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Parking Lot Party


I had left New Haven early in the morning to take my sister's BMW to her in Little Rock. By the time I was halfway through Tennessee it was late and I was exhausted. I pulled into a twenty-four hour department store which will remain nameless (I'm not having a bunch of Arkansas lawyers coming after me). I had heard that travelers and truckers sometimes sleep in their parking lots, although the company discourages it. I parked between a camper and a couple of big rigs, thinking I'd get some shut-eye before finishing my trip. There were lights showing in the camper and I could hear the sound of music playing softly. I went into the store to use the restroom and pick up some snacks.

After washing up, I wandered around the store, stretching my legs and getting my circulation moving again. I was in the deli area looking for something to take back to the car when I noticed a woman bending over the freezer. She had a pretty face but was more than a little overweight, a real BBW. Her boobs were swaying as she bent over. If you don't already know it, the freezer and meat counters are the best places to watch women - the cold air makes their nipples stick out. That was what was happening to this bra-less chick. In addition to her hard nipples, I also noticed the tattoo of a star on her right breast, most of it hidden by her blouse.

She caught me looking at her chest. Smiling, she shook her shoulders to make her boobs swing around even more. She winked at me and then turned her attention back to the freezer. Embarrassed, I headed for the chip aisle. After picking out some chips and some peanuts I turned toward to the check-out line and nearly ran into Star. Turning red, I backed up as she said, "Well, we keep running into each other." She shook her tits at me again.

As I stammered an apology she turned to the woman next to her and said, "This is they guy I told you about. The one checking out my tattoo a while ago."

"Wanna see mine?" the other woman asked, sticking her leg out. There was a snake coiling around it disappearing under the leg of her shorts. "Maybe you can see the rest of it sometime," she said with a smile, "when we know each other better." She was the opposite of Star, almost too skinny. But they both seemed to have the same sense of humor and neither had a bra on, although Snake didn't really need one - having no boobs at all to speak of.

We all three seemed to be heading to the check out lane. On the way, Star asked, "Aren't you the guy in the Beamer parked by our camper?" I admitted that I was, and she said, "We met some of the truckers and asked them over for a little party. Want to join us?"

"Uh, sure," I said, not knowing what the protocol was for socializing with people you were sharing a parking lot with.

"Good," she said. We've got some snacks and sodas. Sorry, no alcohol. This place will usually ignore us if we behave, but they really don't like drinking in their lots." Then she said, "Wait a minute, we've got to pick up something else." The couple ahead of me in line checked out and stood around as if they were waiting for someone. He was a big guy, well over six feet tall. The woman was a brassy blond with big hair and a matching butt. As I paid for my stuff, Star and Snake came back and checked out. I noticed that they had added a large box of condoms to their basket. Party? What was I getting into?

After paying, they said hello to the couple who'd been ahead of me. "These are two of the truckers we were telling you about. This is Gus and his wife."

"Just call me Sweet Lips," the woman said. "That's what Gus always calls me.

Snake told them, "This is the guy from the Beamer. He's gonna join our party." Then back to me, "There's one other guy, Bubba, who's gonna meet us at the camper."

As we headed back to the parking lot my four new friends were talking and laughing. It did not appear they had known each other long. I followed them to the camper, still thinking about the box of condoms.

Bubba was waiting at the camper. When we went in I saw they had set it up so that most of the space was taken up with two beds crowded next to a small kitchenette. "We folded the table down to make room for the beds," Star told us. "Thought we'd be more comfortable this way. I'll set the snacks on the counter, I think we can all reach them." She also put the rubbers out in easy reach of everyone.

I added my peanuts and chips to the supply and we stretched out on the beds. That's when Star said, "Beamer here likes our tattoos. Think we should show him all of 'em?"

"Sure," Gus said. "Bubba and I want to see 'em too."

"Okay, but y'all need to show yours,." Both of the men had tattoos exposed on their arms.

"And maybe Sweet Lips will show us hers, Gus said. "What do you think, Sweets? Wanna show off?"

Sweet Lips smiled coyly and said, "Maybe."

"Great," Star said. "We'll all show our tats. But any clothes we have to take off gotta stay off. Y'all okay with that rule?"

We all agreed and Snake said, "I'll go first." She then pulled her shorts off, revealing the snake wrapped around and up her leg. The tail was on her ankle and the head of the snake was on her inner thigh, it's pointed tongue extended directly at her crotch. I could see the black pubic hairs through her white panties. I thought she looked a little wet, but it could have been my imagination.

"You go next, Lips said to her hubby. "Show 'em what you've got." Gus pulled his shirt off, revealing various pictures on his arms, back and chest. On one breast was a red pair of lips. "Let's kiss him on the lips, girls," his wife said, leaning over and putting her mouth against the tattoo. Star followed suit, giving him a loud slurping kiss. Then Snake threw her arms around him and sucked on his nipple like she was trying to get milk out.

"Whoa, enough Honey," Gus said, pulling her away. "You're next," he said to Star. She didn't hesitate to pull her blouse off, revealing the entire big dipper which started next to her nipple, dipped into her cleavage and ended with the star I first saw when she had leaned over the freezer.

Holding her boobs out, she said, "Now, y'all gotta kiss this one too." Without hesitating, Gus leaned over and sucked a star, nipple and all, into his mouth. Bubba went next, then it was my turn. By the time I had it in my mouth her nipple was wet but hard as a rock. When she finally pushed me away, she said to Bubba, "Now you, big guy. Show 'em off."

Bubba pulled his shirt off and turned around, showing us the pictures on his arms, back and chest. Then he pulled down his jeans, revealing several more on his legs. "Any up here?" Snake asked, pulling up the leg of his boxers. "Guess not," she said. I noticed that she kept her hands on the front of his shorts, rubbing on the lump there. I also saw that Star was snuggling up to Gus. He had her tits in his hands, playing with her nipples.

"Now you, Hon," he said to Lips. "Show 'em why you're called Sweet Lips."

Blushing slightly, she said, "Okay, here goes." She turned her back to us and pulled her shorts and panties off. On her left buttock was a large pair of red lips, matching those on Gus's breast. "Y'all gotta kiss this one, too," she said. Gus let go of Star's tits long enough to give his wife a kiss on the butt. When he was through, Star also gave it a kiss, as did Snake. Bubba was next, then Lips turned and shoved her butt toward my face. "Come on, Beamer, kiss my ass. After kissing the lips, I ran my tongue down her crack and flicked it over her pussy lips. Definitely wet. "Ooh, nice," she said as I continued to lick.

Finally she pulled away and turned around. That's when I saw that Snake had Bubba's boxers down, sucking on his dick. It was as big around as any I'd ever seen and she had to stretch her mouth wide to get in in, but she did. Gus still had one hand on Star's tit but the other was in her shorts. Ignoring what her husband was doing, Lips said, "Now you Beamer. Show us your tats."

"Uh," I said. "I don't have any."

"I don't believe you," Lips said.

"Neither do I," Star added. "Let's find out." She disengaged herself from Gus and leaned over me, opening my shirt. As she did so, her tits were hanging over my face. Naturally I started licking on the big dipper. Meanwhile Lips was opening my pants and pulling them down. I pretended to try to push the women away, actually only trying hard enough to grope their tits and asses.

When they finally got me naked, Star told me to stand up and turn around. She went back to Gus while I complied. Lips was on her knees next to me and when I was facing her again she held my dick up as if inspecting the underside of it for a hidden picture. "Nope," she said. Not a single tattoo." Then to her husband she said, "Should I show him the real reason you call me Sweet Lips?"

Not waiting for an answer, she took my cock completely into her mouth, pressing her nose into my lower belly. "Oh my god," I said as she used her tongue on me.

"I call her Sweet Lips because she's the best cock-sucker on Interstate Forty," Gus said.

Taking me from her mouth, Lips added, "And he knows. He's tried all of 'em." Then she took me back into her mouth, running the tip of her tongue around my cock-head. I wondered briefly if I should be concerned. Gus was a big man and I was sitting there with my meat in his wife's mouth. But I stopped worrying as he pulled a condom on. Star was bent over the bed, her panties around her ankles. She was sucking on my nipple when Gus shoved his dick into her from behind. Star moaned against my chest.

On the other bed I watched Snake roll a rubber over Bubba's hard-on. She knelt over him and slowly lowered herself. I could see his fat cock sinking into her cunt. "Oh fuck yes," she said. "That feels so fucking good."

Lips was holding my cock up, running her tongue up and down it, teasing and tantalizing me. There was a drop of pre-cum on her nose where my cock had rubbed against it Star was almost sobbing as Gus slammed into her. Lips ran her tongue around each of my balls, then flicked it across the back of my nutsack. As I watched Snake's pussy slide up and down on Bubba's pole, Lips worked her tongue back up mine until it was in her mouth once more. I could feel my head pressing into her throat. Her mouth was warm and wet as she sucked gently on me. "So good, Sweet Lips, feelssogoodsuckmebabysuckme," I mumbled as she worked me in and out, fucking me with her lips.

"Oh my god I'm cumming," Star yelled. "Fuck me hard, fuckmehardohgoddamfuckmefuckmefuckme!"

"METOOMETOO," Snake yelled. "Give it to me, give me that big dickohgoddamnyesGIVEITTOME!"

Gus was holding Star's hips and shaking her, using her body to jack himself off.

About then Bubba cried out, "I'm cumming honey. Oh shit here I cum." That's all I could take. My cock was on fire and it started exploding, the cream surging out of my balls and down Lip's throat. She swallowed every drop, not that she had a choice. No way my cock was coming out of her mouth until I was through shooting off.

When we were all through with our shared orgasm, Snake dismounted from Bubba and Gus fell back on the bed. Star kissed me on the lips and laid down next to me. Lips took me out of her mouth and moved over between her husband's legs. "Did she get you good, baby?"

"Oh yeah," he said. "I filled this thing up," indicating the condom he still had on. Gus slipped it off, trying to be careful not to spill anything. He tied a knot in the end and tossed it toward the wastebasket on the floor.

"Let me clean you up, Hon," Lips said. She proceeded to lick the spunk off his sagging dick, ending with his head in her mouth.

"How 'bout me," Bubba said.

"Sure," Lips said, moving over to where he was removing his rubber. She sensuously licked the cum off him too.

When she had gotten all the sperm, Lips laid down next to Bubba. "How 'bout some of those snacks," Bubba said.

"Hell, I got your snack right here," Lips said. She moved up, straddled his face and lowered her pussy onto Bubba's mouth. "Snack on that." While we watched, Bubba licked at the pussy she was forcing on him.

"You too, Beamer," Star said. "Eat this." She was holding her pussy lips open, showing me the inside of her cunt with her swollen clit poking out. I got between her legs and stuck my tongue into her, tasting the sweetness there. From the sounds Snake was making I was sure Gus was going down on her too. I sucked Star's clit between my lips and slid two fingers into her. This made her moan and wriggle against my face. I worked her over with my tongue while I continued to finger-fuck her. Soon she had her hands on the back of my head, rubbing my face on her pussy. "Don't stop, don't stop," she moaned. "Don't stop, oh fuckohshitohfuck." I could feel her legs tighten around my shoulders. Her ass was off the bed, forcing her hard against me, the juice flowing out of her cunt. Snake was screaming that she was cumming, and Lips was making gurgling noises.

Star finally pushed my face away and I moved up to kiss her on my lips. "Shit, Beamer," she said. "You taste like pussy." Kissing me again she added, "Tastes good, too." I laid down beside her. Gus still had his face in Snake's crotch and she was bouncing against him. Her eyes were closed and there was a look of intense pleasure on her face. On the other bed, Lips had turned around and while she was still rubbing her pussy on Bubba's face, she had his big dick in her mouth.

Snake pushed Gus away from her and laid down next to Star. We all watched in awe as Lips managed to get Bubba entirely into her mouth. "Ain't she something," Gus said in admiration of his wife. "That girl can really suck cock."

Soon Lips straightened up and said," Bubba honey, as much as you'd like to cum in my mouth, my pussy wants it even more." She reached over and got a rubber and pulled in onto him, then moved around until she was straddling him. Lips dropped hard onto Bubba's hips, completely impaling herself. We all could see her pussy lips stretch wide to accommodate his girth.

Star reached down and grabbed my dick which was almost completely hard again. "How 'bout you, Beamer Boy? You ready for another round?" She grabbed a new condom and rolled it onto me.

"Hell yes," I said and I knelt between her legs. I moved my hips forward and she guided me into her. Next to us Gus was also putting on a rubber. Soon he was buried in Snake's pussy. The two women turned to face each other, and while we fucked them they started making out.

Star wrapped her legs around my hips and pulled me deep into her. I was surprised at how tight she was given her size. She broke her kiss and said, "You like that? You like that tight cunt? Fuck it good now, fuck it good, Beamer Boy." She then went back to kissing Snake while I complied. I moved my hips up and down, rubbing my pubic bone against her clit. Gus was banging into Snake, and soon the two women were moaning against each other's mouths.

Behind us I could hear Lips bouncing and making animal noises. "Ride me Sweet Lips. Ride my cock," Bubba was saying.

"You fuck him good now, baby," Gus said. "Make me proud, Sweets."

"You just take care of that pussy," she said back. "I'll take care of Bubba's dick. Won't I Hon?" she added to the man she was riding.

"Oh yeah, you're doin' just fine," Bubba responded. After that we all turned our attention to our own partners. It didn't take long until we were all cumming again, one after another. Star got even tighter like she was biting me with her cunt That was all it took for me to begin filling the rubber with my own spunk. The orgasms seemed to last forever, but finally we were all spent. I rolled off Star and laid next to her, as did Gus from Snake. Lips had dismounted Bubba and laid with her head on his chest. They were both breathing heavily.

After we all got our breath back, we finally had some of the snacks and sodas. We sat naked while we talked and ate. Pretty soon Gus said they needed to get back to their rig. "We really do need to get some shut-eye," he told us. We got a delivery in Richmond tomorrow. Reluctantly we watched the couple get dressed and said good-bye, knowing we'd probably never see either one of them again.

After they'd gone, Bubba and I sat on one of the beds with our backs against the wall. Star and Snake sat on the other. Star leaned over and shook each of our dicks, both still soft and floppy. "Doesn't look like these guys are ready to go again," she said to Snake.

"Not yet," Bubba agreed.

"Too bad," Snake said, rubbing her crotch, "I'm still hot as a firecracker."

Star reached over and put her hand on her friend's pussy. As she slid a finger into it she said, "You sure are. And wet, too. Maybe I should take care of that for you."

"Maybe you should," Snake said, laying onto her back and opening her legs. Star held her face over her friend's crotch and, as Snake held her lips open, Star dipped her tongue into the wet slit. Star licked at the swollen clit while Snake pinched her own nipples. As Star continued to eat her out, Snake said, "Turn around sweetie. I want some pussy too." Star moved up and laid on her back. Snake poised herself over the larger woman's face, then lowered herself to the waiting mouth while leaning forward until her own face was against her friend's sex. As Bubba and I stroked our dicks, the two women licked and sucked at each other's pussies. I'd never seen two women going at it before. It was as much of a turn-on as I had imagined. I could see Snake's cunt juice coating Star''s face. Snake had a finger in Star's pussy. She pulled it out and shoved it up the woman's big beautiful ass. By the time the women were bouncing in orgasm, Bubba and I both had our hard-ons back.

Finally the two women separated. Snake moved over and laid on top of me, kissing me on the mouth, giving me the experience of tasting one woman's pussy on another woman's face. Snake had my dick trapped between her thighs. Next to us Star was licking at the pre-cum seeping out of Bubba.

Snake got off me and grabbed a condom. "Put this on while I get ready," she said as she handed me the rubber. Then she started opening drawers.

"I know what you're looking for," Star said, "and we don't have any." She then opened the fridge and took out a tub of margarine. "Use this," she told her friend.

"That'll do," Snake said as she got on her knees in front of me. "Lube me up, Beamer Boy, and I don't mean my pussy." Feeling sorta like Marlon Brando, I grabbed a handful of oleo and rubbed it around and in her butt-hole, then smeared the rest on my dick. I positioned myself at the little hole and Snake moved back, popping the head of my dick past her sphincter. "Do me hard, guy. Shove it up my ass," she commanded. I lunged forward, my thighs slapping against her buttocks, my cock buried deep in her bowels. Snake screamed at the sudden penetration. Although it sounded more like pain than pleasure, she said "That's it, Beamer. Do it again." I pulled back, then slammed into her again. Once more she screamed, "YESYESYESFUCKMYASS."

Next to us Star said, "Oh shit, you're so big." I could see that Bubba had his fat dick completely in her. She had her legs locked around his hips, pulling him against her.

"And you're so tight," Bubba said. "God what a tight pussy."

"Not as tight as this," I said, lunging into Snake's backside again. The skinny woman had her hand between her legs and I could feel her fingers through the membrane separating ass from pussy. I pulled her tight against me and enjoyed the sensation of her fingers working on her cunt and the tightness of her asshole biting my cock.

"Fuck it," Snake said, "fuck my ass." Again and again I pulled back then slammed into her. Each time I moved back she moaned and each time I lunged into her she grunted. On my final lunge she screamed in pure pleasure. Her asshole tightened hard around me as she shook in orgasm. I pulled her hard against me, extending as far into her bowels as I could get. She screamed again, "Oh yes, cum with meCUMINMYASSYOUMOTHERFUCKERCUMINMYFUCKINGASS!" I felt as if my entire midsection was on fire as my dick throbbed and pulsed. Snake was shaking and bouncing against me as both our climaxes seemed to go on and on.

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