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Part of the Plan


Part of the plan

Whizzing through the air just above the rooftops of Median City, Restrainer could actually forget she was a superhero. Imagine that she was simply Rachel Weisse living in a world that didn't need people like her. It only lasted until she got sight of her partner Animes jumping from roof to roof below her. Animes felt the opposite and loved this, although that could have something to do with the fact that her parents had named her Buffy Irons. A name and a life she thoroughly detested.

Like Restrainer she was wearing a bodyfitting blue uniform with a thick yellow band running vertically down the middle. They even wore the same face-obscuring masks. The only difference between their uniforms was that Animes had clawed gloves and shoes.

But that didn't mean they could ever be mistaken for each other. Animes, for example, had normal if shaggy looking brown hair while Restrainer had an eye-catching purple coup. And that was actually her natural haircolor. Their overall build too was distinct. Animes was muscular while Restrainer looked like a real-life Barbiedoll.

'I keep offering her to carry her along,' Restrainer grumbled mentally. 'Its no problem for me, I just extend the forcefield a little and we would be able to cover so much more ground.' But Animes didn't go for it, waving the proposal away with the reasoning that it would make them an easier target. That it would drain her. But that wasn't it, not really. 'It's like she doesn't really trust me,' she complained. 'Sometimes I wonder why we are still partners.'

Further musings were interrupted by Animes who abruptly stopped. Luckily Restrainer noticed it right away so she only had to turn around to face Animes. There had been instances where she had to scour the city only to find Animes after she had taken care of the criminal. "I can hear a burglary alarm coming from Geoch Lane. I think it's the Museum of Modern Art." Without waiting Animes began to sprint in that direction leaving Restrainer no option but to follow.


Her senses always got a little sharper at this time. When they were charging towards the scene of the crime, it tickled what Animes liked to call her hunting instinct. The anticipation of getting your prey, something that Restrainer just didn't share. To her this was all about justice and helping people, she just didn't enjoy this like she should. After all, this was the only way to use their abilities for what they were meant to that didn't land your ass in jail.

Animes leapt of the last building and landed on the lamppost on her hands before somersaulting to the pavement. She didn't let the landing break her stride and ran across the street while Restrainer was still busy descending. Her foot had just reached the first step of the stairs in front of the museum when the doors were opened from the inside and someone came out.

The woman was clad head to toe in a skintight outfit showcasing an athletic body. A swirling pattern of black and white bands covered the entire suit. There were no obvious opening for the eyes, mouth or anything. She was carrying a round container across her back. And both crimefighters recognized her right away.

"Mesmeri," Animes growled. "I didn't think you had the guts to pull a heist all on your own." And she shouldn't have, it wasn't her M.O. Mesmeri had no superpowers and used mind control machines to get others to do the dangerous stuff for her. 'The worm must be desperate for cash,' Animes sneered in her mind.

"Surrender now and this won't get painful," Restrainer sternly told the supervillain. She had landed next to Animes, it was easier to use her forcefield offensively if she wasn't using it to defy gravity.

"Hmmm, surrender does sound nice," Mesmeri purred. "But I think you will find escape even better!"

The feral superhero had heard enough. "Right, I've heard enough. Let's get her." Animes crouched ready to pounce on the female criminal while Restrainer summoned her forcefield around her with a mere thought. She raised her arm ready to form a forcefield hand to capture the criminal. Puzzling enough, Mesmeri lifted a hand up too with the palm facing them.

The next thing Animes knew the world dissolved in a stream of bright colors. She was hit hard by the lights as she had focussed her enhanced senses on Mesmeri. Even up and down were thrown in doubt as the world wobbled and whirled. 'I should close my eyes,' Animes considered. 'And I am going to do that now... Okay, closing them now! Why can't I close my eyes?' she wondered just as the visual assault slackened off and the real world returned.

Animes found herself on her knees with no sign of Mesmeri. She shuddered after she breathed in, the fabric of her uniform pressing against her suddenly distended nubs. 'I'm aroused, but I shouldn't be. My prey got away after all. I've always gotten this rush from bagging the bad guy, not when she escapes.'

Thankfully her outfit wasn't made of spandex so the signs of her arousal were hidden from Restrainer. Out of the corner of her eye, Animes noticed that forcefield-projector was still standing albeit a little unsteady.

Her ears pricked up at the sound of police sirens getting louder but Animes estimated they were still a minute or two away. Scanning the area she got the feeling she was forgetting something important, but every time she tried tot think of what that was the arousal surged just enough to distract her.

Shaking her head the feral heroine put the matter aside. "Lets go inside and see if everybody is okay. We need more info on what Mesmeri was using too."


"It seems Mesmeri either got a superpower now or an upgrade for her suit," Restrainer concluded. They had talked to the guards and were now back in their headquarters. "But the guards were hit by an illusion that made it appear nothing was happening. Their descriptions were nothing like what we experienced. Strange though that she only stole one painting when there several more valuable pieces hanging right there beside the one she did steal."

"And it wasn't a time issue," Animes grumbled. "That light show of hers kept everybody from sounding the alarm until after she had what she wanted. Maybe there's a time limit on it," she theorized.

Rachel reclined back in her chair, enjoying the feel of normal clothing on her skin. "Ehm, wouldn't that be a time issue?" she ventured.

"Of course not! God, just cause you look like a bimbo doesn't mean you have to have the brains of one. She could have just used another of those blasts but she didn't so she had what she came for."

The purple-haired woman hunched her shoulders. "I'm not a bimbo," she muttered. 'Who's the one that does database searches around here? Fills out the request forms to the League. If it weren't for me we wouldn't have gotten this place from the League and we would still be working out of Buffy's crummy apartment.' Rachel just wished she had the courage to actually tell that to Animes face.

"Then stop saying stupid stuff like that," Animes shot back. "In any case, we just have to be more careful in our next fight. However she is doing it, the attack is obviously coming from her hands. Its a simple matter of closing our eyes just before she makes the attack, then hit her hard before she realizes it didn't work."

'But that leaves out the fact that we don't know how fast she can fire those light attacks,' Rachel thought. For a moment she was caught by the uncharacteristic impulse to point that flaw out. To take the lead and show that hothead how a proper plan looked like. And then it was gone.


That second robbery came two days later. This time a private residence was hit and once again the alarm was triggered just as Mesmeri was making her escape. And equally coincidental the superheroes were nearby on patrol.

'And this time I ain't going to waste any time with talking,' Animes resolved as the black-and-white figure of Mesmeri came into view. She was running in the opposite direction and obviously hadn't spotted the superheroes. Thanks to her stalking skills and Restrainer flying they made little noise as they got closer and closer.

The distance had dropped to a couple of meters when Mesmeri ducked into a side street. Animes growled in frustration, she had just been readying herself to pounce on the criminal. With claws at the ready Animes rounded the corner expecting to see Mesmeri's retreating back.

What the feral heroine got was Mesmeri standing firm and obviously waiting for them. Her hand was already coming up but with lightning fast reflexes Animes closed her eyes and threw her own arms up as an additional shield.

Animes couldn't tell if Mesmeri had fallen for it and wasted her shot but assumed she had. Dashing forward without opening her eyes she raked her claws at the position she had last seen Mesmeri. They hit nothing but air which surprised the feral so much she unthinkingly opened her eyes and looked around for the costumed villain. And came face-to-palm with Mesmeri's hand.

"Peekaboo," Mesmeri told the wide-eyed superhero.

Pink and purple lights exploded in her face streaked with blue and yellow ribbons undulating on the edges of her vision. Sound and smell disappeared as the lightshow demanded so much of her attention that she couldn't spare any for her other senses. She couldn't even spare any brainpower to feel such things as anger or fear. Animes forgot about Mesmeri and the chase, there was only the now and the light.

Heat shot through her, making her very aware of her body. This heat began to build up just below her belly, making it itch for relief. It gnawed at her and she desperately searched for something to rub up against. Soon a shape appeared in the constantly fluctuating lightscape and without hesitation Animes jumped on her new scratching post. It fell over and she fell with it but that didn't matter. With a purr she began to scratch her itch.

The relief this brought was swiftly accompanied by a pulsating arousal that grew with every rub. The scratching post below her quaked like it was alive, adding more delicious pressure every now and then. After an eternity of exponentially growing pleasure the real world came back into focus far too soon for Buffy.

She found herself on the ground on top

of Rachel straddling one of her legs, humping her soaked sex against the obviously embarrassed forcefield-projector. The purplehead's face was flushed and her eyes were shining with some emotion Buffy had never seen in them before. She wanted to get off, stand up and find Mesmeri but she was so close and mortified she felt her hips move on their own, push down to get just enough friction for her to finally come.

With a sound that was part growl and partly a mewl Animes jumped away, her body still thrumming with desire. Her nose picked up the strong scent of her own arousal as well as Restrainer's who was standing up slowly.

Of the supervillain there was no sign. In frustration Animes punched a wall leaving a spider web of cracks on the slab of stone.


Animes was pacing through their lair like a cat. "She got away again, thanks to you!" The animalistic heroine ranted. "You didn't even try to stop her. You just rolled over and lay there while Mesmeri merrily scampered off."

"I got flashed too," Rachel defended weakly.

"Uhuh, sure you were. But at least I tried to fight," Animes shot back.

A part of Rachel was embarrassed that she was taken down so easily. The first flash that Animes had avoided had knocked her spinning, lost in her own little world. That part agreed with Animes' sentiment.

But there was another part fighting for dominance. The part that snarled that it wasn't her who had ended up dry-humping someone's leg. That it was obvious Animes hadn't thought of everything and now wasn't owning up to that.

And then there were those few moments where she had already recovered from Mesmeri's attack but Animes hadn't. When Animes was hovering above Rachel, moaning in pleasure as she used Rachel's leg to bring herself to orgasm. Those images kept spooking through her mind.

All of that kept Rachel confused and conflicted on what she should do, how she should act. Should she just sit there and let Animes cool down on her own or should she...

Thankfully, Animes didn't notice the furious blush Rachel had as ideas bubbled up from somewhere. Ideas and fantasies that she was sure were new, but they felt so right...so like her.

To distract herself she focussed on the case, on catching Mesmeri. "Maybe we'll have more luck if we change our approach. We know what was stolen, maybe we can figure out what she'll go after next?"

Animes finished for her, "And ambush her. Catch her by surprise for once, yes, excellent. Get right on that, no telling if Mesmeri will wait two days before striking this time."

With relief Rachel sat down before her terminal, losing herself in the familiar task of ferreting out information and crawling into the mind of a supervillain. Strangely enough, it was a lot easier this time for some reason.


"Are you sure this is her next target?" Animes grumbled.

"Yes, I am certain. She stole a painting and a small statue, both made the artist Kristelot. He's famous for making a group of art pieces of divers mediums centered around a single theme. The ones Mesmeri stole are part of the 'Submission' theme Kristelot made. The poetry book that goes along with it is kept here, at the Median University Library. So this is were she'll show up, unless she gets scared of by your incessant talking," Restrainer added testily.

Restrainer's partner blinked. That last bit wasn't like her, not at all. 'Come to think of it, Restrainer's been getting more vocal since Mesmeri's first attack. Could it be those lights have affected her worse than me?' Animes mused. 'But I always knew she was softer than me, deliciously soft... Where the hell did that thought come from?'

'Okay, after we have Mesmeri I am going out and I'll get two guys to celebrate.' Not at the same time of course, that just obscured the fact of who was in charge. It was another quirk of Buffy's unique physiology that like most mammals she was only in heat some of the times. With her the trigger was not seasonal but a successful hunt. That was another reason this case brought such frustration.

But that frustration would soon come to an end, she promised herself. And by her own hand because the police didn't know about the statue being stolen. Apparently the owner hadn't acquired it exactly legal. The only reason he hadn't kept his mouth shut when they themselves came by was the fact that they already knew Mesmeri had stolen something. They had seen the bag and that it contained something.

The only problem remaining was figuring out what Mesmeri's holographic disguise was this time. Restrainer was on the look-out too but both of them expected Animes to be the one to find the criminal. Because Mesmeri's disguise would be purely light-based there should be small inconsistencies. Little things that her enhanced senses would pick up and that her subconscious would put together given rise to a feeling of wrongness.

In other words, Animes was going to find Mesmeri on instinct. 'Make that has found,' she thought smugly as her attention centered on a redhead. She looked like a typical student but the feral just knew that her eyes were deceiving her. Nodding to the girl she spoke up, "Got her. It's the one with the red hair and the white blouse. Her backpack is new and empty."

For once she let herself be carried by Restrainer as they glided down from the hall until Restrainer dropped her right on top of the fake college student.

Unfortunately the purple forcefield passed before the sun, casting a large purplish shadow on the ground just as they reached Mesmeri. It was enough warning for her to roll out of the way causing Animes to land badly, she had expected a body to cushion the fall.

Mesmeri's illusion faded away, leaving her in her trademark costume still wearing that new backpack. Animes hissed as she steadied herself. She was just in time to see Mesmeri evade a translucent, purple hand trying to grab the criminal. People started to run away which was fine by Animes, bystanders just got in the way.

Taking advantage of that moment when the supervillain was completely focussed on Restrainer Animes sprung into action. Landing on her hands she used them to pivot her legs around and swung them at Mesmeri catching her in the stomach.

At least, that was her intention but with a neat somersault Mesmeri evaded her. This was followed by a jump to evade Restrainer's forcefield-hand coming in low in an effort to grab her legs.

Restrainer, however, was prepared for Mesmeri's action and a second forcefield-hand came in high from the side and grabbed the rucksack jerking the black-and-white clad villain to a stop.

Not missing a beat Animes jumped once again intending to punch her. Mesmeri didn't hang around and slipped halfway out of the straps of her backpack then used them to pull herself up, feet first straight into Animes' chest. The feral was lifted up, hitting the stream of forcefield-energy connecting Restrainer to the forcefield-hand still holding the backpack.

Both dropped to the pavement but only one landed on her feet. 'She must have gotten a few martial arts lessons too,' Animes grumbled. 'She wasn't this physical before.' With her enhanced hearing she could hear Restrainer's heavy breathing as she kept up the strain of using two forcefield-hands at the same time.

But Mesmeri was strained too, strained to the breaking point to bob and weave between those two hands. And that breaking point was reached when she was swatted to the ground in mid-air.

Animes had waited for that and swiftly jumped on Mesmeri's back, locking the villain's arms above her head with the palms facing the ground so Mesmeri couldn't use that light-attack of hers. Keeping those hands in place with one hand, Animes used the other to pull out her cuffs.

Mesmeri was squirming as Restrainer brought her closer but Animes knew that was futile. And so did Mesmeri apparently because she stopped. Instead she twisted one arm around until the palm faced her captor.

Swallowing the feral superhero looked at those deceptively empty hands. "Not going to try and look away?" Mesmeri asked. "Or maybe you do not want to. Maybe you have started to like it, is that the reason you two are pursuing me so ardently? So vigorously? So you can look at that beautiful light again?"

She cursed that voice, it was too confident and warm. 'It isn't true of course, I'm not addicted,' Animes assured herself. 'But you're just sitting on her, saying nothing, looking straight at her palm. Almost as if you're expecting to be hit,' a treacherous voice whispered.

'No,' she argued back. 'I...I...I just know she's bluffing. I can just close my eyes when she actually tries it but I...'

'Then why,' the voice interrupted, 'is your pussy wet, your heart pounding and your nipples are almost poking through your uniform. You're practically drooling at the thought of being mindfucked, again.'

The world turned a now familiar pink. Animes felt how her eyes widened as they tried to drink in as much of the light as possible. There was no out-of-body experience this time, Buffy was extremely aware of it as soon as the attack began.

She fell over, felt the rough stone against the back of her head as her body writhed. She sensed a female form slither out from under her but she was too busy feeling to care about who that was. Her hands were now roughly squeezing her tits while her thighs were rubbing together. The vague knowledge that she had an audience meant nothing to her, it just didn't seem important.

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