tagInterracial LoveParent Teacher Conference

Parent Teacher Conference


Black Teacher Becomes Anal Student

Staring down at her brown muscular shoulders as his white cock was pumping in and out of her plump dark brown ass, he smiled. I'm fucking a black woman in the ass and I love it! That thought enhanced his cock action.

Her red nails were splayed out to support her on her teachers desk. Her shiny pearl and gold bracelets were on top of the back of her chocolate colored hands. Sweat from her forehead dripped onto the teachers guide on her desk.

His right hand reached out and grabbed a handful of her beautiful black hair and pulled hard and held firm. Her sweaty head jerked up, eyes clenched tight. He was using her hair to control how fast and hard her ass pounded on his cock.

Her moans were in time with her swinging big brown butt.

Her big full tits were pointing down to her teachers desk and swinging wildly to the motions. As were her pearl necklace strands.

Black skirt hiked up over her shapely hips revealed sexy tigress-like stretch marks. On her dark skin the stretch marks were light brown and slightly textured. His fingers had sunk into her soft fleshy hip to help control her ass motion.

Geeez, ass fucking her feels great at this speed, he thought.

Deeper...harder...faster....don't get all timid on me now, she said. His balls started slapping into her moist just fucked pussy, making a small wet sound.

Splatt! SPLATT!, he spanked her voluptuous brown ass as his whiteness slid in and out of her darkest hole at a rapid pace.

Fuck me, fuck my ass harder! she hoarsely whispered.

His mind went into bliss mode as he obeyed her command. Take my whole white cock, black bitch! he softly replied as he pounded hard as he could into her bouncey brown butt.

Unhmmfff!, unhmmfff!, unhmmfff!, she retorted with the new enhanced rhythm. One of his hands reached her clit and started furiously flicking it. Within a few seconds she had cum again.

As she panted Phil rotated her on his cock and she helped roll over. Now she was looking at him, missionary position at the edge of her desk. Hard cock still in her ass. Her hands were now holding her legs by the knees up near her shoulders.

I wanna see you frig yourself off while I fuck you in the ass, he said. She nodded.

She used her left hand in a fast circular motion. The gold bracelet made a rhythmical metallic sound. Her left leg wrapped around his butt to draw him into her ass better. She knew how to work her clit into another orgasm quickly.

Feeling her ass rim tighten around his cock, he pumped as hard as he could fuck, and jacked deep in her ass. Just as she finished bucking.

Janet and Phil were looking into each others eyes without any thoughts.

Nirvana now filled his whole being. And her ass.


Divorced, 50 YO slim white Phil had met single voluptuous black Janet "Ms. Anderson", 46 YO, in that years first quarter parent teacher conference in her classroom, and learned a lot about his 13 YO son from Ms. Anderson.

He also learned he loved hearing her talk, watching her move her just-right thick, sexy body. Too bad she couldn't see him starting to pitch a tent. She kept gazing steadily, not looking, into his eyes as she talked.

She noticed she was involuntarily moistening the chair she was sitting on. Hope I don't slip off, she thought. Nothing happened that night between them. Or did it?

Months later, the second quarter conference started late and was the last one of the night for her. Phil walked in and they shook hands. They were close enough to kiss. But instead deeply inhaled each others unadorned body scents. Hers was a heavier human musk scent. His pheromones were mixed in a lighter scent that she inhaled.

Looking in each others eyes, they lingered a good while before he sat.

As he sat in a students desk, she began talking by leaning her ample rear end against her desk right in front of him. Her black skirt was barely containing her ample ass. Her feet were crossed and adorned with black high heel pumps and a gold bracelet on her left ankle.

When she began talking of his son's current strengths and weaknesses, he started pitching a tent again. But this time she noticed and s-s-stuttered. Phil smiled.

Janet gazed into his eyes as he stood up, nose to nose with her and she unconsciously took his hand in hers and squeezed. He kissed her cheek and she got a big assed grin on.

He lightly kissed her thick luscious lips. She kissed back him harder. He reached into her mouth with his tongue, licking hers slowly all over. She tasted better than any woman ever should.

Grabbing her full ass with both his hands, she responded by gently rubbing the front of her skirt onto his hardened cock. A moment later his hand was under her skirt and beneath her purple silk panties, deeply squeezing her soft rounded ass. She had one hand rubbing his back and the other grabbing his left butt cheek.

Phil left one hand on her round ass and the other hand started massaging her big firm tits and she began to make soft noises.

She was wearing a golden top made of a stretchy material. He pulled it down over her shoulders, over her black lacy DD bra. She slipped her arms out of the golden sleeves. The golden top covered her rounded belly and lower back.

Unclipping her bra, he stared at her huge dark brown nipples and let out a breath as he raised one boob up. It weighed a lot more than a couple of pounds. He bent and started licking it. Salty. She pushed his head in and whispered, harder! Softly biting her nipple made her move even more expressive, so he bit harder and harder until it seemed she would almost cum.

Putting both nipples into his mouth at once and using his teeth and tongue, her body pulsed hard and she let out a low growl.

Moving one hand down under her skirt he reached her pussy's swollen lips and put in one finger. She moaned louder, so he slid in another. Both were moving in rhythm together, a sensual dance.

Janet put a hand in his pants and fondled his cock. Then she slid down his sweat pants and boxer briefs and stared at his full 7 inch straight white and pink cock.

Kicking off her sexy panties, and lifting her black skirt, she started rubbing his cock on her very liquid pussy. He sniffed his fingers that had been in her and got intoxicated.

Then he took a finger that had been in her pussy and slid it down her deep ass crack and put it on her asshole with gentle throbbing motion.

She relaxed her rim and clenched her ample butt cheeks at the same time. And slid his cock into her pussy a little bit, she let out a deep moan.

Phil pushed his finger into her welcoming ass and she opened her almond eyes wide and looked into his blue eyes. As he began to wiggle his wet finger into her ass, her eyes rolled up into her head and she grabbed his butt and pulled. His cock went deeper and so did his finger.

Phil's cock in her pussy could feel his wiggling finger in Janet's ass. He pressed his finger deeper in her ass. He began to masterbate his cock through her pussy/ass wall with his finger in her ass. It felt wonderful.

After a few moments, she asked if he had a condom. He had one in his coat pocket, "just in case".

After he got the condom, she went down on him with her black hair bobbing up and down. She loved the taste of the little bit of cum on his tip and her own musky flavor.

He loved seeing her dark brown face opening a very pink mouth and tongue to get fucked by his cock.

Taking both balls in her mouth, she looked up at him with her beautiful black eyes as she sucked them. Her hand was stroking his cock quickly.

He dangled the opened condom teasingly above her. She grabbed it and sucked his dick some more with passion, then put it on his saliva drenched cock.

The color of your beautiful dick turns me on, she whispered in his ear.

Their tongues played with each other for a second before he forcefully spun her around and bent her over her desk. Her boobs were flat against the cool wood surface.

Lifting her black skirt over her full hips Phil stepped back and looked at her plump brown ass, very black asshole, brown hairless pussy with a pink slit down the middle and thick, muscular dark chocolate legs supported on black shiny pumps.

Smiling, Janet raised up using her arms and turned her head to see Phil admiring her backside and said, Do you like what you see?

And what I smell, grinned Phil. He kneeled down and put his mouth and tongue on her pussy and licked away like a hungry man. She almost fell off the desk.

After a couple of minutes, face all wet and her deep musky scent tattooed in his nostrils he lightly licked her rose bud. He stroked his cock a couple of times for fun and half inserted it into her pussy.

OOOhhhhfff, she moaned. In and out only halfway, then all of a sudden thrust all the way in...hard. UUUnnnn, he moaned. Her neck veins bulged.

Her legs then lifted off the floor, all her weight on her belly on the desk as he kept pumping in and out of her engorged cunt lips.

As she put her legs back on the floor, and keeping his cock in her, he stepped back and put her legs together. His legs were now outside of hers. He fucked even harder now with her legs together. The added tightness was appreciated by her, too.

Her round brown ass was quivering like jello with his white shaft quickly disappearing in and reappearing.

He parted her butt cheeks with his hands because loved seeing her glistening black puckered asshole as he drove into her cunt. Imagining his cock in her ass turned him on even more.

She started to cum in a loud deep growl and her hips pumped back hard in rhythm to him. She was fucking him, too!

3 intense minutes later, after she came, they paused and she caught her breath. You didn't cum yet, she said. His 7 inches was still buried in her pussy. She tightened around his member.

I want to cum deep in your big chocolate ass, he said.

I've only let men put their fingers in my ass, she said, your caucasian cock won't fit!

Ignoring what she said, he asked, Got any lube? Just hand lotion in my desk drawer, she replied.

He reluctantly pulled his cock out of her sopping cunt, went around the desk, and got the lotion. Coming back around he started kissing and licking her round dimpled ass. She smiled and closed her eyes.

Squirting some lotion on 2 fingers he began working them slowly and easily into her asshole. She moaned deeply. He put his cock back into her pussy and kept 2 fingers in her ass.

She let out a held breath slowly, Ohh, god I feel so filled up... deeper, she moaned, as he began a new rhythm.

Then ramming his cock and fingers deeper, she made noises that turned him on much, much more. His cock would have grown to 10 inches if it were possible.

Pulling out of her cunt, he squirted lotion on his hardened cock. Spreading the lotion on felt good and cooling. He put more lotion on his fingers, warmed it up and smeared the lotion around her asshole.

She Mmmmmed some more.

Gently he pressed his hard pink cock tip up against her very black asshole rim. The contrast almost made him explode.

I'll stop if it hurts, he said. OhhKaaymmm, she said. Slowly his cock penetrated her virgin ass.

Wait a minute!....UuuhhhhYeaahhhh, she moaned. His cock was only a third of the way up her ass.

Finally, his cock was all the way in her big fucking black ass. Her big sweaty butt cheeks were squashed tight up against his pale body.

Gawd, fucking big brown butts are sexier than big white butts, he thought. Because, well, they're brown!

Fuck my black ass!, she cooed coyly.

Instead he stopped for a second, and savored the pungent sex smell. He also wanted to let her know who's in charge of her ass.

Then he began pumping his cock slowly in and out of her slippery ass. Increasing the tempo until wet, squishy sounds resulted with every burying of his cock.

Watching her plush ass jiggle, smelling the sex, and hearing her passionate sounds, his control was quickly being overloaded.

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