tagNonConsent/ReluctancePardoner's Slave Ch. 02

Pardoner's Slave Ch. 02


As the morning approaches, the old man feels his limp cock encased in the warm wet mouth of the girl. The old man is on his back, as the cum-faced slave continues to suckle on his cock. He moves his hips pushing more of the hardening organ in her mouth, resting his hand on her head as he's watching the girl's lips wrap around his shaft. She laps at the fat head of his cock with her tongue, paying close attention to the slit that's seeping his salty pre-cum.

"That's it girl, keep sucking, and you'll be rewarded with your Master's cum later," as he pushes her head lower on his cock.

Her mouth feels so sore from the earlier face-fuck however she recalls the old man's threats about being whipped so she submits to his vulgar command. She feels her stomach turn with disgust as she thinks about being forced to gulp down another few loads of his sticky hot cum.

The old man notices her apprehension and as if he reads her mind he begins to pump her mouth on his hardening cock again, "Every morning, my cock will be serviced with one of your hole's slut, so become accustomed to it," as he pokes the tip of his cock into her throat eliciting a gag from the slave.

Her throat tightens as his cock breaches the entrance of her throat. She feels like she's going to vomit except she realizes the only substance in her stomach is a load of his cum from earlier. He watches her breasts bounce and sway as she's gets on her knees, perky ass in the air, head lowered to his crotch, mouth obediently sucking on his cock. She notices the slight spread of his legs, giving her access to his shaved ball sack. She grudgingly lets her hand slip between his legs to massage his smooth balls, knowing its contents will soon be emptied in one of her orifices.

He moans loudly as her soft palm handles his balls, "You're a quick learner Slut."

He lifts his upper body off the bed, forcing her head down on his cock as leverage as he reaches for another pillow. She chokes, her throat rippling down the shaft of his cock with each gag. He makes her take the full length of his cock in her throat. Gurgling sounds are heard as her lips meet the base of his punishing cock. Her large tits press against his thigh. The old man places the pillow against his back as he props himself up to get a better visual of the girl sucking. A strong hand grabs her hair in a ponytail as he bobs her head off and on his meat stick. The girl's eyes start to tear from the face fucking. Drool begins to seep from the corners of her mouth as she polishes his cock, making it glisten with her spit. Her hand continues to massage his balls, hoping to empty the cum from his balls quickly.

The old man concentrates on the erotic sway of her tits as they bounce with each throat fuck. The girl's moans and gags just cause vibrations on his shaft, further pleasing him. He finally releases her head, an audible pop as his cock leaves the depths of her throat. The thick head sits in her mouth, forcing her tongue down as he shoves the head against her inner cheek, "You look like you have a mouthful, girl," laughing.

His hand reaches out to hold one of her full breasts, squeezing it roughly, rolling his hand over her pink nipple and half-dollar sized areola. The cock in her mouth muffles her yelp. The girl continues to submissively lick and suck on his cock, her mouth a mix of her spit and his pre-cum juices.

The man grabs a fistful of her blonde mane and pulls her off his cock.

"On your back Slut, and spread your legs," as he releases her hair, shoving her back.

The girl nervously gets on her back, wishing she had tried to please him further with her mouth, making him cum so he wouldn't take her virginity. Her petite frame is in his view, full luscious tits, small waist, perky ass, and toned legs spread for his pleasure. His palm slips between her thighs, feeling her wetness and laughing at the effect his cock in her mouth had on her pussy.

"Keep your hands above you Slut, unless you're instructed otherwise," the girl lays her arms above her head.

The position makes her tits push out as if offering them to the old man. His hands spread her thighs further apart, her bare little pussy lips still not spreading, knowing most virgin cunts don't. He then applies more pressure until her mound begins to flower open, her cunt lips slowly spread to reveal their pink insides. His hands are pinned on her thighs, pressing them into the mattress, giving her pussy a nice spread.

The girl is horrified as the man begins to manipulate the spread of her legs, knowing he's going to have a complete view of her pussy.

His eyes glance over her hairless cunt lips, making his old cock throb as he envisions ramming his cock deep in her pussy and bathing her insides with his potent cum. He sees her face turn red as he's visually inspecting her cunt.

His hand seeks the wetness of her pussy, careful not to touch her clit. His finger checks her virginity, seeking out her hymen. He finds her virginal opening and the thin membrane preventing his entry. The girl is lying still as if frozen as her pussy is being handled, breathing deeply, heart beating fast as she thinks about what it would be like to take his huge cock in her tight little hole. The man as if satisfied with his inspection, scoops her wetness from her slick pussy and then presses the finger against the girl's lips. He paints her cum juice on her lips and then begins to finger fuck her mouth, making her taste her wetness.

The girl knowing what he wants, spreads her lips and licks the finger as he moves it in her mouth as he does his cock. Her tongue cleans the finger from her pussy juice, humiliated.

The man pulls his clean finger from her lips and then straddles the girl's taunt stomach. His hard cock bounces on her chest, as it slaps against her tits. His old cum-filled balls drag on her skin, his hairy thighs on each side of her, his weight keeps her in place. His hands reach out to grab her tits. One full breast in each of his hands, rolling the melon sized globes under his palm. His fingers flick her nipples which cause her to wince.

"Keep your pussy spread, Slut, or I'll rip off a nipple," as he pulls and tugs on her sensitive nips, she cries out in pain as he cruelly handles her tits.

He presses her tits together tightly then shoves them apart wide, looking at the valley between her breasts. He then presses down on his cock, placing it between the slave's cleavage then pushes her tits close together again, encasing his cock with her flesh. The tip of his cock peeks through the top of her breasts, inches from her mouth.

"Look at my cock slut, don't remove your eyes from my cock or I'll whip your pussy."

She looks down to see her perky tits molded around his thick cock, his cock already throbbing, a few drops of pre-cum leaking from the tip onto her skin. The old man leans over to reach a bottle that was sitting on the desk near the bed. He pulls the bulbous stopper from the bottle, the stopper is made from a heavy glass and the portion that remains in the bottle had an almost phallic appearance. The stopper was fat but stubby resembling a plug. The old man dips the stopper into the liquid of the bottle and then holds the stopper above her tits allowing the coating to drizzle off the stopper and land on her tits.

The girl tries to remain calm as he coats her breasts with warm oil. The man repeats the process several times. He pays special attention of wetting the valley that nestles his cock. He thrust his cock in her tit crevice as if testing the lubrication, pumping his cock a few times, readying for a tit fuck. The man seems satisfied with the level of slickness replaces the bottle back on the desk. His hands begin to massage her tits. He squeezes each globe tightly, rough handling her tits, leaving handprints on her flesh. His fingers pull and tug on her nipples, as he ponders about starting a routine that can induce her to lactate.

He rolls her tits in his hands, massaging the oil into her skin. The oil adds slickness to her tits and an erotic wet appearance. His cock throbs as he mauls, pulls, and twists her breasts. A small puddle of pre-cum forms on her chest from the leaking cock nestled between her tits.

The girl yelps and winces under the cruel treatment he's inflicting on her body. She squirms under the man.

He gets a solid hold on each tit and presses them firmly against his cock. Once his fat cock is surrounded by her tit flesh he begins to pump his cock between her fluffy tit pillows. His heavy cum-laden balls drag on her skin. He looks at the horror on her face as he begins to fuck her tits. Her perky tits are red with handprints as he brutally forces them together, as he fucks his cock in her tit tunnel. The girl is splayed out beneath him, her pussy spread wide, her arms above her head, her face once merely inches from his cock are now being kissed by his cock with each forward thrust his cock gives her. He forcefully bounces his fat cock head off her lips, pondering how long it will take for her to realize he expects to be able to fuck the tip of his cock in her mouth.

Her lips bruised from the face fuck, slowly open, unable to tolerate the pain of his hard cock harshly bumping against them. He sees her lips part, giving him access to her mouth. His cock fills her mouth as he thrusts the tip inside. The cock head is covered in the slime of his pre-cum as the tip is smeared in the puddle of cum on her chest. The cock slips from the grasp of her lips as he pulls back, the old man watching the fat tip slowly leave her mouth. He keeps a firm grip on her tits as he thrusts forward.

The girl's relief ends as she sees him readying to drive his cock through her tits and into her mouth. Her eyes watch the slit of his cock as it plows through her slick tits, she opens her mouth, the head slides in again, her lips close on the head, suckling on the cock tip, her tongue laps feverishly at the tip, preferring the old man to cum sooner than later.

"Good girl, Slut, continue pleasing my cock like this you can guarantee you'll be swallowing my load soon," as he pulls back and thrusts back into her tits and in her mouth.

The heavy weight of the man is making it hard for her to breathe as he's pumping her tits. She can feel his balls swell with cum as they're pressed against her skin, now lubed with oil. The taste of his cock is in her mouth as her eyes watch his cock fucking her sore breasts. The skin on her tits is red and raw from the man's tight grip and hard fucking.

"Alright, Slut, take your tit fucking," he's fucking her tits as he would her cunt.

The slippery cleavage hugs his cock, feeling like a tight pussy while he enjoys the variation of the tit fuck and oral sex. His hands are still planted firmly on each tit, forcing the flesh to mold to his cock. The old man grows excited with each thrust making the slave frightened as she continues to suck on the tip when it enters her mouth. The old man is bouncing with each thrust into her tits, the warm oil coats his cock.

The slave focuses on sucking the head of his cock as she notices an increase of pre-cum pooling into her mouth. He shoves into her tits and releases his hold as he looks down. Her tits hug his cock as if lovingly. The hard flesh nestled between her breasts, her wet pussy spread for her owner, her hands obediently over her head, her eyes looking to him as her mouth is filled with the head of his cock, her tongue softly lapping and licking.

The railing, part of the head board, already has ties in place. He brings her hands together and ties them at the wrist tightly, moving quickly, his cock in her mouth the entire time while subduing the slave. His cock severely aches to empty a load of cum into her mouth.

The old man stares and starts to stand on his knees, ensuring his cock doesn't leave her warm mouth. He aligns his cock to fuck into her wet hole. He moans as he begins fully raping her mouth again, her tits bounce with the thrust as he gives her a mouthful of his cock.

"Keep sucking, Slut, your mouth gives me great pleasure," as he bumps the organ forcefully against her throat.

Her eyes plead with the man not to fuck her mouth this way, but he shows no sign of letting up. In fact, the old man only positions himself in a way that allows him greater access to her throat. He leans up a bit above her face. The girl attempts to breathe as the weight is lifted off her chest. The old man takes advantage of the opportunity and plugs her throat with this cock. The girl's body shakes as she tries to evade the man's cock from fucking her throat. The man ensures she's not going anywhere as pushes more cock in her mouth, his hand on her forehead, her tits bouncing against his ass and balls.

"That' it, Slut, accept your Master's cock, relax and let it happen. I own your throat and will get my pleasure from it. There's no other option for you than taking more of my cock," as his cock head follows her movements.

Tears begin to form in her eyes as he begins to test her gag reflex, giving her throat some short rapid strokes. He starts giving her throat a good cocking, shoving deeper in her tight constricting passage. Her body is thrashing on the bed as she's being throat fucked.

"You have a bit to go before I'm fucking you fully Slut, keep sucking," as he's cramming her mouth full of his cock.

The girl tries to breathe through her nose, feeling dizzy from the lack of oxygen.

"I want to feel my balls bouncing on your chin Slut, obey me," as he notices her distress, her helplessness only making his heavy balls tingle.

The old man braces both his hands on the rail of the bed, above the slave's head, readying himself to give her another good mouth fucking. He starts to moan as he eases his cock into her mouth and then deep into her throat. He concentrates on her throat muscles as they quiver up and down the shaft of his cock. The idea of his pre-cum leaking into her throat excites him as he looks down to see the slave red-faced with a mouth full of cock.

"I won't stop till my balls sit on your chin, Slut, you must obey," as he settles lower on her tits, feeding her more cock.

"Just a bit more, Slut, then I can fuck your throat fully," he lets out a moan as he continues applying pressure to fill her mouth.

"Come on Slut, take it," bouncing his body slightly, trying to shove more cock in her mouth, the position making the entry into her throat more difficult.

The girl's face is in terror as she's hardly getting enough air to breathe. The old man's organ fills her throat cavity to near capacity. The old man places his hand on her throat, feeling his cock beneath, as if not satisfied, he pushes deeper.

The girl's body continues to tremble as his cock forces itself deeper in her throat. His balls finally reach their target. The heavy balls sit on her chin, her throat and mouth taking the full length of his cock. The old man watches as he humps her mouth, giving her mouth a deep thrust, and rocking his hips, embedding his cock deeply in her throat. Her soft lips wrapped around the base of his hard cock.

"Such an expert cock sucker, taking all of my cock in your mouth but I'm not done yet, Slut. You still need to drain my balls. Your gags will massage my cock and make me cum faster. When I'm ready to cum I expect you to keep your mouth open to accept the gift I'm giving you," as he pulls his cock out a couple inches then pumps deep, enjoying the humiliation she's feeling as he bounces his old balls on her face.

Gurgling sounds are heard from the slave as he forcefully claims her throat as his. Her perky tits act as a cushion for his ass as he lowers his hips so he can thrust into her throat until her lips kiss the base of his cock again and again. The eyes of the girl are open-wide, drool and pre-cum leak from the corners of her mouth. His heavy balls smack against her chin as he thrusts deeply into her throat.

The old man feels his balls tighten, knowing he's going to be cumming soon. He drives his cock in and out of her mouth, bouncing against her lips a few more times before planting his cock firmly in her mouth. He looks down at her tear stained face as he slowly pulls his cock from her throat, keeping the head deep in her mouth. A smile crosses his stern face as he watches her begin to suck on his cock, teasing the tip with her tongue. His hand wraps around his shaft as he begins to pump his cock. He lets her bathe and lap the tip until his cock becomes ready to burst into her mouth with his crème.

He pulls his throbbing cock from her lips and obediently the slave opens her mouth to receive his cum. The pink tongue of the girl appears to be awaiting its prize. He pumps his cock as he's cumming, aiming directly into her mouth, the first stream hitting the back of her throat. She fights to conceal the disgust she has for the sticky warm fluid being pumped into her, her lips close to swallow the initial blast of cum. He continues to pump his cock over her face as he did the night before, coating her lips before leaning back to cum on her full tits. He pumps his cock attempting to drain every drop of cum in his balls on her breasts. The thick stream of cum hits her nipples, he coats them in his creamy white fluid, marking her flesh as his.

He shakes the last drop of cum off his cock, as it lands on her tit. He looks to her face, her mouth open, revealing that she swallowed his sticky load. The lips of the girl wet with his cum. The perky full breasts before him are covered in streams of his cum. He places his hands on her tits, one large palm on each full tit and begins to rub in his juices into her skin. He takes his time, letting his hand spread his cum over her flesh. Massaging her tits with the mixture of oil and cum. The girl lays motionless beneath the old man accepting the ravishment of her body. She feels ashamed as she notices her spread pussy becoming excited as he fondles her tits.

The old man leans forward again as he finishes fondling her tits and presses his softening cock against the bounded slave's mouth. She remembers his command from the other night and opens her mouth so she can lick off any remaining cum from his cock. Her tongue softly laps and licks the shaft, her mouth accepts his softening cock when he plunges it into her mouth. His hand, wrings his cock out from every last drop of cum, his thumb and index finger wrap tightly on the base of his shaft and slide forward until his hand is against her lips, the tip in her mouth. She softly laps the tip of his cock while she tastes the few droplets of crème that hit her tongue.

He looks down at the obedient young girl, quite pleased with her performance this morning. He presses his cock further into her mouth. The girl looks confused, she hopes he doesn't take her mouth again. Her jaws seriously sore from remaining open for such a long period of time.

"There, there, slut, such an obedient girl. Just remember to swallow and breath through your nose," as he plugs her throat with his softening cock.

The clueless girl, attempts to pull down her wrists from the bondage but she's securely bound. She can feel his balls sitting on her tits. His cock sits in the entrance of her throat, straining. The girl notices the man looking down and then begins to feel hot liquid burning her throat, a fierce stream of piss shooting down her throat and into her stomach. The old man sighs with relief as he empties his bladder into his personal urinal. The girl tries to move her head from his cock but he keeps her firmly in place so he can continue pissing down her throat. She can feel her stomach twisting and turning from the vile fluid. She's thankful she at least doesn't have to taste his piss but the old man's strong stream of piss starts to stall and begins to trickle from his cock. He pulls the tip out to allow it to sit in her mouth, on her tongue, to give her the opportunity to remember the taste of his piss.

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