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The drug was starting to take control of me. The world felt very warm all the sudden and my vision skewed a bit. The music that was mildly pleasing a minute ago seemed all the sudden glorious, like I had never heard music this beautiful before. The bass pounded and my body started moving in rhythm with it. I closed my eyes and surrendered to the music, allowing my body to move freely with it. My heart pounded and every sense ignited as I went into my full roll. I could feel other people dancing around me, sometimes bumping into them, but I didn't care, I felt so good.

As I danced around, feeling the power of the music drive my body, I suddenly noticed someone was holding me. I opened my eyes to the most stunning blue eyes I had ever seen. Well, behind the extremely dilated pupil was a thin sliver of the most stunning blue eyes I had ever seen. She bounced to the beat of the music, sweating and touching my body. I went with it, and put my hands on her waist. She turned around, grinding her ass into me as I caressed her stomach. My hands slipped down to the waist of her pants. My fingers traced inside her pants, feeling the elastic of her panties. She continued dancing with me, grinding and gyrating around, my hands exploring more and more of her body. We barely noticed the DJ finish his set.

Exhausted from dancing, we found a space on the couch to talk. Well, I imagine talking was one motivation, but when we sat down, we immediately started making out. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and played with my tongue, waves of extreme pleasure washing through me. Her hands explored my chest while my hands grasped firmly to her nice hips. She was grinding in my lap, kissing me and touching me. I was so into the moment, I didn't notice a party going on around us. My fingers played with the waist of her thong, feeling the soft material stretch under the manipulation of my fingers.

Her hands rubbed my chest, moving lower and lower. I felt her hand slip past my waist and down to my crotch. She was rubbing my crotch through the pants. This was the first time I really noticed people around us. No one was paying attention, but I became a little self conscious. I didn't stop her though, it felt so good. I was fucked up anyways; I wasn't caring too much about the people around us. In my intoxicated state, it wasn't hard to tune them all out.

Her hand rubbed my crotch while my hands explored her ass. It felt so good in my hands, it was smaller than my usual preference, but it was tight and nice. Her hips were round like a woman's should be and her thighs thick but toned. The regular stroking of her hand was driving me up a wall. Luckily another DJ started a set, so my moans were being muffled by the music. I ran one of my hands slowly up her thigh to where her skirt ended. In an act of boldness, I slowly kept running it up her thigh, under her skirt, toward her panties. I felt the edge of her panties, where they met the inner thigh, my fingers tracing the soft elastic.

My finger slipped under the elastic and I felt her smooth shaven lips. They manipulated easily under my fingers and I moved in more, feeling her wet pussy then sliding up to her clit. She was so aroused it made me even harder. Her pussy was so wet it was dripping. My fingers were covered in her sexual excitement. I felt her undo my belt and I snapped out of my trance. I wasn't sure I wanted to go that far, at least not here in front of everyone. I jumped a bit and she stopped.

"I don't think we should do this here." I told her.

"There are no rooms, trust me, this will be fun." She responded. I was getting nervous, nervous enough that it started to mask my high. She started kissing down my neck and chest. I closed my eyes and laid my head back, feeling her kiss me. She kissed lower and lower and I tried my hardest to just relax and let it happen. I focused on my high, on her actions and ignored everything else. I could hear my racing heartbeat in my head as she reached my waist. She unbuttoned my pants and slowly unzipped them, kissing the thin fabric of my boxers underneath. I could feel her lips on the head of my cock like there were no boxers there, like it was exposed.

This was soon to be the case; she slipped my cock out and started stroking it. I opened my eyes immediately and noticed no one was paying any attention. Her tongue played around with the tip of my cock while her hand worked the shaft. The mixture of fear and pleasure was driving me out of control. I was starting to moan loud as she took the whole length into her mouth. I felt it press against the back of her throat and I jumped. My hands found her head and her hair felt good under my intoxicated fingers. I rubbed her head as she blew me, right there in front of everyone. I noticed one or two people looking our way, but quickly averting their eyes when they saw me see them. As long as I played it cool, no one will say anything.

Her hands played with my balls, played with my taint and even rubbed my ass hole while she blew me. A few more people took notice but this time did not look away. One guy gave me thumbs up in a very crude frat boy way, but I ignored him. This beautiful woman was sucking my cock in front of an entire party. Soon, the public nature of our actions not only drew a crowd but also started making the situation very exciting for me. I pulled her head up to mine and we kissed. I could taste my cock on her breath, but I didn't care.

My fingers slipped under her skirt, pushing aside her wet panties and slipped inside her. I fingered her wet pussy while we kissed. She stood up, slid off her skirt and panties and turned around to face the party. A few guys cheered as she bent over in front of me. I licked up her thighs, purposely missing her pussy to tease her. She writhed as my tongue washed over her sweaty flesh. I could smell her sweet wet pussy as I got close and wanted to taste it as much as she wanted me to, but I made her squirm a little longer. Some people were chanting for me to "eat her box", but this wasn't about them. Finally, I made contact with her clit. My tongue lightly teased it as she started to moan in extreme excitement. My face was soon buried in her pussy, licking her clit and sticking my tongue in her wet hole.

She gyrated her hips in sync with her pounding desire. I lapped up her sweet wet pussy lips while my hands explored her ass cheeks and thighs. I slipped my tongue up and made light contact with her ass hole. Each time I did, she jumped a bit until I finally dove into her ass, tracing the rim of the tiny hole with the tip of my tongue. This brought cheers form the crowd of onlookers. I stood up, turned her around to face the couch and bent her over again. I licked up and down her ass and pussy, her moans becoming more and more powerful. She screamed for me to not stop licking her ass while she started to molest her clit. I licked her ass hole, pressing the strong, wet organ against her hole, forcing it open a little. I felt her orgasm explode, her whole body convulsing as she finished abusing her clit. With the die down of her orgasm, we got a roaring ovation from the crowd.

"Fuck me!" She screamed, arching her back and sticking her ass out at me. The crowd chanted with her, like a steady echo. I stood up and pressed my cock against her wet hole. She threw her hip back slightly and my cock slipped inside. I fucked her slowly at first, but she demanded that I fuck her harder. I slammed into her, slapping her ass as I rode her wet hole. My body flooded with pleasure, I grunted out loudly as I slammed deep into her. Our bodies were soaked with sweat and my balls dripped with her desire. They slapped against her clit as my cock drove into her with increasing power.

We both moaned out as we fucked right there, in front of an entire party of people. Her ass slammed against my pelvis, it felt so good against me. My thumb found its way to her ass hole and started rubbing it while I fucked her. This caused an instant reaction. She started moaning "More!" as my thumb molested her tiny hole. Her fingers started rubbing her clit hard and I felt another orgasm explode inside her. This brought about more cheers from our audience. It seems we had attracted the attention of the entire party. Every eye in the place was watching our every move. If it wasn't for the pills, I'd be running scared, but I continued to bang her.

I pulled out after her orgasm and let her pleasure subside a bit. She turned around and lay back on the couch. She lifted her legs up to her head and spread her ass cheeks open. She looked at me with desire in her face, wanting me to fuck her ass. I pressed the swollen head of my cock against her ass hole and she moaned a bit. She spit into her hand and rubbed it all over my cock. It slid slowly into her ass, I took my time to try and not hurt her. She got into it right away, rubbing her clit as soon as I was about halfway in. My cock started working in and out of her butt, her pussy dripping down to my cock as she rubbed her clit. We both moaned out in pleasure as I fucked her ass. It was all too much for me to handle, the crowd cheering, the sounds of our pleasure filling the air, her hot, tight little ass stroking my cock.

"Blow your load on me!" She yelled out, seeing my orgasm start to build. I pulled my climaxing organ out of her ass and exploded hot cum all over her pussy and stomach. It exploded with such force that it hit her tits and neck. Pump after pump of sticky white fluid drenched her body as she rubbed out her third and final orgasm. I collapsed into her, ignoring the fact that my semen was all over her. I couldn't tell what was cum and what was sweat as we finished with a passionate kiss. There were roars and cheers in the background, but I couldn't really hear them. I could hear my heart pumping in my chest. I could hear her heart, her heavy breathing and her sighs of pleasure. Once I composed myself, I stood up and slipped my pants back on. She put her skirt back on, leaving her soaked panties off.

One guy gave us both a free pill, clapping me hardily on the back, while others offered us a free joint or bottled water. The rest of the night was a blur. The girl and I passed out on the couch at one point. When I woke up, she was gone, nothing but a vague memory from the night before. Later on, we ran into each other at another party, giving that group something to cheer about also.

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