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Party Time In Bollywood


I was on the phone with my assistant director planning the shooting for coming Monday when Amisha walked into my home-office, to show me how she had dressed. We were going to a party tonight and I was taking her with me. I had given her the liberty to choose her own dress but of course she had to have it approved before we could go out.

I liked her choice very much. She had picked out a green dress, a new one, which was off the shoulder to the extent that her chest was also exposed, no cleavage though. The top part was white lace for 2 inches and after that a soft, thin and see-through, green material coving her body from her tits to upper thighs. Even the boobs area was see-through, not totally transparent but if you were standing close, talking to her at a party, you would be able to see every centimeter of her gorgeous tits including the nipples and areolas.

The dress ended at a dangerous point where her pussy would remain hidden only and only if she stood still with her legs straight. Even if she walked part of her pussy will come into view. And on the back side, I am sure you can guess, the dress covered the curve of her buttocks and went another couple of inches but did not try to boast that it was covering the full ass. Her back was fully visible and the sleeves were long, full sleeves with butterfly style hanging of same green fabric. Everything see-through. It was tight enough that you could see her full breasts being held in place without being pressed and since she was not wearing any bra, her nipples could be seen pressing against the fabric like trying to get out.

She had chosen to wear silver clear high heels with 7" heel and 3 inch clear platform under the toes. No straps but that was compensated by the two words engraved in rhinestone on the clear instep-strap, the words were "FUCK ME". And she did look totally fuckable, believe me. She had made her golden (dyed) hair so that it hung partially on her right side, falling off her shoulder and partly on her left only touching her shoulders.

She came to stand before me where I was perched on a corner of my large desk with the phone cradled on my left shoulder. Standing only 6 inches apart from me she opened her legs about 1 and a half feet wide and clasped her hands behind her back so I could inspect her fully. I could see her tits, fair, full and trapped in the thin, tight dress. I could see her bare, fully shaven, tight pussy through the see-through material, obviously she had just shaved it, and with her legs spread the outer lips of her pussy were slightly open, inviting a probing finger. I did not touch her, just nodded and she turned around.

Turning around she put her hands on the wall, standing about 2 feet apart from the wall and spread her legs 2 feed wide. She had bent maybe about 6-10 inches but even in this her ass hole became partially visible in that ultra-short dress.

She was looking behind her so she could catch my second "OK" nod and then turned back to me. She held her right hand in front of me wordlessly and for the first time I noticed that she was holding a tiny little pair of panties in her hand. They were thong style panties, green to match the dress, see-through and they had only enough fabric to cover the bare minimum, that is the triangle of her pussy from the front and a string to enter the crack of her ass from behind. They would tie on either side on her waist.

"May I?" she asked with her eyes, without saying a word.

In this household a girl wearing panties needed a reason and prior permission. I nodded.

The party was going to be purely private, only insiders allowed. Not even press reporters, at least not as reporters. There were going to be some reporters present but only as friends and not with cameras. They would say or write nothing about what they see or hear tonight. Just as the movie-people have to be friends with the media so do the media. The public doesn't know anything. In this kind of party Amisha's dress would fit right in, even without panties, but I let wear them because I was afraid I might fuck her on the way to the party, instead of after the party as was my original plan.

Let me give you a little background. This week I had got a new, young, cute slut called Ayesha Takkia and I had been using my new fucktoy with interest all week. That meant that Amisha did not get fucked a single time in 5 days. And when a girl has been turned into a slut, accustomed to getting fucked 2-3 times everyday, after a single day she starts pining for cock. But she had a gorgeous body and a sexy, cute face that turned me on, so I had told her to come to the party with me. Seeing her dressed I knew I had not made a mistake in my choice.

I softly fondled her firm breasts through the thin dress, or caressed her soft cheeks as I talked to my assistant. In 5 minutes I hung up the phone and slipping my arm around Amisha's soft, slim waist, pulled her close to kiss her softly on the lips. By the way she clung to me and pressed her lips hungrily on mine, opening her lips so my tongue could enter, I could easily guess how hungry my kitten was. But I broke the kiss and said, "Ready to go, doll?"

"Ready, able and willing!" She said with a horny, sexy voice and spread her legs at the same time in case I missed the message in her voice. I just laughed and led her outside with my arm around your soft body.

I had decided not to take any other slut with me tonight as I was in a mood to explore the depth of this fuckdoll that I owned.

It was a short drive to the party and to Amisha's despair, I didn't try anything apart from massaging her neck or rubbing her back slowly. But I know that even that kept her wet and sizzling hot. She was in a condition where every touch of my hands was going straight to her pussy and setting it on fire.

Today's party was to celebrate, you would never guess! Mrs. Nayar's latest movie had invoked yet another controversy and given her another hit. So, today's party was to celebrate, not the hit, but the controversy! LOL...the things we moviefolks do.


It was a good party, a little over 50 people, all well-known, or with someone well-known. The music playing in background was soft jazz not rock and roll like all those parties on screen.

I and Amisha entered the big hall and immediately I started looking around to see what kind of merchandise was on display. I was not disappointed; girls had gone to extremes to make sure they were causing erections every where they went. Quite a few of these girls were not movie stars, but, and this is important, they wanted to be. This type of girls usually, found a way to get into these parties and since this is their big chance, they made sure to dress the way that'd catch the eye of the big shots. I am telling you, a lot of careers are made in those party rooms. These girls are not touting talent, they have talent, some of them do anyway, but the first part is to get someone to look at them and be willing to give them a chance to show their talent. For that chance they were willing to do any kind of compromise. That's what I love about my business.

I was still checking out these girls and their outrageous dresses when a girl walked into my line of vision.

Passing through the throng of people, I saw Rani walking towards me. I had not seen her since that beauty pageant, Miss India (See story: Miss Slutty India) and she was looking even more desirable today.

She was dressed in a pink, halter, chiffon gown, which came to her ankles, but was pink and see-through. Not transparent, just translucent so that every time she look a step it clung to her legs and if you were paying attention you could see a sexy long, shapely leg. And there were a lot of people paying attention. The top of the gown tied behind her neck and the straps were tapering but so thin that half of her beautiful breasts in the middle were visible. With the thin material and the tight fitting, her nipples were poking through prominently and from the cut of the gown it was quite obvious even from the front that her back was totally bare right up to the waist. The matching pencil heels that she was wearing were only 4 inches high but made her ass look hot and inviting. She had done her silky hair straight and it was short enough to leave her back bare.

She was taking every step carefully in a measured way like she was fully aware of what to show and what to hide. I was mesmerized by her gorgeous body so skillfully covered and displayed at the same time by this sexy dress that I did not realize that I was continuously watching her take step after step toward me. But then I saw that every time she took a step the thin fabric of the gown wrinkled in a way between her legs that made it quite plain that she had no panties on. Wow! The cheek of this girl! I don't know what she did but as she saw me looking she smiled at me and took the next step in such a way that the slinky gown clung to her shapely leg and I could clearly see her pussy lips and pussy slit outlined by the sexy fabric. And then again, and then again. At each step, her body was saying, "Come! Fuck me!"

She walked right up to me and put her arms around my neck, hugging me with a devoted passion, wrapping her lithe, warm, soft body around me, she pressed her tits on my chest and by the time her soft cheek had brushed past my cheek her pussy was rubbing itself on my crotch where I could already feel a hard erection developing very fast. She put her lips against my ear and whispered, "Missed you so much...feel how hungry she is!". With that she started to grind her pussy on my cock and pressed her soft, luscious lips to mine. Her kiss was hot and hungry, her lips expressing the need of her whole body as the body itself was pressing and rubbing against me, talking of a craving that I could easily recognize.

My hands were roaming on her bare back, touching, caressing and squeezing. I put one hand on her ass and in that soft, thin fabric it felt even better than if she had been naked, yes, there was definitely no barrier of panties and as I squeezed her ass cheek I pushed my tongue into her hot mouth and started devouring her sweet lips, licking and massaging her tongue with mine.

When after a space of 5 minutes we finally broke the kiss in favor of breathing, she had a wet spot on her dress but damned if she was ashamed. She just grinned like a kitten who has just helped herself to some milk.

Putting my hand on her cheek I caressed her soft cheek, touching her soft, silky dark hair. She pressed her cheek on my hand...and just then somebody called from behind me, "Rani! Rani! Please one minute..!"

She made a face and said, "My cousin sister, I'll have to go. I'll be back in 2 minutes please don't go anywhere!" She pleaded. I smiled. She went to see what her sister wanted and I had just turned around when I saw another girl walking in my direction.

This one I did not recognize.

She was a young girl, very cute, and she was smiling which caused her cheeks to dimple on both sides. Although the face was cute and the smile innocent, her dress spoke something different about her.

For this party she had chosen to wear a halter dress with floral print, the dress fitted her body quite tightly and the fabric being quite thin, it outlined all her curves very nicely. The floral print accentuated her innocent looks but the fact that it ended just a couple of inches below her pussy level spoke volumes about her other charms as well! Her back fully bare and even half of her waist and the 3 inches platforms that she wore made her look a little taller than she was and that was good because she was maybe only an inch or so taller than Rani.

With a cute smile on her face this girl walked right up to me to the point that her body was almost touching mine.

"Hi, I am Preity." She said.

"Hi Preity. Nice to meet you!" I said.

"What? For her a nice hug and a kiss, and for me, Hi Preity, nice to meet you!" She mocked me, "No hug for me?" She demanded.

"Sure, why not?" Well, this was girl was advanced, but I was not the shy kid of the family either.

Before I could fully open my arms, she put her bare arms around me and clung to me tightly.

I put one hand on her soft, fully bare back and felt her warm skin and she pressed her tits on my chest until they went flat there and looked deep into my eyes before placing her soft, luscious lips on my lips and kissing me passionately. Not willing to be outdone in the festivities, I placed my free hand on her ass and mmmm...her dress was not only thin it was so nice to touch. What was under the dress was nothing to ignore either. I freely grabbed and kneaded her ass cheeks, one by one, as I sucked her soft lips and pushed by probing, hot tongue into her open mouth.

Preity brought one of her hands down on my ass and pressed inwards, at the same time pressing and grinding her pussy on my crotch that I could clearly feel my cock pressing on her pussy slit as the fabric of the dress was thin and there was no barrier of the panties anywhere.

I pressed my finger in her ass crack and pushed up and in so her pussy slit was kind of pressed open by the length of my cock and from behind my fingertip entered her tight ass hole including the dress.

She moaned into my mouth but did not break the kiss. Her body getting hotter and hotter in my arms, well, I was not freezing cold either, my cock was hard like a rock now. Finally, after this marathon of making out, we broke the kiss and she stood before me, hardly 3 inches between us, breathing heavy and smiling that cute, innocent and yet wicked smile.

"Come, meet my friends!" Before I could say yes or no, she grabbed my arm in both hands and led me towards her friends, all the time pressing her breast on my arm.

She took me where 3 girls were standing in a small circle and introduced me to each one of them.

"This is Namrata..." a young, hottie, about 20-22 years of age, stepped closer and kissed me softly on the lips, I was not surprised any more, after all they were her friends.

"This is Celina...", She followed the same example, pressing her soft lips on mine and kissing me not so soft but not long either.

"And this is..."

"Hello Kareena!" I said.

I was seeing Kareena for the first time after that 2-week vacation in France. (See story: Kareena is tamed.)

Those two weeks had been very very good. Kareena had started out as a brat and had transformed into a slut right after the first time I fucked her. By the time the two weeks were over she was a wanton slut, she begged for cock right after she woke up, and several times in a day and then she liked to be used before going to bed. She was insatiable and totally slutty. I had taught her how to be obedient and shameless in public too.

Tonight she was wearing a nice, tight salwar-suit which displayed more of her body than it covered. There were two thin straps that left her chest and back bare with a nice amount of cleavage. The fabric was green and see-thru, even on her breasts it seemed like there were only more layers of the transparent fabric, not an opaque fabric. Her breasts seemed pressed together and pushed by the tight kurti. The kurti was ending just below her pussy and the salwar was equally see-through and equally tight. As I looked closely, I could make out that she was wearing a matching, green thong which just barely covered the shaved, smooth triangle of her tight young pussy.

As I took a step towards her I could see that was back in her bratty mood but not caring anything for her mood I just closed the distance between her and took her face in my hands. Her cheeks felt so soft and smooth to the touch, she tried to move back but keeping her soft, warm cheeks in my hands I put my lips on her soft lips and deliberately and gently.

I took her lower lip in my lips and sucked it softly then the same with her upper lip. Like an automatic reflex she opened her mouth and my tongue entered deep into her mouth, caressing her wet tongue on the way as it explored her sweet, hot mouth.

At this point, she started kissing me back, bringing her body close to me and pressing her lips on mine, sucking my mouth with a hunger that had been dormant for a long time. Holding her cheek with one hand I caressed her soft cheek with the other, then moved my hand to her shoulders and neck, rubbing and caressing gently.

She pressed her body against mine, rubbing her thighs on my thighs and grinding her pussy on my hardening cock through her soft and thin suit. My hands now left her face and roamed on her young, tight body, rubbing her bare back and massaging her neck and then one hand went to her ass. I gripped her tight firm ass cheek in my big hand and pushed her hard into me, her pussy getting the thrust of my hard cock so hard through the suit she wasn't expecting it.

She gasped into my mouth and moaned but didn't stop kissing me. She kept sucking my lips and tongue like a hungry slut while my hand went on her ass crack and I kneaded her ass cheeks then pressed my finger on her lightly covered ass hole.

She gasped more, moaned louder. Finally, after a 3 minute long super-hot kiss, I broke the kiss and turned toward the other sexy babes. They were looking quite flushed and hot, Preity was rubbing her breasts through her thin summer dress.

I smiled at them and said, "Oh, yes, I have met Kareena before."

As they were looking at me and then the flustered, flushed face of Kareena and then back at me, Amisha walked up with a glass in each hand. Instead of handing me one she just came close enough to stand by my side, so close that her body was softly pressing into mine, and lifted the glass to my lips so I could taste the vodka-n-7-up drink that I loved. That left my hands free to fondle her pert, tight ass as we walked towards the dance floor together.

I downed my drink and slipping my arm around the lissome figure of my hot slut Amisha, I led her to the almost dark dance floor. The lights here were not like your average disco. You'd hardly notice there were any lights. This was a place to make out, for influential guys like me to feel the soft, warm bodies of these beautiful, willing girls. You could it say it was the step just before the bedroom.

Amisha, willing and eager, came into my open arms and we started to dance. My left hand was on her bare back above the point where her off the shoulders dress started and the right was softly caressing her small waist and her firm ass. Through the thin, semi-transparent fabric of her dress I could feel her full, well-developed, soft tits pressing on my chest. She was giving my chest a tit-massage, I could feel them flattening on my chest, the nipples hardened to the point where I could feel them moving on my chest. Her hands were roaming on my back, pressing me to her. Wrapping those long, sexy legs of her on mine, she was making every move with the express intention of making it clear to me that she wanted me to fuck her as soon as possible if not immediately.

My right hand moved a little lower on her partially exposed, firm, bare ass cheek and then I brought it back up, inside her dress, to hold and fondle her soft ass cheek. Her lips were pressed to my ear, her cheek to my cheek and she was whispering naughty nothings into my ear. Things like, "Oh God! You make me so hot....My body is one burning mass of desire..." and moaning.

Inspired by her words, my finger was exploring her tight ass crack, moving lower and lower. I touched my fingertip on her pussy through the flimsy thong, rubbing her pussy slit softly downwards and she hissed in my ear "Ooooooh god! Please...."

"Can I have the pleasure of those hands?" a voice asked, from my right.

It was Rani, standing just to our right and watching my hands moving over Amisha's lithe body, with an amused yet intense smile on her lips.

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