tagNovels and NovellasParkers Progress Ch. 05

Parkers Progress Ch. 05


Caution. Contains depictions of drug taking. Parker and Stacey are nineteen years old.


Parker knew by heart, where the imaginary line was in the yard. Everything to the right of the line was visible to her pervy neighbour. Saturday was rehearsal day, both technical and dress. Stacey was a bit of an amateur film maker and had written a script for the next day, with a plan for each scene. Parker giggled as Stacey ordered her about. She also became very wet. Stacey had Parker move sun loungers to precise positions. She kept herself just out of camera shot, as she directed. They then took turns playing Lance and Marcia. Parker threw her hands to her face when Stacey dropped her sarong to reveal a huge black merkin. Parker lay down on lounger number 2 and Stacey straddled her and lowered the faux bush onto Parker's face. Stacey threw her head back in mock ecstasy and squinted up at Mr Frazer's attic window. Next it was Parker's turn. Stacey climbed onto lounger number 4 and adopted a modified doggy, with her ass as high as she could get it. She looked back over her shoulder and gasped in horror as Parker advanced slowly, the eight inch pink strap on waving back and forth. Parker pressed its tip against Stacey's tiny starfish, which slowly relaxed.

Stacey screamed in protest. "Please Mr Parker, you're just too big for me. I'm not old enough yet to lose that virginity."

Parker had a massive fit of giggles. Stacey got up and grabbed the dong. She led Parker over to chair number 2 and made her sit down. Chair number 2 was on the "blind side" of the yard. Tears were streaming down Parker's face. Stacey fixed her with her eyes and lowered her tight little pussy onto the plastic phallus, gasping as it filled her. The last two inches hurt but she took the whole thing, then raised herself up and did it again, quicker. Parker was paying attention by then and looked down at her pocket sized lover's delightful pussy. Stacey's tiny clit had been pushed forward and the dong was slick with pussy cream. The base of the instrument ground into Parker's erect clit. Stacey leaned forward and dispensed one of her never ending kisses, as the lovers came together. Stacey stood up with a loud pop. She indicated to Parker to stay where she was. Stacey returned with a little tray. From a bowl she produce a tiny spoon and put a little mound of white powder onto the marble table top. Table number 1 was sheltered from any breeze. Parker took the proffered razor blade and expertly made two professional lines. Stacey handed her a rolled $20 bill. Parker snorted half a line then jumped up, her eyes streaming. The plastic penis got caught under the table edge, then sprang up striking Parker's belly with an almighty crack. Parker fell to her knees gasping and sneezing. It was too much for Stacey's bladder and her urine splashed on the concrete as she sobbed with laughter.

"Parker...I'm... so... sorry," Stacey spluttered.

"You filthy incontinent slut," growled Parker, mock seriously. She grabbed Stacey by the ear and made her bend over the table and spanked her bare bottom.

"Ow, that hurts," Stacey whined. "Stop, before I come again."

Parker leaned over and kissed both of Stacey's butt cheeks. Each had a delightful pink glow. Her tongue, of its own volition moved downwards and inwards and was soon lapping at Stacey's slick snatch.

"You bitch," gasped Stacey, "I'm coming again." Her knuckles turned white as she gripped the table edge.

Her climax passed slowly and she stood up and kissed Parker tenderly. Parker took Stacey by the hand and led her into the house. They enjoyed a sensual shower, indoors and out of sight.

Wrapped in towels, the two girls sat in front of the family PC. It had a 27 inch monitor, which was ideal for Stacey's editing programme. First she brought up the recordings from the six tiny hidden cameras. They were set on a mix of wide angle and close up. The image quality was excellent. Parker felt herself blush as she watched herself snorting her first and last line of icing sugar. The sound quality was initially disappointing until Stacey executed a blur of mouse clicks and all became crystal clear. There was a microphone under each sun lounger and Parker went even redder as she heard Stacey talking dirty, in her best little girl voice.

Parker put her nose to Stacey's wet hair and sniffed. She stroked her little friend's neck.

"Stacey, you're a genius. No, you can't post it on YouTube. My slutty days are behind me. Well almost."

The girls went bowling that evening, then spent the rest of the evening and half the night talking and making love. By the morning a huge double headed dildo could fit up Parker's ass and Stacey's pussy.

They got up late on Sunday and Stacey checked all her audio-visual equipment. She gave Parker two enemas, after which her curvaceous friend's rectum was well and truly empty.

At one O'clock, the deep thud of a big block V8 announced the arrival of the Collins'. Marcia was again wearing Daisy Dukes, but teamed with a red bikini top and red stilettos. Bright red lipstick completed the slutty ensemble.

Lance was dressed in flowery baggy shorts and T-shirt; attire more suited to a man half his age.

The girls were dressed identically and demurely in baggy white T-shirts and knee length blue cotton shorts. Parker had knotted her T to show off her deeply tanned midriff and as usual her nipples were corks. Stacey had woven Parker's hair into a French plait and put her own into simple pigtails. Neither girl was wearing much make up apart from lip gloss. They both had skin that allowed them to get away with it. Even Parker looked barely legal.

Parker took Stacey by the hand and introduced her.

Stacey curtsied and giggled. She smiled flashing her excellent set of fake Ugly Betty braces. Although Marcia had grown up in Sta Caridad, she had never met Stacey.

"Howdy, y'all. I'm Stacey, from Possum Squat, Missouri. I just love California. You're all so sophisticated."

Parker waited for Lance and Marcia to burst out laughing but they just smiled at Stacey, like the predators that they were.

Parker led her guests over to one of the tables. She had Stacey perch on Lance's knee, whilst she went and got two vacuum packed packages and two bottles of beer.

"My Daddy told me to treat you nice and he had a bag of treats made up, plus one to take home. Shall I?

The man and woman nodded. Parker sliced open one of the bags, which contained a smaller bag of white powder, a bowl and spoon, a box of Viagra and two neatly rolled joints. Marcia opened one Viagra packet, took two tablets and handed the other two to Lance. Marcia produced her own razor blade and $20 bill. She laid out two lines of cocaine for herself and two for Lance. She looked at Parker, who shook her head and at Stacey who giggled.

"No you may not have any," snapped Parker, "You're far too young. In fact you can go and put the steaks on. Go on, shoo!"

"God Parker, you are so uptight," laughed Marcia after she had vacuumed up her two lines. "I think I should put you over my knee."

Parker stood up and unknotted her T-shirt. Then she dropped her shorts. She draped herself over Marcia's tanned thighs.

"Hand only," she cautioned the woman.

"Sure, honey," Marcia purred, as she lifted Parker's T-shirt, "Bare hand to bare booty it is."

Marcia managed six stinging slaps to Parkers smooth brown globes, before her hand started to throb, then popped her thumb into Parker's pussy. The girl squealed and jumped up. The T-shirt just about covered her embarrassment.

Parker wiggled over to help Stacey and both girls returned with two plates each. Stacey had also dropped her shorts, but her T-shirt made an adequate mini-dress. Parker sat on Lance's lap and Stacey on Marcia's. None of the women were hungry but Lance clearly liked his red meat.

Marcia put the tip of her index finger under Stacey's chin.

"Do you like boys Stacey?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Have you ever kissed one?"

"No ma'am."

"So, you're a virgin."

Stacey blushed.

"Yes ma'am."

"Do you like girls?"

"I suppose."

Marcia put her hand round Stacey's back and kissed her roughly. Her spare hand ran up the inside of Stacey's thigh and rubbed her damp slit. Stacey contracted her pelvic floor muscles, so Marcia could barely slide one finger into the girl's vagina. Stacey yelped and jumped up, both hands pressed into her groin.

"Please ma'am, I'm not lez!"

Marcia looked cross. Parker hopped off of Lance's lap and put an arm around Stacey's shoulder.

"It's OK cuz. Of course you're not a lesbian. I'm straight, but I still have sex with girls. It's not better than doing it with a boy, just different. And all men love threesomes. Let me show you what to do."

Parker peeled off her T-shirt, leaned forward and kissed Marcia full on the lips. Marcia's tongue forced its way into Parker's mouth like a battering ram. Fortunately Parker could partially suppress her gag reflex. Parker undid Marcia's top and squeezed a breast. Parker broke the kiss and stood up.

"Now try again, Stacey. Take your T-shirt off, darling. Now Marcia, easy on the tongue action. Actually on second thoughts Stacey, I'll teach you to kiss, myself. We'll move on. Lance is looking pretty aroused and won't wait forever. Just copy me. What do you think Marcia?"

"Oh, her little body is exquisite."

Parker "showed" Stacey how to worship Marcia's tits and then had her lick down Marcia's tummy to just above her shorts. Parker undid them herself and pulled them off. Stacey gasped convincingly. Parker was surprised by Marcia's Brazilian. Her fetid thicket had been replaced by a neat black landing strip. Marcia's big cunt lips were puffy and engorged. Little droplets of milky secretions were dripping onto the chair. As Marcia spread her legs, her rock hard clit poked out like a little dick.

Parker next showed Stacey the correct way to go down on a woman. Marcia groaned and grabbed Stacey's pigtails. Parker praised her "young cousin's" efforts.

"That's it Stacey, get your lips around her clit. Yes that's the clit. We've all got one, honey. Mind you....."

Parker leaned over and parted Stacey's nether lips.

"Yours is absolutely tiny. Now suck gently on Marcia's and flick the end with your tongue. Well done. Now normally in a threesome the man would come and take you from behind, but your pussy is just too tight at the moment. We'll sort that out for you presently. Marcia looks ready to come. Put two fingers in her pussy. That's it, in and out."

Marcia roared as her climax hit. Parker grabbed Stacey and kissed her again. She did not want Marcia's clumsy tongue dislodging Stacey's fake braces.

Lance toked another line, then stood up. He had already removed his shirt and there was a huge bulge in the front of his shorts. He had considerately positioned himself between two of the hidden cameras. Parker took Stacey over to him and showed her how to run her hands over the man's muscular chest.

"Oh my sir, you're huge and I've never seen so many tattoos," Stacey drawled in her weird accent. "Oh my God!"

Stacey's hands flew to her mouth as Parker pulled down Lance's shorts, releasing his massive member. Parker knelt down and put her nose against the purple cock head. Stacey copied.

"You're right Stacey, it's enormous. I can barely believe it and I've seen it before. I've never seen a tattooed dick either. Most boys your age are a quarter the size. Follow me again. We start at the base and slowly lick up until we get to the head, where we lick along the ridge and then the pee hole. Salty isn't it? It's called precum. Finally we open our mouth, relax and let it slide in....."

Parker took six inches and was glad she had not eaten much, as she felt herself retch. She relaxed and took two inches more, then drew up taking a quick breath and slid down again.

She withdrew her mouth with a pop and had Stacey try. Stacey was shaking with convincing trepidation. She just about got Lance's glans penis in her mouth before she started coughing and spluttering. She apologized to the man for her inexperience.

"Don't worry, precious," laughed Marcia, "When you've had as much practice as Parker, you'll still find Lance pretty big.

Parker had Stacey perch on the edge of the table and spread her legs. She set about licking up and down Stacey's little slit and slowly inserted one and then two fingers. Neither Lance nor Marcia noticed the little capsule that she held between the finger tips.

"Oh Parker, that feels so good," Stacey gasped, "But we shouldn't. We're related."

"Shit, girl," laughed Lance, "It ain't like she's gonna get you pregnant and cousins don't really count."

Parker opened a condom packet then popped the prophylactic into her mouth. She wrapped her glossy lips around his tool again and bobbed five times. Lance's cock emerged from Parker's mouth neatly draped in latex.

"Right Stacey, enough cock teasing. Lance has come here to pop your cherry and his good wife wants to watch him do it. Hold the bottom of his shaft with your hand. Christ, you can't get your fingers all he way round. Now squat slowly and press the head against your pussy lips. That's it. Deep breaths. Bend your knees more. Good girl. I know it hurts, but you're becoming a woman."

Inch by inch Stacey lowered her petite body onto the straining rod. Lance's face was contorted in a grimace of triumph. Marcia was both thrilled and jealous. The tiny freckled girl was clearly in a lot of pain and Marcia was reminded of how hurting Parker had made her come so hard. She pushed Parker out of the way and got as close as she could to her husband's groin. Marcia slapped one of her own buttocks and Parker understood that she was required to do some servicing. She applied her lips and tongue dutifully to Marcia's cunt, hardly an onerous task compared to what Stacey was doing. In fairness to Marcia, her genital hygiene had improved and Parker sucked her rock hard clit and fingered her with three fingers.

Lance's lack of concern at Stacey crying was captured for posterity, as was Stacey begging him to stop, before her virginal pussy split. Marcia stood up, moved behind Stacey and restrained her with one arm, whilst putting her hand over Stacey's mouth. Lance announced his impending orgasm, and then sighed.

Stacey was allowed to dismount and fell to her knees clutching her belly, her breath coming in short sobs. Parker helped her "cousin" to her feet and gasped at the fake blood running down Stacey's legs. The older man and woman laughed and did another line each. Parker led Stacey over to the outside shower and washed her down. She had Stacey touch her toes, whilst Parker did an inspection.

"It's OK honey, he's just popped your cherry. Your vagina looks fine, if a bit stretched. It will ache for a couple of days and you're going to be walking a bit bow legged. You go and lie on one of the sun loungers and get your breath back."

Parker was hoping that the swingers would be happy with a quick fuck and then go home. Mr Collins's lance was still pointing skyward. He did not want to admit it, but it was starting to hurt and he needed to do a piss. Marcia's clit was also aching a bit and had developed as permanent an erection as her husband's organ. Taking four times the normal dose of Viagra had a predictable effect on their genital erectile tissue. Neither of them was used to such high purity cocaine. This had the effect of constricting their blood vessels even further and seriously clouding their judgement.

Marcia might have read Stacey's plot, as she laid herself on her back and had Parker sit on her face. Marcia licked too hard and again bit Parker's clit. Parker winced and faked a convincing orgasm. Certainly good enough to fool Marcia, who masturbated herself to another climax. Still her clit would not go down and she had Parker reverse positions and lowered her swollen sodden pussy onto the girl's talented tongue. She gasped as Parker slipped a slim finger up her ass, which she used to rub Marcia's G-spot. As another orgasm crashed through Marcia's pelvis, she looked up and hoped that Parker's neighbour never went up to his attic.

"You teenagers have such tight little bods and such tasty pussies. Parker you smell gorgeous. Just sniffing your box makes me wet. My clit normally goes soft after I've come, but it's still hard as rock and exquisitely tender. Mind you I've never had such hot sex."

Stacey appeared re energised and took Marcia by the hand. She sat the woman down on one of the chairs, out of view of all the cameras. Marcia spread her legs willingly. Stacey licked her index finger, dipped it into the bowl of cocaine and rubbed the powder onto Marcia's clit. With her fingers Stacey pulled the hood back as far as she could until the clitoris looked like a little circumcised penis. Then she bit down as hard as she could, only stopping when she tasted blood in her mouth. Stacey rubbed a little more powder onto Marcia's clit.

"How does that feel, ma'am?"

"Much better child, it's all numb and tingly."

Stacey next took Marcia over to Lance. The head of his penis had developed an unhealthy blue tinge. Stacey gave it a lick and Lance grimaced. Stacey had Marcia lower herself onto Lance's priapic pole and she was soon riding him furiously, reverse cowgirl.

"That's it ma'am... and sir. You show us young 'uns how to do it properly. Parker come over here, honey."

Stacey climbed onto the table and stuck her little butt into the air. Parker put a little mound of coke onto each freckled cheek and Marcia and Lance leaned over to snort. Parker was getting worried. She did not really want the rampant pair to have heart attacks. Stacey just stood up, put her hands behind her back and flashed her most innocent smile.

The local anaesthetic effect on Marcia's clit was wearing off, but her lust addled brain truly confused pleasure and pain. Marcia had her first ever multiple orgasm. The pain from her nipples only seemed to intensify the rush, as both girls bit down hard on the rubbery flesh.

Marcia dismounted and flopped into a chair. Lance was sweating profusely and staring at his cock in horror. He had not come and it was as stiff as ever. Marcia waved imperiously at Parker.

"Bring us more beer, girl. No, two bottles each. That usually has a marked deflationary effect on Lance's tool and I'm gasping."

The alcohol went straight to their heads. And bladders. They waddled into the house and soon a scream emanated from the bathroom, as Marcia washed her tender clit with hot urine. Their followed much cursing, both soprano and baritone. Parker and Stacey sipped their beers and smiled. The older, but hardly happy couple duly emerged and slouched down.

Parker and Stacey knelt down and contemplated Lance's stubbornly erect pulsating purple penis. Marcia chugalugged another beer, and then lit a spliff.

"I reckon," Parker said, her voice full of concern, "That your massive organ isn't going to go down whilst it's full of cum. Let's all go over to the loungers. Little Stacey here doesn't believe that women ever do anal, despite her brother telling her that he wants to fuck her ass off. Just to show that I have no hard feelings from last time, I would be honoured if you, Mr Collins would fuck my ass off. Marcia please come and commentate. I love dirty talk. Stacey, you can look and learn. After you have lubed Lance's cock. No, a lot more than that, girl.

Parker walked over to the loungers on tip toe, her round tanned ass wiggling alluringly. She climbed onto lounger number 4, put her head down and thrust her bottom as high as she could. She held her cheeks apart with her hands.

Marcia's inhibitions had well and truly left.

"Hey Lance baby, just look at the little whore's chocolate starfish. It's opening already. Let me have a good lick. Oh yeah, listen to the whore moan. I wonder if she's got a turd in there, this time. Lookey, I've got two fingers in, to the knuckle. Feels pretty empty. And red hot. Let me guide you in. That's it. Now fuck the bitch hard. Make her as sore as you did last time.

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