteringly powerful orgasms, all at the exact same moment. None of our lives could ever be the same again after experiencing something so perfect and beautiful together.

It was almost 7:00 when I awoke in a panic, my head swimming with the heady aftereffects of such a bizarre dream. I was lucky that I had packed for the trip the night before, because in an unprecedented stroke of bad luck both of my alarm clocks had somehow failed me. I was already supposed to be at Steve and Frank's house helping to load gear, and in just a few moments they were likely to be leaving without me. Grabbing my cellphone and tossing the charger into a side pouch of my rucksack, I tried calling Diana's cellphone.

Diana, or Diane as we sometimes call her, is a close friend of mine, and together she and I are the unofficial leaders of the paranormal research club. We semi-jokingly compare our roles to the positions of a platoon leader and a platoon sergeant, although both of us claimed that we were the NCO and jokingly accused the other of fulfilling the role of a clueless lieutenant. We were, in reality, normally both very competent and reliable individuals. I cursed my luck. Diana's phone was busy, and my call went directly to voice mail.

I skipped breakfast, hurriedly brushed my teeth, threw my rucksack in my car. While driving, although I knew that it wasn't safe, I tried calling Steve's cellphone, then Frank's. Neither of them answered. I tried Diana's phone again, and it was still busy.

Most policemen will tolerate someone driving up to five miles an hour over the speed limit, and I did so all the way over to Steve and Frank's house. I still didn't manage to get there until 7:30. The paranormal research club, unlike most organizations of the sort, usually left on time and being late often meant being left behind. Especially if you showed up an hour later than you were supposed to, and thirty minutes after the group was scheduled to leave like I was today. Many of the sites we research involve either a limited time period of access to a privately owned site that is often someone's home, or they involve meeting the property's owners at a prearranged time and it's rude and unprofessional for us to be late. Paranormal researchers get enough of a bad rap among the general public that we are very careful not to do anything to appear unprofessional or inconsiderate, especially towards someone that has kindly allowed us access to a reputedly haunted site. And today, with a trip of well over 13 hours ahead of us that would already have us awakening Erin's parents at midnight with our arrival, the club would have certainly wanted to leave on schedule.

I wondered briefly why Diane or someone else hadn't called me like they normally would have, but then I realized that if I had somehow slept through two alarms going off, then I probably would have slept right through my phone ringing as well. How had this happened? I'm usually a very light sleeper. The shame of potentially disappointing my friends burned in my face as I drove.

I pulled into the gravel driveway, stirring up a cloud of gray dust and startling a large flock of boisterous black birds that had congregated around a crooked old pecan tree in the front lawn. There were only two other cars in the driveway aside from those that belonged to Steve and Frank. The battered white van was still parked in its customary place beneath a gnarled old oak tree, so I knew with some relief that I hadn't missed the trip. I recognized one of the parked cars as Erin's. The other car belonged to Diana.

Diana was tall, with short black hair and piercing sapphire-blue eyes. She was one of those people that looked a bit chubby at first glance, but she moved with a grace that spoke of natural strength and athleticism that stemmed from a lifetime of martial arts training and other competitive sports. Most of her extra mass was truly muscle, not fat. Her sturdy limbs had earned her a softball scholarship for her first two years of college before she had injured her shoulder in a motorcycle accident and had to stop playing. She was a staff sergeant in a local National Guard military police unit, and had served tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. As a fellow veteran of those wars, I was one of the few friends that she would discuss them with, but neither of us liked the topic and we usually tried to avoid it unless one or both of us was extremely drunk. Yes, we have both had to shoot and kill people. I'm not trying to be rude or unfriendly, but neither of us wish to discuss it with anyone.

Twice a week, when she could spare the time, Diana served as an assistant instructor at a local martial arts school that taught traditional aikido, a Japanese martial art that focuses on throwing and joint locks. Despite the fact that she talked less than most girls her age and she spoke with a maturity and an air of authority that marked her as a natural leader, she was friendly, well-liked, and had numerous tasteful but brilliantly executed tattoos that she had drawn herself. I had never gotten to see all of them, which I regarded as very unfortunate. Some of Diana's tattoos were, if I were to believe her playful hints, in some very interesting locations on her body. Like me, Diana didn't like crowds or enjoy socializing much, and I think that the paranormal research club gave her a good social outlet that didn't make her feel too uncomfortable or demand excessive interaction with people that she didn't know well. Even when we weren't ghost hunting, it wasn't unusual for Diana or I to be spending time together. We were always over at each others' house for one reason or another, and we meant the world to each other. But, despite the fact that some people thought we were dating, or thought that we should start dating, our close friendship combined with the fact that both she and I had a tendency towards romantic relationships that ended disastrously had long ago caused us to agree to never risk our friendship by becoming romantically entangled together.

I parked my car, shouldered my rucksack, and jogged across the gravel driveway towards the battered wooden door that served as the side entrance to Steve and Frank's house. On the way, I glanced through the back windows of the van, and noticed that it hadn't yet even been loaded with suitcases or gear. I knocked as I pressed through the battered white-painted wooden door with its loose old doorknob, and I strode into the familiar old farmhouse kitchen which served as our unofficial meeting room and headquarters. On the ancient, cracked, and stained black-and-white tiled floor stood a large old-fashioned kitchen table, made of well-worn oak and suitable for dinner with a huge 19th century farming family. Erin and Diana were sitting at the table quietly sipping coffee. While I was relieved that there would still be time for my morning caffeine kick, I immediately picked up on the aura of disappointment that emanated from the two young ladies.

"Sorry I'm late. Would you believe that neither of my two alarm clocks went off? So, where is everyone?" I asked Erin and Diana as I dropped my rucksack in a corner beside Erin's suitcase and Diana's duffel bag.

Erin stared at her cold coffee in glum silence, and made small clinking sounds as she absently stirred it with a spoon. I hadn't seen her look that sad since her dog had died the previous summer.

Diana smiled tightly as she looked up at me. "Thanks for coming, John, but we're everyone. Steve and Frank tried the new Mexican place over by the park last night, and now they're both sick with food poisoning. Mark woke up this morning with his basement flooded from a broken water pipe. I would have called you earlier, but he was pretty upset and I've been on the phone with him. Apparently a lot of his stuff has been ruined, including most of his books and art supplies, and most of his thesis project has been destroyed. I finally got off the phone with him and I was just about to call you to tell you not to bother coming when we looked out the window and saw your car approaching down the road. Sorry, but I don't think we'll be able to do it this year."

Erin sighed, but didn't respond. She was graduating in a few months, and moving away to take a job back in Vermont. This was likely to be the last chance she would have to coordinate an investigation at her parents' church. She had really been looking forward to this, and she really hated to disappoint her parents. More than once she had talked about how much our willingness to research the old church and document what we found there would mean to her father.

"Hey, how about this: we can put off leaving until tomorrow so we can spend today seeing if we can scrape together anyone to fill the empty slots, then head up there a day late?" I offered. "For now, how about breakfast at that little hole-in-the-wall mom-and-pop place that Erin likes over by Main street? I don't know about you two, but I skipped breakfast this morning."

Diana smiled at me. "That's a great thought, but I don't know if we'll have enough time for a good investigation if we loose a day. Mark has to stick around until his landlord can get a plumber out to his place, and even then he said that he has to re-do most of his thesis project on top of getting everything squared away with his renter's insurance. And based on the noises that I've heard come out of the bathroom this morning, I don't know if Steve and Frank are going to be up to a long car trip for a good long while. Most of the other regular members either have to work or are out of town for Spring Break. You know how much her Dad sounds like he cares about this; I would hate to disappoint him with half-assed work. If Erin's parents are going to pay for us to drive that gas-guzzling behemoth halfway across the country and then take care of us all while we're there, we owe them a good, professional-quality investigation. So, barring a miracle, the trip isn't happening." She looked at Erin. "So, how does some nice artery-clogging breakfast food sound? Come on, it will cheer you up."

Erin smiled at her friends and smiled thinly. "Sure! Let's go."

We took Diana's car over to the restaurant, and sat in our customary booth in the back. Feeling gallant, I offered to pay for the two ladies.

"Hey, John!" cried a familiar voice from across the room.

I looked over to a table by the window, and saw my sister, Kim, sitting with my cousins Heather and Sarah. They had just been served breakfast, and looked like they were all just sitting down to eat. Across the table from them was my mother, Alice. She had met my friends in the club before, and she smiled and waved at us.

While etiquette would normally require that we join them, since they were here first and already had their food, the booth where we were sitting was more than spacious enough to accommodate 7 people if my mother sat at a chair on the end of the table, and the table that my family sat at would barely accommodate the four trays that already crowded it.

"Hey, y'all! Why don't you come over and join us?" I offered. I felt a bit awkward facing my relatives after such a vivid, realistic dream about them the previous night, but I determined to simply get over it. It was just a dream, right?

"So why aren't you guys halfway to Vermont by now? I thought that you were pretty excited to be doing this." My mother asked the group as she approached us. Maybe it was my imagination, but were my mother and Kim avoiding eye contact with me? Heather looked happier and healthier than normal, and she smiled me with even more than her usual warmth. Sarah, the only one of the four that I hadn't seen in my dream, leered at me like a tiger eying a steak. Kim seemed to be walking in a way that was almost imperceptibly unusual. I quickly put the thought of her loosing her virginity in last night's dream out of my mind.

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