"Don't forget to ask for May," Ian said his voice sounding weird coming through Jessie's speakers.

"Don't worry I won't forget to ask for you special Asian cherry," Jessie said turning right at the traffic light and then another right into the shopping plaza.

Ian laughed. "Enjoy!"

Jessie found a spot in front of the place. "Thanks. Later."

The phone went off as she shut the engine off. On her right was a white pick up truck. She didn't know the brand but knew it was dirty and parked closer to the line than it should be. She considered moving closer to the other side in case the guy was inconsiderate as his parking job was and dinged her door but the spot on the other side was a handicap spot and she didn't feel like taking any chances with that person either.

She unplugged the phone, shut the engine off and gathered her purse up from the foot of the passenger seat.

The air outside was heavy with humidity and heat. There was no breeze but it was summer and it was Florida so chances were they'd be a storm later in the afternoon to cool things down. In fact the sky already looked as if it was preparing to brew something from all the cauliflower clouds pillowing overhead.

There were no windows, just the door, which was darkened so, you couldn't see inside. There was a sign on the door that indicated the hours of operation and that they were open for business.

She pulled the door and stepped in making a note to stop by the Subway next door when she left for a foot long to take home.

Dim inside the reception area was small. There was a waist high counter on one side and a door next to it leading back into the massage parlor. Adjacent to the counter were four chairs, black, with armrest and black fabric seating and backing. On either side of the main entrance were shelves with products for sale probably some of the same products they used in the parlor itself.

Jessie approached the counter a smile on her face. There was a woman behind the counter who returned the smile and said, "Welcome, how can I help you?"

"Hi I have an appointment for a two hour session today?"


"Jessie Martin," Jessie said and watched as the woman typed just out of view behind the counter. She was Asian and like most Asian she had black hair that was cut in a short bob. Her round face was smooth without makeup. She was a cute thing. No wonder Ian liked this place he had a thing for Asian chicks.

"I see it here. Any preference to...."

"Yes I've been told May is the best and I'd like to have her work on me."

The woman smiled and said. "Excellent. I'll let her know you're here. Please come through."

The door buzzed.

Jessie pushed through and followed May back down a long corridor. On either side of the corridor were doors behind which Jessie assumed were the massage parlors themselves except for one room which was designated 'Office' and 'Restroom' by black signs with white writing.

The woman opened a door and stepped back. She said, "Make yourself comfortable. There is a robe on the table and you can hang your clothes on the hangar."


"Enjoy." She said smiling as she closed the door.

Jessie had never been to a massage parlor before. All of her massages were given by her boyfriends before and by Ian most recently, her current squeeze but after working to meet deadlines for the past week he insisted she head to the massage parlor.

It had been a place he used often especially after a he went overboard on the basketball court and he swore the women there especially May worked wonders.

Jessie stripped down to her underwear; she wasn't wearing a bra and slipped into the white terry cloth robe with the parlor's name on the right side where a pocket would have gone.

The room was small. There were no windows just soft light from multiple low powered incandescent bulbs overhead casting a warm glow across the room. There was a tray next to the door with oils and creams some of which were for sale out front.

The massage table was at hip height for her and at five feet nine inches tall didn't mean it was too high. She hopped up on it and sat down.

It was covered with a removable cloth cover. It was about seven feet long with a circle at one end for one to put your head and not suffocate when on your stomach.

There was a knock on the door.

"Ready," Jessie said as her eyes went from the violet paint that covered the walls and the pictures of generic tranquil scenes to the door.

"Hello, I'm May," the woman said. She was dressed in a pair of white shorts and a white tee shirt that wasn't too liberal but it didn't matter May was a looker. Jessie could see what Ian liked her.

May was about her height maybe a little shorter. She had a full head of black hair pulled into a tight pony talk that reached partway down her back. A delicate figure hourglass shape she had a reasonable C cup for an Asian and a surprisingly plump rump.

Jessie smiled. Ian was a black man through and through and though he had a thing for Asian chicks he was faithful to his own race sometimes she joked her was racist but he always liked to point out that she had Asian in her family to.

Jessie was Jamaican and though she had dark skin her great grandfather was from China brought to the Caribbean with many others to work as indentured servants for the British and stayed to build families.

May extended her hand and Jessie shook it. "What would you like to focus on today?"

"All over," Jessie said. She sighed. "Been stressed these past couple weeks and I need some release." She rolled her shoulders.

"Well let's get started then."

Jessie wasn't self-conscious. She peeled off the robe and handed it over and then lay on her stomach.

"Who recommended me?" May asked.

"My boyfriend Ian. He says you're the best."

"Ah... you're Jessie. He speaks much of you. He was here last week and said you'd be coming by. To give you the best."


Jessie heard the cart that was next to the door moving. It had wheels and the moved quietly on the floor. She didn't notice it before but now with her head down she saw it was white linoleum shinny and speckled with black flakes.

May's hands were surprisingly warm. She started with the oil, which was also warm and worked on her shoulders first.

Jessie closed her eyes and let the tension seep out of her. May moved from her shoulders to her back down to just above her but and back up again.

Jessie after five minutes felt weak. Her hands were incredible. They were soft and firm at the same time if that was possible and they seemed to be able to find every knot and loosen it.

Her hands moved down and squeezed her but.

Jessie frowned with her face down but it felt good yet May didn't linger moving down to the back of her thighs. She worked those and her calves one after the other and then her feet.

Totally relaxed and receptive May said, "Let me take this off and we can do you glutes." She tugged at her cotton panties.

Without a word Jessie raised herself up off the table slightly and May tugged her panty off.

Inhibitions at an all time low, relaxed beyond anything she'd felt in a long time Jessie didn't mind being naked with another woman.

Maybe worked her over again, moving from her shoulders down her back and her butt this time focusing more on her ass and it felt good. Jessie couldn't help moaning and suddenly felt embarrassed that the sound had erupted from her throat.

She wanted to apologize but May had moved on to her calves and didn't seem to notice. Maybe she got that more often than not with clients. Ian was right she was good then May said, "Time to cook the other side. Let's roll over."

Jessie was completely exposed. She turned over on the table. May had the same smile as before on her face. Jessie watched her as she worked on her feet digging into the soles of both feet one hand each and then up the calves and the hamstrings and then caressing her pubis.

It felt good. Jessie didn't want her to stop. She knew she should stop her. It was inappropriate but then again she wasn't stupid she knew Ian recommended May for a reason and if this was it he was right to do so.

Jessie didn't think of herself a lesbian or bisexual. Having another woman caress her body was delightful in fact as she lay there her eyes fluttering with delight she knew she was getting wet and May didn't seem to mind one bit.

May's slender fingers moved up her stomach and caressed her breasts squeezing them. The oil she'd put on her smelled of cinnamon and it allowed May's hands to glide over her body easily.

Suddenly Jessie wanted her hands back lower. Blood was rushing down to her crotch engorging her lips and clit. Her heart thumped loudly in her ears as it raced increasing the pace of her breathing.

How far did this usually go? She wondered as May's hands found her slit and moved up and down the valley of her shaved snatch delicately and without hesitation.

Jessie bit her lip, arching her back slightly.

May didn't stop. She peeled her lips back to get better access.

Jessie wanted it bad. She wanted it real bad. In addition to the need for a massage work had kept her so busy over the past two weeks that every evening when she got home she'd not been able to enjoy a moment with Ian. Now it had all bubbled up and she wanted to climax but May stopped.

Jessie opened her eyes.

May was looking at her.

May's lipstick was red. It glistened in the light. She had barely any makeup on her face round and soft her long lashes sweeping with every blink. She moved up to Jessie's head and leaned down.

Jessie let her kiss her. It wasn't what she expected. Men expected or at least some men influenced by pornography videos expected women to be naturally lesbians but a woman was no more a lesbian naturally than a man gay and women didn't go out of their way kissing other women to any more an extent than men did but at that moment Jessie did and she like it.

The kiss was wet and hot and sent electric currents through her body.

May peeled off her shirt. She was wearing a lace bra underneath.

She stepped back and turned. She undid her pants and shimmed out of them. She wasn't wearing panties Jessie saw.

Then when May turned Jessie's eyes widened with sweet disbelief. May was a man.

May boasted an eight inch monster of a cock, thick and clean shaven. It looked as if it didn't belong when the context of the rest of the body was taken into account.

Jessie didn't know what to think but suddenly her mouth was dry and she swallowed as May approached her.

Sucking another man's dick had never been a problem for her but a tranny's dick, this was knew and it was obvious that's what May intended when she stopped next to her head.

Jessie obliged. It seemed like the fair thing to do considering all that was about to happen. She turned on the table and took it in her mouth. It was sweet much sweeter than any she'd ever taken in her mouth even the precum and she wondered if May was a vegetarian.

She sucked slow but hard as May's hands again found her breasts and her nipples squeezing them and tickling them bringing the right mixture of pleasure and pain that sent shivers down her spine.

May didn't cum instead she moved to the foot of the table and pulled Jessie downwards and spread her legs.

Jessie watched as the black hair went between her legs. Her tongue was artful and stiff as it moved around her clit and up and down her wet slit.

Jessie pulled her hand to her mouth and bit into her finger to temper any cries.

She wasn't going to be able to hold back.

May used tongue and fingers in her massaging the inside now finding the G Spot easily. With two fingers curled up she stroked the ribbed flesh inside.

Jessie's back arched again. She had her eyes closed pressed down tightly. Her body shuddered with delight as the orgasm swept over her in waves.

May came up for air her face glistening with Jessie's wetness.

Jessie smiled. She wanted more.

May sensed her desire and turned her over her feet on the floor and her ass at the edge.

Jessie felt May's hands massage her ass and her lower back. She felt her cock, the large flared head at her crack. Her ass was spread wide and the dick placed against her wet cunt.

Jessie pushed caution away a long time. She pushed it even further. She wasn't a prude. There were things she'd done before in high school and in college that she still did even now and this even though it was naughty was just the tip of the iceberg.

May's cock slid into Jessie's wet hot cunt.

Jessie couldn't stifle the moan. She suddenly wondered if the door was locked. Could someone come in? Could they hear her? She couldn't hear anything of the outside but that didn't mean anything considering how loud her heart was thumping with delight in her ears.

May's hands one on each him began to squeeze as she stroke her slow at first building the blocks of the orgasm. She took a hand off of Jessie's hips and moved it under and down leaning forwards so her hand could tease her slit.

Ian did that sometimes. Jessie wondered if May taught him that. What else did she teach him she wondered as the eight inches filled her.

May's pace increased. The sound of flesh wet and glistening with sweat slapping against similar wet flesh filled the room.

Jessie hoped it was sound proof. She didn't care. Her panting was loud and her moans seemed louder.

May grunted with delight.

Jessie climaxed again squeezing the cock inside her as the spasms washed over her again.

May pounded harder and faster with ferocity that Jessie wished she could see and suddenly she pulled out.

Jessie glanced back just in time to see an arc of creamy cum shoot up onto her back. She flinched thinking it would reach her face but it landed in the middle of her back. Then there was another and another each landing progressively closer to her ass until only a dribble oozed from May's swollen head.

They caught their breath and enjoyed the release Jessie feeling she did more so than May.

May cleaned her back off and slowly got dressed.

Jessie did the same.

They dressed in silence. Jessie wasn't sure of what to say. She'd never done anything like this before.

May said, "Thank you for your business. Tell Ian I look forward to seeing him soon."

"Thank you." Jessie turned to leave and then stopped. "Do you do house calls?"

May shook her head and then said, "No sorry we don't but for Ian and you I can do personal visits."

Jessie smiled.

"How was it?" Ian asked through the Bluetooth.

"It was great."

"Told you." He said sounding superior.

"You didn't tell me it was that kind of massage."

"What kind of massage," he asked trying to sound innocent.

Jessie slowed as the light turned red at the intersection. "You know what I mean."

He laughed.

"Anyway I arranged for an in house visit."

She could hear him frown over the phone. "They don't do that there."

"But May does."

He was silent.

"Trust me if you enjoy it there. You'll enjoy it better at home. Just you me and May. She says anything for us."

"I like."

"And anything goes."

Ian laughed. "When did you schedule it?"

"Tonight so play your little game hard tonight they'll be a double massage waiting for you when you get home."

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