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Passionate Love Making


It was about nine in the morning, I was still in a daze from last night. I looked over to my left and saw him there. Jeremiah laid there peacefully lightly snoring away. I thought about last night's adventure and remembered how perfect it was, like a dream. I moved closer to him laying my head on his chest, listening to his snores and heart beating slow. I reached up and played with his long dreads, the humidity was starting to take its toll on us from the outside. The stickyness between us from the sweat that previously displayed out on us returned, making his body scent come back.

Then I felt his his movement, his armed reached around my back and stared rubbing me up and down. I kissed his chest lightly and heard a light moan come from him. My other hand reached under the sheets, slowly sliding down his abs feeling his light hair trail grow more dense as I went down; and I planted kisses all over his dark chocolate complected skin tasting the sweet/salty flavor.

I finally arrived at his dick, warm and somewhat wet with cum dried from last night. It was soft and plump, it filled my hand as I squeezed it. He squirmed a little then I felt his lips on my head. I turned my head to face him and looked into his beautiful brown eyes which were now opened. He leaned forward and passionately kissed my lips. I stroked him up and down feeling him grow to its maximum size. I stopped kissing his lips then slowly kissed down his neck, listening to his moans turn me on.

Every smack I made him rub my back harder. His hand slowly went down my back to my ass and grabbed it. His other arm was put behind his head allowing his natural body aroma to drift to my nose. I went over to his armpit started licking aggressively around the hair and around the skin. "Ah shit." he whispered in my ear. I licked around his bicep, and triceps, feeling the giant muscle hump on my tongue. Making sure not to miss his other sensitive spots, I went over to his ear and sucked on it. Making light moans and sucking sounds in his ear.

My hand that was jacking him off was now covered with warm, thick precum. I stopped jerking him and wiped his juice on his abs and his nipples. I went down and tweaked his played with his nipples with my tongue, lightly biting each one, feeling them get hard on the tip of my tongue. His precum was also adding a strong salty flavor on my tongue.

He smacked my ass making me bite down harder on him. "Oh yeah baby." he whispered louder. I whimpered from the stinging and pleasure mixed together. I moved back up to his face and kissed him again, this time crawling on top of him. I ground my body up against his, rubbing our bodies together. Our hard dicks rubbed together creating a hot mixture of fluids together making the friction smoother. He grabbed my waist and felt me up my back.

Our kisses turned more intense then before, our groans growing louder. We were making love. Exciting, hot, passionate love. In seconds our bodies are soaked in sweat, heat radiated from our bodies making an atmosphere around us. Everything happening to us ws taking over my mind. I sat up on top of him and watched him, the muscles all over his body tensed and contracted with each thrust he made against me.

His hands reached up and rubbed all over my chest, pinching my nipples. I held onto both of our dicks and using the sweat and precum as lube, I jerked us off. He moved his hand from my nipples and reached around my ass and messaged both cheeks. The loud wet noises of my hand rubbing our dicks together was really getting to him. "Yeah baby, I feel it... Its happening." he said to me.

We both looked down and saw his eruption take place. His abs tensed showing there definition, each spurt of his hot juice sprayed far, hitting his face and around his neck. The rest dribbled and pooled around the crevasses of that made up his torso. His breathing was heavy but I kept jerking us off. It wasn't before I came, my six strong, hot spurts mixed with his on his stomach and chest. My whole body shook from the the intensity of my orgasm, almost losing my balance and my breath from everything coming over me.

I collapsed on top of him, both of us trying to regain our normal breathing rate. Noticing the cum on his chin and slowly flowing down his neck, I slowly tongued him down cleaning up our mess. I glanced at the clock seeing that two hours had went by and it was time for me to go to work. I looked at him and saw that he had went back to sleep again. I was beginning to think that this was the start of a new relationship... I just hope his wife doesn't find out!


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