Party with the Neighbor MILFs

byGeorge VI©

Then Gail started to kiss down my neck. Her mouth nibbled its way down my chest. Then the drunken older neighbor fell to her knees, and grabbed my butt cheeks. Her lips found my dick head. My cock was still at near full length but hanging down, and she took my head completely in her mouth, and licked the end of it. Within a few seconds I was sticking up again, and with a few sucks halfway down my shaft, I was completely stiff.

I couldn't believe that Gail sucked my cock after I'd had it in two different pussies. If she minded the mixed juices of mine and Kathy's and Val's cum, she didn't act like it. She sucked it deep, wrapping her pretty lips firmly around me. "Ohhhh," I moaned.

I leaned back on the kitchen island, and while getting a blowjob from my neighbor the other women circled around with their wine glasses.

"Are you hard again?" Kathy asked rhetorically. "Wow, you teens!"

"It feels good!" I moaned in reply, and Gail smiled up at me. Kathy moved closer leaning against the island to my left, and started to make out with me and rub my chest and shoulders. So I in turn rubbed her chest and shoulders, but mostly her chest.

Linda moved in on my right side and also started to rub my shoulders. But I didn't mess with her shoulders; I went right for her big tits. She was so tall that I could lean over and suck on her mature jugs and fat nipples.

Gail stopped sucking my cock. "Kyle, will you screw me now?" She asked.

"Sure!" I said.

Gail simply fell back onto the family room carpet on her back. She spread her legs wide, and looked up at me. I released the other women, and got on my knees on the carpet between Gail's knees. Here was another awkward moment. I had never fucked a woman on top, and didn't know how to get into position. I simply moved down onto Gail and tried to stab her with my dick head.

"A little higher up, Kyle," she whispered, and she grabbed my dick and worked it in her pussy. It took me a minute to get into position, and I was embarrassed at looking like a novice in front of all of the women. But Gail emitted an encouraging moan, and eventually I felt comfortable and thrust down into Gail's pussy in comfort.

Gail's pussy was as warm and slippery as Kathy's and Val's were. And it felt great having the older woman wrap her bare thighs around my body and hold me while I pumped at a medium pace. When Gail started emitting high-pitched breathy whimpers, I felt like such a stud.

The other women left us alone, but I did look up once to see all three sitting back on the couch and chair, playing with their pussies again. I wasn't sure how fast I was supposed to thrust. So I started thrusting faster.

Gail started humping up into me, and squeezing her thighs around me. She moved her hips back and forth, and in order to stay in her I had to keep driving, so we scooted around the family room on the carpet. "Ohhh! OH!" Gail squealed. She was such a quiet, reserved, petite woman, but her sex noises were pretty loud. "OOOhhhhhee!"

I could hear our bodies slapping together. I thrust so hard that my balls slapped her bottom. Gail started digging her fingers into my back. She bucked from side to side, almost throwing me off. She had a lot of power for a small-framed woman.

I fucked so fast, that it almost felt like when I jerking myself off. Only it felt a lot better. Gail's squeals were bouncing off the walls. "OhhhhEEEEE!" "Oh, FUCK!" "OH, KYLE! FUCK ME HARD!"

I fucked harder, holding her shoulders to keep her from sliding away from me. She wrapped her calves around my body, and threw me around.

"Wow, Gail's is a tigress!" Exclaimed Kathy. "Who knew?"

Gail started shuddering. "UBBLUBLUBBUU!" She dug her nails into my back, and thrust up hard.

I couldn't take any more, and shot my jism deep into the brunette's mature fuck hole. Gail shook me more and clamped her thighs around me in a vice grip. Finally, she started to relax, her orgasm apparently subsiding. I laid on top of her, my cock still in her, as she panted, our sweaty bodies locked together.

I finally pulled out of Gail, and pulled her up to her feet. I rubbed my knees and stretched my back, and drank some pop, standing next to the kitchen island. Linda rose from the couch, and walked over to me, her big tits swaying, her brown bush and dark areolas prominent. She put one arm around me, and kissed me.

My cock was again hanging down, a little sore now, as were my balls. But when the tall busty naked mature wife and mother whispered to me, "It's my turn now, Kyle," I knew I wouldn't have much trouble getting another boner. I put my hands around Linda and squeezed her bare ass cheeks. Then of course I started massaging her big mammaries, and lifted them to my mouth, which wasn't a far reach with such a tall woman. I held the heavy glands and suckled on her nipples.

Linda reached down with her left hand, and started to jerk my cock. It didn't take long to get erect. Linda turned around and rubbed her butt against my cock. I loved the feel of her bare cheek and buns sliding along my dick head, and my cock was fully throbbing again. I reached around her and groped her tits, lifting and jiggling them. I also moved my left hand down to her pussy, and fingered her a little as she moaned.

Then Linda broke away, but took my hand. She led me a few feet away, to the kitchen table. She rested her bare butt on the edge of it, and laid back on the table. She pulled me between her legs, and I stood with my cock at the same level as her pussy. Linda lifted one leg up, and spread her legs wide. I could see the glistening pink of her pussy between her jungle of brown fur. I aimed my cock at it, and let it slide in.

Man, standing there with Linda's long smooth thighs wrapped around me, my cock in her pussy, Linda smiling up at me, and her big tits resting on her chest and bobbling around, I almost came in an instant. But somehow I didn't, perhaps because I'd already cum three times. Instead I thrust forward and watched Linda's big mature tits wobble like nothing I'd ever seen. She was smiling up at me, and thrusting out to meet my cock.

I took some liberties, circling my hips so I could reach all sides off the big woman's pussy. I couldn't resist Linda's wobbling tits, and reached down and grabbed them, kneading them and squeezing them as I humped the tall woman's pussy. The table wiggled a little, but I was betting that it was going to hold up to the weight and gyrations, and humped away.

When I released Linda's tits and straightened back up, Linda threw her right leg up, and rested it on my left shoulder. She did the same with her left leg, and the tall woman's lovely calves were resting on my shoulders while her long thighs rubbed against my belly. I found that I was able to drive my cock even deeper into Linda's pussy, and so I thrust deeply, slapping my groin against her body, making loud slapping noises.

Linda's hands were at her sides, and she was looking up at me. Soon she threw her arms over her head, and closed her eyes, and started whimpering.

I pumped rapidly, grateful to Mother Nature for inventing something that felt as perfectly fantastic as a woman's pussy on my cock. I glanced back at the couch, and all three women were watching us, once again fingering their own pussies.

Linda started to really moan. "OOoohhhhhhaa!" "OOOHHHHHHHHHH!" It only encouraged me to pump the sexy old broad faster and harder. Her tits danced wildly, and her thighs jiggled. Her feet were straight up in the air. "OHHHHHH!"

I gave a quick thought to some of the fantasies I'd had just this morning when I saw her outside without a bra. Now she was showing me what was under that t-shirt, and what was under her panties, and letting me do pretty much whatever I wanted with them. Sort of like in my fantasies. "OOOHHHHHH"

Slap slap slap!"


Slap slap slap!"


Linda squeezed her legs tight around me, and rolled her body back and forth on the table, knocking a salt and pepper shaker to the floor. "OOHHHHHHH!"

Now I was even grunting a little from my efforts. 'Uh uh uh!"

"OHHHHHWWW!" Linda's tits were practically hitting her in the chin when I pumped into her. They were going in the opposite direction that the rest of her torso was. "HHHHHHHHRRRGG!" Her eyes were closed, but her mouth was open, gasping like a fish out of water. "UNNNNG".

I lost it, and came inside of her pussy. Linda shuddered through an orgasm while I completed mine, and she finally started to slow her gyrations.

I slid out of Linda and let a little jism dribble onto her stomach. I realized how weak my legs were, and after pulling Linda up off the table, I sat down in a chair. Linda sat on the padded arm rest, and hugged me. "Kyle," she whispered. "We should get together alone some time. When my husband is out late or something."

Within a few minutes, though, I got up and got something more to drink in the kitchen. When I turned around, there was Val, still naked, still looking busty, still drunk. She put her arms around me and hugged me. My cock was hanging down, rubbing jizm onto her thighs.

"I wanna do it again," said the busty blonde.

I'd just cum four times. Not a record in one day, but pretty close, especially in such a short period. "I, uh, don't know if I'm ready."

"Do you think he's Superman?" Asked Kathy.

Val started to play with my cock, but it was pretty flaccid.

I leaned back against the kitchen island. As tired and sore as I was, I didn't know when I'd get another crack at my big-titted blonde neighbor. I reached out and played with her tits while she stroked me.

"I don't think he's ready," said Gail.

"I can get him ready," said Val. Then she dropped to her knees. She arched her back, grabbed hold of both of her tits, lifting them. She wrapped her jugs around my cock, and started to thrust her chest in and out.

The combination of the soft friction on my cock, and the visualization of the married older woman fucking my cock with her big tits, got me at full length within seconds, and within a minute I was hard as rock again.

"Wow, Val, that was good!" Said Linda. Val kept thrusting her chest up to meet my cock, squeezing her tits around it. Gail and Kathy stood up, and walked over to us. Kathy stood on my right, and Gail just to my left. They put their arms around me, and Kathy started to make out with me.

Gail pressed forward into me, and I could feel her hairy pussy mound make contact with my upper left outer thigh. She started to slide her snatch up and down on my leg. She was humping me like a dog.

Then Kathy started to grind on my right leg, and now I could feel the coarse texture of both women's pubic hair sliding along my thigh. They wrapped their thighs around me and humped. I reached around with both hands, and grabbed their bare butts. I pulled them towards me as they arched their pelvises up to meet my leg. Gail's butt was smaller and firmer than Kathy's. But I loved Kathy's smooth butt cheeks also, and squeezed her soft flesh between my fingers.

Val was still tit fucking me, as Kathy and Gail whimpered in my ear and took turns making out with me. I ran my middle finger up Gail's butt crack, and she seemed to like that. So I tickled both women's butt cracks with my fingers, not really pressing in but just lightly tickling.

Linda, apparently having recovered from our recent fucking, stood to my right, between Kathy and the kneeling Val. She seemed to want in on some action. All I could do was reach around and feel her tits.

Val started to suck my cock. So now Val was blowing me, I was feeling Linda's big tits, kneading Gail's firm butt, and fondling Kathy's tits, while Gail and Kathy humped my leg.

Between kisses, I looked at Gail's and Kathy's and Linda's faces. Their hair was messed up. I could see some gray at the roots. Their make-up was smeared. I could see some creases in their skin. I had this brief realization that these weren't girls my age I was kissing and "loving." They had some stretch marks, a little sag here and there, and even a little scar or two. They were middle-aged women who'd lived over twice as long as I had, were adult women before I was even born, had their own children, some of their children were even older than me.

The moment passed quickly, and I was still thrilled to be making out with them, much less fondling their flawed but still-arousing naked flesh, and proud that they wanted to have sexual contact with an underweight dweeb of a teen that had trouble getting dates his own age. And, after all, they had warm pussies, and as long as they wanted my cock inside of their warm pussies, I was willing to oblige.

Val stood up, turned around, pressed her butt against my loins, and rubbed her pussy over my cock. She raised her butt up high, and slid my unit into her wet pussy. I stood straight up, and tried to fuck her. Doggie style, they called this.

But it was hard to get in rhythm with nothing but Val's hips to hold onto, and Val realized it. She turned around, and leaned over the kitchen island counter. I caught on, and got behind her and re-entered her. Now Val was able to lean against the counter top while I held her hips and slammed my hips into her butt. I was even able to get in some feels of her hanging tits.

But the other ladies wanted some of my attention too. Linda leaned back against the counter, just to mine and Val's left. Linda arched her chest out and spread her legs wide. I went after her tits first, since the way she was thrusting her chest out made them look really big and inviting. I fondled her with my left hand.

Gail leaned over the counter just to my right, in the same position as Val, with her butt out. I reached between her legs, and fingered her wet hairy pussy from behind.

Kathy walked around the island and leaned over it from the other side, between Val and Linda. Her tits were dangling down, so I got in some quick feels of them.

I ran my left hand down Linda's stomach, and found her snatch. Her long legs were spread wide for easy access, and I slid three fingers into her. So the status was that I was fucking Val doggie style, and finger fucking Gail and Linda.

Kathy walked back around to our side, and said, "Hurry up, Val, I want some more of Kyle's cock too."

Val responded with, "I'm, I'm... clooose..."

I wasn't but Val was, and started gyrating. "OOHHHH!" She thrust back at me, went through a series of shudders, and collapsed on the counter.

I slid out of Val. I stepped to my right, and saddled up to Gail, who was still bent over her counter, her white little butt sticking up, her brown hair-covered pussy visible between her legs. I quickly aimed my dick head for the pussy mound, and slid it around until I located her slit. I slipped my cock in.

Kathy moved around to my right, and bent over the counter next to Gail. I slid my hand down her ass and found her gaping slit between her legs and fingered her. It turned out that Val didn't vacate the premises. She turned around and leaned back on the counter, panting, and I got another handful of her tits.

I fucked hard into the more petite Gail, and slammed her hard into the counter. She was moaning and whimpering with pleasure, but wasn't cumming fast enough for Kathy.

"Here, Kyle," she said. "Reach around and diddle her clit, like this."

Kathy reached around Gail and put her hand just above my sliding cock, above Gail's slit. She rubbed rapidly, and Gail responded with a "Ohhhhhh!"

I reached around on the left side, and Kathy took my hand. "Here's her G spot, touch that clitty, not too soon, but when she's ready to blow. It'll make a woman explode."

I reached around until I found Gail's button. So THAT'S a clit! Bingo! I rubbed my fingers around it. "OHHHHHH!" squealed the generally soft-spoken Gail. "YEEESSS!"

Gail gyrated her hips, almost throwing me out of her pussy, but I hung on until she went limp under me.

"Now it's my turn, Kyle," said Kathy. She stuck her white butt out, leaning over the counter, and I stood behind her, and worked my cock into her hairy pussy. I hung onto her hips and humped fast.

Linda and Val were still standing on my left, and I played with their tits. Linda, the only one I hadn't fucked against the counter yet, turned around and presented HER ass. Being significantly taller than the others, her butt was higher in the air. I fingered her while doing Kathy doggie style.

"Want to go anal, Kyle?" asked Kathy.


"Sure, you're lubricated enough." Kathy stopped humping back at me, and allowed my cock to slide out. "Now, aim higher. Right here."

Kathy reached back and pointed her finger at her puckered asshole. She wanted me to stick my cock in THAT? I didn't know a woman would ever WANT me to do that. But I decided to do as ordered, even though I didn't think it was big enough.

I stabbed my wet dick head at the puckered hole. I pushed in, but not much was happening. Finally I got just the head inside, barely. "I don't think it's going to fit," I said.

"Sure it will, said Kathy, "Just keep working at it. Go slow so you don't hurt me."

I moved slowly in and out, and in by inch, I started to get my cock inside of Kathy's asshole. 'UNNNG," she grunted. "That's good!'

Finally I got completely in. Kathy's asshole wasn't as lubricated, or as large, as any of the women's pussies. So I humped slow, as Kathy leaned over the counter, with her legs spread wide and her knees slightly bent.

I fucked her ass for a while, wondering how she could cum that way. I looked over at the other women, who were watching in amazement. Especially Linda. I started playing with Kathy's tits, and then remembered what she showed me about the clit, and wondered when it would be "time" to touch her there.

"UNGG UNNNG HUNNNN!" Grunted the mature blonde.

I reached down and searched for Kathy's clit. It took me a while for me to find it, so I just generally rubbed the area. Kathy's squeal told me I found it.

"UGGGGGNNNNN!" She immediately started shuddering, and then collapsed on the counter. I pulled my cock out of her asshole.

"Now," said a panting Kathy, "do that to Linda."

"Oh, I don't know," said Linda. "I've never..."

"Well, then it's time you tried it," responded Kathy.

With that, Linda bent over the counter, and spread her legs wide. I was tempted to just slide back into her pussy, but did as I was told, and aimed for Linda's apparently virgin asshole. Wow, I was about to do something that her husband hadn't even done!

It took a lot of grunting on Linda's part, and Kathy telling her to relax her muscles. But slowly I worked my cock into this gorgeous older woman's asshole, and started pumping her. Since I'd done anal with Kathy, I felt like the experienced one, and really got humping, watching her butt cheeks ripple. I even took some liberties by reaching around her and squeezing her big tits.

"HURRRNGGG! HUNNNNNNNG!" Grunted the older woman. "UNNNNNNG!"

I reached under her, and slid my middle finger into her pussy. I felt like I could almost touch my own cock except for the Linda's pussy wall.

"OHHHOOOOOOOO!" Linda alternately hung her head down, her brown hair covering her ace, and then throwing it up in the air. Her mouth started as open, but on occasion she grit her teeth and stuck her jaw out. "HHMMMMMMMM!!"

She was a big woman, and when she started thrashing around I nearly lost my balance and fell over. But I hung onto her sweating flesh and kept pounding into her. 'HUGGGGHHH!"

Linda even threw her feet back, like a kicking bronco, which just made me more determined to grab her body tight and slam my cock home. "HHHHHHHHGGGG!" "UMMMMMMMUUUMMMMM!" "HGURGGGH!" Very unladylike sounds coming from this classy woman. "HHGRRRGRG!"

Finally came the shuddering as I diddled her fat clit, and with her shuddering came my orgasm, and I blew cum into her butthole. This being my fifth cumming of the day it wasn't much, but it felt like a real good release.

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