tagIncest/TabooPassion for Dad Ch. 02

Passion for Dad Ch. 02


Dear readers, I felt the earlier story was half finished. Thought I should complete it. Hope you like it as always. But I would advice you to read Chapter – 1 before reading this.

........I started to buckle my waist making my pussy to move up as if to take some more of Dad's Cock... and the flood gate was open... I came and came and came... crying myself with happiness.

I was a content kitten when Dad woke me up from my sleep by going down on my pussy with his long tongue doing all the licking it liked so much.......


Dad turned me around and lifted my ass up in the air and I felt his Dick rubbing my pussy lips. As I lifted up my ass to make some more room, I used my free hand to guide Dad's dick in to the opening of my pussy.

Dad lifted me up with his cock submerged deep inside my pussy and made me to kneel down on the bed. He bent himself on me and held on to my hanging tits tweaking the nipples. He pulled them to his mouth and tried to suck them. All through his play with my tits he never once forgot to bang my pussy with his hard dick. I turned my neck so that he could kiss me. While I supported my right hand on the bed, I took my left hand down to fondle his cum filled balls making Dad to moan on my lips.

"Honey, your cunt is so beautifully wet and tight I just want to be there inside for ever. I never want to be anywhere else..."

"Yes Daddy, this time it didn't even hurt when you put your hard cock in to me. Look I have already become a veteran. Daddy you told me you never want your hard cock to be anywhere else other than my pussy, but Daddy how about Mom's pussy? Poor Mom!" I made fun of him.

"I think I have to take John's help I believe! Or I need to trust my good old dildo to do the Job!" both my Dad and me were shocked and shouted together – "Merlin." "Momma."

Dad was about to disengage himself from my pussy, I could sense the tension in him, but Mom coolly said – "Don't Harry, don't remove your dick from our daughter's pussy. Carry on, finish what you have started." There was not even a hint of sarcasm or anger in Mom's voice. She really meant it.

Dad became his old self, all confident and talkative, "Honey what happened? How come you have returned home?"

"There was a bomb threat on my flight and we had to disembark the flight for checking, they announced it may take about 6 hours, I cancelled my trip and headed home. You guys had even forgotten to lock the door. Wondering what's wrong I checked for you in our room, and then the light was on in your den, when I walked in to your den to find you there, I hear Daisy begging you to suck her tits, but it was from your speakers.

I think you had forgotten to switch off the camera and PC when you rushed to her room! Anyway, I accept, I was shocked to see you sucking Daisy's tits. Then it was so fascinating I made myself comfortable in front of the screen and watched you popping her cherry. When you started to fuck Daisy again I felt left out and here I am. Hope I didn't disturb you!" she finished of her little speech humorously.

Still having Daddy's hard cock in my pussy I replied, "No way Momma, In fact I was feeling so guilty of cheating on you. Now I am happy that you are here and you really don't mind Daddy fucking me."

"Let me tell you Momma, you are really a lucky woman to have fucked Dad for all these years, and I was jealous of you. Not anymore. Hope you don't mind to share Daddy's dick with me." It was sort of a confession on my part. But all through the confession I never stopped to push my ass back when Dad was pushing his dick in.

"Come on Baby, how can I say no to my own little baby. Lets share Dad's dick. But henceforth all of us are going to fuck together and this will be my condition."

"To begin with, Harry, come out of Daisy's pussy and put that damn thing in my cunt. I need to be fucked too...you guys have made me so horny... now I need your just fucked hard dick deep in my pussy. Before that I would like to taste it too... so that I can also taste our daughter's sweet juices." Saying this she just got out of her dress and laid beside me naked with a wink.

I was magnanimous in allowing Dad's dick out of my pussy, which was immediately grabbed by Mom's hungry mouth. But still I put a rider – "I too agree, but with a condition, Dad can fuck you Momma, he has to cum after you cum but not in your pussy. He will cum in my pussy! Be generous Momma, your baby has just experienced it only once..."

"Okay, Okay, now Harry, don't waste any time please fuck me now... just like how you fucked our little daughter... yes man, yes fuck me..." she took Dad's dick in her hand and lifted up her ass to guide it properly in to her waiting pussy which was glistening and dripping with her wetness.

I could see only the lust in Mom's action, how can she be blamed; she had witnessed Dad popping my cherry and fucking me till I came. It was pure pent up lust.

It was fascinating to watch this glorious parents of mine fucking each other in close quarters. I even touched Dad's cum filled balls and squeezed it. Then accidentally I even touched Mom's wet pussy that was swallowing the entire length of Dad's Dick. I just rubbed my fingers on her pussy and took it to my mouth to taste her. Hmmm yummy it tastes...

"Harder Harry, fuck me harder, yes that's it, yes yes yes yes yesssssss... Baby, daddy is making me to cum... yes darling your Dad knows how to make me cum... Oooooo! Honey, Fuck me like how you fucked our baby Harry, fuck me like how you fucked our daughter's fresh virgin cunt. Yaaa..." I will tell you she is a real moaner, no wonder I could hear all her moans through the partition wall!

She shrieked, she cried, she moaned and finally clutching Dad's ass and pressing it hard against her pussy she came.

After allowing Mom to calm down, Dad took out his Long dick which was dripping with Mom's cum. I was immediately on knees to lick Mom's cum out of Dad's dick. I held his dick in both hands and moved my tongue all over it licking that fabulous lusty cum of my Mom. Then I flicked my tongue over the slit of Dad's Dick head. It's mouth watering to look at that red cherry filled with blood, I felt like taking it in my mouth and cherish the feeling of a live monster in my mouth.

After taking Dad's hard Cock in my mouth, I could not keep quite; it was so tempting I started to bob my head trying to take him deep till his dick touched my larynx.

Dad suddenly pulled my head out and asked me, "Daisy baby, I am about to cum, where do you want me to cum, in your mouth or in your cunt?"

"Oh! Daddy, very hard to choose from, but this time let us have it in my cunt." I kept my options open for the next time!

Mom was now sitting and resting her back on a pillow. I placed my head on Mom's thigh very near to her just fucked pussy, spreading my thighs wide for Dad to enter. Yes, this time there was no need for a pillow below my buttock!

Dad held his dick in his hand and directed it to my quivering pussy. I held my pussy lips wide with my hands as he started to enter my pussy. Just by the touch of his Dick, I buckled my back in ecstasy to meet his dick in a hurry.

"Daddy, please fuck your baby now, I want this hard cock which has created me right now. You have just fucked Momma; now fuck your daughter Daddy. Cum in my cunt and make me cum with you Daddy." I think it was obscenity at its peak, may be I carry my Mom's quality in this aspect of moaning while fucking.

"Yes Harry, fuck Daisy harder and harder, screw our baby and cum in her sexy little cunt. Make her cum and Make our baby happy." She was encouraging Dad while she held my tits in her hand and bent her mouth on to it and suck my tits.

Oh! It's really double pleasure. Being tit sucked by Mom and fucked by Dad!

I never realized when I started, but my fingers were swallowed by Mom's pussy and she was gyrating herself on my fingers.

"Yes Baby, fuck Momma with your little fingers darling, make her cum with you and Dad..." she bent herself on me and gave a lingering kiss sucking on to my lips and deep throating me with her tongue.

I was loosing all sense of time and activity. I just knew that Dad's hard cock was deeply embedded in my wet cunt. And my fingers fucking Momma's hungry cunt while she passionately kissed me.

I felt Dad holding on to my tits and shouting, "Girls, I am about to cum... I am going to cum for the second time today in my daughter's cunt..."

I felt his dick head getting enlarged deep inside my cunt for which I should say I am getting familiar with!

"Yes Daddy, I can feel you, you are about to cum, me too Daddy, am almost there... Momma... Am going to cum now... Daddy is making me cum and he is going to cum in his little baby's cunt for the second time...Ooooo... Momma... I can feel you Cumming... your clit has started to throb...Yessss Daddyyy... Yessss Mommaaaa... So beautiful..."

"Merlin darling, I am cumming..." then I felt Dad buckling himself deep in to my pussy. Daddy's dick head started spurting his cum in a jet hitting my womb directly... making me to shudder and start the biggest cum I have ever had till now.

Momma clutched my hand tight in her cunt and started to fuck it with vigor till she came.

I can say all of us came together within a few nano-seconds.

Collapsing on each other we slept peacefully throughout the night.

Morning, we were shy to look at with each other on the breakfast table till Mom said – "Harry, Daisy, we need to talk."

End for now?

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