tagErotic CouplingsPassion Under the Stars

Passion Under the Stars


My love I was just daydreaming:
And thought I would share my thoughts with you.

I would so very much like to be laying on a blanket with you along side a high mountain lake on a warm summer’s night. The moonlit night sky would be filled with the beauty of millions of brightly shining stars. As an occasional shooting star crosses the velvet darkness we are viewing. I hold you in my arms, I hear you whisper seductively how very much you would love to feel the touch of my body against yours.

As I feel the warmth of your soft body against mine, as my lips brush ever so gently across yours, I whisper how very much I desire you, how sexy you look and how wonderfully seductive every movement of your beautiful body makes you look in the star light, especially when caressing mine. Kissing you softly along your neck, lightly taking my time exploring your sweet mouth with my tongue, Occasionally slipping back across your cheek and back to your neck and tenderly biting the lobes of your ears hinting at how very much I desire to devour all of you. But resisting so as to prolong this wonderful passion filled time experiencing the intimate side of each other's love.

As I look deeply into your eyes I lift your hand and tenderly trace a path across its palm with my finger that reads" you are so very beautiful" and "I want you desperately." As I slowly lick, nibble and softly kiss my way down to your breasts my breathing seems as if to be timed with their rise and fall my mouth takes a nipple now swollen with excitement deeply inside sucking, licking and tenderly biting it, lustfully yet tenderly. I feel their warmth brought on by your now building desire, which in turn is causing a feeling of warmth and swelling rising from my balls up into my hard cock. I find myself hardly able to contain my growing desire and lust for your wetness of which I am now so very much aware.

The scent of your excitement is filling the night air and definitely is having a marked effect on me. As I tenderly taste my way down to your beautiful little belly button I feel your hips beginning to move upwards to greet my mouth. Your scent is now so strong, fueling my desire to rush down and let my tongue, my mouth, fill with all your sweet hot juices. But no! I must resist, as I want so very much to prolong this wonderful excitement we share. My hands grasp you hips as my tongue traces a path softly, slowly, teasingly, along your stomach down along the crease of where your legs part. But only just teasingly brushing my lips and the tip of my tongue softly along the edges of your pussy, touching your inner thigh and down the inside of your leg to the very tips of your toes, stopping long enough to sensuously lick and suck each precious toe. Licking between each toe while one of my hands is kneading your left breast and the other is tenderly but passionately pinching your right swollen nipple. As I sensuously kiss my way back up the inside of your leg I whisper how much I want to be inside you, how badly I desire for us to be as one.

As I reach your inner thigh my hands are now kneading both of your beautiful breasts. My fingertips surrounding and massaging your swollen nipples, twisting and pinching them, causing just the right amount of exciting pain that does not cause you discomfort, only heightens your sensitivity to my passionate touch. As my tongue reaches the outer edge of your now hot, wet, dripping pussy my senses are overwhelmed with burning hot desire. Desire to taste your sweetness, desire to consume every last precious drop of your wonderful sweet wetness, which is now beginning to run down between your now trembling and parted legs. I do not let a single drop escape me as I catch every wonderful drop quickly with my tongue. Licking up every drop and then rising to lick at the edges of your sweet pussy lips, sucking them into my mouth and nibbling gently on them. As my tongue slides to the top of where your soft pussy lips meet the hood now protecting your throbbing, swollen clit my fingers slide down from your breasts, down over the softness of your stomach. Finally I carefully pull your lips apart and your hood up exposing your so very sensitive hot swollen clit which is anticipating the touch of my tongue, my mouth, and my lust.

As I blow my hot breath across your clit I feel your sweet ass tense as all your muscles tighten in anticipation of the feel of my tongue on your clit. You arch your back to greet my waiting mouth and tongue but I only lightly brush along the tops and inner edges of your exposed sensitive lips and the underside of your hood but not touching your clit, but coming so very teasingly close. I blow softly across your clit so that you arch your back even more, crying out for the feel of my tongue and mouth, which you now so desperately lust passionately for. You drop back onto the blanket and the stars come back into view as your muscles relax, though your breathing and desire does not. You find me softly licking and kissing my way down the inside of your other leg. You wonder how much longer you must wait to feel my tongue plunge deeply inside you as well as feel my cock slide deep into your wetness.

But then as you begin to relax, about the time I finish treating your other toes and feet, I rise rather quickly up to the level of putting my face just above your aching with desire pussy. You think thank God, as you could not imagine not feeling my full passion applied to your womanhood that now cries out to be satisfied. But no! You are surprised as I roll you over onto your stomach and slide the full length of my naked body up against yours. You feel my now fully erect cock slide up between your slightly open legs. You open up, inviting me to slide into your wetness, gasping slightly, feeling the touch of the head of my cock at the opening of your so very wet beautiful pussy. But once again you are denied what you now ache for as I begin to kiss and lick my way down once again. You reach out to pull me back up and inside but I resist and whisper softly "be patient my love the best is yet to come." And though you feel as if you are going to explode with the passionate desire that now fills every part of your body, mind and soul, you allow me to continue.

I again begin to kiss and lick my way down to the small of your back while occasionally whispering how beautiful you are, and how very much I love and desire you. As I reach the beginning of the crease created by your soft lovely ass cheeks I grasp both and gently spread them apart, exposing both your pink little ass and your sweet dripping wet pussy. As my tongue finally finds its way to the edges of your little asshole I only lick softly around its edges as I feel you tense with every touch of the tip of my tongue. I slide my tongue, which is now wet and slippery from your own sweet juices that had ran down between your legs earlier, to the very edge of your sweet pussy. I tease you even more by sliding my tongue alone its edges, stopping occasionally to suck on your sweet lips. As my tongue finally slides deeply into your wonderfully wet pussy I feel your muscles tense and hear a slight gasp of delight. Finally you feel the start of the intense pleasure of my tongue plunging deeply into your aching pussy that you have been literally almost dying for. As my tongue slides the full length of your pussy, collecting every drop of your wonderful sweet juices, sliding between your swollen pussy lips trapping every drop, you feel your heart race.

Now even more wetness flows down between your pussy lips and collects in a small puddle surrounding your clit. This excites you even more as you feel your own wetness running out of you and onto your clit. You feel how hot you are by the very warmth of your own hot sweet juices as it touches your clit. I flatten my tongue out and lap up this sweet little puddle and slide forward just enough to turn your head sideways and give you a wonderfully deep passionate kiss, sharing your own sweetness. This allows you to taste and smell the same essence of your womanhood that is driving me beyond control. But again I resist sliding my cock into your sweet hot pussy. Though during this kiss it was laying lengthwise between your pussy lips. I could not help but to move my hips back and forth slowly to spread your wetness over the length of my burning cock. I even let my head slowly slide into you just until reaching its shaft and then very very slowly sliding it back out while finishing our kiss.

You think you are going to lose your mind, as I do not allow myself to slide the full length of my cock into you but instead again slide back down again over your soft lower back and kiss my way across your sweet ass. The first touch you feel is the tip of my tongue teasing the area between your beautiful wet pussy and your sweet pink asshole. As my tongue teases the area between these two intimate spots, my hands slip around in front so that one hand can stimulate your swollen clit by rubbing its hood back and forth and around in circles over it, and the other hand slides three fingers into your wet, hot open inviting pussy. My fingers glide into you easily as your pussy muscles are relaxed and you are so wet. Your sweet pussy is very well lubricated by your desire. As my tongue tenderly licks around the edges of your sweet little asshole I feel it contract and then relax with every little touch of the tip of my tongue. As I feel it begin to relax more and more I softly allow my tongue to slightly enter, you tense but only slightly. As I feel you relax I allow my tongue to slide deeper in. You moan quietly and as you feel the warmth of my tongue sliding deeply into you and my fingers stimulating your clit and slide deep into your pussy your moans grow louder.

As my fingers do their sensual work on your clit and also begin to slowly pump in and out of your wet pussy, you arch your back up to push my tongue in as deep as possible. You also begin to rotate your hips in rhythm with my three fingers, which are beginning to hand fuck your pussy faster, and with more passion. As I begin to feel your pleasure reaching an extreme level I let my fingers push deeply into your pussy so that their tips push back against the spot deep inside you, touching the back wall of your hot pussy, reaching just under your cervix. The combination of my tongue now sliding in and out of your sweet ass and the uncontrollable pleasure of my fingers fucking you deeply and stimulating that wonderfully exciting spot just under your cervix causes you to cry out, not from pain but extreme pleasure. You try to not cry out loudly but must as your passionate desire is becoming too much to hold back.
I tell you to let go! Please do not hold back as that is how I can truly get my biggest pleasure, by knowing you are feeling such wonderful pleasure yourself is my ultimate turn on.

As you feel the waves building inside, you let go and they begin to come one right after the other, stronger and stronger. You feel a wonderful wetness flooding out of you with every wave. For a moment, but only a moment, you are shocked to think you have lost control to the point of urinating. But then you realize that I have slid my tongue out of your ass and am lapping up every drop. Not only am I consuming all of this wonderful wetness but you can actually feel my cock throbbing rhythmically against the soft under side of your foot as I am moaning with sheer delight and my hips are involuntarily rotating causing my cock to stroke the softness of your foot. You cannot believe your senses could be so acute that you could be riding this unbelievably and incredibly strong wave of maxi orgasms but still be aware that not only was my cock touching your foot but to also be able to feel it throbbing. But then you realize that is not all. For you are also aware that my other had has left your clit and a finger has replaced my tongue in your ass and is giving you an incredible feeling of pleasure by gently sliding in and out, and in combination with my thumb is massaging the thin skin lining between your asshole and your pussy. You never knew it possible to feel so much pleasure from everywhere all at the same time. You realize for the very first time you are with a lover who makes you feel like the truly beautiful, sensual, sexy woman you are. You feel complete, as a woman should feel with her man, knowing that he desires you more than any other woman on earth.

Just when your orgasms are coming so fast, one right after the other they almost seem to be just one very long intense orgasm and you feel like you might pass out, your only thought is that this cannot possibly get any better. You could not endure anything more. The level of pleasure is overwhelmingly intense. Just then I slide up and grasp your hips lifting you to your knees. I stand with one knee on the ground and the other foot flat on the ground. I slide my now unbelievably erect and throbbing cock into your convulsing sweet wet pussy as deeply as I can. Our position allows my cock to enter deeper that you can imagine, with each deep thrust its head pushes hard against that same spot under your cervix as my fingers did to start you cumming uncontrollably before, and allowing you to continue riding this wave of intense orgasms. As I too approach my own orgasm I begin to fuck you harder and harder as I cannot contain my passionate desire, my lust for you, any longer. You feel my hands pulling your hips into me with a force you would have thought to be to harsh before this time, but you find yourself thrusting your hips in unison with mine. We both have completely let go and are letting our true animalistic lusts drive our passion. We cannot get enough of each other. It is, as we believe, if we try hard enough we can become as one. But we realize we do not even have to try, as we both are shuddering and driving our bodies together uncontrollably, our bodies have taken control and are joined in the union of true lovemaking.

When I can no longer hold back I slide out of you and turn you over onto your back. You lift your legs open to greet me as my cock slides back into your sweet pussy. I do not resist as I feel you convulsing still with unbridled passionate orgasms. I feel how wonderful it feels to have my cock so very deep inside you, your hot wetness, the rhythmic convulsing of your orgasms, how soft the inner walls are of your pussy caress my cock so wonderfully. As I begin to come stronger than ever before I look deep into your eyes. We both cum together, so wonderfully intense, so wonderfully passionate, so full of desire and love. We cum and at the moment of pure ecstasy without saying a word, we know through looking so deeply into each others eyes how very very much we love each other and want this moment to last through all eternity, and know it will.

We collapse into each other arms with me still inside you. I take you into my arms, holding you tenderly. We feel a contentedness beyond compare. We look up together at all the millions of brightly shining stars in the velvet darkness above us. And know that we have just outshined them all. Then I softly kiss your cheek and whisper in your ear........”I LOVE YOU.... WITH ALL MY HEART, MIND, BODY AND SOUL”.........BWL

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