tagIncest/TabooPassion for Dad Ch. 01

Passion for Dad Ch. 01


Dear readers, I had promised you not to write anymore of erotic stories, but with umpteen request mails my readers had forcefully compelled me. Leaving me with no choice but to heed to their request, or else I would have been arrogant if I had not done so. Hope you like what you read. But my request is to consider the following.

This story is only a work of fiction, not to be experimented with.

Please ignore all the grammatical and spell mistakes; I just want to entertain you.

Please vote this story and all the other stories you read on 'Literotica.' It encourages us.

I appreciate all the comments you give me, also you can give me some story lines so that I can develop on it, that is when I have time!

While having dinner with my parents, somehow I knew both Dad and Mom were going to make it again tonight as they have been doing it every night since past week. The silent exchange of glances, the way Dad touches Mom's buttock, Mom's innocent rubbing of Dad's crotch. They must be under the impression that their daughter is too innocent to understand all their mutual sexual advances.

They must also be thinking that I would be fast asleep when they rock on their bed with loud moans and cry's. With all the noise they made, even an innocent daughter of 19 years will get some ideas to what's happening on the other side of the wall.

In all honesty let me confess, the parents of mine had successfully ended up in getting their daughter sleepless nights. Most of these nights I end up with pleasing myself with the help of my fingers and I slip in to a disturbed sleep. I am sure tonight won't be any different than the past week.

Instead of the ritual of watching some soap opera after dinner with my parents, to give them a lead, I feigned sleepiness, kissed them goodnight and excused myself.

John followed me to my room, I closed the door and switched off the light and went to bed cuddling John eagerly waiting to hear those moans.

May be 15 minutes later I heard my parents closing their door. Yes its show time.

As usual the moans started from the word go, I even heard Mom screaming – "Yes Harry, yes, that's it..." I started wondering what does it mean, making me curious all the more. I tip toed out of my room and stood in front of their door but was disappointed for not finding any gap to see through. Finally I found a keyhole to look in to. I got scared when I made some noise as I banged my head to the door while peeping through the keyhole and almost ran to my room. But the lovebirds never realized the sound. Getting more confident I went back and glued myself to the keyhole.

Hmmm, no wonder, Mom is screaming with passion. For that matter any woman would scream with passion after having such a long 10 inches dick in their pussy! Dad was making it in doggie style. My legs were rooted in the same place till Dad's cum started to trickle down on Mom's thighs. Once they were spent and collapsed on the bed I went to my bed to start my ritual of pleasing my self.

Closing my eyes I started to imagine Dad taking me in his arm. I imagined him kissing me full on my lips going down to my tits to take it in his mouth. Satiating himself, he would go down... and lick my pussy with his warm tongue till he makes his daughter cum...

I felt I am in heaven when I really felt a warm tongue on my pussy... thinking that Dad must have somehow felt his daughter's desire and wanting to please her had come to my room.

Quietly I opened my eyes, but was disappointed to see no one licking my pussy! But had to be content with my own fingers to please myself.

I have the habit of snooping around my Dad's office den, when I get the opportunity to stay alone at home. To my joy, I had found many porn movies CD's hidden away from my Mom and me in a secret place.

This time since my college had declared holiday for some reason I stayed at home doing nothing till Mom and Dad left for their work. I think I never had such an opportunity of having entire day for myself to watch porn. I took all of Dad's collections out and selected the CD's which I had not seen and started playing one by one on his P C. I had taken out all my clothes and sitting on the chair naked playing with my pussy. One particular CD didn't had any name on it making me curious to watch it wondering what it contains. When it started playing I could make out it is some home made porn movie. To my utter disbelief the heroin of the movie was none other than me! Spreading my legs wide on the bed, and pleasing myself shamelessly.

Now I know why my Dad has that sly smile on his face when I wish him good morning! My own father must have filmed me in action. I ran off to my room to search for that hidden camera. After carefully searching for a while I could find the camera hidden behind the air conditioner grill! Clever Dad!

Instead of feeling shy or guilty I started my sex episodes with myself in great abundance. Even sometimes winking at the camera and mouthing Dad, so that he could make out my lip movement.

I started wearing provocative dress around the house, he must have seen the change in me and I could always see a bulge in his pant. Scheming for an opportunity I grabbed it with both hands when Mom went off to visit Grandma on a weekend.

As usual after leaving Mom at the airport on a Friday evening, Dad and me finished off with dinner. Dad declared himself that as he has some work to do he will be in his den. But I knew it very well what work he has! He has to get his system started and camera rolling; he has an opportunity to watch his daughter live and he didn't wanted to miss it.

I cleaned the kitchen in a hurry, went to my bath room to have shower, suddenly getting a wicked idea I took my toilet kit and fished out the shaving razor to give myself a clean shave on my pussy. I wore my black strapless lacy bra and black lacy panty over which I wore a white sleeveless tight t-shirt and tight blue jeans. I came out of the bathroom, played music on my system. I started to sashay around the room. I moved slowly towards the camera, after staying in front of the camera for while I turned back and stood facing my back to the camera. I removed my t-shirt to the slow beats of the music. Slowly turned back facing the camera giving it an eyeful of my tits covered with lacy black strapless bra. I moved backwards till I could imagine the camera covering me fully. Who knows, Dad must be zooming it in and out with a remote, but still I wanted to give him an eye full. I removed the button of my jeans and pulled the zipper down slowly. Then pulled the jeans out of my legs. For a while I gave some still pose for Dad. Then I sat on the bed spreading my legs wide. Over my panty I started to rub my pussy. I felt my panty soaked with my wetness.

I slipped my hand inside my panty and inserted a finger deep inside, took it out and walked over to the camera. I slowly raised my finger which was glistening with my pussy juices to the camera and whispered "Dad would you love to lick my finger and taste your daughters pussy Juice? I am waiting for you." I was fully aware that Dad could hear what I said.

I went back to my bed and laid down closing my eyes. Straining myself to hear Dad's footsteps. I was not disappointed, as he made his entry to my room and I felt him bending down to my fingers to lick it. He licked it clean. Then he moved to my lips to lick it with his tongue. When he inserted his tongue inside my mouth I could not control my self I took his face in my hand and kissed him hard pushing my tongue deep in to his mouth. We kissed till we could not hold our breath any more.

"Dad, you took quite a lot of time to get to me!" I was shameless in complaining.

Moving his hand over my tits, he asked, "When did you come to know about the camera baby? No don't tell me, now I know it, its since the day you started mouthing 'Dad' when you were about to cum with your fingers deep in your pussy?"

"Yes Dad, yes." I agreed.

I was definitely not interested in small talk, as I have been waiting for this to happen, "Dad, please suck my tits, it's never been sucked and I am aching for a proper suck on my tit, please Dad?"

"What? You mean you have a virgin tit?" he was shocked.

"Yes Dad, not only my tits, everything on me is still virgin." I winked at him and continued "I have been saving it to you Dad."

"My poor baby," saying this Dad made me to stand in front of him and took an eyeful of his creation. Then he stood in front of me and put his hand to my back searching for the bra hook. He unclasped my bra making it fall directly on to the floor. He held both my tits making his fingers to tweak at the nipple to full hardness. He bent himself to my right tit and took the nipple in between his lips and started to flick his tongue giving me a beautiful sensation.

I held his head tight and pulled it further into my tit and said, "Suck it hard Dad, suck my tit hard. Give me that feeling of being tit sucked."

He obliged without much cajoling, he took half of my tit in his mouth and started to suck it hard, at the same time his right hand was playing with my left tit, wanting me to get it sucked too. I pulled his mouth out of my right tit and placed it on my left tit and commanded "Dad, Now, like a good Dad, suck your baby's left tit hard."

This time while he was sucking my tit, his hand moved down over my panty to fondle my pussy lips. Oh! God, this Dad of mine knows how to make me want more!

Dad released himself from my tit and moved down and sniffed my pussy over the panty. "Hmmm you smell good baby."

"Really Dad? You want to see how your Baby looks without her panty tonight?" hearing this he almost tore away my panty, to see those clean shaven petals.

He lifted me up like a baby cradled in his strong arm and put me on the bed. He crawled between my legs and planted a tender kiss on my soaking wet pussy. Dad took one pussy lip between his lips and nibbled on to it, he did the same to the other pussy lip. Now he took both the pussy lips in his mouth gave a hard suck making my clit to throb. He inserted his tongue deep and started to fuck my pussy with it. I felt I was about to cum with the tides of cum building up.

I yelled, "Dad, I am cumming... you are making me to cum..."

"Yes Baby, cum, this is only the first of many cums you are going to have." He moaned through my pussy.

I clutched his head tight between my thighs and felt the shudder building up deep in my pussy.

"MMMmmmm, Godddd, Cummmminnng Dad, I am cummingggg..." and I started to cum beautifully.

When I thought it has ended, I felt another wave building up, I pulled Dad out of my pussy, and told him clearly, "No Dad, no, this time I want to cum when you fuck me with that beautiful monster of a cock of yours."

"Hmm, I understand, my baby has been waiting all through 19 years of her life to have her Dad's hard cock in her wet cunt." He placed a pillow below my buttock; then Dad inserted two fingers inside my pussy and scooped my juice to rub it over his hard dick.

He held his dick in his hand and rubbed it against my pussy for a while making me to beg – "Dad, please don't tease me, put your Dick inside my wet pussy, put it all the way in your baby's fresh virgin pussy..."

Dad held my thighs wide and pushed his long dick. He took forever to get inside my quivering pussy. He inserted one agonizing inch by another inch. When I looked down he was not even 1/3rd inside my pussy! God, I was scared, thought I could never fit him, can never be a woman enough for my Dad, while all these thoughts were crossing my mind, suddenly I felt a hard push giving me a ferocious pain making me to scream, "Dad, you are hurting... take your dick out... I can't bear this pain..."

He held me tight in his arms, and soothed me, "Shhh... baby calm down... relax for a while, the pain goes off...you know? All the 10 inches of Dad's dick is in your pussy!" he gave me a passionate kiss, licking my lips and sucking my tongue.

I felt the pain tapering off, then it struck that I had become a woman, I was so happy and content I returned the kiss with the same passion.

"Dad, did you realize that with all of your 10 inches of hard dick deep inside your daughter's cunt you have popped her cherry?" I hugged him tight.

He just smiled and whispered, " Yes baby, but not many of the girls I met before your Mom could take all of it in, but my daughter is different."

I scissor my legs around his waist and pulled him down, "Dad, now you just fuck me silly, I want to get drowned in your cum, fuck your baby hard Dad, give her all you have."

"Oh! Daisy baby, my darling, I am fucking you honey, I am fucking my own daughter... what a beautiful tight cunt you have baby!" he started to rock him self above me making me to rock along with him.

Suddenly I realized we have a spectator right from the beginning, my Doberman John, I turned to John, who was fascinated by looking at us, I moaned towards him, "Johnny baby, look at me, Dad is fucking me darling! Dad is fucking your mistress baby...do you like what you see...?"

He gave a loud whimper in appreciation!

"Dad, now don't stop, I want you to handle me rough, fuck me hard, fuck me harder and harder...like how you fuck Mom..." then suddenly I asked him, "Is she good Dad?"

"Oh! Ya honey she is also good, but you are different baby, now Dad is going to fuck you hard honey..." he started to pump me harder and harder.

Initially it was very difficult for me to match his strokes, but soon I was synchronizing my self with his deep fucking by raising my buttocks each time he moved his long hard dick deep in to my waiting pussy. Then retracting my buttocks when he pulled himself out but not fully, with just an inch inside my pussy. Ohmygod, Ohmygod, Ohmygod, Ohmygod, this is heavenly, the feeling of all of the 10 inches of hard dick sliding in and out of my silky wet cunt.

I started to play with my cunt muscles. I heard Dad moaning whenever he felt the contraction of my cunt muscles around his Cock.

"Daisy Baby, you are driving me crazy... Oooooo, you are an amazing fuck darling... my daughter has such a beautiful cunt and am the lucky father to fuck his own daughter." He was mumbling.

I felt his cock head bulging deep inside my cunt, I told him, "Dad, don't move anymore, I want to feel you exploding inside me, I want to experience it when you cum, and I also want to cum when you cum. Just hold me."

We just held on to each other and felt each other's pressure building up, my cunt walls had totally engulfed Dad's hard dick and without any effort it started to contract around the dick it had surrounded. Even Dad's Dick didn't keep quite, for every cunt contraction of mine the dick head used to get extra large with endless throbbing.

I felt both of us could not hold it any more, I whispered in his ear, "Now Daddy now, your Baby is ready to cum for you, just cum inside me Daddy, shoot all your cum in your own baby's pussy... shoot it till it reaches your baby's womb."

"Yes baby, take it, Daddy is about to cum in his darling daughters cunt." I felt him going rigid and holding me tight, then he started to buckle himself over my pussy, then I felt that beautiful explosion-taking place deep inside me. Dad's cock head gave one wild shudder after the other bulging itself all the more. The beautiful feeling of being fucked and getting filled with the cum of my own Dad triggered an avalanche inside me, my clit started to throb rubbing Dad's dick, I started to buckle my waist making my pussy to move up as if to take some more of Dad's Cock... and the flood gate was open... I came and came and came... crying myself with happiness.

I was a content kitten when Dad woke me up from my sleep by going down on my pussy with his long tongue doing all the licking it liked so much.

End for now?

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